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9 years ago

Ok having problems with EscapeStrange house have all my monkeys in correct order placed behinde silver door says perfect but that’s it. Keypad does not pop up on Brown door an. I went to the walk through after being stuck an still no luck now I know my last 2 steps but can not connect hose to bathroom faucet . So confused please help whatm I doing wrong??? Thank you

9 years ago

Help,!!! I don’t know how to find the film or put the hands back on the clock

9 years ago

I cannot seem to login to this site and I have been using emails to contact and they have been very prompt until the last one I never received an answer. I Love the App Crimson Manor and the problem I am having is the Map on the wall will not allow me to check off the boxes to get the spiral staircase… thus I cannot go any further. I have tried everything.. cleared info; uninstall and reinstall…I bought this app from Amazon.

9 years ago

it wont let me click the green arrows on any of the floors to go up im lookin at floor 17 right now what do i do?

susann anderson
9 years ago

Purchased the mystery of crimson manor for my fire and can’t open this game.! Help

9 years ago

Hi… great site and am thinking about joining but would like to know if you are interested in Android or are you just an Apple junkie? lol

9 years ago

Ok thanks πŸ™‚

8 years ago

Hi. Admin could u make pages for “A note left behind” and “The mysterious hotel”. Both new by IDAC. I’m stuck and I can’t find any hints anywhere. Thanks

8 years ago

Trying to find out how to play Crimson Manor. Need to find out purpose and object. I can not get through the front door. What is the chest for? Where is the guide?

Reply to  ken
8 years ago

Looking around……..the walkthrough is somewhere.

8 years ago

“***Play the FREE gameDragon Island Blue and use code 1614944555 to get a bonus!*** ”

Dragon Island Blue is not free. Just tried to download it via your link and it’s listed as .99 (makes me feel like a cheapwad, but a dollar is still a dollar too much to pay for a FREE app!) =(

8 years ago

On a Fire, Cryptic Keep, Melting the skeleton statue does not reveal a key. What up?

7 years ago

Hi all , I am wondering how to join ? How someone becomes a member ?


7 years ago

Hi, I’m a bit confused by this:
“Turn the dial so the piece at the very top comes flush with the ground to allow the crow to come towards you. Then raise it so he can get on the block right in front of it”
in your walk through for Monument Valley, chapter 5.
I can’t get past the crow at the top. I can’t see any way to get him onto another block. Thank you.

7 years ago

Thanks for that. Got it now.
Sorry, I’m new to this.

7 years ago

I love the game haunted manor and I just got the notes for the piano I have fixed the piano. But I keep trying to do the notes I do it right every time and it still doesn’t work

5 years ago

Noticed your match 3 game list doesn’t include might and magic clash of heroes. Wanted to recommend it in case you haven’t tried. It came out a few years ago but is high quality, having been released on consoles such as Nintendo ds.

2 years ago

Hi, just wanted to say that I really enjoy your website and your clear walkthrough layouts. I only recently got into this genre so having this sort of guidance (and also recommendations for the next games to play on your pages) is really helpful. Thank you for all your hard work and I hope you have a lovely day! <3

3 months ago

Hi! Just passing by to say thanks for all of your wonderful walkthroughs. I always check to see if you have one first! I am an Android gal, but most of the time, the info is transferable. Love your videos as well. It’s always heartening to hear someone else comment about an annoyingly fiddly puzzle or something (Haiku Games, I’m looking at you!) so that I don’t feel like such a dunce! πŸ™‚