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  1. honey

    Highly need a walk through for The Basement Plot please

      1. Alia

        PLEASE create a walkthrough for the new Tabom game Deep Sea Girl Horror Adventure. I am absolutely stuck and have been getting messages from other people who are stuck as well.

        1. Carminked

          I second the need for a Deep Sea Girl walkthrough! I have a basement key but keep getting killed by the red ghost by the aquarium gate…!


      2. Xyz

        Can you make a walkthrough of AEM of On Thin Ice

      3. NILE(blackmamba(⑅ᵒ̴̶̷᷄ωᵒ̴̶̷᷅⊞ོॢ)fෆr yෆu⋆*⋆✩

        Please get walkthrough of the house of da Vinci 3 you only uploaded 2 videos chapter-1 and 2 please upload more videos on this game please complete the series of that game please continue the game please 🙏🙏🙏

      4. Pau

        Hi Can do a walkthrough game for “MazM: Jekyll and Hyde”
        Thank you so much ♡

      5. Pau

        Hi. Can you do a walkthrough game for “MazM: Jekyll and Hyde”. Thank you so much. ♡

      1. lindsey

        Stuck on app summer trapped hellllllllllp

          1. ann larrabee

            It is available on the NOOK and I am stuck also. Would appreciate some help please.

          2. Lou

            It is available in google play

          3. Kamaz

            Could you please do a walkthrough for new York mystery’s 5

    1. scrappy

      Looking for the walk through on the tomb escape

    2. estrellla

      Need a walkthrough to. The safe garden safe wall.

    3. Grzegorz

      Please make a sparklite walkthrough

  2. honey

    Awwww thank you I’m like totally stuck at the cell phone 🙂

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Welcome 🙂

      FYI, I didn’t see your messages earlier because they ended up in my spam box. I’ve been getting so much spam lately that I had to direct any posts with links straight to spam. So if you’re able to, don’t put anything in the website link next time you post 🙂

      1. estrellla

        I need a walk through the safe garden wall.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I can’t find that anywhere. Which company makes it?

          1. Anonymous

            Can u make a walk through for unlce’s room it is made by cool buddy

            1. Bill Cawlfield

              You posted this question under a 3 year old thread. Try to post this question as a new question. I played Uncle’s Room about a year ago. I would have to play again.

  3. Tasha

    Hi, I really need a walkthrough for “the basement plot” and “the cage” thanks

  4. Tasha

    Sorry “the hideout” not basement plot. These are idac

  5. Tasha

    Thank you

    1. debra thompson

      Could I please have a walkthrough of The Secret of Grisley Manor. Thanks

  6. Lauren

    Hi, I need a walkthrough for A Cold and Deserted House.


  7. Rena

    Can I have the walkthrough for The Bored Victim from Idac please?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Hi, thanks for the suggestion! I’ll post here when I’ve made one 🙂

  8. Stu

    Ooooh yes, a walkthrough for The Bored Victim would be great! It has had me stumped for months!! Thanks 🙂

  9. Chloe

    Thanks for the awesome Antrim Escape 3 walkthroughs, which are better than any I’ve seen. I would love walkthroughs for Broken Sword (both games) and Infinight. Thanks!

    Happy holidays!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Thanks for the suggestions. It’s been quite some time since I played the Broken Sword games, but I might write one. Haven’t heard of the other game — will check it out.

  10. Chloe

    Thanks for starting the Broken Sword 2 walkthrough!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      No problem. It you find it helpful, please share it to help others find it. Screen caps will be added at the end.

  11. Glenda Edwards

    Antrim3 green snake stand ,1st problem 1 small, 2 medium= 22
    2. One large, 1 medium, 1 small= 16
    3. 1. Small=6
    I just can’t figure it out spent all day,can’t see six anyway on the stand.

  12. Ash

    Do you have a walk through for the blood stained mansion IDAC

  13. Niewoe

    I could use a walkthrough for the stray school. SO many codes to enter! Thanks!

  14. Rach

    ‘Looking Through the Glass’ please! 🙂

  15. ~*BLusH*~

    Can i have the walkthrough for Secrets Of The Water Mill, SOS Whiteout, The Clown’s Grudge from IDAC?

  16. PGA Wife

    Can’t wait for a guide. I am really stuck on this one! Thanks for your hard work. Cheers!

  17. Joann

    I could use a walkthrough for “cryptic keep” . Can’t find any cheats or walkthroughs for this game. Thank you.

  18. LadyB

    I could use the walk through for “the dangerous dollhouse”. I’m almost done with it but for some reason I’m just stuck

  19. LadyB

    I’m out nvm. Thanks anyways!!

  20. LadyB

    But I guess someone could find the walkthrough very useful.

  21. Cece

    Can some1 help need a walkthrough for the Inheritance plz

  22. Allison

    Any plans for Sweet White Insanity? I’m really stuck. Thanks.

  23. Mandersen

    I could use a walkthrough for “looking through the glass” and “the memo” from IDAC 😀

  24. Ellen

    I would love a walkthrough for “Unlucky”. Thanks!

  25. JT

    Pleaseeeee do a walkthrough for The Broken Flower. It is seriously one of the hardest IDAC games I have attempted yet. I’m completely stuck. I need your help!! Ahhhh. P.S. This is the BEST WEBSITE EVER!

    1. sarah

      Please help with broken flower. Completely stuck once I turn the washing machine. It won’t turn off so worried there could be a glitch in the game??

  26. G-my


    I have a problem with “prank house” game.

    at NΓö¼Γûæ39 of your walkthrough, i do not manage to tap on the dial, may you explain me with more details please?

    (to give you precisions, I do not manage to tap three times on F once on C etc…)

    Thank you very much for your great job !

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Did you tighten the dial so it’s attached to the door properly? Once it is, you should be able to turn the dial either right or left by tapping on that side.

  27. G-my

    First I want to thank you to answer me quickly,

    Yes I did with the screwdriver.

    In fact, I do not understand how to tap “three times or once”…

    what does it mean? because the red arrow just “passes” on C or F

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I just mean tap that area with your finger to move the dial. I found that simply tapping that side of the dial moved it where it needed to go, so those are the instructions I gave.

  28. G-my


    So I have to tap once time on the right side, then three times on the left?

    I’m sorry but I really don’t understand.

    I have seen the dial, then that when i tapped it moved, but i don’t manage to make it happen

  29. G-my

    it only turns right or left but once a time, that is why i don’t manage to make C three times or F four…

    the red arrow turns like the minute hand.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      What happens when you tap more than once? It doesn’t move again?

  30. G-my

    yes it does.

    I hope I doesn’t mind you, but could you explain me shape by shape just about the dial…

    thank you

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Not sure what else to tell you. You need to turn it the number of times I wrote in each direction.

  31. G-my

    Yes it does,

    I hope it does not mind you, but could you explain me step by step just about the dial. how i have to do.

    thank you

  32. G-my

    Oh Thank you very much, it worked!

    i Really thank you for your patience and your work.

  33. VT

    Hi! Really struggling with Inheritance- its driving me mad!! Stuck on the 5h5h code, no idea!! Please please please post a walkthrough!!! Thanks

    1. Mayas187

      For 5h5h: h = 4
      5454 or 4545 or 4242 or 2424
      I forgot exactly..

  34. Candycane

    Could we please get a walkthrough for The Letter That Had to Wait? Stuck and don’t know what more to do…. Help!! 🙂

    BTW thanks for your help on all the other IDAC games!!

  35. ZombieGirl503

    On the new game Vengeful Plan I cant figure out the last code for the diary I have all items and been to both rooms used ligher…. Im just stuck… I think it has something to do with the coffee table yet i cant put it all together… Hint? Please and thanx you the best!!

    1. Hannah

      Remember the order of multiplication and division. Do the para thesis first, then multiply then add. Hope that somewhat helps zombie girl.

    2. April

      Did you get a walkthrough? im stuck on the code for the table with the teddy bear on it

      1. April

        im mean for the letter that had to wait

  36. Angie

    Stuck on “vengeful plan” how do i figure out the code for the phone. I’ve determined the hint is in the tv but cant i cant connect the dots from ther. Hint?!

    1. Jen

      The connection between the dots on the tv screen and the code is the number pad on a phone. Just imagine what numbers correspond with which dots and you’ll get the code.

  37. Becca

    I really need help with the vengeful plan. I can’t work out the musical notes clue. I know where to put the answer but can’t find the answer. Please help.

  38. Vicki

    Can you do a walkthrough for “real escape” by idac? Thanks so much!

  39. Maricris montinola

    I cant figure out the code of the diary on the vengeful plan

  40. Hev

    Aaargh pls can you help me with the music note clue in “a vengeful plan”. I’ve tried everything I can think of. I don’t normally let these games get to me, but it’s driving me nuts! Thank you.

  41. Amy

    Broken Flower is driving me nuts! Im completely stuck. Any help??!

  42. Heloisa

    PLEASE Can you make a walkthrough for Sherlock Holmes Mysteries??? I’ve been stuck in it for weeks 🙁

  43. redlin

    can u do a walkthrough on ‘the letter that had to wait’ . i am stuck at the last part.

  44. joan

    hi can u pls help in the game “real escape” … i really stuck for a few weeks already =( i stuck in the codes safe and also the waka code … totally clueless

  45. Chantel

    Can you make a walk through for strange cleaning ” a mans madness??

  46. Janette

    Hi can you make a walkthrough for
    Escape from laVille im
    So stuck got an old key and nowhere
    To use it. Please it would be so useful


  47. Trey

    I really badly need a walkthrough for The Mystery of the Crimson Manor i’ve tried re doin it twice and still get stuck on the same spot no matter what i do please help

    1. Trey

      stuck on the end game don’t know where i should get the code from

  48. Lucie.n

    Can someone post the answer to dooors escape game level 12

  49. Amy

    Can you make one for the woe that befalls me? IDAC thanks

  50. Joy

    Hi, I’m really stuck on ‘the lost house’. just cannot figure out how to do it! A walkthrough would be helpful thanks! 🙂

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Sorry, but that game is by a company that is very unreliable and keeps releasing the same games under different names. Look at screenshots for Father Simon and other games of theirs. You should stay away from them in the future.

  51. Poopadoop

    Hey can u make a walk through for door 12 on the game DOOORS

  52. M155k4n3

    Hello 🙂
    Can you post for ‘Secret of Grisly Manor’ ?

  53. Dawn

    I don’t know how to combine items in Escape:Geisha House, could you explain to me how to do it thanks?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Double-tap on one item to zoom in on it, then select the item you want to use on it and tap on the enlarged one.

      1. qawsed

        I am about to go mad on the combining things shit. can’t seem to make it work! almost broke my screen because i taped the enlarged item so hard. bug in the game maybe?

  54. jenn

    You need a walk thought for mystery of crimson manor

  55. Leon

    Desperately need a walkthrough for mystery lighthouse by digi chain games.

    1. Kalle

      Me too… Mystery Lighthouse is a great game, but I’m really stuck on the cave puzzle.

  56. Kirsty

    I really need some help with ‘studio’. Can’t get anywhere with the instruments or open the bag or locked box and am losing my mind…

  57. Lisa

    Looking for help on the misfortune teller, it’s an idac game.
    Stickmonnthe very last step. Help !

    1. Lisa

      Sorry, Stuck on last step I mean

    2. Vivi

      Have u received a walkthrough for misfortune teller yet? I’m really rather stuck…. Thanks

  58. kris

    Could really use a Walkthrough on the misfortune teller as well.

