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Infinity Blade III (3): Ausar Rising Update

Infinity Blade III (3) By: Chair Entertainment Chair announced that a huge new content update is coming for Infinity Blade 3 on December 19th, called "Ausar Rising"! See our Ausar Rising guide here. *** More info about the Deathless mode! Sounds hardcore! "Are You Deathless? Some costumed vigilante once said something to the affect that “with great challenge comes great reward.” ChAIR took that as inspiration for a new mode available in the upcoming Infinity Blade III: Ausar Rising update. Read more [...]

The Lost City 1.01 Update

The Lost City By: Fire Maple Games   The new point-and-click adventure game, The Lost City, by Fire Maple Games, just got a new update. Bugs were fixed and Chinese and Japanese localizations were added! Read my review of The Lost City. Read my walkthrough of The Lost City. Read more [...]

EPOCH 1.1 Ultra Update and Sale

The fast-paced cover-based shooter, EPOCH, by Uppercut Games, just rolled out its first major update, 1.1.0, being called an Ultra Update! To celebrate, the game is on sale for only $0.99! See my original review here. Here's what's new, including the ULTRA difficulty level, new items, new enemy behaviors and more: • ULTRA DIFFICULTY - Not challenged enough? Play the whole campaign on Ultra Difficulty: harder enemy waves, trickier enemy variants, & a new Ultra achievement. • STORY - More characters Read more [...]

DragonVale Update 1.4.0

DragonVale By Backflip Studios   If you like dragons, you'll be thrilled to hear that the popular dragon breeding game DragonVale just got a big new update. Here's what's new in update 1.4.0, from the App Store description: "Ring in the New Year with numerous new game updates courtesy of your friendly neighborhood DragonVale wizards... THREE NEW ISLANDS Expand your dragon park empire with three new islands! Remember back in 2010 when you didn't own even ONE dragon park island? Read more [...]

Shake Spears! Update 1.2.2 Review: New survival mode will knock your helm off! …and not give it back.

Shake Spears! Update 1.2.2 By Alawar Entertainment, Inc Shake Spears! is one of those games I bought immediately after trying the free version, but I got bored of the full version before defeating the final boss. That's mainly because of the dumbed-down AI. Each opponent had a pattern and once you learned it, there wasn't much of a challenge. Aside from the occasional tough boss, the game was a breeze. But losing to a boss meant replaying several easy jousts just to have another chance Read more [...]