141. Instantion: Walkthrough Guide[DKB url=”https://www.appunwrapper.com/Instantion” text=”Download” title=”” type=”” style=”” color=”green” width=”” opennewwindow=”” nofollow=””]

142. Mystery of the Lost Temples by Digi-chain Games: Walkthrough[DKB url=”https://www.appunwrapper.com/LostTemples” text=”Download” title=”” type=”” style=”” color=”green” width=”” opennewwindow=”” nofollow=””]

143. Escape: Mathematician’s Chamber by IDAC/WaveA: Walkthrough[DKB url=”https://www.appunwrapper.com/MathChamber” text=”Download” title=”” type=”” style=”” color=”green” width=”” opennewwindow=”” nofollow=””]

144. The Magic Castle — Mystery Adventure by Digi-chain Games: Walkthrough[DKB url=”https://www.appunwrapper.com/MagicCastle” text=”Download” title=”” type=”” style=”” color=”green” width=”” opennewwindow=”” nofollow=””]

145. Spooky Manor by Digi-chain Games: Walkthrough[DKB url=”https://www.appunwrapper.com/SpookyManor” text=”Download” title=”” type=”” style=”” color=”green” width=”” opennewwindow=”” nofollow=””]

146. Mystery Lighthouse by Digi-chain Games: Walkthrough[DKB url=”https://www.appunwrapper.com/MLighthouse” text=”Download” title=”” type=”” style=”” color=”green” width=”” opennewwindow=”” nofollow=””]

147. Escape From Darkmoor Manor: Walkthrough[DKB url=”https://www.appunwrapper.com/Darkmoor” text=”Download” title=”” type=”” style=”” color=”green” width=”” opennewwindow=”” nofollow=””]

148. EnigmOn 2: Walkthrough[DKB url=”https://www.appunwrapper.com/EnigmOn2″ text=”Download” title=”” type=”” style=”” color=”green” width=”” opennewwindow=”” nofollow=””]

149. Blek by Kunabi Brother: Walkthrough Guide, Tips & Tricks[DKB url=”https://www.appunwrapper.com/Blek” text=”Download” title=”” type=”” style=”” color=”green” width=”” opennewwindow=”” nofollow=””]

150. Last Inua by Creativr Mobile Games & Glowforth: Walkthrough Guide[DKB url=”https://www.appunwrapper.com/LastInua” text=”Download” title=”” type=”” style=”” color=”green” width=”” opennewwindow=”” nofollow=””]

151. Kiwanuka by CMA Megacorp: Walkthrough[DKB url=”https://www.appunwrapper.com/Kiwanuka” text=”Download” title=”” type=”” style=”” color=”green” width=”” opennewwindow=”” nofollow=””]

152. Elarooh by digiDingo: Walkthrough[DKB url=”https://www.appunwrapper.com/Elarooh” text=”Download” title=”” type=”” style=”” color=”green” width=”” opennewwindow=”” nofollow=””]

153. Sea of Giants by Zoolax: Walkthrough[DKB url=”https://www.appunwrapper.com/SeaofGiants” text=”Download” title=”” type=”” style=”” color=”green” width=”” opennewwindow=”” nofollow=””]

154. MacGyver Deadly Descent by FairPlay Media: Walkthrough[DKB url=”https://www.appunwrapper.com/MacGyver” text=”Download” title=”” type=”” style=”” color=”green” width=”” opennewwindow=”” nofollow=””]

155. The Lost Ship by Lone Wolf Games: Walkthrough[DKB url=”https://www.appunwrapper.com/TheLostShip” text=”Download” title=”” type=”” style=”” color=”green” width=”” opennewwindow=”” nofollow=””]

156. Battleheart Legacy by Mika Mobile: Guides [DKB url=”https://www.appunwrapper.com/BHLegacy” text=”Download” title=”” type=”” style=”” color=”green” width=”” opennewwindow=”” nofollow=””]

157. Godfire: Rise of Prometheus by Vivid Games: Walkthrough Guide[DKB url=”https://www.appunwrapper.com/Godfire” text=”Download” title=”” type=”” style=”” color=”green” width=”” opennewwindow=”” nofollow=””]

158. CastleAbra: Dark Comic Fantasy: Walkthrough[DKB url=”https://www.appunwrapper.com/CastleAbra” text=”Download” title=”” type=”” style=”” color=”green” width=”” opennewwindow=”” nofollow=””]

159. Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake by Cartoon Network & SleepNinja Games: Outfits/Costumes Guide[DKB url=”https://www.appunwrapper.com/MAMBC” text=”Download” title=”” type=”” style=”” color=”green” width=”” opennewwindow=”” nofollow=””]

160. Hellraid: The Escape by Shortbreak Studios: Walkthrough[DKB url=”https://www.appunwrapper.com/Hellraid” text=”Download” title=”” type=”” style=”” color=”green” width=”” opennewwindow=”” nofollow=””]

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  1. Allison

    Can you please post a walkthrough for the game Cryptic Keep? I have been stuck in the same spot for months! Thank you.

    1. AppUnwrapper


      I hadn’t heard of it before, but it looks interesting, so I might check it out. I’ll respond here if/when I make a walkthrough. Thanks for the suggestion!

      1. Jaime

        Is there a walk through for “Remote Escape”

        1. lavada

          # 75 in walkthroughs above;)

      2. mary

        Hello. Can you give me the walkthrough of the crypti caverns? Please, complete. Thanks

      3. ann

        Hi do you have a walkthrough for mathemathicians chamber?

        1. lavada

          # 143 in walkthroughs above…

      4. lavada

        # 75 in above walkthroughs

        1. lavada

          # 143 in walkthroughs above…

    2. anidetrm3

      How about disconnect (listed in Google play store as disconnectpart1
      That is free). The other parts are bought in game (4 in all including provided part 1) also would need to
      Buy to unlock other save slots. Has moments where u have limited time to solve crisis or escape a room endangering main character and others. Walkthrough needs to include puzzle solutions,passwords and collections (said to help influence endings), guide to endings, and locations of orange medicine vials (needed from part 2 on to sustain main character like earlier mentioned crises (indicated by red flashing PDA icon in corner (and momentary red flashes on the screen for medicine withdrawal when you try moving to another location once in a while or buy extra premium medicine)). I’ve seen 2 endings so far and had an opportunity for a 3rd and/or 4th (of last 2 choices) where 1 choice involves taking or leaving a criminal (took criminal) and then choosing to stay or leave station where stay makes main character die and leaving leaves the main character, criminal, and one other person alive from main setting of game (not spoiling too much). Collections I found included USB drives (tend to be involved with solving the passwords), notes, a already provided ring, and a picture.

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Downloading it now. Will work on the walkthrough, but made a page for discussion for now.

        1. anidetrm3

          Here is what I do know regarding collections (may have to search or research certain areas at certain times and/or make certain choices to find the collections) that affect endings and 2 more possible endings(will play thru again for precise locations and passwords (in small posts as I find them) for each): there are two categories of collections:one with a total of 10 USB data files (order not particular despite number next to them such as numbers 1 and 3 in part 1 and number 2 within later parts of game) and number 10 (in location called director office) seems to require specific choices (likely involving taking care of patient named Nell and doctor shirefunei) to get the hint password (haven’t got 10th usb yet but all other 9)right before ending choices/sequence involving the criminal I mentioned before.one possible default ending involves leaving the criminal and have rescued 4 people that is also still a possible bad end. The other ending seems to be influenced by the second category (most trouble finding) of collections consisting of physical objects including a ring provided at the beginning (one or two other object can (could if 2) be found at disposal rooms by pushing on square indentations to activate a device to reveal a picture(in second disposal room can be briefly stopped by a choice due to Dr. Shirfunei dialogue near end to go in anyway or not)). In the ending main character, patient, and a doctor escape while criminal stays and dies but comments about how main character seems to know her likely due to second collection (believe to have around 4 or 5 including the ring, 2 pictures, and notes). I also have 1 cg locations and request for u to solve. Cg can be found when u have to choose to tell a story to choose the elevator ghost and to find where the green “cabinent key” unlocks found on fifth floor (found during first activity of 5th floor of main character to try to find character named millan (involved with choice endings I mentioned before)) shower room area (have to search around rooms more than once to find the key on the ground of shower room before doubling back)

          1. anidetrm3

            It turns out passwords seems to randomize with each new game.
            Part 1 collection first floor
            Millan’s ring automatically provided in beginning.
            USB 1 data located in office. Password is posted on bulletin board and input password into computer on the right.
            USB data 3 in nurse office with hint is on tablet diary on ground below computer that says price goal is password. Examine tray on counter that seems to be catalogues for fashion, read the entry matching the date in diary tablet (should be third entry) and input the red price number as password.

        2. anidetrm3

          Currently there may be problems with the initial installed. Some password hints include a wife’s birthday, a number after some letters on a receit in a lab coat, and a wedding university date based on a picture found. Also there are 2 USB collections that doesn’t require a 4 digit password one is for number 2 when u are split up from group with the k initialed director doctor in some conference room by examining the right side monitor area. The other one is within a Db reading room area where u would need to find and acquire a remote for air-conditioning (at least the second one) by examining the monitors/screens of the area towards the left

        3. anidetrm3

          I left good material to help u make the walkthrough in the discussion page for disconnect with just 1 final post left to wrap it up.

  2. Allison

    That would be amazing if you could. Thanks again!

  3. Japonist

    Hey, thanks for all the walkthroughs you have posted so far. I seem to be stuck with the game ‘a twisted love’ by idac and would be grateful if you could share your walkthrough.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll post here if/when I write a walkthrough for it 🙂

      1. Jaime

        Have u done a walk through for the hidden truth?

          1. Jaime

            Ok thank u so much 🙂

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Do you still need a walkthrough for “A Twisted Love”? If so, I’ll work on it today.

  4. Kathy

    Any walkthrough for ” the clown grudge “…. Sooooooo stuck !

    1. Steven h

      Have u had a reply for the clowns grudge yet?? Thanks

  5. Kamal

    Please post walkthrough for escape game. ” dangerous luxury liner ” . Thanks

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Thanks for the suggestion! That will actually probably be my next walkthrough.

      1. Kamal


  6. Amy

    Can you post a walkthrough for Escape game, Stolen Happiness? I’m stuck in the same spot for about a couple of months.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll post here when I’ve made a walkthrough for it.

  7. Amy


  8. Lauren

    Julie, I figured out what the problem was. You have to hold the lamp by the numbers on the wall in order for the lock to work. I was just reading the numbers in the dark. Hope this helps.

  9. Darius

    Hi, I was wondering if you could post a walkthrough for ” Secret of the Mysterious Island” please.

  10. Kamal

    Please help me with The escape game the beautiful resident. I am stuck there. Thanks

    1. Hontas

      I am stuck aswell! How far into it are you?

  11. Blair

    Can you please help me with the clown’s grudge by IDAC? Please… I am so stuck!

  12. Hontas

    Hey can someone please help me with “The Beautiful Resident”! I was stuck on the safe for weeks, finally opened it just by randomly guessing and got a green ball but now I’m stuck. Please help!!

    1. Ellen

      Hi – I am stuck at the green stone too! Not sure what to do now.

  13. Kamal

    Please tell me the the combination to open the safe in escape game the beautiful resident.

  14. Hohanee

    THANK YOU so much for the walkthrough to cryptic keep. I didnt realize how close I was to the end. Thanks for the help. Keep them coming! Joann

  15. Melissa

    I don’t see a walkthrough for “Wandering Memories”. I’m stuck on that game. Can anyone help?!

    1. Matt

      How far along are you?

      1. Melissa

        Matt–thanks but I got a hint and managed to finish that game!

        1. Kris

          Stuck on wandering memories as well. Can not figure out the code to the box with the clock on it. It’s asking for a worded answer not numbered so it is throwing me off. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

        2. Matt

          I am stuck as well. Can you give me a hint to wandering memories?