  59. JMoney81

    I am on the last couple of steps for “the cradle of shadows”… I have hooked up the cell phone to the PC, but can’t seem to figure out the password to the cell phone. Any help would be appreciated. Love the site by the way!!

    1. Empty

      It looks like it’s been awhile since you’ve played Cradle of shadows.But,I need help.
      1) How do you get the phone hooked to PC and what’s the code for phone?
      2) I’ve tried for awhile with the dial to open drawer with 257 and it’s not working.
      Help please. Thanks….

      1. superuser777

        Any luck with the code 257? I am stuck at the same point. Moreover I dont know how to start the pc neither my phone has any battery in it. Can you help if anyone replied to you?

    2. superuser777

      How did you use the code 257?

      1. Kelvin

        i figured out how to use the code 257
        juz first press at the pt 2 intervals left from the starting point, then 5 intervals right, then 7 intervals left & 7 intervals right

  60. Hilary Burton

    HELP PLEASE! I’m playing mystery lighthouse and really enjoying it but I’m stuck on the cave puzzle/numbers that need to be entered into the star tower. Any hints would be greatly appreciated. Think I’m going to go mad.

    1. Revital

      You need to check the post box , there is a postcard there with the RA and DEC numbers

      1. Revital

        After you put the numbers look at the telescop and you’ll get the star constellation that is the answer to the cave puzzle. It’s pretty straight foreword after that

  61. Mary t

    Walkthrough really needed for Mystery Lighthouse please hurry. Thanks.

  62. xobile

    Please make a walkthrough for spirits (ipod version)

  63. Lindy


    I would like to know if theres a walkthrough for two games Iam stuck on at the moment, one is Escape by kemco games, and the second is Flee-the lost memory by U-works,
    it would be a great help!!!

    1. Taylor

      How far are you in this game?

  64. nvita

    admin, can u help me room break game. i’m stuck on episode 5 rom 3 i dont understand about a puzzle in shelf please help

  65. Crystal

    Is there a walkthrough for Z & N game: Speed Escape by Z& N games? Not sure if it has glitches or if I am not finding some items. Acer Iconia Tablet. Thanks for all that you do, site is very helpful.

  66. angie

    hi need a walk through for “mystery lighthouse” if possible

  67. Deb Thompson

    Could you please do a walkthrough of The Secret of Grisly Manor. I’m stuck! Thanx

  68. Leesa

    Do you do walkthroughs for androids and if you do can you do one for geisha house thank you

  69. Vivi

    I need HELP on the “Misfortune Teller”!!! I’m so very stuck…… Thanks

  70. Jo

    I can’t seem to find a cryptic caverns walkthrough. Please can you help. Jo

  71. GeishaHouse

    Please i need a step by step on how to combine items in the Game ” Geisha House” Android App.

    Thanks you

  72. Chantel

    Can you post a walkthrough for fragments of a lie? Stuck at ending. Can never get a good ending.

  73. nick

    How do I combine the hour hands for escape room strange house?

  74. NNN

    Thank you for your walkthrough ^^

  75. natalie

    Has any one ever suggested a escape the room limited time walkthrough or dungeon of the damned? I’m stuck on both and can’t find help anywhere! Many thanks x

    1. Mona

      I also want escape the room limited time game walkthrough …plz plz do somthing

  76. Revital

    Hi, I love your site, always check it for new walkthroughs and games.
    I am anxiously waiting for a walkthrough to the new IDAC game: keys and pieces . I am stuck and even if cant start a walkthrough could you open a page so we could help eachother ? Thanks

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Started it off so you guys can discuss. 🙂 Sorry I don’t have the time right now to work on it myself.

      1. Mona

        Please I need the walkthrough of “escape the room limited time ” game…..please do something..asap…..thanks

  77. Leslie

    Can you do a walkthrough for the secret of the grisley mansion?

    1. Leslie

      I mean the secret of grisley manor. Sorry.

  78. kaylee

    Can you please make anwalkthrough for The Mystery Of Crimson Manor, so stuck on the map puzzl

  79. B Rock

    Just stumbled across your site and am hopeful you could set up a walkthrough for escape the room:limited time. Stuck on working out the padlock combination while using the clue associated with the heart monitor _ help please

    1. Angela Khan

      Me too!!! Same place. I got the x number n understand that the padlock is x+y, but have tried everything i can figure n cant get the y number from the heart monitor right (i guess). did u figure it out or get an answe? U can email me … sakina716 at gmail dot com. Thanks!

      1. Mona

        For y digits u just simply listen the beep for four time …just listen how many time its beep in one round of it……
        Now I m in room 9..
        I opened four doors and two safes….but stuck in now dont no how to open last 2 safes….they give clues for them but I cant understanb what that mean….please some one help me

  80. Aref

    i really need walkthrough for ” looking through the glass ”
    or the answer to the quiz i am really lost
    plzzzz help

    1. Mijn

      I ma stuck on the quiz too! Drives me mad. Found 1 octopus, 4 red jellies in the dark, two hermites, but not sure of i have to count the crabs too….all combinations that i have made sjofar do not work. Did you already get past it, or can you share your ideas? Maye we can solve it tgthr? Thans

      1. Kelvin

        where are the “jellies in the dark”?!
        so stuck in this game lol

  81. Aref

    I need some help on fragment of a lie

    Walkthrough plzzzz thanks

  82. Neena

    Can you please do a walkthrough for Flee Lost Memory? I have not been able to find ANY hints online.

    1. Taylor

      Where are you in the game?

  83. His Mrs

    Hi, can you do a walkthrough for 100 Floors please?

  84. Treybear

    really need help on 100 floors and cryptic keep can u do a walkthrough please

  85. susan

    Broken Flower by Idac is my vote for walkthrough thanks!

  86. Someone

    Can you please make a walkthrough for escape the room limited time please? Tx

  87. Revital

    The new IDAC game “the unrequited love” is their weirdest thus far. There are only 2 screens and no item to pick , I know they started publishing walkthroughs but I got the one for their previous game and apart from the fact they want coins for it it’s not helpfully in figuring out passwords and codes. Luckily I manged to do it, but I still aprreciate the help I am getting on this site much more.
    Do if you can open a page for this game it would be very helpful even if you can’t work on a walkthrough right now . The good people on this site are always so helpful …

    1. Lourdes

      1. Hit the cracked wall on the 1st screen and you’ll find a device with keypad
      2. Starting from 1, press all the numbers on the side of the keypad following the direction indicated in the drawing: 14789632
      3. You’ll be able to open the trap door now but it’s too dark.
      4. Go to the next screen, hit the cracked wall. This tine, starting from 2, press the numbers in the clockwise direction as indicated in the drawing
      5. The trap door can be opened now. Press the red button and it will become dark. The other door will now be lit up
      6. Get the year book in the other door. Open to the bookmarked page and you’ll see another drawing. This time, press 456 on both keypads.
      7. The stain on the floor on the 2nd screen will reveal a stick
      8. Press the button at the end of the stick to lengthen it
      9. Use the stick to hit the cracked ceiling
      10. Get the rope and use the rope and the stick to climb up into the room above
      11. …

      I have yet to work in this new room 🙂

      1. Revital

        Thank you !!!

      2. Revital

        Did you get to it yet? I fixed the mouse and found the hammer, I retrieved the pole and broke it with the hammer to 2 shorter poles in order to open the safe with the 2 holes, I also have the rope but now I’m stuck . I’ll appreciate any help.

        1. Revital

          I’ve escaped , thanks for the head start, I wouldn’t have manged without it!

  88. Joann

    How about a walkthrough for mystery lighthouse ( not to be confused with lighthouse mystery). Can’t find one anywhere. Thank you so much for this website, you are awesome!

    1. Revital

      There is a utube video walkthrough. It’s not difficult. If you need specific answers post them here and I’ll help

  89. Mona

    Helo please post the walkthrough of “escape the room limited time “game…..i realy need it …im stuck in room 5…….plz plz do something

  90. Someone

    How to escape room 5 : First find 3 pieces of rope, (and the rock and screwdriver) Touch the radio, the awnser to it’s riddle is ‘man’ then all 3 panels open. From left to right : 2 – 9 – 7 Then a holy should appear, use the screwdriver on the sphinx’s leg for a Dev. Card, and trhow the stone in the hole for an achievement, Go down the hole. Touch the burning lamp. Then copy the pattern on the ground into the clocks. then the fans should be spinning. Giving the right code for the door to escape.

    1. Mona

      How to put the pattern on room 5 …pls tell me

  91. Mona

    How to solve the secret room 19 frog door puzzle…pleas help…game is “escape the room limited time”
    And pls post its walkthrough ..

  92. Mona

    Wow…now im in room 8 … In “escape the room limited time” game ….
    Just wana ask how to take the “y” digits from heart beat screen ….if any,one now pls help me…..

  93. Kiera

    Hi I need help with level 3 of the escape 3d the library game pls

  94. Someone

    Escape the Room : Limited time

    ROOM 8 : @ Mona, 2 things,

    You can die 3x in that room;

    1. Time’s up
    2. Use the aluminum cup at the acid.
    3. Give the guy the wrong medicine.

    So you asked the ‘y’ puzzle.
    The lock on the RED door says : ‘x + y’

    The heartbeat beats 4 times and resets, the hand code says : 1423
    If the HB goed like ‘2x beep + 3x beep + 1x beep 2x beep (reset)’ That means=

    1423 + 2312 that makes 3735, remember the password isn’t the same, this was just an axample.

    I hope this helped you Mona.

    Post me replies for: Escape the room : Limited time, I’ve completed EVERY stage!I will reply in 1-2 days what you’ve posted…

    1. Mona

      Now im in room 9…..
      Already open 4 doors and 2 safe….
      But stuck now….
      How to open other two safe….?
      They give the hint 1st says “the truth is in the book”….2nd hint is “reverse your memories” I cant understand that…..
      Please any one help….

      1. Mona

        And please tell me how to repaire broken ladder and the usage off bellon?

      2. Mona

        I m in room 11 now and want to no where is the main gate password…escape the room limited time game

      3. nikki

        What where thee other 2 codes. Im stuck on the same one.

    2. Jess

      Can you please help with room 12. I am stuck on the mirrors.

    3. mari

      Hey, umm. I need help in room 13. I got the key from the blue bricks but I dont know what to do next..

  95. Someone

    I only don’t know how to get to Room 14 :S

    Poor Black…

  96. Mona

    Wow in room 10 now

  97. Revital

    If anyone is playing the newest IdAC game “the inhabitant lost at sea “, I’m stuck at the very last step, can’t figure out the computer key password and what the numbers on the shop are for . If anyone solved it, please help!!!

    1. Venus

      for the number of the PC key, you may refer to what you see through the binoculars.
      the password should be 5986 – 1444 – 2527 = 2015.

      however, I m also stuck at the password for unlock the slope.

