No Way Home: Walkthrough Guide

No Way Home By: SMG Studio No Way Home is an Apple Arcade game from SMG Studio in which you need to fly around space with your trusty robot sidekick, destroying enemies and completing missions. This walkthrough guide should help you if you get stuck, but it's a work in progress. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section. Tips & Tricks: - Use the mission arrow as a…

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‘Death Squared’ iOS Review (In Progress)

Death Squared (RORORORO) By: SMG Studio I got SMG Studio's Death Squared a few days early and was hoping to be able to finish it and write a proper review in time for release. It turned out to be a much harder game than I anticipated, and one that I enjoy but in short bursts. I didn't want to wait until I complete the game to get some impressions out for my…

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‘Death Squared’ is Coming to iOS on February 14th and It’s Aptly Named

Death Squared (RORORORO) By: SMG Studio Update: The game is out! See my review here. There are some games I keep an eye on because they sound interesting, even if there's been no indication that they'll ever be ported to iOS. SMG Studio's Death Squared is one such game. It always looked fun to me, but even though the studio has released a number of mobile games, the co-op nature of it…

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