      2. litaljohn

        any chance Matt or Melissa could help out on “wandering memories”? I’ve gotten to a point where it seems I need to either open a box based on a clock on the wall. or a big green safe with a cot order to ope . I literally have gotten to te point of just trying random assortments of letters with the thought enough monkeys on a keyboard an one will write shakespear….. I apparenty am not that monkey.

        1. Matt

          I’m stuck there as well. I tried everything I’m starting to give up. If anyone has a hint it would be great

      3. nat

        me too! im stuck with a fork and the clock code escapes me

  16. Ellen

    Hi – Can you please help me with The Beautiful Resident? I got the safe combination, and obtained a green stone, but I have now been stuck on it for weeks. Not sure what to do next. Any help will be very much appreciated! Thanks!

    1. Melissa

      You have to put the stone in the hole on the picture frame in the room that has the set tables.

      1. Ellen

        Hi thanks – I did try that, but it tells me nothing happens and the stone does not stay in the painting. Any idea how I can get it to stay? Thanks!!

        1. Melissa

          Hi Ellen Did u use all your other items yet? If not maybe you have to do that first.

          1. Ellen

            Hi Melissa, it took a while, but I finally figured out what I was doing wrong and I escaped “the beautiful resident”. Thanks for your help.

  17. Steve

    Can you please post a walkthrough for the IDAC game “The Memo”? I’ve been stuck for a month and can’t find answers anywhere.


    1. Adina

      I am stuck on this as well. I got the clock/ code/ mirror info bu cannot apply it to anything. Help

      1. Steve

        I can’t figure out what to do with the dinosaur, and also can’t figure out how to open the box on the table. I know it has something to do with the clock and mirror, I’m not sure what the code is though. I’ve tried all sorts of times (both forward and reflections since the mirror probably means you reflect the clock).

        1. Adina

          Steve. Don’t read further if u don’t want hints… If you charge the batteries then put them in the dinosaur point him to the right. Then put the shard of mirror on the empty table. Turn off the lights the dinos eyes will shine onto the shard. Click close to the shard to see the code. This where I’m stuck. Let me know if u get further.

          1. Steve


            Thanks for the tip. Based on Melissa’s reply I was able to figure out the code. Don’t read further if you don’t want additional details. You need to plot each of the four numbers on a clock one at a time and then see where that same number would appear on a “mirror image” of that clock. That is the code.

        2. Melissa

          You’re right about the reflection. But it’s a reflection of the code u get after following Adina’s instructions. You’ll have to picture those numbers as if on a real clock, not digital….

          1. Adina

            Hank you Melissa and Steve… I escaped! (;

          2. Steve


            Congrats! I made much progress but am now stuck on the game-controller puzzle I am pretty sure the arrows on the TV need to be used, but I’m not getting what the triangle and square mean as part of the code.

        3. Adina

          If you have the square and triangle. Examine them close up. The have letters on them. Sorry can’t comment on any of your more recent posts.

          1. Steve

            Thanks! I’m out (with the bad-ending though). Not sure why I had the bad ending but still nice to have solved this after so long.

        4. April

          Were do you get the batteries? I’d love a walkthrough for this and obstructed love PLEASE

  18. Ellen

    Hi – tried to use all the items on everything I could find, but nothing worked. I don’t give up easily so I will keep trying! Thanks!!

  19. Melissa

    Congrats Steve– if you want to go back for the good ending I can let you know what you have to do.

    1. Steve

      Thanks Melissa, I’d love to know what I did wrong. I presume it had something to do with the ring or the hammer (they were the only two items I could still use when I exited).

      1. Steve


        Since you seem to be the expert on Beautiful Resident as well, I am stuck in the same place the person above was stuck. I solved the safe combination (same way he did–by guessing codes–I still don’t know how what clues would have let me solve that), and now I have the green gem but can’t get it to stick in the picture. I also have 2 video tapes and 2 bottles of wine which I haven’t used yet, and a strange Shogo piece. Can you give me a clue/hint on what to do next without actually spelling it out for me?


  20. Melissa

    Steve–for the good ending you’re right it involves the ring and hammer. You have to take back the yellow ring and u have to open the drawer where you broke the mirror.
    In beautiful resident, the green stone doesnt get used until close to the end. You have a few items left to find. Did u flip the switch on the wall yet?

  21. Ellen

    Hi – has anyone finished “The trapped Detective”? I have been stuck on this for weeks. I have been trying to open the drawer that has the clue “add menu to open”. I have added the menu every way I know how, with no luck. If someone has a clue without giving away too much, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!!

  22. Melissa

    There’s another clue on the floor….use that along with the menu. Let me know if you want more detail….

    1. Ellen

      Hi – is that the note on the floor regarding “proportions of manhattan”? Hmmm, if you could toss me a small hint, I would be ever so grateful 😉

  23. Melissa

    Yes. That’s the one. Single out the drinks that relate to Manhattan…..and add using the hints in the menu about the base of those drinks.

  24. Melissa

    Just looked at the game again as its been a while Ellen. The manhattan clue and the menu: use the drinks whose names start with the letters in MENU. This game was definitely a tricky one!

    1. Ellen

      Hi – thanks! I opened the cabinet and eventually found a bow that I put the three darts into, but I am still stuck on opening the space under the dartboard. I must not be adding the “manhattan” style drinks correctly. Could you give me another hint? Thanks – you have been great!

      1. Melissa

        The drinks you want are the four that start with M, E, N, and U. And you have to look at the last page of the menu where it says the different alcohol bases and + a number. I will go back and do it again so I can give you a more specific hint if you still need it. Let me know. Good luck!

        1. Ellen

          hi – thanks- I did that and came up with 5033, but it did not work for under the dartboard. There must be something else I am missing. You are right – this one is tricky!! I appreciate all your help!

  25. Melissa

    Wait—the menu clue isn’t for the dartboard cabinet. Was that a typo or is that where you were trying it??

    1. Ellen

      Hi – yeah, I was trying that under the dartboard. Ooh, do you have any hints for the dartboard? You have been great, thanks!

      1. Kathy

        I’m playing through this one again and I’m stuck. I’m at the end. I need a silver plate and black cables and for the life of me, I can’t find them anywhere. Can anyone help?

  26. Kamal

    Any clues for the escape game “last night a bike saved my life”

  27. Melissa

    Hi Ellen, that clue was for the cabinet near the menu not the dartboard. I’m happy to help, but do you have the app navi app for the idac escape games? If you do there’s a lot of help in the forums on there.

    1. Ellen

      Hi Melissa – thanks! I do have appnavi but had not noticed the forum before. I was able too see some posts there, got a few pointers, and escaped with the good ending! Thanks for all you help and for telling me about the forum!

  28. Steven h

    Could u please post a walthrough for “the clowns grudge”! Have been stuck for a while now!

  29. Melissa

    I’m just starting the clowns grudge. I’ll let you know if I have any hints. Where are you stuck?

  30. Roger

    I would like to see a walkthrough of “the cage of envy”

  31. Brett

    Hey guys – I’m stuck on two games – looking through the glass and creeping tones… Any suggestions??

  32. Melissa

    Hi. Just finished creeping tones. What part do you need a hint for?

    1. Sami

      I need a hint! What do i do after ive been in the kitchen and got the cafe au lait? Ive ot the hammer phone and cafe thing

    2. Dan

      How do i open the managers desk?

  33. Honeybee

    Can you please help me with the flames of light and shadow?

  34. Molly

    Please help me with crimson manor, I’m sooo stuck.. Thanks !!!

  35. Felicia

    hi could you please leave a walkthrough for Cryptic Caverns.Thank you

  36. Mindy

    I’m totally stuck on “Looking through the Glass.” I got the bucket, and I have one of the coins. I also got to the point where I got the jellyfish to multiply. I’m just stuck.

    1. Ashley

      Did you get any further with this? I’m so stuck!

  37. diane

    any luck with a walkthrough for the crimson manor yet?

      1. Emma

        Is the link? I have been trying to find t on here! Thanks!

  38. Lauren

    Is there a walk through for the Woe That Befalls Me?

    1. Steve

      Where are you stuck Lauren? Did you figure any passwords out yet?

  39. Jill

    Hi pls can you do walkthrough for the lost house I’m sure that will be a challenge for you. Thanks and good luck with that. Erg

  40. Ashley

    I can’t work out the passwords in the woe that befalls me, driving me mad!

  41. Luke

    The Woe that befalls me. When you clean the dirt off the wall over the tyres note that each letter represents a number eg A=1, B=2 etc, so now you can get the password for Key. I’m stuck right at the end, can’t make out what is written on the towel.

  42. Steven h

    I can’t figure out any passwords in the woe that befalls me! Any help??

    1. Luke

      K = 11
      E = 5
      Y= 25

      11525 = password

      1. Steven h

        Thanks luke! I have everything now bar one item! Can’t work out code for laptop! There is a code infront of the car and one on towel but they arent clear what they are! Any ideas?? Thanks

      2. Steven h

        The code is 3805 mate for the laptop

  43. Steven h

    The towel code is 3805

    1. Luke

      Thanks Steven, I’m out

      1. Steve

        How did you figure out the towel code? What is 3508? Did it have to do with the clue on the glass table?

  44. Ashley

    It’s the towel code and the car code put together

  45. Mari

    I’m stuck on “woe that befalls me”… I can’t get the towel, and I can find nothing that would let me do that…

    1. Steve

      Mari did you get the towel? I can’t get it either.

      1. Mari

        Steve: I still haven’t figured that part out yet… Slightly frustrated right now!

  46. Kiri

    Where can you find the other items in woe that befalls?

  47. Jazz

    What is the Code for the Laptop?

  48. Brian

    Hello , I am stuck at the night a bike saved my life. What is the password for the door with “my” photo? What does it mean by otter?

    1. Kamal

      Hi Brian… Can u Plz give me some steps for “last night s bike saved my life

  49. Melissa

    In Woe That Befalls Me, the towel is above where the car is parked on the left corner. It will say u can’t reach it. Once u get the second part for the jack you can use that to get the towel.

    1. Mari

      Thanks Melissa! I guess I need to fix the jack first. Could you tell me how? I have the main body but nothing else.

  50. Melissa

    Mari– you actually have to use the second part to the jack to get the towel before u can fix and use the jack. Have u gotten into the other room yet? Are u stuck on a code?

    1. Mari

      I have gotten into the other room but I haven’t been able to pick anything up from there. Is the note on the table a code? I don’t have the second part of the jack yet..

  51. Melissa

    Do you have the knob for the cabinet in that room?

    1. Mari

      Thanks Melissa, your telling me about the jack and the room got me thinking. I poured water from the bucket into the drain, got the key to the gray door, got the towel and fixed the jack with the jack handle in that room and got the knob from under the car using the fixed jack.

      I thought the gray door was the escape door and didn’t even try to open it before!

  52. litaljohn

    anybody get the code for the fridge in ” mystery hotel from idac? the thing was a cake walk right up til the end and I’m sitting looking at various red blue and black numbers in paintings trying to create some method to the numbers to the point I’m afraid the numbers on my bluetooth keyboard are rubbing off!

  53. Lauren

    Is there a walk through for the Howling Atelier?

  54. Kamal

    Hi Brian… Can u Plz give me some steps for “last night s bike saved my life

  55. Ashley

    Any help with the mask?! Can’t get the clock open to get the batteries!

  56. Ashley

    Now on looking through the glass if anyone can help 🙁

  57. Ashley

    Can’t get the quiz right in Looking Through The Glass

  58. Kirsty

    Does anyone have any tips for the studio. In at a standstill, have the piano keys, knife, guitar wires, locked box and tape, but I can’t get the music station to turn on, open the bag or the locker and am getting really frustrated

    1. Luke

      You have to put the strings on the guitar. Umbrella, Moon, Sun, Cloud is the order, do each separately. I can’t open the box, need a screwdriver should be out then

  59. Kirsty

    Thanks Luke, it won’t let me though, I’ve tried loads of times, just keeps saying ‘a bass guitar’

    1. Luke

      You have to click on the strings first then click on the umbrella symbol and then the first knob on the top of the guitar to attach the string. Do this for the 4 strings attaching the moon to 2nd knob, sun to 3rd and cloud to 4th.
      Also take the piano keys from the piano with the knife and attach these keys to the amplifier.
      There is a lock on the right hand side of bookshelf, combine the three guitar picks to form a White pick and you can now open this.

