‘Dungeon Drop’ Review: Do Drop By

Dungeon Drop By: Retro Dreamer Apple Arcade launched this week, and I was pretty sure that meant I wouldn't play any other games, as I've got over seventy new, premium experiences to sink my teeth into. But I downloaded Retro Dreamer's new high-score chaser, Dungeon Drop, and I keep finding myself going back to it to try and improve my score. It's a very simple concept, but it's executed well and has…

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Linkoidz Review: This match-three game is out of this world!

Linkoidz By Retro Dreamer The first couple of minutes for me of playing Linkoidz were really weird. But before long I was so addicted I couldn't put it down. I may be late discovering this wonderful game, but I needed to review it anyway and let people know what they're missing. Gameplay: 5/5 Linkoidz is a match-three game. You are on some strange planet armed with a gun and a force-field shield.…

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Sneezies Update 2.0 Review: Happy Birthday, Sneezies!

Sneezies By Chillingo (Retro Dreamer)   Sneezies was the first game I bought when I got my iPhone 4. I got addicted to the little guys while playing on the store model. Now, after owning the game for 1.5 years without any notable updates, Sneezies update 2.0 has been released in honor of their third birthday. The developers boast 60 new levels split into three worlds: Green Fields, Golden Sands, and Blue…

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