Sky: Children of the Light – Beta First Impressions and Gameplay Video

Sky: Children of the Light By: thatgamecompany Sky: Children of the Light is a breathtaking upcoming game from Journey and Flower developer, thatgamecompany. I'd signed up for beta access months ago but only got my invitation this past week. I've since spent about two hours in this gorgeous world and thought I'd share some of my early impressions. First off, the game is free. There is an in-game shop, but it's empty…

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‘Flower’ iOS Review: A Source of Inspiration

Flower By: Annapurna Interactive (thatgamecompany) I never owned any PlayStation consoles, so even though thatgamecompany's relaxing Flower released back in 2009, I didn't get to play it until it arrived on iOS this week, eight years later. I wasn't really sure what to expect, as I haven't played anything by thatgamecompany, even their most popular, Journey. I was a little concerned about the tilt control scheme, as I usually avoid games with…

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