  60. Steve

    I also can’t put he strings on. I can’t even see the bass up close it jut says “an bass”.

  61. Kirsty

    I still can’t either. I can’t do anything with any of the instruments. It’s like they’re all background scenery. God knows how you turn the power on, I must have worn my screen down through all the tapping…

  62. Sylvia

    System will not let me download the walkthrough for The Mystery of the Crimson Manor.

  63. Mari

    You need to read all the books or else nothing with the instruments will work.
    Pile the picks on top of each other to get the colors you need to open locks.
    Use the stick (need the picks to become white, place it on the hole in the small hidden cabinet next to the bookshelf) to open the locker.

    I’m stuck here though, I can’t get the bag open or get the baton..

  64. Kirsty

    Hi Mari, I have read all the books, several times now and I still can’t get the instruments to do anything. I’ve been round the room several times clicking on everything but I must be missing something. Really need to be put out of my misery! 🙂

  65. Kirsty

    The code for the baton is on the poster that is on the glass until you knock it down, then it’s on the floor to the right of the console, where there’s also text actually on the machine

    1. Mari

      I got the bad ending…

      Anyway, for the base click the top part where you put the strings.
      Acoustic needs cable on the wall next to it. Make the pick yellow and place inside hole to get it, then change the buttons so that the combined colors would be white.
      Electric needs the amp to be fixed. Use the screwdriver to open it, and connect the wires, the book will tell you which goes where.
      The baton and stick needs to be combined to use and the synthesizer needs keys from the piano.

      1. Luke

        Mari what is the order of the buttons you used to make white on the cable?

  66. Kirsty

    Steve, get the paper from behind the cd player in the main room, that let me use the instruments

    1. Mari

      Ah, so that was the problem! I’m glad you found out the problem Thanks for the poster clue too!!

  67. Luke

    What is the correct colour patern to use for the cable that’s attached to the amp? I can’t figure out where the clue for this is?

  68. Steve

    Kirsty thanks so much I totally missed that sheet music.

  69. Steve

    Ok one more question. Where is the screwdriver? I got most of the instruments ready but can’t find that.

    1. Luke

      There’s a scale if you click on the right side of the CD shelf. 0-100 so using the numbers from the bag use 7,4,9,5,2,3, this will open the bag and inside is the screwdriver.

      Any help on the colours needed on the cable before attaching it to the amp? I’ve been stuck here for ages.

  70. Ashley

    Hi, any chance of a walkthrough for ‘attack on a former detective’?

  71. Steve

    Luke. Look at the picture of the colors on the wall. The the colors on the outside and the three colors on the inside tell you how to make white.

  72. Luke

    Thanks Steve I managed to figure it out. Anyone know how to get a good ending?

  73. Surus

    For good ending, all you need is to take the tape after recording, go to the door, tap till you deduce manager is the bad guy. Then you will be able to use ventilation shaft right after you put the music on.


  74. Tinku

    How to play the music before we escape through the ventillation.where I have to put the tape?

  75. Tina

    Can someone help me? I’m stuck by a Plot on the 8th floor!

  76. Daniel

    You should add a walkthrough for “A Plot on the 8th Floor”

  77. Sheryl

    For studio, I can’t seem to get the paper behind the cd player. Where do I click to get it? And where do I get the baton from?

  78. Mary t

    Can someone do walkthrough for mystery lighthouse please.

  79. Witchy

    Can anyone help me with the last bit of the cage? I’ve opened the file in the laptop and also have black 5 on the statue. I’m stuck

  80. Carrie

    Obstructed love, anyone? Completely stuck with only a hexagonal piece and a power cord.

  81. Nicky

    Can you please give me the walkthrough for IDAC’s Last night a bike saved my life? I can’t find it anywhere.


    1. Carrie

      I too am stuck on Last Night a Bike Saved My Life. I’ve only gotten a stand that needs a screw. I’ve been around the room several times and found a bunch of clues, but cannot put anything together. Help!

  82. Donna

    I can’t find anything except the stone on “prank”. UGH!!!!

    1. Carrie

      Donna, if you download AppNavi app, there is a forum on the app where they have discussion threads and a walkthrough for Night Prank.

  83. Emma

    Hello! I have been very stuck in the game “The Mystery of Crimson Manor”. I got this app a few months ago and have been trying to find a walkthrough, but could not find any. Please post one or post the link if you already have it. I have not been able to find it on here either. Thanks!

  84. Yal

    Any walkthrough The Mathematician Will?

  85. Sami

    Hi! Im stuck in creeping tones! I have entered the kitchen and got the drink from fridge. I cant figure out the “day” dial or how to get in to managers drawer or the green,pink, purple, black buttons. My items i can use are hammer phone and the drink.

  86. Arthur

    Has anybody tried “the distorted island” by IDAC? I’m stuck with figuring out the code from the shert on the wall which sais: 6 months, 24 dates, 30 presents …

    1. Luke

      Not that far yet Arthur but I have the construction paper which says 145 with a down arrow and using 145 doesn’t seem to work as code for either of the two locked cabinets?

  87. Arthur

    Hey Luke, where did you find the construction paper.

  88. Sophia

    anyone has got hints about ‘Fragments of a Lie’? I’ve entered the bedroom with now the candle, green square and a red can can be used..but can’t proceed anymore…

    1. d3m1s

      Use candle on green tile. It became blue. Then use blue piece…
      Anyone knows the way to get good ending?

  89. Lottee

    Can you please make a walkthrough for drift, im stuck @ da part aftwr i find d hidin ladder nd all i hav is tape ruler n da rod

  90. Kirsty

    How hard is special cleaning: mad client?! I’ve managed one puzzle so far and at a complete loss at the minute. Help needed.

    1. Steven h

      What puzzle have u solved??

  91. escape

    not able to figure out the animal lock..help

  92. Sean

    Also not able to figure out the animal lock. and stuck on the seconds, minutes, hours, weeks, months and year puzzle. any help here?

  93. Kirsty

    I’ve solved two now, the animal, I just put in all the water animal names from the book on the shelves and one worked, and the number (dates) one, by working out how the numbers all related to 24 hours, eg how many minutes in 24 hours etc and the answer is the blank spaces from the note that’s in the pocket of the coat I think. Im now stuck, can’t figure the arrows one for the fridge and there’s nothing I can do without that.

  94. Kirsty

    And what does PASS:024 mean & how does this relate to the keypad?

  95. Kirsty

    If anyone’s still stuck the arrow pad relates to the number of days in each month

  96. Albi

    Can someone help me with the code for suitcase

  97. Arthur

    Suitcase: Try to line up the black squares on the note in the pocket of the coat and that’s it

  98. Arthur

    Note the sign on top of the keypad. This gives you a hint how to deal with 024

    1. Kirsty

      I can see there’s a plus but I’ve added the alphabet values of pass and 024 but that’s not it, it’s driving me crazy

      1. Arthur

        Hi Kirsty, did you notice that only three buttons on the keypad can be pressed at the same time. Try to find the three buttons which together might have s.th to do with (0)24.

        1. Kirsty

          Thanks Arthur I’ve got it, can’t believe I didn’t see it! 🙂

  99. Arthur

    Has anyone an idea how to get to ingredients into the alcohol generator. Im only able to put in one.

  100. Arthur

    Got the alcohol but what about the floor plan with the window on it

  101. Arthur

    Has anybody managed to move the bookshelf?

  102. Kirsty

    I’ve seen the floor plan, the rails in the floor and the hook in the briefcase, but I can’t get the hook or do anything with the bookcase. Answers on a postcard…

    1. Albi

      The hook is on the ceiling..above the bookshelf that moves

  103. Albi

    What is code for “who am I” box inside the fridge

  104. kirsty trangmar

    I meant the hook on the ceiling and the rope in the bag. Abi look in the yellow book on the left hand side of the bookcase for clues for the fridge question

  105. Arthur

    Read the book on the book shelf. Not the one with the animals, the other one. What do you think is rhe writers profession?

    1. Albi

      Thanks…can u tell me how to get the good ending

      1. Arthur

        I didn’t finish yet. I can’t move the book shelf or use the hook above. Any hints? Thanks

        1. Albi

          Once u use the rope on the hook which is above the bookshelf….you need to use something on the rope to make it stretch and once u apply that click on the rope shelf will be lifted…rest you’ll know 🙂

        2. Albi

          Hey 1st did u get the canister using the same rope from the TV unit

          1. Albi

            Click on TV Unit where it’s written sugar+soda…it says u need to life the canister…when u get this message there will appear a hook above the TV..then u’ll get something useful for bookshelf…without doing this u can never hook the rope with bookshelf.

          2. kirsty trangmar

            there is no rope in the tv unit?

  106. ChunLi

    1. Read note in jacket ‘_’ correspond to briefcase (think seconds, minutes, hours, week, month, year)
    2. Briefcase= 044736, take cloth, read book
    3. Cupboard over stove: paper reads PASS:024 = 7+8+9
    Keypad=789, take seasoning set and yeast
    Below sink take grater 
    4. White cabinet: take ‘B’ and bowl
    5. Read paper in blue bucket
    6. Bookshelf: read books
    7. Fridge: tabs that can move 
    on top = D U D
    on bottom = U U D  
    Take radish
    Who am I = Teacher, take lemon
    8. TV: left side see sign
    9. Gas machine: Grampus, add sugar and yeast = ethanol
    10. Rusty door = bowl + lemon + salt, use cloth, take ‘C’
    11. Trapdoor = grated radish, use cloth, take frame, clean with ethanol.
    12. Bookshelf: go up see hook, go right see rail
    13. TV stand: go left see caster
    14. Briefcase: take rope, read note 
    15. Back to TV stand and remove calendar, attach rope, use radish juice to contract and take casters then remove rope
    16. Back to bookshelf and attach rope to hook, use radish juice again and attach casters and move shelf 
    17. Go to sink with hardened clay and use grater, take ‘A’
    18. Go back to rusty door and insert bottles 
    A: 850g= 1/2 = 425
    B: 900g= 1/3 = 300
    C: 600g= 4/5 = 480
    Liquid should be blue 
    19. Back to oily window, use blue mixture and cloth 
    20. ESCAPE!!  :)

    1. kirsty trangmar

      Thanks Chun Li!
      How do you get the liquid to be blue?

      1. kirsty trangmar

        don’t worry, all sorted now x thanks

  107. kirsty trangmar

    albi how do you even get the rope, it won’t let me take it from the suitcase?

    1. Albi

      Rope with the hook is in the briefcase…briefcase on the table.

  108. Tina

    What to do with the alcohol?

  109. kirsty trangmar

    what rope from the tv unit? I’ve got B and C which I put in the alcohol mixer (no A as of yet) and I put the sugar and yeast in the machine which got me the ethanol which I used for the map which showed that there would be a window. Now I can see the rails, see the hook but can’t touch the rope in the briefcase or find anything else, I must have clicked on every thing there is! (I have just cloth and grated radish in inventory)

    1. Albi

      To remove the rope from the briefcase u need to go to tv unit on the side of the tv unit where it’s written sugar+yeast click on the unit untill it says “I need to life the canister but don’t know how” then go to the briefcase now u’ll be able to remove the rope…there is a small note as well that is the hint to open the shelf with the mirror.

  110. Tina

    What is the Code for the briefcase?

    1. Albi

      Code for briefcase is 044736

  111. Dreamy

    Kept getting error on “Teacher”. Not sure why.

    1. Albi

      To enter teacher code 1st read the book from the bookshelf not the animal one there is another yellow book…then enter the code it will work

  112. Dreamy

    Ok need to try a few times before “teacher ” can be accepted. It’s really tricky on getting the rope. Click so many times on the tv side till I’m sick of it.

