‘Year Walk,’ ‘Device 6,’ and All Other Simogo Games on Sale, Some for the First Time Ever

Simogo are well-known for pushing boundaries and making games unlike any other. I was a bit late to the party with some of them like Year Walk and Device 6, but have since played and reviewed both. I also got more than my money's worth with SPL-T, their minimalistic high score chaser that's surprisingly deep, with a hook to keep you coming back for one more game. With the exception of a…

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Prune, Transistor and Some Other Excellent iOS Games Are Currently On Sale

I'm sure at least some of these must be part of some Apple promotion, but whatever the reason, a whole bunch of great iPhone and iPad games just went on sale. I have reviews of most of them, which I'll link to if you still need help deciding whether to buy. First off, Season One of Star Billions by Catch & Release is currently FREE to celebrate the release of Season Two.…

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SPL-T: Review, Strategy Guide, Secrets and High Scores

SPL-T By: Simogo I'm going to try something different here, because I'm not sure how else to write about Simogo's latest game, SPL-T. I wasn't even planning to write about it originally. Until a couple of days ago, I was fed up with it and actually considered requesting a refund. But now it's consumed my life to the point that it's the only game on my iPhone's home page. So I think…

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