      1. Revital

        Thank you, I managed to escape! I am not sure where you are stuck do I’ll just write the entire walkthrough :
        1. Approach the red sofa and take the red key.
        2. On the right side of the sofa take the blue card from the carpet
        3. On the left side of the sofa pick up the carpet and see the written arrows and +3.
        4. Look an the back of the black chair-it’s hard. Move to the right until you see the table and 4 chairs, look at the napkin ant notice the pattern of the pins. Take the wire on the leg of the chair.
        5. Go back left to the big brown cabinet, on the right side wall there is a spot on the wallpaper you can peal with the wire, there is a magnet there.
        6. Go to the right until you see the blue door and the big bookshelf.
        Use the red key to open the drawer, take the wire cutter.
        7. Open the right door if the cabinet, between the books there is a small drawer, use the wire cutter to open it , take the coin.
        8. Go back to the first cabinet , take the status to the second floor , there is a door, on the left side there is a metal rid you can remove using the magnet. Enter the second room.
        9. On the right side there is a rutten chair look at the bottom of it and use the wire cutter to brake it. Take the second coin.
        10. On the left there is a blue cabinet , look at the plant pot , light up the dots in the order on the pins that where on the napkin. ( they become red) now you can move the pot and take the knife.
        11. Notice there is something written on the left side of the cabinet, its a pattern of diamonds and hearts.
        11. Go back to the first room. Near the table and chairs there are 2 big jars and a focet. Look at the focet, move it according to the diamond – heart patter you found. The water start coming out.
        12. Look at the right jar there is a key, use the magnet to take it.
        13. Go to the book cabinet and use the key to open the left door, look at the mirror, behind it there is a pattern .
        14. Go back to the black chair and use the knife to open the back of it. Take the piece of paper with the pattern on it.
        15. Go back to the mirror and attach the second piece of paper you get the pattern : 9245.
        16. Use this password on the drawer of the first cabinet ( near the red sofa) take the paper with R2L4 written on it.
        17. Remember the carpet with the arrows and the +3? Now go to the second room , in the left dower of the cabinet there is a dial. Click the dual 5 times to the right (2+3) and 7 times to the left (4+3) the drawer opens. Take the mouse.
        18. Now go out to the balcony. First take the red card next to the binoculars.
        Look at the device on the wall. To solve it you need to look closely at the mouse , on the back of it it’s written a—–n and z—-m. look at the magnet as well on the back of it you see some letters (xlzhg) , now what you do us recreate the code: a is z, b is y, c is x etc. the code is COAST. Use it on the device and it unlocks.
        19. Above the device there is a handle , use it. On the right there is a roller that pulls up a cd rom , use the wire cutter to take it.
        20. Now look at the binoculars, enter the coins and look through it you see a big ship with numbers: 5986-1444-2527. Use math to calculate the answer : 2015.
        21. Go back to the first room and go to the computer near the blue door.
        22. There is a red device, look at it and fix the cord with the wire. Now attach the mouse and look at the screen. It requests a card. Enter the red card, wait for authentication and than enter the blue card.
        22. Look at the screen, press the cd icon , enter the cd rom to the computer and when it’s done copying take it back.
        23. Press the key icon, enter the password 2015 and the red device opens, take the gold key.
        24. Go to the door, enter the cd on the slot on the left side of the door and the use the key to open the door and you are out.

        1. Mijn

          Thanks Revital!

        2. Sarah

          Hi Revital,
          After I entered the code 9245 the drawer wonΓÇÖt open. I have got everything before this this step. Please help.

    2. Mijn

      THE game started off quote easily but i am stuck now at THE code with THE mouse amnz…. Any suggestons how to read this?

  98. Leesa

    Need a walkthough on grandmothers room and little hero please and thank you

  99. smiley:)

    Hey can u please post a walk through for the secret of grisly manor by fire maple games if u havent i feel like iv been stuck for weeks

  100. Tray

    Escape the room limited tim: Room 6 what is tha passworrd to tha computer?? I cant tell what tha light bulbs are flashing

  101. ShadeZ

    Hey i need help for “Escape the room limited game”.
    Im stuck at room 4 memories.

  102. Natty

    Escape Room: Limited Time
    I really need help with room 11. What’s with the dice on the door? I already solved the ones on the bookcase but I’m left with the door and it makes no sense to me. Heeeelp Pleeaase!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I see a lot of people are discussing this game, but I can’t find it anywhere. I could at least make a new page for you all to discuss it if you like, so it stays in one place.

  103. Someone

    Jess, the mirror puzzle is freaking hard. I only could solve it by having my BIG SCREEN open, to play on the biggest resolution in room 11.

    There was a blue 3 and a red 4, but I can’t remember the rest…

    After that a hole appears behind your bed.

    Use flashlight and escape.

    Then you will get the bad ending where Hyubrin is turned into a pchycopath and smiles about the death about those 4 survivors… ‘They deserved to die’

  104. Someone

    @ Tray

    I can’t really help you at the lightbulbs… You need to pick a piece of paper if it’s too hard.

    Write down the lights that are flashing, then you will see a number.

    Do it with all 4 plates, then you have the password 🙂

  105. Someone (Importer)

    Post here some Escape the Room : Limited time helps…

    If you have steam, add me:)

    -Importer is da name.

    1. Dan

      Inheritance i am blocked in with the code of the lock behind the book shelf. Who can help please

  106. Someone (Importer)

    Anyone stuck in room 9 of escape the room : Limited time?

    Got the key?

    Just look at the monitor, it says : 4444


  107. Someone (Importer)

    Mone I have no idea how to tell you how to solve the frog door.

    I just wrote all movements I made with the frog

    after 10+ perfect movements the door opened.

    This is how the professor and Ms. Kwon got stuck in the jail in room 10.

  108. Babygirl41077

    I need help with looking through the glass. I have Ben stuck for months on this one. I have sent requests but no responds please let me know. I am certain I am not the only one looking for starting to think there is no walkthrough for this one. This is the hardest one yet. Please let me know something anything. Thank you.

  109. Babygirl41077

    Dose anyone have a walkthrough for looking through the glass ???

    1. susan

      @Babygirl, where are you stuck?

      1. Babygirl41077

        Hello thanks for responding.”looking through the glass” I’m stuck at the music note right next to the dolphin take. I feel like I’ve tried everything. Please helP.

        1. susan

          Re “Looking through the glass” you need to turn both switches to “on” in operator consol to rt of deep sea creatures then you can open panel w/musical note. Let me know if u need help w/pw

          1. Babygirl41077

            Yes that’s what I need is the pass word I know it’s numbers but I don’t know. It been months please help

          2. Babygirl41077

            I can’t believe this I’m stuck again. I have the chain, screwdriver, and that plastic round thing from the gumball matchine. I feel like I’ve tried everything. Help stuck once more I just want to get this game over with I’ve had a lot of sleepless nights over this. And my boyfriend thinks I’m crazy for pointing my phone a million times at the same thing.

  110. Sarah

    Hi Revital,
    After I entered the code 9245 the drawer won’t open. I have got everything before this this step. Please help. Thanks

    1. Revital

      Sorry it took me long to respond. Always try to exit the game and re enter it usually works. I don’t know why but it’s a common problem with IDAC games.

  111. Anka

    Walkthrough for a kind kidnapping?? Where to get the sugar??

    1. susan

      Anka, do you have doll?

      1. Jodon

        Where do you get a doll?

    2. Jodon

      I’m stuck there too. Did you get the code for the safe? And what does Sakura is a flower mean?

      1. susan

        doll is in safe in cabinet under cakes. u need to click on little wood piece in bottom center of glass case (i had trouble finding this) to open cabinet. Pw for safe is 424248 (Sakura is a Flower & clue next to fridge) Letters=order in alphabet so S & F = 1+3 (19-6=13) a & l = 1+1 (12-1=11) etc.

        1. Jodon

          How did you ever get that figured out? Brilliant!

          1. susan

            I’d love to take credit but I was not the brilliant one..found it on a forum 🙂

  112. Babygirl41077

    Dose anyone know the password for the music note on “looking through the glass” ???

    1. susan

      5633 its based on dolphins names and scale “do ra me fa etc.”

      1. Babygirl41077

        Ok it worked now I’m stuck again I thought the answer to the quiz for the gumball matchine is 142 what am I missing ?

        1. susan

          pw is 845. 8 legs on octopus and 5 crabs per the note and baby crab

        2. susan

          make sure u click on larva in jellyfish tank

  113. Babygirl41077

    Ok thanks I’m going to try it.

    1. Babygirl41077

      Ok how do I escape looking through the glass I’ve got every item with the plastic round thing a screwdriver and chain left to use. Im confused that there is no key to escape like there usually is. What do I have to swim out??

      1. susan

        Give capsul to MiMi again until she comes ╬ô├╢┬╝Γö£├¡back w/note inside. ╬ô├╢┬╝Γö£├¡Turn off all switches until u get warning about breaker, press switches in this order: 1312131 (no clue why);╬ô├╢┬╝Γö£├¡red light will go till you get a message about something starting up. ╬ô├╢┬╝Γö£├¡ use chain to escape once water gone…this game drove me nuts!

        1. Babygirl41077

          Thank you for your help thus game is done finally it drove me bonkers!!

        2. Kelvin

          i’ve given mimi many times the capsule
          but no note found …
          how come … lol

  114. Jay

    Please does anyone have a walk through for escape night. iPhone app. Stuck on the safe password and code case password.

  115. Emily

    walkthrough for enchanted kingdom

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’s for android, so I can’t play it. But I can create a page for you guys to discuss it and help each other out.

  116. Emily


  117. Vanesssa

    Has anyone figured out the Snow White escape game?

  118. Kliteran

    I really need a walkthrough fro “escape: little hero” please and thank you 🙂

  119. Revital

    Stuck on both “red riding hood in danger” and on “the temptation of the diamond” I’d love some help

  120. Corwin

    Hi, I’m also stuck in temptation of the diamond. Has anyone managed to turn the wheel in the right way?

    1. Jodon

      I’m stuck there too. Someone help!

  121. Tinku

    Any hint to escape from little red in danger pleasssssssssssss

  122. Kick-Ash

    Little red in danger….stuck!

  123. nate

    little red in danger: how do i open the safe under the bed and what opens the night stand next to the bed?

    1. Jody

      How did you find the safe under the bed??

  124. Jody

    Need help for LITTLE RED IN DANGER pleeeease

  125. Jody

    Nate to open the bedside draw you need to combine the king and queen coins and then put them in the hole in the draw

  126. jessica

    PLease do a walk through mystery lighthouse 2, I’m stuck and i need help.

  127. jessica

    We are on saturn and we have found the lighthouse now what???????????

  128. Taylor

    Can you provide a walkthrough for Flee! lost memory?

  129. irene

    Admin, can you create page for “an end to the tears” please? I am stuck there.

  130. irene

    you are so fast! thanks!

  131. Krissy

    Totally stuck on temptation of the diamond…please help, pretty please ; )

    1. Krissy

      Phew…..finally got out of diamond, I can help if anyone is playing

      1. Maria

        Hi! A bit late, but I need help with the temptation of the diamond- I have molten chocolate in cup an the diamond. I can╬ô├╢┬╝╬ô├╢├▒t get the hex shape out of the door and can╬ô├╢┬╝╬ô├╢├▒t find anything to pour the chocolate… Pleeease!!

  132. Krissy

    Anyone have any tips for the opposite sisters. I’m stuck.

      1. Krissy

        Yes it is ; )

  133. Krissy

    Anyone playing The targeted tourist? I need some help please.

  134. Kelly Sadler

    Need help on Amnesia Ch2 No escape by Red Rage gaming.

  135. Kristin

    I could really use a walkthrough for IDAC “Greed is the Source of Loss”. I’m completely stuck 🙁

  136. James

    Hi. Can you please post a walkthrough for Escape Night by Easymobi?

    Much obliged.

  137. najecniv

    100 EXITS!!!

  138. Mary t

    Walkthrough for A secret letter from my father?????