  113. Kenzie

    Help me please! Does anyone know anything about fragments of a lie? I’ve been stuck forever, and the discussions on the forum are absolutely no help. I have the lens and power cord, already attached the keyboard (used key from bear) and can’t go any further. On the forum, people kept talking about the magnifiying glass, can anyone help me find this? I assume the lens is part of this? Any help is hugely appreciated!

    1. d3m1s

      Read messages in the Diary and in the notebook. Combine names to obtain password for the drawer YEK…

  114. Suzi

    I’m after a walkthrough for escape game fragments of a lie, will you be doing one?

  115. Suzi

    Kenzie, I knew the bear had something but I can’t get the key you mentioned, did you do something for the bear to give you the key? Other than that I’m stuck where you are.

    1. Jodz1983

      Go to the book shelf near the wall safe and turn the receipt over hoped that helped

  116. Albi

    Anyone started the devil’s playground

  117. Sean

    Anybody finished Devil’s Playground? I have crank and gear in place, but missing one glass ball with number on it. I have 7, 5 and 2.

  118. Albi

    I’ve found the dog’s ear, pencil and the handle but after this I am not able to get anything anyone please help

  119. Jodz1983

    Need help with fragments of a lie I have the key, put the key board on the computer, don’t know what to do with the lens or the cable. To get the key from the teddy you need to go to the book shelf near the wall safe and turn the receipt over

  120. Kathy

    Can u please make a walkthrough the game called logos quiz? Sry…got stuck…

  121. Daniel

    You need a walkthrough for keys and pieces

    1. Suzi

      Daniel go to the forums if you still need a walkthrough 🙂

  122. Albi

    Keys and pieces any one done…need help

    1. Luke

      I’m stuck aswell, can’t find an English walkthrough in the forum only in Japanese. All I have so far is chess piece, key shaped chess piece which opened wardrobe and a pair of gloves. Can’t figure out code for cabinet with symbols. Thought it would be 8486 (circle 2, square 4, triangle 4) but not working.

      1. Mijn

        I am almost in computer.

      2. Mijn

        Last part of code is in knight in cabinet after you opener it with sword key

  123. Mijn

    Ik heb 3 schaakstukken, electriciteitsleutel die niet past, zwaardsleutel,kruis sleutel, handschoenen. Kom niet uit schilderij en zit vast bij de vormen. Ruit en cirkel zijn bekend, maar de driehoeken, samen 8, kunnen verschillende combi’s zijn. Code volgens Japanse site lukt niet, dus mis wrs. Iets.

  124. Mijn

    Got three chess pieces, electricity key that doesnt fit, sword key, cross key and gloves. Do not understand THE painting, maybe THE Leaves are ╬ô├╢┬úΓö£├¡ hint?, and do not get THE shapes. Diamant and cirkel are easy, but triangles can be several numbers..or did i overlook something? Codes according to japanese site are not accepted. Help….

  125. Mijn

    I did overlook something! I got THE shapes code….but lock still doesnt open”

    1. Arthur

      Diamond is 4, circle is 2, yellox triangle is 5, purple triangle is 3. But you have to find and read three hints concerning the shapes before rhe lock can be opened.

  126. Mijn

    Trying to get into compu. Found sattelite code, USB and password, but still Miss some clues.

    1. Arthur

      If you got the satellite code, you must have gained access to rhe computer already

  127. Arthur

    I’m at the end if the game. Git the last clue, the moonlight write on the wall. But i’ve ni idea what to divwith this last hint. Any ideas?

    1. Albi

      OMG I am still stuck with only three things gloves, chess piece and cross key , not able to figure out the codes for shapes (found 2clues one inside the cabinet and 2nd inside the book that’s it) and painting clue as well tried every possible number…someone help please

  128. Arthur

    Got it – escaped!
    One of the most logic games by IDAC.
    Quite clear chain of hints and puzzles

    1. Mijn

      Did you get THE bad or good end? I got the bad end….

  129. Tina

    What’s the satellite Code?

    1. Arthur

      You gave to log in into the computer. There you get a hint for the satellite code. It’s simple math

  130. Tina

    But I don’t have ID or Pass.

    1. Arthur

      For the pass you have to combine the numbers on the USB stick with one if the items in the shelf with the glass doors.
      For the IF examine the bookshelf although it slided away from the TV

  131. John

    Circle = 2, Diamond = 4, Yellow Triangle = 5, Purple Triangle = 3, so password for cabinet should be 9477 but I can’t get in. What am I missing? Where does it say the breakdown of the purple and yellow triangle? I just have both = 8.

  132. Albi

    OMG I am still stuck with only three things gloves, chess piece and cross key , not able to figure out the codes for shapes (found 2clues one inside the cabinet and 2nd inside the book that’s it) and painting clue as well tried every possible number…someone help please….

    1. Arthur

      Hey Albi, I think you found the painting clue in the bottom drawer of the desk.
      This clue refers to the box (world) in the shelf with the glass door (left side).
      If you read the clue carefully you can figure out the code. Most of the code is found on the painting, the rest is found on the box itself.

      1. Albi

        Hey Arthur thanks but now I am stuck at the computer I tried ID VENUS (i.e the card from the glass cabinet, I combined it with the number) and password the number from USB 15437 it’s not working….help

        1. Arthur

          VENUS is good, but it’s not the ID, it’s the pass.
          Have you examined the bottom corner of the book shelf which is still visible although it moved away to show the satellite TV screen?

          1. Albi

            Yeah found the card written HEAD dont know what is it for

          2. Albi

            Aah that is the ID thanks

  133. Dreamy

    What’s the code on the sun ray box?

    1. Arthur

      Look my comment above.

  134. Sean

    Anybody got a walkthrough for Chapel of Chance?

  135. Suzi

    John you have the right code but there is a last clue inside the little box under the knight and you need to see it before it will work.

  136. Luke

    Where can I find the key for the PC. I have the USB but no key.

    1. Arthur

      On the desk there is a small safe with a drawing on the inside of the cover. The drawing refers to the “world” case in the shelf. This case has a double bottom …

      1. Luke

        Thanks Arthur I missed that

  137. Dreamy

    Hi, where can I find the USB? What does the sword key open?

  138. Suzi

    Dreamy the sword key is for the statue with the armor the USB may be in there but can’t remember ?

  139. Dreamy

    Thanks Suzi!

  140. Aref

    Any news for fragments of a lie
    I have powercord / lens stuck now

  141. Luke

    Anyone else having trouble loading The Dark Dating Party?

  142. Dreamy

    Luke, it took me some time to load, abt 10 mins or so. Just be patient and do not allow your iPhone/ iPad etc go into sleep mode while loading.

  143. Dreamy

    Anyone knows what to do with the rusty pliers and fishing rod in The Dark Dating Party?

    1. Arthur

      Combine the rod with the wire and use the pliers to make a hook. Rest is easy.

  144. Albi

    I am not able to Download the “the dark dating party” it is taking ages…what is the problem

    1. Tina

      Hi Albi! It Takes some Time to load, about 10 min. Don’t allow your iPhone or iPad to fall into sleep mode.

  145. Jane

    Where do you get the wire?

  146. Paul Matthews

    Having issues imputing code into the draw beneath the bar in the dating dark party. Can anyone help out?

  147. Paul Matthews

    Stuck on the code for the chest in the misfortune teller.

  148. Claire

    Hi, I’m stuck at the part with the gloves and I dont know the password for the number pad beside the bookshelf. What is the tool 432 about also?

    1. Arthur

      you don’t need the 432 before you got the code for the number pad.
      – Did you feed the fish?
      – Did you get the paper on the bottom of the column
      – Did you open the safe beneath the bar

      If yes, you will easily get the code for the number pad

  149. C

    Hi, what do I do with the tool 432 and the gloves?

  150. C

    How do I get the good ending?

  151. Albi

    Any one finished the game can help with the walkthrough please

  152. Arthur

    Already escaped.
    The wire is found in the safe behind the book shelf.
    432 is used a little bit later
    The rubber gloves – look around and think where they could be useful. Its clearly written.
    The code for the safe beneath the bar is calculated from the pamphlet on top of the bar together with the member book on the book shelf.

    Hope this helps

    1. Albi

      Hey Arthur have still not found tha gloves , wire and the number for the safe is not working which is I guess 1370 I calculated B+S-G…please help

      1. Arthur

        The number for the safe is not 1370. I can’t see how you came to that.
        You have to combine the points listed in the pamphlet on the bar with the number of members in the pink book in the shelf. Then do the calculation.

        1. Paul Matthews

          This is still not working. Can you please walk me through the calculations

      2. Arthur

        And if you got the code for the safe you’r on your way to the gloves. For the wire you had to go several further steps 🙂

  153. Tina

    Where is the wire?

  154. Suzi

    Has anybody started lonely young man? I’ve got marble and knife, have used elastic, pumpkin and game. Can’t figure out robots. Have fed the character carrot, pumpkin, and cabbage.

    1. Albi

      Hey this is paid game 🙁 can you tell me how to collect points

  155. Suzi

    Wire is behind the fish tank on left

  156. Tina

    How can I combine the rod with the wire/hook?

  157. Suzi

    Albi you collect points from finishing games.
    Tina have you got the reel yet? You combine the rod and reel, then you bend the wire with the pliers to make a hook and then combine 🙂

  158. Tina

    Yes suzi I found it, thx. I have the hook but I can’t combine it with the Rod. I don’t know why.

  159. Tina

    Oh sorry, I don’t have the reel, Where can I find it?

  160. Ida

    Hey, could you make a walktrough of the mystery of crimsone manor? I have been stuck for a week, and i am getting really tired of being stuck 🙁

  161. Suzi

    Paul if your talking about safe under bar you need to find both bits if paper relating to bronze silver and gold one was on the bar the other I think is in a book, you multiply the numbers on each bit of paper as in g x g, s x s then work out according to paper in cupboard opp bar getting 78495.
    Tina pretty sure you will find reel once you slide bookshelf over and open safe with dials, the code relates to initials found inside glass room and a book on shelf 🙂

    1. Paul Matthews

      Hi Suzi,

      Thanks for that.

  162. Tina

    Thank you so much suzi! But how can I get the Good Ending?

  163. Suzi

    You need to wrap the bit of ripped glove over the key 🙂

  164. Tina

    Thank you very much Suzi, you are Great 😉

  165. Arthur

    Does anybody play The Shadow In the Temple?
    I got 3wood pieces, a candle stand and a sticky sheet. Im stuck. Can’t get the code for the box with the flame symbol. Can’t get the thing out if the drum. Can anybody help?

    1. Jason

      attach stick sheet to long pole. get wood piece from drum. attach hook to long pole and get wood piece from ceiling . go back to the big statue and find key in small statue standing there, open the money box with the key and find another
      wood piece , look inside and see the memo , second small statue has wood piece in mouth, combine all the wood pieces and open the back of big statue
      you can see the clue for the code of box with flame symbol
      not Eglish user, maybe some mistake in English

  166. Dreamy

    Hi, anyone tried the solve safe code with the clock on it (unrequited love)? Pls help…

    1. Tina

      I tried it too, but I don’t understand this game.

    2. Arthur

      Start at “2” and go clock wise: 2, 3, 6, 9, …

  167. Dreamy

    Thanks Arthur.

  168. Dreamy

    Any idea what the book clue means?

    1. TJ

      The clue means that you use the middle row of numbers (456) in both wall locks

  169. JJ

    watch out there is a bug. u need to climb down again to check the diary else can’t finish the game since u broke the pole and can’t go downstairs again.

    1. TJ

      You can put the stick back together with glue then you’ll be able to climb back down.

  170. JJ

    book clue? u mean the album? it mean you have to go down again. so don’t use the hammer to break the stick into 2 and inject to open the safe. you need to check this album and then climb back down to check the dairy first.

  171. Luke

    In The Shadow of the Temple how do I clean the mirror. I have the code 5285 but the clue says the truth of Buddha is inside the reflection so I’m assuming I have to clean the dirty mirror first?

