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Eyeser: Level 46 Solution

Eyeser By: Pine EntertainmentThis is a complete walkthrough guide with hints, tips, solutions and answers for the iOS and Android game Eyeser by Pine Entertainment. Level 46: MicroYou can also see this video walkthrough for levels 31- 50 here: Continue to the solution for level 47. Go back to the list of levels.  Read more [...]

EnigmOn 2: Level 23 Walkthrough & Solution

EnigmOn 2 By: EBR Inaya Level 23 of EnigmOn has to be my favorite. It's also a long one to explain, so I gave it its own page. Here's the step-by-step walkthrough for Level 23 of EnigmOn 2: Level 23: Flick your phone as though you're throwing the fishing hook into the water. Then reel in the "fish." Do this twice to get the hint "Level 9." So go back to level 9 and find the answer. In Level 9, pull down the shade. Then slide the "audio" icon to the left to see another clue -- "Level 17." Read more [...]

Cabin Escape: Alice’s Story — Hammer on the Box solution

Cabin Escape: Alice's Story By: Glitch Games See our Cabin Escape review here. If you're stuck on the "USE HAMMER ON THE BOX" puzzle in Cabin Escape, this will help you. Click here for the full walkthrough. Remember what it says on the box above the fireplace? "USE A HAMMER ON THE BOX." There's a box on the computer screen (Think outside the box). There's also a hammer on the screen, part of the "Settings" icon. Drag the hammer to box and then check the fireplace. The box will be open Read more [...]

Maniac Manors: Walkthrough

Maniac Manors: Jacobson's Unfaith By: Cezure Production Walkthrough: 1. First get used to the controls. The left knob moves your feet while the right knob moves your eyes. Together they allow you to move fairly well once you get used to it. Turn around and find the truck with its lights on. There's a suitcase nearby. Open it and take the Nine of Tentacles. We need to find a way into the mansion. 2. Behind the truck, look on top of one of the crates to find a wrench. 3. There's a gate Read more [...]

100 Exits: Walkthrough

100 Exits By: Apperleft Ltd. This is a walkthrough guide for anyone who needs help, hints, cheats, solutions, or answers for the iPhone/iPod game 100 Exits. Level 1. Tap the door to open it. Level 2. Turn your phone upside-down so the bar falls off. Then turn it upright again and slide the door to the left. Level 3. Shake your phone right to left until a key falls. Pick it up and use it to open the door. Level 4. The V = 5. Knock 5 times to open the door. Level 5. Tap the two green buttons Read more [...]