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The Room: Old Sins – All Journal Entries and Letters

The Room: Old Sins By: Fireproof Games Fireproof Games recently released their latest tactile puzzle game, The Room: Old Sins, and while the story is easier to keep track of than in previous games, I thought I'd collect everything in one place for anyone who wants to read them again without replaying the whole game. I think it's pretty straightforward this time, but feel free to discuss the plot in the comments section! You can see the letters from the first three games here. See my review Read more [...]

Explore a Creepy Dollhouse in ‘The Room: Old Sins’ Next Week – First Impressions Inside

The Room: Old Sins By: Fireproof Games Update: The game is now out. See my full review here. Fireproof's The Room series has come quite a a long way since we were first introduced to their clever puzzle boxes that felt perfect to manipulate on a touchscreen. From an entire game taking place on one table in the original game, to exploring a whole mansion full of rooms in the third, the series has continuously evolved. But the games always have the quality we've come to expect from Fireproof's Read more [...]

‘The House of da Vinci’ Review: This Seems Familiar

The House of da Vinci By: Blue Brain Games If you're a fan of The Room series by Fireproof Games and can't wait for the fourth one to release, Blue Brain Games' The House of da Vinci is the closest thing you can get to the real thing. In fact, had someone kept me locked away and prevented me from seeing or reading any games news, then put the game in front of me and told me it was made by Fireproof, I would have easily accepted that as fact. Yes, the game borrows heavily from its inspiration, Read more [...]

All The Letters From Fireproof’s The Room 1, 2 and 3

The Room 1, 2 & 3 By: Fireproof Games After playing through The Room Three, I decided to go back and play The Room and The Room Two again. I was reading the letters and thought it would be cool to have all the letters from all the games in one easy place to read. So I posted them all here in order. I suggest only reading them if you've played the games, because they do spoil the story. Feel free discuss the possible meanings! See my review for The Room Three. See my walkthrough Read more [...]

PugaPuma’s Puzzle House: Mystery Rising is Now Available on iPhone as Universal App

Puzzle House: Mystery Rising By: PugaPuma Back in March, I reviewed Puzzle House: Mystery Rising by PugaPuma on my iPad Air 2. A lot of people were asking me why they couldn't find it on the iPhone App Store. Well, now you can! The developers have adapted the game to fit smaller screens so everyone can play this gem that's like an outdoor version of "The Room." I haven't spent much time with it on my iPhone 5 yet, but what I have seen played perfectly. If you're a puzzle fan and haven't played Read more [...]