    1. Jason

      behind safe

      1. Arthur

        Do You know hoe to get that hidden pece out of the drum?

        1. Jason

          Stick sticky sheet to long pole thing end

  172. Dreamy

    Think the bug is preventing me to go up or down. Kept going back to the same 2 rooms..

  173. TJ

    Can anyone help with a letter from the dead? I have a duck that can turn his head, an SD card and the locket. I figure the locket has to do with backgammon and it should help me open the box on the fireplace, but I can’t put it together.

    1. Kelvin

      i got the rechargeable battery as well.
      but i still cant figure out the code for the box based on the backgammon …
      plz help …

  174. Alisha

    I’m with you dreamy only able to access two rooms with safes done both of them and opened the doors one is lit with the school book and the other is too dark that’s it, need help with what to do next?

    1. Arthur

      In the school book there is a hint how to operate the wall panels again. Press the mid row of numbers from left to right on both panels. I think it’s 456

  175. J

    U Hv to type 456 for both machines. Then will get the pole.

    1. Albi

      Read the diary got the mouse ball I’m stuck help pls

      1. Arthur

        The pw for the computer is LOCK. Just enter LO

  176. Tina

    I can’t go down again, when I try i’ll Take the rope and the stick again. What can I do?

    1. Arthur

      As soon as you looked at the holes at rhe safe you can’t go down because you take the pole and rhe rope instead

  177. J

    U probably haven’t read the album and the note inside said the secret is with the cellar.

  178. Dreamy

    After the Pc pw, rest is quite easy. Thanks J and Arthur!

  179. Suzi

    Tina, when you find the glue you can stick the stick back together, have you broken it yet???

  180. Tina

    Suzi, I haven’t found the glue and I haven’t broken the Stick yet.

  181. C

    Hi, anyone completed Fragments of a lie?
    I keep getting the bad ending.. How do I get the good ending?
    Please help!!!

  182. Suzi

    Tina you need to grab the stick and rope because you need to use them upstairs you break the stick with the hammer and use the two bits for safe then later you can glue back together to get back down 🙂

  183. Daniel

    You need a walkthrough for unrequited love

  184. Daniel

    You need a walkthrough for unrequited love.

  185. Mahoozi

    What about “The shadow in the template” ?
    Any body escaped?

    1. Arthur

      Did you get stuck? Any help needed?

      1. Mahoozi

        Thx dear i escaped with good ending

  186. Babygirl41077

    Hi I’ve been stuck on looking through the glass from idac for about 6 months now. I hope you respond please. Ive spent alot of sleepless nights over this.
    Thank you.

    1. TJ

      Me too. I’ve used both coins, and I can’t seem to do anything else. I think I need to open the door with the musical note, but can’t figure out the clue.

  187. Babygirl41077

    Please help with “looking through the glass” this has me stumpy need helpy !!!!

  188. JJ

    The inhabitant lost in the sea, how to use the magnet with code XLZHG and the mouse with code AM/ZN and also the golden key??

    What’s the code of the thing in the balcony? related to the above??

    1. Luke

      Have a look at the Forum on the App JJ, there’s a walkthrough up.

  189. J

    Excellent i am out! Thx Luke.

  190. Albi

    Am I suppose to combine the code (the numbers in the ship) with something not able to use it also the code on the carpet +3 tried on the lock not working pls help

  191. Albi

    How to use the mouse and magnet code

  192. Arthur

    The Code on the Ship is for the computer. Just do the calculation: 5986-1444-2527=2015

    There is a code sheet for the lock in the room in front if the terasse. It says R2 L4. This together with the hint on the carpet +3 gives: R5 L7

    The mouse to be connected to the computer, look at the screen, insert code card A, look at the screen, insert code card B, look at the screen.

  193. Arthur

    The code on the magnet has to be used with the hint AM/ZN as follows:

    X=C; l=O; … –> COAST

    1. Albi

      Thanks Arthur 🙂

  194. Albi

    Anyone started a kind kidnaping !!

    1. Vivi

      Yeah, I have. I’m stuck at the hint on the side of the oven that says to count the turns, add 2 and make it 1…? WHAT??? LOL if you find the sugar, Plz let me know. Thanks…..

  195. Arthur

    Sure 🙂

  196. Vivi

    Yeah, I have. I’m stuck at the hint on the side of the oven that says to count the turns, add 2 and make it 1…? WHAT??? LOL if anyone else has found the sugar, Plz let me know. Thanks…..

  197. Arthur

    I cant look at the side if the oven. I just can open it and see the message insude at the back wall. How did you get the hint.

    1. Albi

      Same here and I’m tired looking for sugar

  198. Alisha

    You have to get the laser pen ( in the pot plant in the first room) put it in the pen holder once turned on. Then take the wooden peg out of the cake window which opens the cupboard below and u find a mirror. Put it in front of the pen and it points to the note beside the oven. Now I’m stuck!

    1. Albi

      U need to decode the code to open the locker I.e ” SAKURA is a FLOWER”
      A-Z, A-1, B-2, so SAKURA – 19, 1, 11, 21, 18, 1, similarly decode FLOWER and subtract from each other….then what ever number u get add double digit numbers (e.g if 14, do 1+4=5) so you will get the code

      1. Albi

        Open the locker and get the sugar.

  199. Tina

    I don’t understand it with the Code, I always have the wrong numbers.

  200. Arthur

    I just can’t find any peg in the glass case. Where is it?

  201. Kick-Ash

    The wooden peg is between the 2 sliding glass doors (in the middle) when you look at the back of the cake display case….it is brown and kind of looks like a keyhole.

  202. Kick-Ash

    How do you turn the water on? I tried moving the lever how the note in the oven explained but it won’t work…what do I have to do?

  203. Tina

    You have to turn it right, middle, right, middle,left, middle!

  204. Tina

    Can somebody help me with the code for the safe?

    1. TJ

      Sakura – s=19 a=1 k=11 u=21 r=18 a=1
      Flower – f=6 l=12 o=15 w=23 e=5 r=18
      Take the difference:
      13 11 4 2 13 17
      Now combine:
      1+3=4 1+1=2 4 2 1+3=4 1+7=8
      So the code is 424248
      You should have looked at the paper you put in the boiling water and the note by the oven to be able to open it with this code

      1. Dreamy

        Hi TJ, tried the code but still can’t get the safe open. Did I miss a clue before input the code?

        1. TJ

          You should have the card that had an 85 in the lower right corner and put that in the boiling water. So the card should now say Sakura is a flower. And you should have the laser pointed at the sign next to the oven. If you have these two things then the code should work. Make sure you tap on everything as much as possible to make sure all messages are shown. Hope it works

  205. Tina


  206. Candy

    Please do a walkthrough for fragments of a lie I’m so stuck x

  207. Mert

    Where do I find the dirty mirror in shadow of the temple?

  208. Arthur

    Kind kidnapping: what’s the solution for the card from the ether box inn the door?

  209. Albi

    Erase E and U only and insert the paper back on the mail slot will open the door

    1. Arthur

      Thx Albi

  210. Candy

    In fragments of a lie, what does the USB clue refer to.
    Lt rt c. I assume left right centre but I’ve tried everything and can’t get anywhere!!! Please help??????

  211. Albi

    Any one facing problrm with ” the temptation of the diamond” I guess its a bug everything Is double screen not able to play it

  212. Tina

    You have to restart a few times

  213. Arthur

    The temptation if the diamond. I got stuck. Got a silver cup with water and a plate with an engraved “T”. Placed a mirror un a picture frame already and opened the glass cabined with the heart shaped stand. Any hints how to get on?

    1. Sticky

      Pour the water into the big eye statue and look at the saucer. Slide the mirror to get the match stick

  214. Alisha

    Ive got the ship wheel on the safe but don’t know which way to turn it? Help!

    1. Arthur

      Left twice to attach the wheel, then according the note under the lamp: ledt, right, left.

  215. Arthur

    What to do with the chocolate in the cup, the dictionary and the empty matches? Can anybody gice a hint pls.

  216. Tina

    How do you get the chocolate?

  217. Arthur

    I don’t know exactly anymore. I think I got in from the fridge in the room behond the safe door.

  218. Arthur

    I got that with the dictionary but I’m still missing the code for the little safe on the desk – and no idea.

  219. Tina

    How do you opened the Safe door?

  220. Arthur

    Attach the steering wheel then twice left to attach it. Then left right left zo open the door

  221. Tina

    I can’t attach the steering wheel. Why?

  222. Arthur

    Did you previously attach the copper plate found in the drawer beliw the candle?

  223. Arthur

    I’m nearly at the end now, but what to do with the copper plate and the molten chocolate?

  224. Tina

    No I haven’t, I don’t know the code.

  225. Arthur

    The shining lamp with the lamp shade looks like a globe. So the code is EARTH

  226. Tina


  227. Arthur

    Anybody an idea how to deal with the molten chocolate and the copper plate?

  228. Tina

    How can I melt the chocolate and what is the code for the safe in the second room?

  229. Suzi

    Tina code relates to door mat once turned over looks like numbers once you input PATER to Latin book it will tell you it means father, put father tiles in next to door and door will open and on it somewhere it tells you to add the 3s so code is 6186 I think from memory does that look right ???? Arthur the hexagon thing is the mould for the chocolate.

  230. Tina

    Thanks Suzi. But how can I melt the chocolate?

  231. Suzi

    Pretty sure once you have looked at clue on front door if you step back and zoom in on floor you will see a match on ground to re light candle 🙂

  232. Tina

    I can’t find it 🙁

  233. Arthur

    The match is jammed under the door. Open the door by puttong the diamond on its stand. Take the match amd then take back the diamond

  234. Arthur

    Anyone started “Little Red In Danger”?

  235. Tina

    Thanks, I escaped. I have started with Little red in danger, but I’m stuck now.

  236. Tina

    I escaped now.

  237. Arthur

    How do you open the door under grand ma’s bed?
    What us the wooden stick used for?

  238. Arthur

    Never mind, got it, escaped

    1. Jody

      What is the password for the bottom draw??

  239. Jody

    Need help for Little Red In Danger Pleeeease

  240. irene

    anyone please help with little red in danger. i’ve been stuck for several days and almost gone crazy.

  241. Tina

    The password is WINE

    1. Jody

      Thank you 🙂

  242. irene

    got the lamp but no oil. and what to do with the loosened screw that didnt come out.

    appreciate help!

  243. Tina

    Have you looked in all the Books on the cupboard?

  244. irene


    I got page number of green and pink book but not yet the beige one.

    1. Arthur

      The beige one is 241

      1. irene

        i try 241 but it still unable to read the page

        1. Arthur

          be sure you read the roman numbers on the pillow of grand ma, at the curtain and on the sheet in the basket

          1. AppUnwrapper

            Which game are you discussing? I’d like to try and keep all the comments for each game in the appropriate place so others can find them, instead of them all mixing together on one page. If there isn’t a page for that game already, I can create one.

            Thanks and happy escaping 🙂

  245. Albi

    Anyone started survival parking

  246. Tina

    Yes I have started

    1. Albi

      M not able to open the Locke I know the star and number 5 is the clue..did u manage to open it

      1. Albi

        Never mind I opened it

        1. irene

          i used 241 but still not able to read the page in beige book.

          1. irene

            sorry wrong post.

  247. Tina

    Now I’m stuck. I have parking card, string, crowbar, screwdriver and Steel pipe

    1. Albi

      Me too any progress Tina

  248. Tina

    No, sorry! I don’t know what to do.

    1. Albi

      Turn the parking card there are some arrows (RDDULL) if you have noticed in front of the blue care there is a lever next to it a small diagram it says turn 90 degree so now those arrow on the card is (DLLRUU) now turn the lever in this direction…the blue car will crash with the fire extinguisher…rest i am still playin… NOTE D- down ,L -left ,R -right ,U -up…hope it helps

  249. Tina

    @ Albi: have you find the knife in the back of the blue car?

