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‘Monument Valley 2’ Review: Beauty Without the Brains

Monument Valley 2 By: usTwo Games I've never bought a game as fast and without a second thought as I did usTwo Games' Monument Valley 2. I never expected a sequel and there was no warning of it, so when I saw it available I mashed that BUY button without even looking at the screenshots or description. I was one of those who loved the original but felt it was a little short and on the easy side. I was hoping for something with a bit more bite and the developers answered my prayers with the Forgotten Read more [...]

Monument Valley 2: Complete Walkthrough Guide

Monument Valley 2 By: ustwo Games Ltd This is a complete walkthrough guide with help, hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for the iOS puzzle game, Monument Valley 2, by Ustwo Games. In it, you'll help Ro and her child cross impossible artchitecture. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section. See my Monument Valley 2 review. Tips: - There are some new mechanics introduced here, but nothing too tricky. Just play around with things! - Sometimes, you move Ro and her child Read more [...]

Ustwo Games’ Monument Valley is Currently Free

I don't usually write posts for a single game going on sale. But when ustwo games' Monument Valley is the game in question, everyone needs to know about it! Tell everyone you know who owns an iDevice so they can experience the magic of Totem for themselves. I don't know how long the sale will last, so grab it ASAP. You can see all my walkthroughs and reviews for the game here, but first go download the game! Read more [...]

Monument Valley: Forgotten Shores Expansion: Bigger and Better in Every Way

Monument Valley By: ustwo Count me among the folks who played Monument Valley and adored it, but wished it was longer and more challenging. I appreciated it for the unique piece of art that it is, but wanted more of a brain workout. Well, the nice developers at ustwo games have been listening to the fans and delivered with an expansion pack called Forgotten Shores. Forgotten Shores offers eight new levels that are unlockable via a $1.99 in-app purchase (IAP) within the original app. While Read more [...]

Monument Valley: A Beautiful Journey Inside an Escherian World

Monument Valley By: ustwo These last few months have been pretty great for iOS gamers. There have been several games that are more like interactive works of art with puzzles built in. Tengami and Oquonie are two great examples, and now we have Monument Valley, which feels like a close relative of the two, with a generous helping of The Room thrown in. But in case you think that Monument Valley simply borrows from other games, let me assure you that's not at all what I mean. The game is very unique Read more [...]