  139. Michel

    Need help on “An Illusion of Bottles”

    1. Krissy

      Hey, just finished illusion of bottles….where are you stuck?

      1. Michel

        i found metal file, lighter oil, harpoon and screw driver, dont know how to open the chest and the red bottle. Dont understand the code on the treasure chest (ABC+DEF=0000 AVERAGE)

  140. Krissy

    Need some help with the lost cry and envy at the office. Anyone playing?

  141. Krissy

    Match up the colored letters to the picture on the wall with blocks of the same colors and numbers on top of them. Add the two sets of numbers (3 digits each ) and divide total by # of #’s to get average. You can’t break the red bottle yet, you dont have the right tool.

    1. Michel

      Thanks Krissy, finished it, but got bad ending…LOL…when im finished still get wrench and cant open the bolts on picture…

      1. Maria

        Hi Michel,
        I have the same problem with the wrech. Have you figured it out yet? Frustrating to have the bad end 🙁

  142. Katusha

    Could you please make a walkthrough for “The dark dating party.” I’m really stuck…Thank you!

  143. Jeff

    Can you please do one for the Lost Cry? Thanks!

  144. Grant

    Need walkthrough for letter from the dead.

  145. Empty

    Can you do walkthrough for Special cleaning – the old mans madness. I’ve done different searchs and can’t find one. Thanks.

  146. susan

    Empty, I just fined Old Mans Madness..let me know where you are stuck and I will try and help 🙂

    1. Empty

      Hi Susan,

      1) what am I suppose to do with the 2 medals?
      2) am I suppose to somehow move the step ladder under the chandelier to get the ladder down?
      Please help. Thanks…

  147. susan

    Finished that is, not fined

  148. Empty


    I have searched a lot of areas even in the categories for old walkthroughs for a couple of 2011 games and can’t find help in the following:

    1) Cradle of Shadows
    2) The black case file
    3) Special cleaning-the old mans madness


    1. AppUnwrapper

      I don’t have walkthroughs for those games yet, but I just created pages for them, so feel free to discuss there 🙂

      1. Empty

        I no longer see the page for walkthrough on the black case files.

  149. susan

    Empty, here are my notes:

    3 green medals 
    det opens stuck drawer to get 1; 1 in statue (cant remember where other one is).. you will need 5 total for end. 
    See note on side of book case-key to room in flower pot (plyers).
    plyers opens door next to white coat.
    obtain phone cord and broom
    then view chandeleir and should be able to click on ladder to obtain.
    use ladder to get to 2nd floor.
    use broom to get key behind white cabinet on rm on 2nd floor.
    key opens white cab; get infusion pack and crowbar.
    use pack to get 4th green medal (star) from stained glass door.
    use crowbar to open tall cabinet in rm next to white coat (get tape and gold coin).
    put tape in recorder and read everything.
    click on tile in room upstairs to get medicine.
    use medicine on portrait in upstairs hall to get watch.
    click on green star medal to split in 2  (you now have 4 green medals).
    turn over watch : empire born 14:28.
    put clock in hollow of stained glass door (was set to 3:20) not sure if that matters.
    listen to new message on phone
    put gold coin in portrait and get 5th green medal.
    go back to stained glass door and insert green medals in correct order (Trial and error for me).  Then you have to answer some ?s  I think for good ending

    1. Empty


      Thanks,never mind.I finally figured it all out. Awesome escape game.thanks again…..

  150. susan

    det = detergent. Hope this helps!

  151. Michel

    Little Hero by WaveA PTE.LTD walkthrough

    1. Search the bin to take a namecard
    2. Tap the toilet paper roll to see some drawing, thereis a dot on a brick, so search that brick then click it to found a pair of gloves.
    3 Search the shards using gloves, the u found a shard with a “X” marks on it
    4. use the shard to ripped the mattress, so u can see hand tool
    5. use hand tool to grab a plate on top of the wall and under the bed to find a clip
    6. go to the door and tap it, still locked. open the inventory, tap on name card until u release the pin, and tap on clip so it change the shape
    7.use both the pin and clip on the keyhole.
    8. Search for the weight scale, place the plate on it, remember the needle position of the weight of the plate.
    9. open the cabinet to take a thinnish liquid
    10. tap on ur bag (yellow) at the top of the wooden barrel, to find that it was locked.
    11. tap at the bottom barrel, to found a valve, turn it
    12. back to the old room, use the thinnish liquid on the glued cup, found a key for ur locked bag
    13. unlock ur bag
    14. inside it u’ll found a memo, remember the sequence. apply it on the drawer, also took the rabbit ornament
    15. input the sequence on drawer to find a weight with green symbol on it. tap the weight, there is something at the bottom of the weight, remember the number (9g), took the white rabbit.
    16. tap the white rabbit to remove the screwdriver
    17. tap the gap between a little house and drawer n took the small hoe. Placed the hoe on the white rabbit.
    18. Tap the small house and placed both rabbit in it to unlock the drawer under it, take a weight with red symbol.
    19. go to the box on the wall and use screwdriver, ull see another vavlve, turn it on.
    20. the 3rd valve was next to the white cabinet, turn it on too. Tap the sink and pick up the memo with drawing.
    21. go to the bookshelf, remember the color of the book, tap the lower shelf, apply the sequence (Black-Red-Green-Black) to find a scissor
    22. use the scissor to release a weight with blue symbol on the torture table. use the scissor on name tag to find another clue.
    23. go to weight scale, apply the last clue, (Blue-Red-Green). Remember the weight position start from 12. when u put blue it goes to 5, red 10, green 6 (so u found the code for the handle. Take it and put it on the exit door, dont forget to break the shard with screwdriver to found a bolt.
    24. when u tried to turn the handle, it was stuck, so go to the panel, there is a rabbit__g, remember the number at the bottom of green weight? so 12 (plate) – 9 (green weight).
    FInished (sorry for the grammars…LOL…)

  152. Michel

    Stuck on “Grandmother’s Room by WaveA PTE.LTD”, got ruler, 3 butterfly pattern, picture, batteries, stick…dont know how to open suitcase, using phone..anyone already finished this game?

    1. Michel

      nevermind ’bout Grandmother’s Room, finished it..LOL..

  153. Empty

    Hi Susan,
    I appreciate your help on Special cleaning-The old mans madness. Except, I’ve done the phone,read the book,played the tape,did the watch thing and I can’t get the portrait to take the gold coin. It says something like there’s a hole here where a watch used to be .Honestly what am I missing??? Thanks.

  154. Empty

    Anyone started The Chapel of chance meetings? Need a walkthrough please.

  155. Zoe

    Would love a walkthrough for escape the room: limited time! 🙂 Great game, but need some help with those secret levels.

  156. Vsop

    Hi! Would it be possible to get a walkthrough for An illusion of bottles, please?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      No walkthrough yet, but I created a page to ask questions 🙂

  157. Ida

    I need help with “Love is not tied” from idaco.

  158. Empty

    Has anyone started ” The Chapel of chance” yet by Idac? Need help.
    AppUnwrapper can u do walkthrough please.

  159. Rebecca

    Hey. Can I have a walkthrough for Escape the Room Limited Time by Gameday Inc.? I heard you were trying to find it on the iPod, but this is an Android game. There is a game called Escape the Room 2 by SK Telecom which is pretty much the same game. Can you send a walkthrough to me please? And, hope the info helps.

  160. Polly

    “Perfil For Two” from WaveA. I need help! 🙂

  161. Haleigh

    I really need a walkthrough for closed room 1!!!PLZ PLZ PLZ Im sooo stuck

  162. Revital

    Hi , can you open a page for perilous homecoming by IDAC ? Thanks a lot !

  163. abiekaye

    Is the walkthrough for Cryptic Caverns ever going to be finished? I am going crazy with the lights on the pillars.

  164. Meem

    I need a walkthought The Misfortune Teller im stuck

  165. Tif

    Hi, is there one for the a trap of revenge?

  166. Revital

    I am stuck at “a trap of revenge” , would appreciate any help

    1. Empty

      Hi Revital,

      I also just started “trap of revenge”. The only thing ive been able to find is a card with 3 numbers and got the 2#s for the right side of the vase under the desk which is 57. I can’t get any further at this point. Did u get other stuff and can u share. Thanks.

  167. Naddles

    I also need a walkthrough for the misfortune teller. Am completely stuck after opening the draw with the game of ladders code and finding it empty.

  168. Empty

    Has anyone started “Escape from Hell”? I could use help if so. Thanks.

  169. Daniele

    Stuck on 3 rooms escape by noprops Room 3,please any help would be lovely! xox

  170. Naddles

    What do u need help with empty?

    1. Empty

      Hi Naddles,
      I’m stuck with getting the CDS/Books to work in “escape game from hell”. I’ve tapped and tapped to put in order and they don’t move.

  171. Naddles

    It took me a while to figure that out too. I placed them in order of shortest title to longest. So ‘friend’ goes first. It seemed to work.

  172. Shell

    Plz help stuck on The letter that had to wait!! Need the code for the cupboard with the monkey???

  173. Lisen

    Please make a walkthrough for a game called escape genius-room escape, it is annie game..

  174. Twinsfan

    Is there a walkthrough for creeping tones if not can you please make one

  175. Empty

    I know it’s a new game.But,can we get a walkthrough started for”A Crush in a Closed Room”… I’ve only been able to find a lever. Thanks…..

  176. nuag

    please a walkthrough for “peril for two” or some hints. im completly lost! thank u!

  177. nuag

    please i need wakkthrough for “peril for two”. or some hints. thank u.

  178. Jo Ann S.

    Could you post a walkthrough for “escape the room”. This is not the same game as “escape: the room”. Thank you so much.

  179. Revital

    I know it’s really new but would really appreciate a page for IDAC ‘s ” give up”.
    As usual I’m stuck …

  180. Leesa

    Need a walk through for 100 gates

  181. Lisen

    Now i also need a walkthrough for the idac game An and to the tears..

  182. Mobes

    Would love a walkthrough or hint for escape: inside of the mirror……need code for safe have put both badges in grooves but stuck. This is an idac WaveA pte game

  183. Empty


    Could u please do an actual walkthrough for Give Up. We all seem to be really stuck. Thanks. I was hoping Got Mail would of had one now. Thxs….

  184. Bunny

    Can you please make a walkthrough for A Cheating Game!

  185. Sue

    I am also stuck there. A walkthrough would be helpful for misfortune teller

  186. okterineta

    Walkthrough for Flee! Lost Memory?
    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!! :# :~@

  187. okterineta

    Walkthrough for ΓÇ£FLEE! LOST MEMORYΓÇ£?
    IΓÇÿm from Barcelona a grandma 73 years old
    and I dont speak english but IΓÇÿve a very nice
    traslator team: my gradsons!
    Thanks a lot! XXXX (besos)

  188. Rich

    The Lost Lover…
    Escaped with no help, but only with a Bad End!
    Must be missing something simple – but have been over everything numerous times over! Arrgh |-╬ô├╢┬╝Γö¼Γòæ

  189. Empty

    It’s new.BUT,can a walkthrough be started for ” The disappearance of Catherine” plezzzzzzzzz………….THANKS?

  190. Mobes

    Please so a walkthrough for “approaching sirens” and “the giant chimney” both are idac games driving me bonkers. Thanks

  191. amanda

    in the game the escape game from hell what do you do once you got the magnet where do you use it and how do you get the screwdriver

  192. Empty

    Appunwrapper, walkthrough for new game ‘ Rendezvous without an Exit’ by IDAC plzzzzzz. Thanks..