    1. Albi

      Yeah found it wrapped in a piece of cloth

      1. Albi

        It’s below the suitcase filled with cash and jewellery…u need to open the boot with crowbar

  250. Tina

    Ok. Any Progress now?

    1. Albi

      Yeah remove the number plate n hook from blue car…combine steel pipe, crowbar, string, hook with the chain on the celling and attach it on the box type looking handle on the floor next to the Red car open it and get another hook…take hook back once u done…now go back to the blue car below the boot there is a place to attach the hook…attach another hook with the red car..tap on the front door of the car it will lift the blue car so now u have access to the fire extinguisher box there is a golden key…it will open the locked door

  251. Alisha

    How did u get the parking card?

  252. Alisha

    Never mind got it!

  253. Alisha

    Have u worked out the cat or the comp password?

  254. Albi

    zoom in on the cage with the cat in the corner…click on each corner of the cage to see the clue, 2341, which translates as UBEB (that is the color, e.g 2nd of purple is U so on ) arrange it number wise so now the password for computer is BUDE.

    1. Albi

      once inside the computer run through all the files in 3 folders until you hit a second password lock (cat profile folder last one) hold it there need to find out the password for that move on to next clue that is back up then click on the chair until u can see another cat up in the rafters and feed the cat the chicken u found in the cardboard box… keep clicking when the car disappears and pick up a piece of blue plastic…next clue use the knife (i hope you’ve washed it already ) to cut the avocado take out the seed and give it to the cat in the cage the cat will move and will play with it…now click on the toy (fish) the cat was previously playing…use knife to cut the fish toy and take out a piece of paper with a drawing of number plate on it….next open the number plate you took off the blue car and keep clicking until you have taken off apiece of red plastic then flip the number plate to see the 2nd password…now go back to the PC open the last icon keep clicking until u see the password page..key in the 2nd password i.e 22983 and then keep clicking until you reach another diagram…next combine the two pieces of plastic (red n blue) and zoom and read everything you can…very long procedure to understand and calculate so will just give you the password its 10785…so now go back into the garage zoom in on the panel to the right of the main shutter and use the screwdriver to take it off key 10785 into the lock and escape.

    2. Alisha

      I think mine may be screwed I’ve tried clicking heaps on each corner and tried the password it’s not working! Think I’ll give up soon!!

      1. Albi

        It’s little trickery tap on in front numbers zoom out and jus tap just next to it the position will change and you will se the numbers…it’s all bottom corners nothing is on top

  255. Tina

    The password is UDEB

    1. Albi

      @Tina : Sorry error there are you still playing

  256. Tina

    I had to restart 🙁

  257. Tina

    Now I escaped 🙂

  258. Tina

    No new Game today?

  259. Mary t

    Is a walkthrough for little red in danger coming? I don’t see one. Thanks…….

  260. Albi

    So many days app navi or gotmail no new games I guess they are out of ideas now !!

  261. Kristin

    Anyone know the code to open the fridge in “Mystery Hotel”? I’m guessing it has something to do with the numbers on the paintings and the code in the tub, but I just can’t figure it out. I think I’ve gotten almost everything else – I only have one open spot in my inventory.

  262. Arthur

    Anyone started “Secret Letter from my Father”?

    1. Mary t

      Hi Arthur,
      I started a secret letter from my father,But,I’m having issues with getting Granny’s door open and WINE for the bottom drawer isn’t working,says incorrect. I also have no idea where the oil is.I’ve found fork,coins paperclip which you need to bend and go back to the little box in the garden and open with the clip ..thanks..

  263. Arthur

    Never mind already escaped from the garden.

  264. Alisha

    I’m stuck on secret letter I have the pole and three coins that I can use the only thing left is something with the drain, something to tall in the ivy and the two boxes the black one with the numbers(im guessing they are the coins) and the picture box in the cupboard.

  265. paula

    is there anyone who can help me with ‘the lost cry’? any tips after finding the glue will be much appreciated x

  266. Mary t

    Is there a walkthrough for a little older game ” Cradle of shadows” ??????? Thanks.

  267. Grant

    Can someone help me with a letter from the dead. I have the diamond, clubs, heart, camera, empty battery charger, spade key, a well used cloth.

    I’m totally stuck. Not sure what to do with moon box nor where to use the spade key.

    1. Kelvin

      hi grant,

      the moon box code is 2511. (from the full moon to the new moon)
      plz kindly help where u found the diamond, clubs, heart, camera, spade key and the cloth -_____-

  268. Tina

    Anybody started “Peril for two”?

    1. Mary t

      Hi Tina,
      I’ve started ‘Peril for two’. I have the 2 pieces of honeycombs.But, not sure what to do with them. How do I get the piece down from the tv area? It just says to high to reach. Thanks. ( I don’t see walkthrough yet for this game).

  269. Grant

    I managed to beat the peril game. I might be able to help. Have you entered any codes yet?

    1. Kelvin

      hi Grant,

      I now managed to have the red, green and yellow honeycombs.
      What to do next?!


  270. Empty

    I can not find walkthrough for ‘ Special cleaning- the old mans madness”. Can anyone help me please. Thanks.

    1. Teresa

      I don’t seem to be able to pick up the ladder to bridge the gap in the stairs or use it to reach the chandelier.
      ALso I thought the coat hanger the white coat is on would work well to open the door without a knob, but this doesn’t seem to be the case either.

      1. Teresa

        OK, got a bit further for anyone who is interested (maybe Empty)
        YOu had to look behind the book case, this got me most of the way there. If you are want any more hints, let me know and I can tell you what I know.
        I’m stuck now with a intrevenous drip bag and a pocket watch. O well, I guess i’ll either figure it out and let you know, or you can figure it out and let me know.

  271. Anka

    “70 years of love” please!!!!

  272. Anka

    Also need help with Room of Starlets

      1. Anka

        Too bad…. Thanks anyways….

  273. Arthur

    Opened the first safe, got the flint stone lit and got the candle, found the letter of grand pa, now I’m stuck

  274. Tina

    Anybody started perilous homecoming?

    1. Arthur

      Yes, got fire extinguisher and polished wooden stick

  275. Tina

    I got batterie, pliers and wodden stick

  276. dave

    Where we’re the pliers. Hit extinguisher on winch

  277. dave

    Help. Code for dials in flight room hanger number x 15

  278. Tina

    I thouhgt it’s 365×15, but it doesn’t work

    1. Dave

      That is the right answer ???

  279. DavenetD

    Anyone got any further. Got various items but totally stuck. Got both ribbons, bulb, battery. Need help

  280. Arthur

    Anyone startet “A Trap of Revenge” ?

  281. Tina

    Now I have batterie, bulb and the wooden Stick with red and white.

    1. pingzi

      hey i’ve just started this game. how did you get the wooden stick? i’m quite stuck too….

  282. Tina

    Anyone any further with perilous homecoming? This Game is driving me crazy. I’m stuck since a Long time

  283. kimmyboop

    I just got The Targeted Traveler by IDAC today, and after skipping thru your site, which i do daily now that I’m addicted to escape games, I didnt see a walkthrough for this one!! Thank you so much for ur time and your help!!

  284. yellowbell

    hi, could you please put a walkthrough for 100 rooms? thanks

  285. Mach

    Is there anywhere a walkthrough for A Captivating Tour ? I have got a hanger, a rubber band, a hammer, a piece of paper but can’t open any drawer.

    1. Empty

      Hi Mach,
      I also just started Captivating Tour and this is what I’ve been able to do/get.
      Tap hanger till it sorta bends,go to blind by bed u see a string use to pull. A screwdriver falls on floor by dresser.use on lever on side of dresser . Take rubber band,hanger,lever to use on safe by bookcase.a lighter is in coat pocket. Use screwdriver also on back of desk chair.

  286. Empty

    Mach, I’m finished with A Captivating Tour. Maybe I can help if u need more.

    1. Mach

      Hi Empty
      Thanks for the very useful hint. I wouldn’t think to tap the hanger many times. I finaly escaped too.

  287. Tina

    Anyone started give up?

  288. Tina

    Can you please make a walkthrough for perilous homecoming?

  289. Alisha

    I have started give up but I’m stuck also I have the scissors the cutting tool ref paper and I have used the chop sticks to get the light bulb under the couch. I know the light goes in the white box to reveal the triangle but font know what it means?

  290. anne

    please help me with a Captivating tour….;(

    1. Empty

      Hi Anne,
      If u have Gotmail app there is a walkthrough in English in the forum area. I found it when I needed help.

  291. anne

    But i must play for walktrough, or with coins, And I havent enought points 🙁

    1. Empty

      Hi Anne,
      Captivating :click hanger with jacket and also take lighter in pocket. Check bin to get rubber band. Tap top right of window and u see a string. Tap hanger to bend and use to pull blind down. A screwdriver falls by bed and dresser. Use this on side of dresser to get lever and use screwdriver on back of chair to get mouse also. Go to white cabinet and use vended hanger,rubber band,lever to turn wheel. Click bottom right to open hatch for nail clippers. Take hanger again. Go left to open wardrobe,get hammer on top shelf. Extend clippers use to open top drawer to get batteries which u use on mouse. Click PC monitor. Hope this helps some let me know if u need more clues..thanks EMPTY!!!!!!!

  292. paula

    i no u can escape the giant chimney without the need to go on any further, but i would like to complete the game. im stuck on the code for the drawer and also the picture code, has anyone completed this that can give me any clues please?

  293. anne

    Hi Empty

    I already do this, was easy. Im stuk with code in the computer…
    Anyway Thanks! 🙂

    1. Empty

      Anne,maybe this will help u: the code has to do with these codes.

      1 relates to 2 circles top shelf of white cabinet
      2 relates to 3 squares in gtrm of dresser
      3 relates to triangle in bttm draw in wardrobe
      4 relates to 2 upside down triangles left side of of bkshlf(on second shelf from the top)
      U have to go around the room and click on each.then go back to PC
      Click circle twice,square three,triangle once and inverted triangle twice. U should be able to open drawer now. Before exiting desk use lighter to melt the wax.

  294. anne

    Hi Empty

    Thanks you! Im Escaped 🙂

  295. Tina

    Can PLEASE somebody help me with PERILOUS HOMECOMING?

    1. Empty

      Hi tina there is help somewhere in requests . U just need to scroll threw them.

  296. Rich

    Please helpme crack the two codes he the shadow of the temple. thanks!

  297. Tina

    Someone started “a rondevouz without an exit”?

    1. Empty

      Hi Tina,
      I started Rendezvous without an exit. I’m at the point of not being able to open green case below the fish tank and finding the power cord to plug in the iron. How far are u? Thanks….

      1. Tazza

        I found the power cord. Where is the iron please? I got the wheel from the pedestal on the shelf. There’s a link with the phone number in the brochure on table to the last phone number on the screwed up paper in the bin I think?

        1. Clavro

          The pamphlet on the table shows you a pic of the bed and also a pic of the safe next to the bed. Make a note of the numbers 6984-55. Now look at the paper in the bin. The only number that start with 69 is the last phone number and it ends in 533. So, the phone number is 6984-5533. Minus the 5533 from 6984 and you will have the password for that safe

          1. Tazza

            Thanks Clavro. I wouldn’t have worked out to deduct the number. Only thing now is that inside the safe is another password secure box!!! Stuck again. Have you worked out the green box = glass x 3?

      2. Tazza

        Also I have the wooden part from the lampshade. Not sure what it is for though. It has a hole in it?

  298. Tazza

    I need help with a rendezvous without an exit too! I’m stuck at the green box. Green box = glass x 3 ???

    1. Kymatana

      The lock code to the green box is 937 x 3 = 2811. You must find the iron in the wooden box and charge it to the adapter. After charging, go out to the yard fill the iron with water then steam the door glass panel from inside the house on the right below. Then you will find 937.

  299. Tina

    Hi tazza
    I’m stuck there too. I can’t find anything.

    1. Tazza

      Any luck?

  300. Alisha

    Ditto here stuck I have wooden part and wheel how did you get the cord and iron?

