Escape Game: “The Meddling Shogi Player”: A challenging, but ultimately satisfying room escape game.

Escape Game: "The Meddling Shogi Player" By: IDAC, CO., LTD. "The Meddling Shogi" is one of IDAC's more challenging games, and not because of bad game mechanics. The puzzles themselves are tough, but possible to figure out. If you need help, see my walkthrough. Gameplay: 4/5 "The Meddling Shogi Player" is a room escape game, with the usual controls. You flick around the room to explore your surroundings and look for objects.…

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Escape Game: “The Meddling Shogi Player” Walkthrough

Escape Game: "The Meddling Shogi Player" Walkthrough By IDAC CO., LTD "The Meddling Shogi Player" is one of IDAC's more challenging games, so don't be ashamed if you get stuck. I've written a walkthrough for anyone who needs help with it. See my review here. *Note: Only read this if you want full details on how to escape. You will read spoilers here. If you want hints instead, ask in the comments…

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Escape Game: “Snow White”: Not the fairy tale you’re used to.

Escape Game "Snow White" By IDAC CO., LTD. Click here for my walkthrough. IDAC is not new to the room escape genre, but this is one of their higher quality games. Gameplay 4/5 IDAC's Snow White features the usual room escape controls. You use arrows to navigate the small cottage, search for items and solve puzzles in order to escape. The controls are simple and intuitive. Story 3/5 While the game has…

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Escape Game: “A Cold and Deserted House”: Finally, IDAC gets it right!

AppNavi: Escape Game: "A Cold and Deserted House" By IDAC CO., LTD. Click here for my walkthrough. IDAC's latest room escape game, "A Cold and Deserted House," shows great improvement over their previous works. This was perhaps the first one that didn't give me hostile feelings towards my iPhone. Gameplay 4/5 Although the gameplay is similar to all of IDAC's escape games, this one has much better controls. There was only one…

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Escape Game: “An Odd Game”: “There is nothing of importance here.”

Escape Game: "An Odd Game" By IDAC Co., LTD. Click here to see my walkthrough. Ok, so that title is a bit harsh. But that's how I felt the first few times I tried to play this game and all I'd see is "There is nothing of importance here." Although it has IDAC's usual quirks, it is worth playing, especially if you get it for free and are a fan of room…

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Escape Game: “An Uninspired Man”: Another great IDAC game marred by flawed game mechanics.

Escape Game: "An Uninspired Man" By IDAC Co, LTD. Click here for my walkthrough. If you've played IDAC room escape games before, you probably have a love-hate relationship with them. It's because they are often free and have some great puzzles, but the game mechanics can cause unnecessary frustration. "An Uninspired Man" is one of their better games, but suffers from these same issues. Gameplay 3.5/5 There really are some great puzzles…

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Diamond Penthouse Escape 2: Another gem from TeraLumina.

Diamond Penthouse Escape 2 By TeraLumina Games Diamond Penthouse Escape 2 is an improvement upon the original. This sequel offers better puzzles and the ability to explore all four wall of the room, instead of just one point-of-view. Gameplay 5/5 As in the original Diamond Penthouse, you explore the room, collect items and look for clues to solve puzzles and escape the penthouse. The controls work well, are intuitive and responsive. You…

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Closed Room: Game Review: Quality room escape gaming for free!

Closed Room By Ateam Ateam, the makers of "Ellie - Help me out...please," return with another top-notch free room escape game for the iPhone. Click here for my walkthrough. [DKB url="" text="Download" title="" type="" style="" color="green" width="" opennewwindow="" nofollow=""] Gameplay 4.5/5 Closed Room is an escape game, consisting of the usual room escape controls. You tap on objects around you, picking up some and interacting with others. The goal is to use…

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