I’m Lisa, and I’ve been the driving force behind AppUnwrapper.com, writing about iOS games since 2011. Developers often send me early copies of games, and I encounter bugs, or have other feedback to provide. I find this process hugely rewarding and developers seem receptive and appreciative.

I mostly play adventure, puzzle and room-escape titles, and have developed a good eye for things that may annoy or frustrate players. AppUnwrapper.com has also acquired a strong following, with players coming here because they trust my opinions and insight.
I’d like to bring this honesty and experience to help you make your game the best it can be. I’m happy to take a look at a game for free during a beta test, but if you want me to spend time looking for bugs and providing thorough feedback, I am now charging for that. To hire me to consult and advise on your game, send details to [email protected] and I will provide a quote. There are several options available, including but not limited to beta testing or a “mock review.” We can discuss and choose the best option for your game. You can see an example of my analytical skills in this review and this one.

Please note: hiring me for this service does not guarantee coverage on this site. Should any coverage happen, full disclosure will be given.

Here are some testimonies from developers I’ve helped:

“Lisa has been testing my new game, and it’s been absolutely invaluable. Amazingly thorough. Hire her!”
-Neven Mrgan, developer of Blackout and upcoming Grayout

“We appreciated Lisa’s patient and thorough attitude towards our project. Her insightful inputs to our game were communicated effectively and have added value to our work.”
– Ganesh Mamadapur, developer of Chase & Hunt

“Wow! She has a very careful eye. We will surely fix those issues in next update. Great catches that none of our 150 beta testers caught.”
– Ron Packard Jr., Cloudburst Room Escape, Inc., developer of room escape game Castle Breakout Escape

“You’ve been an awesome help so far. If I had known you months ago, you’d have been one of my prized testers.”
– Luke Lisi, developer of puzzle game, The Guides

Note: Sometimes a promo code is provided for a game, but it does not affect the review in any way. At AppUnwrapper, we strive to provide reviews of the utmost quality.

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I also offer affordable testing and consulting for iOS developers.

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