Prune, Transistor and Some Other Excellent iOS Games Are Currently On Sale

I'm sure at least some of these must be part of some Apple promotion, but whatever the reason, a whole bunch of great iPhone and iPad games just went on sale. I have reviews of most of them, which I'll link to if you still need help deciding whether to buy. First off, Season One of Star Billions by Catch & Release is currently FREE to celebrate the release of Season Two.…

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AppUnwrapper’s June 2015 iOS Games Round-up

I'm continuing the monthly round-up posts I started recently with the games I played in June 2015. I'll start with my favorite games, giving a short blurb about each, with any links to longer reviews for those who are interested. I played some great games in June, so I recommend reading through to the end. It will probably come as no surprise that Her Story by Sam Barlow takes the cake as…

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Transistor for iOS Review: Finding Your Voice

Transistor By: Supergiant Games, LLC Supergiant Games, the developer behind Bastion, recently surprised everyone with a ninja release of their hit console and PC game Transistor on iOS. I had been following news about the game for a while, hoping it would come to iOS, since Bastion was so well-received. But there was so little news about it, that I assumed it wouldn't be coming anytime soon. Then, on a release day…

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