Fourth of July 2019 iPhone and iPad Games Sales and Freebies

Fourth of July, American Independence Day, is actually over, and I didn't really do much to celebrate it other than watch some Stranger Things Season 3 with a friend. But there have been a good number of noteworthy iOS games sales that popped up that are still in effect. So I'm going to list them here, along with any reviews or impressions I've written. I'll be adding to this as I find…

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Memorial Day 2019 iPhone and iPad Games Sales and Freebies

When you think of Memorial Day, you probably shouldn't be wondering what kinds of deals you can get. It's a serious day about remembering those who died serving in the United States military. So I want to first take a moment to thank those who put their lives on the line every day to protect this country, and honor those we've lost. Whatever one's politics, we can all acknowledge the sacrifices these…

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Christmas and Holiday 2018 iPhone and iPad Games Sales and Freebies

If you didn't catch the Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales and were hoping to still get some great deals on games, you're in luck! Christmas is still almost two weeks away, but the sales have already started rolling in. So if you're tapped out from buying all the best gifts for your friends and family, you can still scrape together the change you find between your couch cushions and grab some dirt…

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Thanksgiving and Black Friday 2017 iPhone and iPad Games Sales and Freebies

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! It's that soul-crushing day we spend time with family if we're lucky enough to have one and try to avoid talking about politics. But it's 2017, so who are we kidding? What else is family gonna talk about? So, here to save you from that nightmare are some games on sale for cheap or free for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Reviews are linked where available. I'll be adding more…

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‘Telepaint’ On Sale for Free, Updated with Expansion Pack

Telepaint By: Acid Nerve One of my favorite games of 2016, the adorable and clever puzzler, Telepaint by Acid Nerve, just went on sale for the crazy low price of zero dollars. That's right. It's never been on sale before, but if you didn't grab it at full price, you can now have it absolutely FREE. Here's some gameplay video if you still need convincing: And, if that wasn't enough good news,…

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Prune, Transistor and Some Other Excellent iOS Games Are Currently On Sale

I'm sure at least some of these must be part of some Apple promotion, but whatever the reason, a whole bunch of great iPhone and iPad games just went on sale. I have reviews of most of them, which I'll link to if you still need help deciding whether to buy. First off, Season One of Star Billions by Catch & Release is currently FREE to celebrate the release of Season Two.…

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The Entire Blackwell Series by Wadjet Eye Games is On Sale

Every once in a while, someone asks me if I've played the Blackwell games by Wadjet Eye Games. It's been on my back log for a while now, but I never got to it. Well, the fourth game is coming out soon and they just put the first on sale for free and the other two on sale for half price to celebrate. So if you're like me and haven't played it…

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