  193. anne

    rendezvous without an exit – I have 5 items, And Im stuck ;(

    1. Empty

      Hi Anne,
      There is now a page for us for this game. I’m to the point I can’t figure the wood puzzle in the fish tank drawer,but,it might have something to do with the lines at the bottom right of the painting and ive spent hours trying to open the green safe in the bottom of fish tank no luck..

  194. Empty

    Need walkthrough for The Dormant Ruins. Has anyone started this yet?

  195. tracey

    really need a walkthrough for The Secret of Chateau de Moreau i’m stuck on the grandfather clock

  196. Revital

    Stuck at the very end of “inside a mirror” by IDAC . Help plz

    1. Anka

      Did u figure out any of the codes(safe n vaulting horse)? im stuck as well…..

      1. Revital

        Code for the brown safe is in the notebook, you need to make the code come out, remember it says the notebook is sticky – use it.
        What horse are you referring to ?

        1. Anka

          I got that code, i mean the code for the dark green safe and the code on the wooden boards that are stacked (1-5) ….. Where do you use the 0128?

          1. Revital

            You use it on the green safe in the first room but you need to change it as if your looking in a mirror so it’s 8510. After you open it the safe in the 2nd room opens and there you’ll find the code for the wooden boards

    2. Revital

      Escaped already . If anyone needs help let me know

      1. Fents

        Do you have the code forthe safe with the two badges ? Please.

  197. anne

    I Empty
    Where are you in the Dormant Ruin?

  198. Michael

    Need walk through for Strange Room by Goro Sato

  199. Michael

    Is there a walkthrough for “strange room escape” by Goro Sato

  200. Empty

    Walkthrough for new IDAC of Impending Fate please. It’s another tough one. Thanks…

  201. Cat

    Please help with IDAC game Escape: Castaway!

  202. Empty

    Has anyone started a Secret Desire by IDAC??? I’m stuck in the order of the wht/blk lines in the dresser drawer… Thanks…

    1. Tif

      Empty, check the side of wooden drawer, then u can unlock the lowest drawer. I got a thread, a nut, a bolt, a green cable. But stuck here…

      1. Tif

        Got a knife n double sided tape too. But still can’t go any further. The file on laptop properly is for the wires on the door… Need help…

        1. MC

          The clue for (F. G)
          F is 6, G is 7 (F. G) means 6 + 7 – 1 = 12 , 12 means the letter ‘L’
          Similarly you can resolve all the 4 letters for opening the cupboard under the TV. then you will get a weight. Weight + string + tape will get a key at the back of TV. The key will unlock the desk and get a nippers. Nippers can cut the window and the dresser. You have to find 4 coloured cables.

          1. SophiaJ

            I can’t find the tape, can you help?

          2. Tif

            Sophia: I don’t really remember the password, try GPQ for the lowest drawer in the desk.
            MC: can u get the clock open? I can’t get the last blue cable…. Any hint?

          3. Meredith

            I can’t reach the key that’s hanging from the window sill. I am befuddled by the items in my inventory – suction cups, nuts, bolts – I must have missed a big clue somewhere! Can you give me a hint please? Thanks!

  203. kimmyboop

    Anyone played SOS Whiteout, or Whiteout SOS? It’s an older game, but I just downloaded it. I’m pretty far through it, but cannot figure out the 4 digit code gor the desk drawer! Help if you can, please! Thank you!! Kim

  204. courtney

    Please walkthrough for castaway escape. IDAC GAME

    1. Empty

      Hi Courtney,
      I just started Castaway. Ive seen the driftwood with clue and clue above cave. I’ve tried using the number of petals on the brown cabinet and they don’t work isn’t it 5486? It’s not opening.have u got past it yet? If so how. Am I missing something? Thanks.

      1. courtney

        Empty…It’s suppose to be but it’s not working for me either. All I have is the rope!! Please keep me posted if you have any luck.

        1. courtney

          Oh and how do you open the tall green cabinet with the levers??

          1. Empty

            Hi Courtney,
            Tap on piece of wood in front of smll cabinet. Up,leave alone,down,up,down. I think this was right to open grn cabinet.
            Now, I can’t open box with the symbols to get fishing lure. Have u got to it yet? Thanks.

      2. Tif

        Hey empty, did u finish the secret desire? Pls help if u do. Thx

        1. Empty

          Hi Tif, I did get secret desire was a rough one. Where are u stuck maybe I can help. That’s if my mind remembers.

          1. Tif

            Really need help for the clock. What should I press? Thx

        2. Empty

          Hi Tif,
          The wall clock code I think is 1,5,8,10 or, 5,10,1,8. U might have to play around with those #s. U get blue cable from that.

  205. courtney

    Empty no haven’t got that yet and I still cannot get the green one open.

  206. Empty

    Anyone started Mysterious Hotel yet? Thanks.

  207. Anka

    Has anyone started Closed Cafe, new idac game? I need help with last code for the door, tried all combinations from the clues but dont seem to get it right, any ideas…help please?!

    1. Empty

      Hi Anka,
      I just started Closed Cafe and have some items. How do u open register and pc and locked drawers on hutch? Ive been tapping all over tried to combine things (other then putting batteries in flashlite) nothing… Thanks..

  208. Empty

    Walkthrough for Mysterious Hotel plzzzzz by IDAC.

  209. anne

    I Empty

    For the safe 1586, But first Put the ruller on right of the safe And see the note. in the box with fire just press the 4 And 5 button

    Tell me if you need help.Im already Escaped:)

    1. Empty

      Hi Anne,
      Thank u. I finally escaped with good ending. Thanks again.

      1. Anka

        Whats the code for the door, last code?

    2. Anka

      Whats the code for the last door after you insert the cd?

      1. andrea

        Walkthrough for house of distress

  210. Empty

    Appunwrapper, need walkthrough for Closed Cafe by IDAC please….

  211. paula

    has anyone started a love gone too far

    1. Meredith

      I have Paula. The controls seemed to be pretty sensitive and I had trouble finding some of the clues but I eventually figured them all out. Where are you stuck?

      1. Maria

        Meredtith, I am stuck with the wires of the bomb. Can’t find the hint for the green one. it is red>yellow>blue>black? i’ve tried the green one first. then last. and inverted the order, but it doesn’t work…. can you give me a hint please.

        1. Meredith

          You know the cabinet that the plants are sitting on top of? It has six doors and they flip upwards. You should have just unlocked the top right one (using the star key if I remember correctly). At the back of that drawer/door there is a note that tells you what order to cut the wires in. It is barely visible so just keep clicking the edge of the door.

          1. Maria

            Thank you!!!!! I had never found that one!

          2. Ririkins

            Where do you find the star key? And what’s the code for the box on the chair? Please help.

  212. kimmyboop

    Anyone that played SOS Whiteout, I’m at the end, but cant for the life of me figure out the code for the desk, or how to get the keys to harden in the mold. Help please!! LOL

    1. paula

      it is 0713 (the date from the bottom of the can)

  213. Meredith

    Anyone (successfully) played the dark train station?

  214. Empty

    Need walkthrough for Penthouse plzzzz. Forum in got mail isn’t very helpful at all. Thxs….

  215. Mobes

    Anyone playing “The Dark Train Station” (WaveA) stuck at computer after plugged in camera

    1. Meredith

      Stuck in the same place Mobes

      1. Mobes

        Meredith did you get out? The dirty ring! The dirty ring! LOL

  216. courtney

    Anyone played escape from hell? I’m stuck with opening the nlue nox. Can’t get the screwdriver either

    1. courtney

      Sorry for misspelled blue box!!

  217. okterineta


  218. Anka

    Walkthrough or help with idac’s new game A year old promise please!!

  219. Empty

    Need help on Year Old Promise plzz. Thxs.

    1. Anka

      Have figured out any of the codes? Ive got the orange juice which i already poured in the glass that i got by using the handle, and I got a damn green key with a 3 that dunno where to use it, cant figure out the rest!

  220. Empty

    Appunwrapper, need walkthrough for A Odd Rumor. by IDAC please.

  221. Empty

    Is anyone playing A Odd Rumor? Where is battery 4 video camera? I’m having problems posting in got mail forum. Thxs.

  222. David

    Please walkthrough for Brain Age Test Free Android !

    Please ! I am sure it will bring more hits to your website.

  223. Dee

    Please could you do a walkthrough for IIDAC’s Little Red?

  224. Daniele

    Hey can you make a walkthrough for Can you open it? By 7chicks?

  225. Revital

    In desperate need for a walkthrough to IDAC’s “the dark train station”
    Thank you.

  226. Tif

    Any walkthrough for the lost future?

  227. anne

    I Revital,

    I finish the Dark train station, where are You on the game?

    1. Revital

      Very much at the beginning, I have only the outlet, the wrench and the USB cable. Can’t find anything else. I had the scissors I used on the box but that’s it…

  228. Meredith

    Having trouble with A Note Left Behind (IDAC). I’ve found the CD and put it in the laptop. I’ve found the laptop cord and plugged it in. I’ve attached the printer cord and put paper in it. I hit “print” and got a blank piece of paper. I’ve checked the ink cartridges, reinserted the paper, and now nothing happens. Anyone figure this one out? I’m starting to feel like a dummy because I’m sure I missed something obvious.

    1. Meredith

      Figured out my mistake. There is an item missing from the printer but the game doesn’t tell you that.

      1. Maria

        Meredith; I suppose I have to attach sthg to the plane to get down the frame to get the cd, right? If so, what? Thks!

  229. Tif

    Please make a walkthrough on “The lost future”…. Need it so bad…. Thanks

    1. Empty

      Hi Tif, where is that game or is it an android one which I can’t play? Thxs…

    2. Empty

      Hi tif, where are u in Lost future and maybe I can help.

      1. Tif

        Hey empty, this is not an android game. I only got a torch on my hand. Got the hints A-K in 3 colors from different 4 colored books. But can’t figure out any codes from it. Thx

        1. Empty

          Hi Tif, hope this helps for Lost Future. Shine lite on 4 books see letters.
          M red, R blue, Z green. Back to grn safe,tap buttons until u match the colors. Go right to box on shelves by tv attach handle get pliers. Go to kitchen and cut the lock get glass.tap glass until it breaks and use shard to cut rope on box to get cord. Go to p/c plug in cord to socket see screen open file see something about giant. Go to speaker on the right remove cover with pliers get cutters. Use them on the wardrobe,get knife. Back to wood rabbit and carve the back.back to speakers attach cable tap cd player to see you and me. Go left see clue on grn safe.back to rabbit see grid and pick letters from code is 979776 u get pick. Use to open frig get candle,freezer has bear. Lite stove and put candle there use pick on the bear. Go back and candle is melted,use key on the music box. I hope this helps. I’m off to work.

          1. CMY

            Pls help! I need the code on the door for animals.

  230. Empty

    Has anyone started Bride of Death yet? Need help on how to get duct tape in items and fixing the computer ,what to do with hook. Thxs….

    1. Empty

      Never mind I escaped.

  231. Anka

    Lost Future please!

    1. Empty

      Hi Anka, I just posted some help to Tif on lost future. LOL…

      1. Anka

        Thanks so much!

  232. Spirosman

    Would you please a walkthrough for easymobi ”escape the room” (that with the opossite yellow key as a start label) please?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      What platform is it for? I don’t see it in the Apple app store.

