‘Maze Machina’ Review: Despereaux-ly Seeking Freedom

Maze Machina By: Arnold Rauers / Tinytouchtales If you play solitaire card games on your phone, you're probably familiar with the works of Arnold Rauers, aka Tinytouchtales. They're one-finger games that feel perfect for the platform, are easy to jump into, but involve a ton of deep strategy. My personal favorite is Miracle Merchant, mainly because it's a pure high score chaser without any grinding. While his latest game, Maze Machina, isn't…

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Miracle Merchant: Walkthrough Guide, Tips and Tricks

Miracle Merchant By: Arnold Rauers (Tinytouchtales) I've spent quite a bit of time with Arnold Rauers/Tinytouchtales' solitaire card game, Miracle Merchant, during the beta test. While I'm not the absolute best player and there is some luck involved, my current high score for gold is 132 and at the moment of writing this, my best potion of 40 is the top of the leaderboards. So I figured I'd make a guide to…

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