    1. Tazza

      To get the cord you look under the bed for the code with dots and then use the pattern on the box in the middle drawer under the fish tank. I dont know how to get the iron?

      1. Kymatana

        Iron is in that wooden box.

        1. Kymatana

          Finally, escape

  301. Cyan

    Hi can you make a mystery manor one please I can’t find where to put the magnifying glass or where is the clock hands

    1. Kymatana

      Magnifying glass put at the right corner below of the coconut poster.

    2. AppUnwrapper

      I don’t see any game by that name. Is that the full name?

      1. Tazza

        I would appreciate some help with A Dark Train Station and All Consuming Love please!

  302. Maria

    Hi! Anyone playing Departure by WaveA? I’m stuck with the safe in the cupboard with the numbers above. Please, need help!

    1. Maria

      Never mind I escaped. now Im stuck with “a note left behind”
      Can anybody help me?

    2. Kelvin

      hi maria,

      i am stuck in a much earlier stage.
      i dunno wht to do with the cup-and-ball after obtaining it from behind the picture frame. -___-
      plz help

      1. Maria

        Kevin, in the meantime there is a thread for departure. Let me know if you still need help.

        1. Kelvin

          i escaped!
          thx maria!

  303. Arthur

    Anyone started “secret desire” by IDAC?

  304. Arthur

    No one tried “the secret desire”?
    Im stuck with the code for the clock. Anyone got a hint?

  305. Vincent

    there is a game called escape game from hell is there a walkthrough for it?

  306. anne

    Hello Arthur

    15810 for clock , But you must open the cupboard first, you see the note behind the dresses

    1. Tazza

      That was a tough clue!

  307. Tazza

    I would appreciate some help with A Dark Train Station. I have the numbers on the screen but don’t know what to do with them.

  308. rayden

    stuck on ” a love gone too far” how do I get the paper clip ? help please.

  309. Tina

    Anyone started the forbidden doll?

    1. Mira

      Started forbidden doll, but bad ending….Can someone help?

  310. Arthur

    Hi, i need help with a letter from the dead. All utems zaed except the used cloth. I’m not able to find tge code with the playng cards at the chimney. Thx

  311. Rtb

    I need help on escape a letter from the dead by idac

  312. Empty

    Is there a walkthrough for End to the Tears anywhere from IDAC? Thxs.

  313. Tina

    I need a walkthrough for the bomb room please!!!!!!

  314. Empty

    Walkthrough for Greed is source of Loss. IDAC. Don’t see one. Thanks…

  315. Tina

    Someone started Delusional Love?

    1. Jenny

      I’m wondering the same thing. Your post is the first mention I’ve seen anywhere regarding this game. Will be interesting to see if we hear anything on this.

  316. Iren

    I need walkthrough for VANISHED plz

    1. Stacann

      Are you still stuck. I have had this game for a while and I am completely stuck. The only walkthrough I can find is vanished client not vanished.

  317. teresa

    I’m still stuck on Restore by IDAC. I have the lollypop out of the jar using the rubber bands, I can light the gas, and run the water. I have a pan to go on the stove, but can’t put anything in it. I can’t pick up the cloth from the windowsill to be able to wet it to wipe the dirt from the bottom of the chair. There is a space to plug a cable into the phone, but can’t find any cable.

  318. Manny

    “Sealed love letter” so far has no walkthrough, it would be great if you could make one! I’m stuck at the A=1 B=2 C=3 lock. Thanks

  319. Dan

    Is there a walktrough for “unlucky” by idac?

  320. Eliska

    Can anyone help me with the code for the fridge in Mystery Hotel by Idac?

  321. courtney

    Need help with the mirror of purity please. Stuck with the colored squares and arrows

  322. Empty

    Appunwrapper, is ther wold walkthrough on Antrim escape 2 somewhere, so I don’t have to pay for cheats. Thanks..

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I never made one, but I’ve seen some pretty decent ones out there.

  323. Empty

    Anyone start Old Promise yet by IDAC? Need help on code for puzzle on wall.

  324. sachin

    Is there any hints for nirvana the revival crown ?

  325. thinhle

    Please, I need Nirvana the revival crown walkthrough, thanks

    1. sachin

      Where u stuck ?

  326. Jonouk

    Can anyone help me with Nirvana The Revival Crown? Stuck on the door with the circular puzzle.

  327. thinhle

    I also stuck on the door clock

    1. Krissi Stutesman

      I’m stuck on the organ bells. Any hints would be apriciated.

  328. Jojo

    Someone playing The Secret Garden? I’m stuck no the code for the airplane and the order of the flowers..:(
    Some help, palease….?

  329. Sally

    Is anyone playing IDAC haunted house or Ruby of judgement? Really need a little clue….

  330. anne

    Secret Garden I need help pls

  331. Heiko

    Hello, I need help by haunted house, at the cemetery.
    Can you help ?

  332. Cata

    Need a walk through for “the distance between us”

  333. DD

    Can you post IDAC “stolen treasure” walkthrough please 🙂 ? thanks

  334. misty

    I’m stuck on stolen treasure too. Trying to figure out crown code and how to open cabinet in other room with the number under the chair. Haven’t found walkthroughs anywhere. I used the wire and string to get the key and found the ruler and weird shaped key.

    1. d3m1s

      No walkthrough for Stolen Treasure yet?

  335. Christine

    Do u have a walkthrough for nirvana? I’m stuck and i want to get past a few places. thanks! Love your site!!!

  336. Sam

    Is there a walkthrough for The end of dilution please?

  337. Mach

    Is there a walkthrough for the end of the intruder?

  338. Keri

    Have you heard of the game “the room pocket escape”? Its by martin c, i think. If so, i am hoping there already is a walkthrough. If not, would you consider one? Thanks

  339. anne

    Finally I escape MYSTERY HOTEL! With good end.The Code for the fridge is 1555

  340. Asoola

    I need a walkthrough for 3D studio room escape. you would be the first website to publish this walkthrough!! thanks

  341. Kate

    Hey can you do a walkthrough of obstructed love by IDAC?

  342. damian

    Nirvana the revival crown help

  343. Matt

    Can anyone help with the coffin escape? I don’t know what to do with the lantern? Any help would be appreciated.

  344. Empty

    Appunwrapper, any walkthrough for old game of Maidens prayer? Thanks..

  345. kathy

    Are you still updating this site? Any chance for older walkthroughs like for Last Night a Bike saved my life?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I have to see if I can still get ahold of that one.

  346. Jenny

    Is there a walkthrough for escape delusional love? Like Tina, I’ve not seen any posts for this game I think it is by WaveA). Any help/info/links to walkthrough would be greatly appreciated! Thanks. By the way, this is an awesome website; loving it!!

      1. Jenny

        Wow…that was fast!! Thank you for the helpful and speedy reply. :

  347. Nena

    Hello, this is the best site for walkthroughs, really very helpful. I like WaveA (Idac.co) escape games are very difficult and logical but are the best escape games 4 me and so I always look for hints here .
    Well, right away I’m stuck in “Nirvana:The Revival Crown” , I’m stuck on the church couldn’t open any door and I’ve wine and red/blue glasses however I don’t know how to go on. It’d be very appreciated to get a walkthrough or hints better.
    Thanks so much, great site btw. 🙂

  348. Gene

    Can you please post a walkthrough for Deserted escape, I’m so stuck. I’ve been so busy tapping the screen for clues my silver scull disappeared and I don’t know where. 🙁 HELP!!! Thank you sooo much.

  349. PrOmIsE

    HELP!! I’m so stuck at Fragments of a Lie.Admin, how about a walkthrough for this game?!

  350. anna smith

    Please get a walkthough for An inconcealable trick, I am struck on what to do after I open the blue and red boxes.

  351. Nichola Feehan

    Hi can you help me with escape: the last message please? I’m stuck on the pic with the hamburger

  352. Pamela

    Does anyone knows about a walkthrough for the idac game “sos white out”. Im pretty stuck and im not able to take anythings!!!!

  353. masood

    Anyone playing memory of tje snowy night..please help me im stuck just fint a bettery n a pic wih number on it.if anybody lnows pleasr help.

  354. Maha

    Can you guys post a walkthrough for ‘the dark dating party’ and for ‘the inhabitant lost at the sea’

  355. Maha

    Can you guys post a walkthrough for ‘the dark dating party’ and for ‘the inhabitant lost at the sea’ plz I am stuck at both of the games.

  356. Maha

    Never mind escaped in the dark dating party but still need help in the inhabitant lost in the sea.

    1. masood

      Hey can u help to escape in dark dating im stuck..what is the code of locker under the cabnet n beside the book shelf

  357. Maha

    The one with the star it’s password is on one of the marble pillars.

  358. Maha

    Go to the counter and read the note look at the drawers and open rightone and look at the note go to the bookshelf and open the 2row book then go to the counter and click below it and type 78495 to open it get a key go to the marble pillar one has a code to open a safe on the counter(5397) to get fish food inside and one has a paper stuck to it use the key on safe with a wheel on it to get a pair of gloves and a clue the fishfood on the clownfish tank then go to the loinfish tank look behind it to get a wire then count the number of the fish in each tank then use the gloves to get the key and use it in the drawer where you got the first key and get a plate turn the plate around to note a clue and combine plate+paper and use it on the last page of the book on the 3row to get a code 2016 and type it in the input device next to the bookshelf and it moves open a book with number 4 on it and look at the bans and numbers turn the page to get a card look at the blue safe aboveit’s ans is 423×2=846 and get a pliers combine pliers+wire to make a hook use the card on the painting and get a key for the glass room door go inside take the pole and look at the note it will give you a clue to open the other safe behind the bookshelf (code 3245)then combine the reel+road/pole+hook to make a fishingpole then use it on the skyline and get a key to open a drawer with a lamp on top and get a valve handle inside the glass room open the door beneath the fountain and put the handle and turn it then look at the water to get a key to open the door for badending open the door for goodending tore a piece of the rubber gloves and put it around the key and open the door.

  359. Maha

    Hay any lone someone please write a walkthrough for the inhabitant lost at the sea plz plz plz I really need some help here pleaseeeee

  360. Maha

    Never mind escaped.man it was really hard.

  361. Maha

    Can someone tell me what to do next when you have the blue block, umbrella,key in the mischievous wind

  362. Maha

    Never mind I escaped but now I am stuck in escape: the shadow in the templet. Need a walkthrough for it.

  363. Paula

    Hello. Thank you for all of your walkthroughs, theyre very much appreciated. I was wondering if there is a w/t for The Shadow in the Temple by WaveA? Ive searched all over the web unsuccessfully. Thanks so much.

    1. Helmut

      Hello, is the walkthrough still needed, I just escaped… Or let me know where you got stuck…

  364. Emms

    Finish the one for Mimpi!

  365. Maha

    Can any write a walkthrough for ‘turning point’ would help me a lot.

  366. bella

    Is any1 playing secret desire im stuck help me to escape O:-) what is the salt box code? N wooden butons code ??

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I don’t see it anywhere on iOS for me to play, but I can create a page for you to discuss it.

    2. Stephani

      Have you figured out the SALT code & wooden box code yet? I started this but I am stuck after those 2.

