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Emerald Den Escape: Walkthrough

Emerald Den Escape By: TeraLumina Games The makers of Diamond Penthouse Escape 2 and Haunted Halloween Escape bring you a new escape game! Here's where you'll be able to find a walkthrough for Emerald Den Eacape (work in progress). Walkthrough: 1. On the left bookshelves, take move the left photo and take the key card. 2. On the right bookshelf, read the book on the top shelf: 3. Solve the puzzle below the shelves: 4. Open the cabinet and take the stool. 5. Look at the tulip vases on Read more [...]

Haunted Halloween Escape Walkthrough

Haunted Halloween Escape Walkthrough By TeraLumina Games Click here to see my review.   Walkthrough: 1. Turn right. Take the knife from the left drawer.   2. Look out the window and watch the four figures go by. Pay attention to the directions they go in. Then zoom in on the right drawer of the desk and put the combination in like so:   3. Turn right again and use the knife to carve the four pumpkins.   4. On the same screen, tap Read more [...]

Sapphire Room Escape: Walkthrough

Sapphire Room Escape By TeraLumina Games     Walkthrough:   1. Take the shovel from near the fireplace. 2. Take the battery from under the couch cushion. 3. Take the hook on a pole from the right bookshelf. 4. Turn to the left bookcase and take the necklace off the statue. 5. One of the books has a shape piece in it. Take it. 6. Turn around to the other side of the room and take the ladder. 7. Zoom in on the cabinets below the fish tank. Copy the Read more [...]

Diamond Penthouse Escape 2: Another gem from TeraLumina.

Diamond Penthouse Escape 2 By TeraLumina Games Diamond Penthouse Escape 2 is an improvement upon the original. This sequel offers better puzzles and the ability to explore all four wall of the room, instead of just one point-of-view. Gameplay 5/5 As in the original Diamond Penthouse, you explore the room, collect items and look for clues to solve puzzles and escape the penthouse. The controls work well, are intuitive and responsive. You simply tap an item to pick it up, and tap it in your inventory Read more [...]