      1. Nellie

        I am also stuck on this game…need password for code box and safe both are just some arrangement of red dots….help. Easymobi escape is in the apple store….

    2. Nellie

      I am also stuck on this game…need password for code box and safe both are just some arrangement of red dots….help. Easymobi escape is in the apple store….

  233. rayden

    stuck on a love gone wrong how do I get the paper clip

  234. Revital

    Still need help at “Dark train station ” please open a page for it. Thank you

  235. Melanie

    Flee, lost memory…..does anybody Know what the levers are for? And what do i do with the black pillars in the house near the water…i know it has something to do with the numbers 1642 from the hole near the broken bridge but i can’t figure it out
    Please help…thank you

  236. anne

    I Revital

    I Revital

    1-On table in front of you, get socket wrench
    . 2-Right: Scissors, on desk.
    3-Right: Cut cardboard, get usb cable.
    4-Right, right corner under ΓÇ£window with curtainΓÇ¥(Sorry for my english) get socket.
    5-Right use socket&wrench to loosen bolt and get bcw cutter.
    6-Right: Use cutter to cut chain on door behind first table.
    7-Enter room, move boxes, get oil pump, get ladder.
    8-Main room, place oil pump on water on floor, get the pump running a few times.
    9-Water is gone, ice melted, get door knob.
    10-Activate ladder, climb to camera cut wires, get camera.
    11-Climb on ladder to get pen above window with nail.
    12-Switch on circuit breaker left of computer
    13-Connect USB to camera (needs a while)
    14-Connect camera to computer, press play button.
    15-Read numbers on monitor (equal letters of the alphabet)…station
    .16-Open desk drawer, get screwdriver socket.
    17-With screwdriver socket unscrew plate next to door (the one that had the chain), get red key.
    18-Fasten doorknob to door right to the window with the nail.
    19-Enter room, in the center locker is a jacket, get the blue key from the pocket. 20-Use blue key to open small safe above big safe, get paper roll. You the should hear footsteps.

    I hope help You 🙂

    1. Revital

      You helped a lot , thanks . I just didn’t realize the socket was supposed to go with the wrench ( thought it was an electrical socket) but still stuck with last password , tried so many variations of the numbers on the note but nothing works…

      1. anne

        Use blue key to open small safe above big safe, get paper roll. You the should hear footsteps.
        Enter locker room again and place paper roll on tray behind the center door on your right.
        Main room, tap on blue curtained window, you should hear a conversation- asking for a receipt. Sign it, hand it out and youΓö¼Γöñll get a note. Again, numbers=letters of alphabet.
        Wet paper on oil stain on table, read hours and minutes.

        Last code is 37 50>10 5 4<20

  237. Anka

    Walkthrough or page for “The forbidden doll” please!

    1. Empty

      Hi Anka, I’ve started Forbidden Doll. Its not an easy one. Ive only gotten cord,matches,pliers. Ive been able to tap the first doll on the left and it comes off the stand with some code on the back. The hanging pieces in the wardrobe I’m not sure cause only the yellow eyes change. I read somewhere that at least a chair is to have blood stains,but, I’m not sure u might have to do something first to see it and some doll is to have some kind of switch.
      I’m really lost right now. Have u found something different? Thxs…

      1. Anka

        Tie the doll thats laying next to the stand with the cord, use the pliers to get the key from the tall doll, use the key on the shelf next to the dolls, ull get the mirror, which i used on that same shelf to see the code behind it “dolls”, the code for the safe with the eyes is 3 5 , ull get red lightbulb, which is used on the doll u attached to the stand, the eye is the socket… Thats all i got, im stuck, if u figure out the rest please help me!

        1. Anka

          The doll u tied to the stand has a switch on its back to turn the light on…. Theres a code i havent figured out on the doll that stands on its own as well…. Help

          1. Empty

            Thanks Anka, Ive now found a saw like thing in the bottom drawer of dresser from the blk safe. If u don’t have the code is 21106. The door with the shining lite has me stumped as well as this game.

          2. DeadBonsai

            Hi Empty, how do you know the code is 21106 for the safe with the dial at the bottom of the dresser? (A Forbidden Doll)

        2. Noosy

          What does 3 5 refers to?

          1. Anka

            The pattern from the golden eyes on the head of the doll in the wardrobe

      2. Anka

        Hey Empty, thanks for the code, use the saw on the finger from the arm on the wardrobe with the hanging parts, once u get the finger use it to open the newly revealed door,once u get to the other room, get the candle and use the matches, behind the chair there is a key that ull c with candle and will get it w the finger, that key will open the lock for the real size doll…. Dunno the rest yet

        1. Anka

          Use the saw to cut the leg of the chair, with the leg u can reach the cats that r on the roof n u will get mouse for the computer which will reveal the more info on the computer

  238. Sally

    I’ve just bought sos whiteout. Can’t get started, can’t pick anything up. I need a tip!

  239. anne

    I have 7 items, And stuck to 🙁

  240. anne

    put the lightbulb into the doll with hall in the head ( sorri for my english) 🙂

  241. anne

    Cut the finger with blade for the print. pressing the dolls finger on it causes an EletrΓö£Γöñnic sound from door

    1. Anka

      Where did unget the blade?

      1. Anka

        Where did u get the blade*?

        1. Anka

          Nm, got it 🙂

  242. Tif

    Get the teeth out from that sun n moon device.

    1. Anka


      1. Tif

        Check the watch with candle lit n not lit up. Then u Hv time for the sun n time for moon. Make it in a 24hrs style. Then saw the teeth out.

        1. Anka


  243. Mobes

    Can you please do walkthrough for “the house of distress” anyone else playing?

    1. Maria

      I am. And stuck with the note for the lion. where are you?

    2. Maria

      To be more precise: what’s SWL?

      1. Maria

        I finally escaped.

  244. Tina

    I only get bad ending in the forbidden doll!!! Can someone help?

  245. Tif

    Me too… Went back to the game n discovered blood on the doll’s switch n the chair…. But still bad ending…

  246. Shin

    For good ending, need to go back to the room before go out, then press the big model’s chest, there u will find her heart inside!

    1. Tif

      I found her heart but still bad ending…. How come?

  247. Alisha

    Still trying to figure out where the saw is? I get that it’s in a draw with a black safe but have no idea where that’s is?

    1. Tif

      U know there is a cabinet on the RHS of the cabinet with 4 dolls. The save is in the bottom drawer of that cabinet. On the side of this cabinet having craving on it.

  248. Revital

    I tried checking the watch with the candle lit and out but nothing changed I only see the picture of the moon and the time 18:20

  249. Revital

    There are so many clues I don’t know how to use:
    The tag on the blue doll
    The message ” pass dolls” on the cabinet
    The paper with the holes
    The pearls on the mirror
    The holes on the big doll
    The watch
    The barricaded window ( the rain just got stronger)
    The blood on the chair and behind the doll I tied.

    1. Tif

      Dolls in the mirror was the reflection of 21106. Paper w holes to put on the dolls which stands itself to get the clue to open the key cover of the main door. For the watch, u Hv the day time n night when the candle lit or off. Then u know the time for the sun n moon device. But still I got bad ending.

      1. Revital

        I am trying to look at the watch with the candle lit and not but no change

        1. Tif

          Did u lit the candle then put back to the table first before checking the watch?

      2. Revital

        Found for the sun 21:15 forand for the moon 18:20 , tried 21,18 tried 09,18, tried 36,38 (21+15,18+20), tried 24,38 (09+15,18+20) nothing works

  250. Empty

    Has anyone started The Mirror Bounty? Need a page please….

    1. Meredith

      Empty, I have but I havent gotten very far. I’ve got lots of items in my inventory but I haven’t been able to open the desk drawer, unlock the laptop or figure out the mirror.

  251. Alisha

    Ok thanx How do u enter 21106 if it’s a turn dial? Am i missing something?

    1. Empty

      Hi Alisha, If I remember the 21106 is for the blk box and not for the dial.

  252. Alisha

    Nm I restarted and it worked thanx

  253. Empty

    Appunwrapper, is there a walkthrough for Survival Parking??? I’ve tried to search archives for 2012- Mar,Apr,May,Jun,July,Aug,Sept and don’t see anything. Was one ever done? If not can u do one plzzz. By IDAC… Thxs..

  254. Anka

    Walkthrough or page for Departure by IDAC please

    1. 9A

      I found a crowbar, a cup-and-ball, match, candle, a towel and a receptacle. Now stuck! Cannot find how to take something that stuck in the crack, a white device with hole and a thin stain-like on the hanging scroll. Please HELP!!!

      1. Andrew Mok

        How did you get the matches? I presume you can light the candle to illuminate one of the empty wardrobes. When you click on the empty wardrobe it says “too dark to see”

        1. 9A

          I got the match from the box where you can find the key for the clock.

      2. Meredith

        Use the crowbar to get the cutter down from the window above the purple plant. Use the cutter to remove the ball from the cup-and-ball toy. Place the ball in the top of the tube that runs diagonally above the drawers.

        1. Tazza

          Can you please explain where the match and key for clock is? After getting the glass bottle using the ball, wrap it in the towel then use crow bar to smash. The key opens the cupboard where there are numbers ( which I cant with out?). Do you know what 8341 refers to? Thanks

          1. Tazza

            Ok opened cupboard with wax. Got key. Trying to match shapes to box

          2. Meredith

            This is where I got stuck for ages. Use the candle on the doors above the area where you picked up the receptacle. You’ll get the key for winding the clock. Play around with the clock, then you’ll understand the 8341 clue.

          3. Kelvin

            i couldnt figure out the code for the safe in the cupboard …

          4. Meredith

            You have to figure out the scroll hanging on the wall first.

          5. Kelvin

            wht shud i do w/ the scroll on the wall??
            i hv a crowbar, cutter, candle (w/ no match), the 8341 paper and the receptable w/ water …

  255. Ena Rose

    I need help with “the Misfortune Teller”. Please Help!!!!!!!!!

  256. Jane

    I am still stuck with the forbidden doll. I hv got the matches, used the cord to tie the doll up, used the pliers to get the key and open the drawer, used the mirror and used to clue of dolls to open the dial and gotten the saw. After this, I can’t seem to get any further. Please help… What should I do with the eyes of the doll?

    1. Tif

      Did u get the light bulb from the safe behind owner’s photo frame? Then get it to put in that single eye doll n switch it on from its back. Then enter the secret door to solve the rest

  257. Empty

    Walkthrough for Mystery of the Water tanks by IDAC. Thanks.

  258. Lala

    Walkthrough for “Departure” by IDAC please. Thanks.

  259. Manda

    Is there any chance for a walk through for Endless Escape? Every forum I’ve been on, has people stuck at the same level. Any help would be great! m stuck on 22.

  260. Empty

    Is there anywhere to get help on an older game of The Clowns Grudge? I’m totally stuck now. Thxs…

  261. Ben

    Can you create a walkthrough for Flee- Memory lost?

  262. Empty

    Anyone started The Empty Cell? I need help with finding some pendant in the wall. Thxs…

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Is this IDAC?

      What other games do people need a page for?

  263. kristy

    I neeeed help with a Mirror Boundary. I have the three coins that I’m assuming coincide with the princess story for the drawer code but I can’t get it. Can’t get the laptop password . I’ve found a bunch of letters but don’t know how they go together. And how do I lose the lighter?

    Also could use help on SOS Whiteout

  264. Empty


    Is there a walkthrough for The Devils Playground. By IDAC. Thanks…

  265. Empty

    Anyone playing Building of Death? New by IDAC. Need help.

