‘The Gardens Between’ iOS Review: Time is the Essence

The Gardens Between By: The Voxel Agents Once in a while, a game comes along that's the complete package and every little detail shows that it's a work of love. The Gardens Between, by The Voxel Agents, is one such game, combining stunning visuals, clever puzzle mechanics, a moving story, and even a haunting soundtrack all into one breathtaking experience that can be described as nothing less than magical. Though it's been…

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‘The Gardens Between’ Mixes Gorgeous Visuals with Clever Mechanics May 17 on iOS

The Gardens Between By: The Voxel Agents Back in 2017 when The Voxel Agents announced their dreamlike adventure game, The Gardens Between, I desperately hoped it would come to iOS. But there was no plan to do so, and when it released in 2018 on PC and other platforms, I tried not to pay too close attention in order to keep my jealousy at bay. But it still seemed like it would…

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