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My Week Unwrapped: September 3, 2017 – Little Red Lie, Miss Fisher, Escape Machine City, Brave Hand, Solitairica, Glowish and More

Hi everyone, and welcome back to another installment of My Week Unwrapped, my weekly roundup of all the games I've been playing over the last seven days. Sadly, Bertram Fiddle Episode 2, A Bleaker Predicklement, is still bugged and waiting for an update, so I haven't been able to finish it as much as I want to. But that did give me time to catch up on a bunch of other games. Make sure to scroll to the bottom to see the sales, because there are some great ones right now that you absolutely should Read more [...]

‘Year Walk,’ ‘Device 6,’ and All Other Simogo Games on Sale, Some for the First Time Ever

Simogo are well-known for pushing boundaries and making games unlike any other. I was a bit late to the party with some of them like Year Walk and Device 6, but have since played and reviewed both. I also got more than my money's worth with SPL-T, their minimalistic high score chaser that's surprisingly deep, with a hook to keep you coming back for one more game. With the exception of a couple of them, Simogo games don't go on sale -- that is, until now. Their entire iOS library of games are all Read more [...]

Simogo’s Device 6: Review and Analysis

Device 6 By: Simogo Yeah, I know I'm incredibly late with this. But I finally played Device 6 and can't get over how great it is. I added it to my top 25 games list, so I thought I should write a review to explain my decision. I have a lot to say about it that would spoil things, so I'm going to try to keep it spoiler-free at first, then delve deeper into the details further down. Broken down to its very basics, Device 6 is interactive fiction in which you need to solve puzzles in order Read more [...]

Device 6: Walkthrough Guide

Device 6 By: Simogo I know this game has been out for a few years already, but I finally played it and decided to write a walkthrough. I don't think too many people will need it at this point, but here it is anyway! Enjoy! See my Device 6 review and analysis here. Most things in Device 6 are straightforward. Just follow the arrows. I will only really be covering the clues and puzzles. For everything else, just follow the arrows in the game. 🙂 The walkthrough will spoil things, so only use Read more [...]

SPL-T: Review, Strategy Guide, Secrets and High Scores

SPL-T By: Simogo I'm going to try something different here, because I'm not sure how else to write about Simogo's latest game, SPL-T. I wasn't even planning to write about it originally. Until a couple of days ago, I was fed up with it and actually considered requesting a refund. But now it's consumed my life to the point that it's the only game on my iPhone's home page. So I think it deserves more attention than just my high score tweets. I'm going to combine a review with a bit of a guide, because Read more [...]