  367. bella

    I dont need complete wt just want hints so help if anyone playing secret desire :-*

  368. mira

    Pls stuc shadow in the temple

  369. Helmut

    here the walkthrough for “The Shadow in the Temple”:
    have fun…

    start with view on the Buddha statue:
    – lift the purple cushion and note the first symbol for 8
    – zoom in on the round small table on the left to the Buddha and note the two symbols that are equal to 8
    note the two symbols on the left equation side are identical and mean 4 + 4 = 8
    – pick up the candle on the left side of the Buddha statue
    – click the left side of the big Japanese drum and note the symbol for 6
    – click on the door to the right of the Buddha statue and then walk left to get behind the Buddha statue
    (note the small hatch to lower left side of the door with 5 coloured buttons inside)
    – take the key from the most-right small Buddha (around his neck)

    – back in front of the Buddha, turn 90 degrees right => view with flower vase and small cupboard
    – open the drawer of the cupboard and see the hint inside it “red>hollow, yellow>hollow…”
    notice Red, Yellow and Black are indicated as Hollow
    turn back 90 degrees and open the small hatch beside the door (mentioned above) and click Red, Yellow and Black button
    – open the door and obtain a long stick

    – turn 2x 90 degrees right => view with Offerings-box
    – click the ride side of offerings box and note the two symbols that are equal to 6
    As above, note the two identical symbols, here saying 3 + 3 = 6
    – lift the 5 cushions on the ride side of the offering box and obtain the small metal hook

    – turn 90 degrees right => view of folding screen
    – zoom in on lower left corner of the folding screen and note the equation written down here
    Do the maths from above and get 7 (3 + 4) for the new symbol
    – zoom one step out and click on left side of the folding screen to watch behind it
    – use the metal hook on the lower right corner of the folding screen’s back to obtain the second key

    – turn 2x 90 degrees right => view of flower vase and small cupboard
    – open cupboard with code obtained above 8347 and pick up first block of wood
    (note, I had to enter the code a couple of times, often says “nothing happens)
    – click left beside the cupboard to see its back
    – combine the long wooden stick with the metal hook in your inventory and fetch the sticky sheet from behind the cupboard

    – go to the offerings box and click it’s left side
    – use the first key to open the drawer (with a lot of coins in) and obtain the second wooden block
    – click in the drawer to see the hint at its very end saying “the face of Buddha stops at 3. At 4, something will happen”
    Note, I have no clue what this hint is needed for… but anyway
    – go back to the Buddha view and zoom in on the small drum right before it.
    – click the drum a few times until it breaks
    – un-combine the stick and metal hook and instead combine the wooden stick with the sticky tape
    – use the long sticky stick to fetch the cube of hard wood from the broken drum

    – go to flower-vase-view again
    – click on upper left side in the ceiling and see the 3th wooden block up there
    – equip the long wooden stick with the metal hook again and fetch the 3th wooden block
    (it falls down and can be picked up)

    – go to the backside of the big Buddha statue again
    – click the middle small statue 4 times until its mouth opens and obtain the 4th wooden block
    (Note, that will only work after you read the hint inside the offerings-box, see above)
    – now mount the wooden blocks on the hard wooden cube to form the wooden Swatiska-cross
    – open the Buddha statue by inserting the cross in the key-hole (you will see the safe standing in dark)
    – note the hint on the flame on the just opened door with 3, 1, 2, 4 circles

    – go back to the folding screen view
    – click the note in the middle shelf talking about flames thinking of circles
    – then open the flame-box with 3124 (for some reason I had to restart the game here before it accepted the code)
    – obtain a lighter from the flame-box

    – go back behind the Buddha and open the Buddha back-door again with the safe standing in dark
    – first light the lighter and then the candle
    – use the candle to light the safe and see the number 5285 (not the code yet!)
    – click right beside the safe to look behind it and obtain a peace of cloth
    – zoom out from the safe and click on the hint of the bigger door behind the Buddha, saying “the truth of Buddha is inside the reflection”
    – then open that door with the second key and see the dirty mirror behind it
    – clean the mirror with just obtained cloth and see the new code in the reflection as 2852 (need to zoom in on the code)
    – open the safe with 2852 and obtain a scroll (note there is a hollow gap in the safe where the cross can be inserted later)
    – open the scroll (click on it) and read the note on the treasure and the truth below the Buddha statue
    – click the scroll a couple of more times again until it says “… I heard something release”
    – then click the lower part of the scroll and obtain a key
    – close the safe box, re-obtain the cross from the door, open again and insert the cross in the safe
    – go back to be in front of the Buddha statue again and lift the purple cushion again (there is a trap door now)
    – open the trap door with the new key and escape – good ending
    – note, the other door in the flower-vase view can also be opened with that key, but that leads to a bad-ending

    1. RayLinStephens


    1. AppUnwrapper

      Hadn’t heard of it before. Is it any good? No one else seems to be playing it. 😉

      1. RayLinStephens

        I like it – I knew I got it free – it was a birthday present last month from my sister!

        Anyway, I like it –

  370. Nutmeg

    Love the site! do u have a ‘memories of a snowy night’ walkthrough?

  371. Helmut

    Hi RayLinStephens,
    just played teh Memories of a Snowy Night.
    Where do you get stuck?

  372. Helmut

    nevermind, here comes the walkthrough… 🙂

    Walkthrough to “Memories of a snowy night”

    – open the top cardboard box and take the trading-card from it
    – read the note “Mission 1” right to the entrance door and see “unlock the box of time by tripling your attack power”
    – see the value on the trading-card for Attack = 3200 ==> 3200 x3 = 9600
    – turn two times right and enter the code 9600 on the time-capsule
    – take the envelope from the time-capsule and click through the message until it says “Hot -> 7”
    – turn 2 times right and zoom in on the debris left beside the fridge
    – click on the plastic bottle and read “Mission 2” (magic pen to open the fridge (provision store))
    – turn right and zoom in on the red generator
    – turn the crank 7x (hot 7), to turn on the generator
    – click on the power cord from the heater to connect it to the generator
    – switch on the heater with the red button)
    – turn right and click on the now red suitcase (was blue before and heated up now)
    – click the blue spot on the suitcase a couple of times and obtain the baseball from it
    – zoom out and throw the baseball at the basket hanging from the ceiling
    – zoom in on the basket, no lying on the floor, and take the blue can
    – click on the blue can from your inventory until it reveals a ball pen
    – open the fridge with the ball pen and read “Mission 3” to prepare noodles
    – take the red cup noodles box from the fridge
    – turn one time left and zoom in on the small window right beside the entrance door, where snow is collecting
    – put snow into the blue can
    – heat up the snow in the can, by putting the blue can on the heater
    – open the red box of noodles and add the hot water from the blue can
    – take the red key from the noodles
    – turn right and try to open the second drawer from the top with the red key
    It will tell you that it’s rusty and cant be opened
    – open the third drawer and use the rust-remover on the lock
    – now use the red key to open the top drawer (not the second one) and obtain a screwdriver
    – turn left and use the screwdriver to remove the crank from the generator
    – turn two times right and open the top box in front of the entrance door again
    – take out the robot, turn it around, and insert the crank in its back until its head falls off
    – take out the pog (whatever that really is? :-))
    – turn left again and use the pog to open the second top drawer now and take the radio-controlled car from it
    – turn two times right to the worn-out chair and get the battery from the hole in it
    – open the radio control with the screwdriver and insert the battery
    – turn right and go the next room (the Mission Room)
    – click on the bottom of the blue shelf and see the switch at the back of it (tells you it’s too far to reach)
    – click a couple of times on the radio control until it tells you that you need a fresh battery to operate it
    – zoom out and click on the cuckoo clock until it shows you the side of it with a battery case
    – take the old battery from the radio control and insert it in the cuckoo clock
    – take the fresh battery from the cuckoo and insert it in the radio control
    – use the radio-controlled car to press the switch below the blue shelf
    – open the door on the floor right beside the blue shelf and take the hammer from it
    – read the “Mission 4” note left beside the cuckoo clock telling you to make noise
    – zoom out one time and use the hammer to crack the substitute chair right before the cuckoo clock
    – take the wire from the broken chair
    – return to the view with the entrance door
    – if you open the entrance door now with the wire you will run in a bad ending
    – accordingly first use the hammer to open the crack on the wall (you see the crack right above the box with the robot)
    – look in the mirror and click trough the text
    – use the wire to exit through the entrance door and have a good ending

    => learn the lesson: try to stay somewhat a child 🙂
    and you do, otherwise you wouldn’t play these games, right 😉

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Did you write this? Mind if I post it to a new page?

  373. Helmut

    Hi AppUnwrapper,

    sure, feel free 🙂
    thanks for helping…


  374. elizabeth

    Do you have a walkthrough for Mystery of the Button family?

  375. Tahm

    Could you please tell me how to become the officer’s assistant in battleheart legacy? I have already helped him out and he said to wait a while. Not sure how long, or if I have to achieve some consequence for it to happen.

    1. Barry

      Looking for help on a game called Dante: the Inferno released back in 2012 I think. Stuck on level 82. Any feedback is appreciated.

  376. Dotty

    I am asking again can you look at a game by Ruoming Bian, it’s called Escape the Temple. NOT. escape the mystery temple.( I’ve done that)
    Nobody seems to know anything about it.
    Thanks ?

  377. Dotty

    Re: escape the temple
    Thanks for checking it out , I had all but finished the game, but it didn’t save it and when I came back to it next day the first clue had changed( it had a bug on it) anyway the star shape on mine is in a different order than yours, but by looking at yours I was able to make my one work. So I don’t know if everybody’s will be different or not so perhaps you could point this out.
    Many thanks again?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ugh. I didn’t realize the game doesn’t save. I have to start over now, too. :/

  378. Jasmine1c

    Looking for a walk through for a game called Escape game:Ambience. I’ve passed everything but one part.

  379. Sabrina

    This site is such a help…thanks so much!!! I’m hoping you or someone can figure out the game I’m referring to, grrr I can’t remember the name to. A young girl gets sent to help her grandfather. There is a store you can keep going back to that lets her kill plants and ghosts in exchange gives her planks, boards, glass, construction I just that he can then exchange of in certain houses to be turned into other things.
    Oh I so hope some ones knows this game because it is driving me crazy. Thanks

  380. Elizabeth

    Hi! The Mortimar Hill Hotel just released and I’m already stuck. Have you been able to play through this game yet? Looking forward to your reply and/or walkthrough!

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Ah thanks! I think I spelled it “Mortimer” when I searched. Good game, though?

          1. Elizabeth

            It looks like it has potential. I love the creepy games.

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Ok, I’ll give it a shot and start a walkthrough. 🙂

              1. Elizabeth

                Awesome, thanks!

                1. AppUnwrapper

                  Strange to start a game without an inventory and be told I need something to carry any items I want to pick up. 😉

                  1. Elizabeth

                    Yeah, it took me a while to find the satchel/briefcase.

                    1. Elizabeth

                      It’s in the cabinet at the end of the hall by the broken elevator.

                    2. AppUnwrapper

                      Ahhh of course the one cabinet I didn’t try to open (got tired of trying to open drawers and cabinets that seemed to be decoration).

            2. AppUnwrapper

              Uh oh. Seems a bit buggy. Whole screen went black on me. I’ll post what I have so far. I’m too tired right now. Maybe someone else will be able to offer some help before morning.

              1. Elizabeth

                No worries. I’m too tired, too. Looking forward to figuring out this game together

  381. Velma

    I’m trying to figure out how to speak to the elder in john raven

  382. Cristina

    Please can you help with a walk through for the game: Real Escape 21 – Lost Temple.

  383. Phine

    Grim Facade : Cost of Jealousy walkthrough…please.

  384. Arundhuti Palui

    Please make a walkthrough of the latest adventure escape haiku game “Mysteries”. I have used your walkthroughs for other adventure escape games and they were useful when I was stuck. Please help me with this new game.

  385. Irene

    I think there is SOME sort of fail in this page at the moment.
    And, by the way … could the list maybe be ordered alphabetically?
    – A happy frequently guest here. 😉

  386. Beth

    House of da Vinci chapter 7 the tower walk-through… After the second set of moon phases I cannot figure out how to get those keys correct I’ve been there for two weeks… I can’t even figure out what the goal is there

  387. Beth

    Chapter 7 the tower of house of da Vinci… I can’t get past the second set of moon phases… The letters that light up I don’t know what I’m doing been there for two weeks


    Great site for assists thank you

  389. MPM

    Can these be put in alphabetical order by the gameΓÇÖs name.

  390. Toni Hirschlein

    Have you unwrapped Odysseus Kosmos Episode 5?

  391. Dara

    Hi there! Love your YouTube channel!! You have Escape Hunt walkthrough of rooms 1 – 4 but not 5, 6 or 7. Will you be posting those?

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