  266. Kristy

    How do people use the gotmail forums? They barely work for me even with translating them. Am I missing something? Or is the iPhone app in English? If so, is there a similar Android app? I need all the help I can get.

    1. Empty

      Hi Kristy,

      I’ve been using Gotmail for awhile now and usually it’s really good in getting help(when it’s in English). I know there’s a lot of people who do walkthroughs do use IPhones. But,I have to use my iPad. Ive also got a few people set up in my friend list I can contact for help. Sometimes I do have problems posting in Gotmail as well as some of them.

    2. Andy

      Empty, still need help for Building of Death?

      1. Empty

        Hi Andy,
        What part are u at on Building of Death? This game was a little tough. So I’ll help in anyway I can.

        1. Andy

          No I mean I escaped. I am trying to see if I can help

  267. CMY

    Walkthrough for “the trapped detective” by IDAC please, thanks!

  268. Jeff

    Need a walkthrough for the House of Distress and the Mirror Boundary. Thanks!

  269. Tina

    Anybody started traped behind the ramparts?

  270. Tina

    I need a walkthrough for the bomb room please!!

  271. anne

    walkthrough for the bomb rom pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

  272. Empty

    Any help from an older game Prisoners of the night sky’. By IDAC plz.

  273. Meredith

    I’m stuck about halfway through House if Distress, Wave A. Mind opening a page for it?

  274. Kelvin

    Any ppl playing the DayDream??

  275. Tina

    Someone started Delusional Love?

    1. Empty

      Hi Tina, I’ve started dislusional love, but haven’t gotten very far at all. Had to work so I’m just starting again. Have u found like scotch tape yet? Suppose to be like left of book shelf and near tree???? Vie not seen anything. Thanks.

  276. CMY

    I only get bad ending in dislusional love! Can anyone help?

    1. Empty

      Hi CMY, I more or less just started Dilusional love.But, did u find tape and if so, exactly where is it please. Thanks…

  277. CMY

    Hi Empty, i find the scotch tape at the gap between book shelf and the wall behind the tree.

  278. Tina

    I’ve Seen it too, but its out of reach.

  279. CMY

    Have you open the sealed box inside the cabinet near the door? There is a tube in the box. Use it to get the tape.

  280. CMY

    Escape from the window –> bad ending
    Escape from the door –> good ending
    (put the ladder at the right of door, then open the small window to move the prop)

  281. Tina

    But there is tape

  282. CMY

    Hi Tina, you can find a cutter in the 4-star box. do you need help on the password?

  283. Tina

    Yes please! I tried 971854 but its wrong 🙁

  284. Tina

    Yes please! I tried 971854 but its wrong

  285. CMY

    LOVE= 178119 (9+8, 7+1, 3+8, 5+4)

  286. CMY

    Does anyone know how to have good ending in the house of distress?

  287. Kirsty

    Hi, for delusional love could someone give me a hint as to the jewellery box. I can see the hint regarding hands and feet from the book, but I’m not sure what hands and feet this relates to? Any ideas?

  288. Sophia

    I can’t work out the hand & feet password for the jewelry box for delusional love…anyone can help? thanks!

  289. Noosy

    Pass for the jewelry box 9437. From note behind the box 1843 in order of the note 97 from note in the feet octopos , cat 84 octopos ate one 74 the from the note in the shelf handsx2-100 97×2-100 =94. 74×3\6 =37

  290. Noosy

    For good ending in house of distress u have to enter 2103 instead of 2223

  291. Revital

    Noosy- way to go on that password , so complicated!!!!
    I need help , don’t know how to proceed . I have the 3 swords, scotch tape, eraser, tube , the cone , the pencil .
    I saw a key on top if the clock but can’t reach it. What’s with the R G B Y ? ( where do I use it ?)
    Any help will be appreciated

    1. Andy


      RGBY are colors of swords. The place to insert the swords is in the wardrobe. You can shoot the key on the clock with a dart.

      1. Revital

        How do I get a dart ?

        1. Revital

          Forget it, figured it out , thanks

          1. Revital

            Now I’m stuck with the hook , can’t find where to use it. Can’t open the upper drawer and the metal box.

          2. Tif

            Did u get the rope to use with the hook? It s in the device with swords to open…

          3. Revital

            I have only 3 swords, missing a red one. Where is it ?

          4. Tif

            For the metal box, u need to make use of the penil by sharpening it with knife to poke the metal box. Use that key to do the remaining job! 😉

  292. Andy

    Anyone started the wall of the hideout? I find it really difficult. So far I have got a wooden pole, a white ball, a toy robot with right arm missing and a pot.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Sorry, been kind of preoccupied with hurricane Sandy. But if you want to list a few games you guys are currently playing, I’ll make page for each of them so they don’t all get mixed in together here.

      1. Revital

        Dear appunwrapper!
        So glad you are ok ! Been worried about people who had suffered the hurricane and I am happy to see you are alright .
        I currently stuck at “delusional love” by IDAC.
        I’d appreciate a page for it, thanks.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Thank you! I had it easy. Fled to family during the blackout. Just waiting to get home now that power’s back.

          Just made a page for it. Let me know if I missed any others.

  293. Kiss


    Is there a walkthrough for ‘the house of distress’ – Idac?

  294. Revital

    I took advantage of IDAC big let out a few weeks ago and downloaded all of the AppStore paid games that went free.
    Now I’m playing ” mystery hotel” most of you probably forgot this game already but if anyone remembers I’d love some help.
    I can’t figure out the code for the refrigerator and I can’t find a stopper for the tub.

  295. Jessie

    Flee! Lost Memory has NO walkthroughs posted online. I’ve read over all the posts dating from December 2011 to present on Appunwrapper’s site and have seen several people asking for help but no one seems to have yet completed this game..!? I myself just received a piece of wood but do not yet have anything to attach it to the broken boat with.. Has anyone beaten this game yet? Help please!! 🙂

    1. Empty

      Hi Jessie, Ive played a lot of older games and couldn’t find help. So, somehow I came across Gotmail awhile ago and now I can’t be without it. There’s games, and a forum which I always find helpful with old and new games. There are some very helpful people. Maybe try that.. LOL….

      1. Revital

        I also use gotmail but there is no search option which makes is diffivult finding something

  296. Melanie

    Jessie….where are you stuck in flee lost memory? I finally finished it after a few weeks of being stuck

  297. cahlin

    Can u plz do a walkthrough for escape the room limited time I deperately need it. Thanks so much!!m

  298. Jessie

    Thank you Empty, and Melanie!! I could not figure out how to get the boat going but crazy me- i just needed to press the directional arrow at the top of the screen! I am just so used to being able to jump online to find an answer to my problems, that i sort of panicked when i could not find a walkthru!! Thanks for offering to help! I just opened the gate in the snow area and am about to go inside.. After the work day is over!

  299. Revital

    I gave up on flee . Couldn’t find anything to to after i opened the pyramid if you finished it maybe you’ll post a walkthrough ??

  300. Kristy

    Hustler in the Dark by WaveA walk through pleeeease! =)

  301. Revital

    Did any one start closed train by IDAC ? I’m stuck at the fare collector password. I have the wallet and the clue on the curtain I tried various variation of expiration date – year of birth but nothing works…

    1. Revital

      Forget it I escaped.

      1. 9A

        How do you get other thing from the slot? Now I have only screw driver and towel. Thanks

        1. Revital

          You don’t get anything more from the slot just open the machine with the password. Use towl on the dirty ring.

  302. stuck

    Has anyone figured out RECREATION?

  303. Empty

    Anyone playing The Vanished Client by IDAC? I finally got to download after Gotmail site down for 1 1/2 days, at least on my end…
    Vie gotten a star and hairpin. Thanks…

    1. Revital

      I finished it a few hours ago , some of the passwords are quite tricky. Got a little help at gotmail’s forums. If you have specific question I’d be happy to help

  304. cahlin

    I’m a little confuse as to why when I looked up the walkthrough to roombreak escape now episode 2 it is completely different here from what I’m playing and now I’m m totally stuck in room three. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also I looked around on the internet and am not the only one in this predicament. Please and thank u for any help in advance.

    1. kristy

      If I remember right..they’re out of order. Try clicking the last part of the walkthrough

  305. Tina

    How can I get the water bottle in closed train?
    And I need help with the bomb room. I’m stuck since two weeks.

    1. Revital

      Closed train – you need to operate the green and orange buttons to get the bottle. Clue for it on the dirty ring.
      I don’t remember much about bomb room but willing to try and help if you have a specific question . Try GOTMAIL ‘s forums there are lots of discussions about bomb room . The forums are not user friendly but the people there are giving great advice…

  306. Mobes

    Help with “tears disappearing in the night sky” idac on android anyone…..the clock code!

  307. Tina

    Revital: I can’t clean up the ring with the towel. I thought I need the water.

  308. CMY

    Where is the no.4 star in the vanished client?

  309. Revital

    The stars are: one on top of the cabinet with the strange key, one inside the tiger, one inside the glass ball and one inside the drawer in the cabinet that is right to the garden doors.

    1. tanja

      please help me !! i stucked with the vanished client. i have 3 stars the scissors but i don’t know what to do now.

      1. Chris

        I am stuck in this same place and going crazy. Did u ever figure it out? Any help appreciated. Thanx

  310. Tina

    How can I clean the ring?

    1. Revital

      You need to get the towel that is on the the fan. For that to happen you need to unlock the fare collector. A hint for it is in the card and the curtain.

  311. kristy

    Tears disappearing In the night by idac and hustler in the dark by wavea pleeeeease!

  312. Jen

    Revital, I could really to with the password for the fare box on Closed Train…. I’m assuming it’s something to do with the clue on the window an the ticket in the wallet. Can’t wrap my head round it tho! I suck at maths. Help would be much appreciated!

  313. Revital

    It’s much simpler than you think , it’s a 2 number code not 4 ( that’s what got me stuck at first ) use the years only.

  314. Jen

    Really? Thanks Revital, that’s the only combination I didn’t try. I thought it was a little too simple…the irony!

  315. Dan

    Inheritance Escape game by idac im stuck on the lock behind the book shelf. Who can help me please

    1. Dan

      All ok i escaped

  316. Wausau

    Is it possible to have a page for Closed Train?

  317. cahlin

    Has anyone played gamedays new game doors and rooms I have been stuck on level 2-6 for days and can’t figure it out. Someone plz. Help. And a walkthrough would be helpful for later levels please

  318. Dan

    Sweet white insanity im stucked who can and want help me? Pla

  319. Dan


  320. rheamhae

    need a walkthrough on “the model house”

  321. Empty

    Any help or walkthrough for Wandering Memories? What to do with the blue,grn,yllw bulbs and code to open 2 safes and what to do with batteries and how to get the thing out of vent… PLZZZZ help. Thanks….

  322. Tazza

    A walkthrough for All Consuming Love please!

  323. CMY

    Anyone played Escape Game “Last Night A Bike Saved My Life” ? can’t figure out the password of drawer under the grey tool box. Please help. Thanks!

  324. Empty


    Page please for Star Sapphire. New by IDAC..thxs.

  325. kristy

    Sealed love letter by wavea walkthrough please =)

  326. kristy

    Last message by idac

  327. Empty

    Need help on new IDAC game The Ephemeral Cave. How to get drill out of hammock. Thxs…

  328. SuziWoo

    Hi App. Hope ur doing well after Sandy. Was wondering if u have a walkthrough for CLOSED TRAIN Wave A. So very annoying!

