‘Into The Dark : Narakan’ Review – The Scariest Monsters Are the Bugs

Into The Dark : Narakan By: ORC PUNK, LLC I'd been looking forward to Into The Dark : Narakan ever since it appeared in the pre-order section of the App Store, as its stylish minimalistic artwork helped it stand out. I also liked the idea of a portrait mode, turn-based adventure game with roguelike elements. Knowing there was an endless mode also got me excited, as often I get absorbed in a…

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Sproggiwood for iOS Review: A Nearly Flawless Roguelike

Sproggiwood By: Freehold Games, LLC I don't play too many roguelikes, not because I don't like the gameplay, but because I'm a bit of a stickler for graphics. I don't need all my games to have Infinity Blade-level graphics, but I need more than just a few pixels that might or might not resemble a person. I like games that entertain my senses and look like art. And in that regard, Sproggiwood,…

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The Nightmare Cooperative: Review

The Nightmare Cooperative By: Lucky Frame [DKB url="https://www.appunwrapper.com/NCoop" text="Download" title="" type="" style="" color="green" width="" opennewwindow="" nofollow=""] Nightmare Cooperative is a roguelike puzzle game with RPG elements that was first available on PC, but is now out for iOS devices. The game is perfect for one-finger playing on-the-go, that I honestly can't see playing it any other way. If you're looking for a hardcore mobile game with depth, this just might be the…

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