  329. Empty


    Help!!! Ive been through all old archives for September 2011 game by IDAC called Wandering Memories and I can’t get help from anywhere. Plzzz help. Ive been stuck for almost 2 weeks or longer. Can’t locate anything walkthrough wise in Gotmail either…

  330. Empty

    Appunwrapper, I’m also in need of walkthrough for another older game of Prisioners in the night sky as well as Wandering Memories. PLEASE. I’m really stuck…

  331. Dan

    Does anybody can help on “unlucky”
    I cannot open the toolbox
    Thanx for reply

  332. Empty

    Anyone started Mountain Hut? I’m stuck in second room with the dial safe. What order do u push to open it? Ive started at like 123 right, then bottom left going up and it doesn’t work. Thanks.

  333. stuck

    Brimming with Jealousy. Pleeeease post a walkthrough for that. I am dying here

  334. Andrew

    On the “the bomb room” I have the eraser that says Arrow=BLUE. I assume it means the block on the wall with the arrow but I can’t tell what half of the pics are. Anyone get that? Butterfly? Lizard?

  335. kristy

    Illusions of love by idac pleeeease

  336. Lisen

    Please make a walkthrough for treasure trove chapter 1.

  337. Jen

    Is anybody doing the dark dating party? Properly stuck!!

  338. Empty

    Appunwrapper, need page for Key Point by IDAC. Thanks.

    1. Tina

      Have you seen the memo on the window? I don’t understand it.

      1. Empty

        Hi Tina,

        If it’s the colored circles, I don’t understand it either. I was assuming it had something to do with the lock on middle cabinet that also had colored squares. I asked on Gotmail for someone to do a walkthrough on Key Point, But there’s nothing yet… I hate these Idac games that have to many locks to open. Have u figured out what the gold key is for? I thought the bottom drawer of trophy cabinet or bottom part of couch and NO, it’s neither.. I’m sure if Andy was around he would figure it out.

        1. Tina

          Hi empty! The golden key is for the front door, but it won’t turn. But that’s all I know. I hate such games too.

  339. Christine

    Does anyone know how to register for got mail so I can search their forums? I go to the English site but when I register it sends me to Japanese?? Thanks! Oh, and if someone has a clue on dormant ruins, the stupid rope puzzle, help! I know all the clues but can’t figure out how to put it together! Nothing is working. Thank you!

    1. Christine

      Nevermind on the rope puzzle part. Just started pulling on stuff til it went through 🙂

  340. Tina

    Key Point please!!!

    1. Empty

      Here’s a little more on Key Point.
      6745 is code for middle cabinet. One with lines is 2568. U get key and doll body in these. Key is to open bottom of couch to get magnifying glass which u use on bottom of blue poster. I’ve not figured code for that which opens the red roof house yet. I’m also having problems with time is money lock.

      1. Mair

        How did u come up with 6745?

        1. Empty

          Hi Mair,

          Re: of (6745). Look in trash can,there’s paper with colors and #s. Go look at window it has circles and arrows. U have to move around numbers cause it shows arrows meaning u need to move these. Hope this helps.

  341. Tina

    I can’t figure it out too. I don’t understand what the nails? mean.

  342. Izzy

    Someone please help with the nails!!!

  343. Hev

    To get the code to unlock the red roof complete the equation on the poster and then divide it by 2 🙂

    1. Tazza

      Hev can you please help a little more with the poster equation?

    2. muffin

      Can you please elaborate more on the nails equations?

      1. muffin

        it is 1378. (2632+124)/2.

  344. Izzy

    I’ve tried every number, I can’t get it, help!!

  345. Andrew

    “Time is money” just refers to the clock. You need to look at the back of the breaker box door.

    1. Tina

      I don’t understand that

  346. muffin

    Someone please help with the nails’ equation..

    1. Tazza

      I need help there too. Thanks for 6745! Time equals money code is easy to work out once you see the detail on the door of the switch box

  347. Bill

    Elansar needs a walkthrough.

  348. Tiff

    I’m stuck in “recreation”. Anyone playing that one?

    1. Mair

      Just finished it. The biggest stumbling block was figuring out the code to the safe. The numbers behind the cabinet (you need the lighter to see them) are the clue to the safe. Once you realize that they want you to interpret the numbers like a clock,ie 60=00, the game is straightforward from there.

  349. Tina

    I’m playing it but I’m stuck too

  350. Tazza

    Please help with the nail equation on the poster…anyone?

  351. Bill

    I do not know what IDAC means in this comment. Elansar is a new game I came across on the Android market.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ahh. Well, I don’t see it on iOS, so I can’t play it yet. But I can create a page for it.

  352. Bill

    We have both IOS and android. The game has no hints, so one has to go around in typical Myst fashion and try everything.

  353. Empty

    The end of Delusion. I can’t find walkthrough anywhere. Help plzz… By IDAC..

  354. Lisen

    Please, I need a walktrough for nirvana the revival crown.

  355. vicky miles

    The mirror of purity walkthrough and merry escape please

    1. d3m1s

      I’m stuck too with Merry Escape… Did you find yellow star piece? I have red badge with tip on the rear, green-blue-red lights, lighter, paper with orange juice with a number on it, red and green star piece, ice cream glass and a spoon

      1. Tazza

        I have exactly the same. What does ‘White Christmas’ on the back of the door mean? And the coloured circles. I think the last piece should be white going by the back of the card. What do the buttons do underneath the blue, green and red pics? Did you put the liquor in each of the glasses?

        1. d3m1s

          Yes, I’ve put the liquor in each of the glasses. I Think “White Christmas” is related with Christmas Tree, but I can’t operate with it.

          1. Tazza

            Operate the Christmas Tree? What does that mean? What about the pictures with the buttons underneath?

          2. Tazza

            Have you managed to read the coloured circles underneath the wall hanging by table in the small room?

    2. Stacey

      have you found a walkthrough for the mirror of purity yet? I’ve had the game on my phone for a month and can’t get anywhere, PLEASE HELP!!

  356. 9A

    I need a walkthrough for ” Brimming with jealousy” please.

    1. Revital

      If you have a specific question I’ll be happy to help. You can also search gotmail forum there is a complete walkthrough there.

  357. Cupcake

    For key point, how to work the calculator to get the password?

    1. Mair

      Put the calculator on the ledge of the window whose blinds are open.

  358. Sticky

    Is there a page for A michievous wind by IDAC?

  359. Empty

    Page for Inside the Mirror by IDAC, please.

  360. courtney

    Seriously need help with the mirror of purity. Stuck at the colired squares

    1. Meredith

      Courtney, you need the metal plate to put over the clue in the book. I think you get it from the safe in the second room.

      1. Mobes

        Meredith what is safe code I tried 0285 doesnt work. Pots in front room then order on safe or am I wrong

  361. kristy

    Castle of idac and the price of happiness by wavea pretty please =)

  362. Lisay

    the empty cell pleaseeee…

  363. sam

    Stuck on a signal from beyond. Can’t get red cellophane or work out leaver on silver cabinet.

  364. Lisay

    Please help the empty cell stuck code for chrystal case

  365. Kristy

    A Mischevious Wind by IDAC? =)

  366. Empty

    Page for End of Love needed by IDAC please.

  367. Tazza

    Merry Escape?

  368. Tazza


  369. Tazza

    I have two out of the three pieces. I have completed most of it but now stuck

  370. Mary

    I am looking for a walkthrough for “Spooky Manor” ?

  371. Tazza

    A Signal From Beyond?

  372. Empty

    Walkthrough 4 Dark Train Station by Idac. Thxs…..

  373. Zalia

    A walkthrough for Signal from Beyond would be appreciated. Found lots of hints, locked boxes and tools, but all locked, out of reach or difficult to solve. Got shoe cabinet open by chance but like to know how the hints work.

  374. CMY

    Does anyone know how to get a good ending for “the memo”? It is an old game by IDAC. Please help!

  375. Stacey

    I really need a walkthrough for “castle of illusion” from IDAC…PLEASE HELP

  376. Stacey

    Walkthrough for “Castle of Illusion” by IDAC…PLEASE

  377. christel

    I really need a walkthrough for “An Unexpected Visitor” by Idac. Can not figure out the 6 digit code for the box in the second room. Please help.

  378. McKinna

    “all-consuming love” by IDAC, please!! I’ve been stuck forever on the very last drawer code at the end of the game

  379. cheryl

    A walkthrough for unexpected visitor

  380. Carla

    Please post a walkthrough for “envy at the office” and ” haunted house” idac games. I am STUCK!!!!!

  381. Carla

    Please post a walkthrough for ” envy at the office” and “haunted house” idac games

  382. Tabitha Cable

    Walkthrough for idac haunted house, a distance between us, and castle of illusion.

  383. Empty

    This is game from 7/27/2011 by Idac, Daydreamer. Is there old walkthrough for this anywhere in the archives???? Thanks.

  384. tweetypiebrown

    I really need the walkthrough for doors and rooms chapter 4 claustrophobia level 12 please

  385. Bill

    This is a request for an Android game called “Nirvana”. Interesting little game but with NO hints. The authors request that a user post their email addy on the Android store and they will email walkthrough…….no way.

    I have got through quite a bit of it but am stuck at the door with the rotating clock numbers and I have got the code page that activates the puzzle. But, this puzzle has befuddled me! Anyone tried it yet?

  386. Stacey

    I’ve had “Mirror of Purity” by WaveA on my phone for a month now and can’t get anywhere. PLEASE HELP! ANYONE??

  387. Napali66

    What is the code for the bathroom door in haunted house?

  388. saga

    Can you please help me solve the treasure of nahala??
    I’m stuck and cannot open the oven code in the kitchen! PLZ!!!!

  389. Chasity

    need walk through for help purple lvl 20 I’m stuck nd can’t get past it… also jus in case u need to know I’m on an iPhone 4S

  390. Cata

    Walkthrough needed for “distance between us” I got the Box cutter, cut the side of the bed to get two coins with a star on each of them and from there I’m clueless.

  391. Patrice Datovech

    Is there a walkthrough for Cryptic Keep?

    1. Bill

      It is on this site. Look at the top section.

  392. Kristy

    Cave of Regret, an Unexpected Visitor, Haunted House, Midnight Reunion, and Death Island (WaveA) pleaaaase? =)

    And/or help with any of these. I’ve barely gotten anywhere in them.

    1. Chris

      I’ve got through death island (with bad end only) if u didnt get it yet I can help

  393. Shawnya

    Is there a walkthrough for Real Escape – leave alive if you can?


  394. Lisen

    Please, I need a walkthrough for the idac game The Stolen Treasure.

  395. Tif

    Stuck at the last bit of the stolen treasure. Got the light bulb, green key and a decorated key. Pls help.

  396. blndy556

    I really need a lil help a great jaguar temple level 10. Please help me!!!!

  397. Chris

    The moon temple please!!!

  398. Riley

    Hey if you could get a walk through for evil quiz and ruins that would BE SO HELPFUL Thank you

  399. Chris

    Did anyone play the moon temple yet???

    1. Kim gardner

      I need a walk through for “the last door”, by idac. Help!!!! Lol

  400. Chris

    How about the trap of betrayal??

  401. Andrew

    Has anyone done “The Contrived Plot”? I am in the second room but can’t figure out either of the two combos.

  402. Kim gardner

    I need a walk through for The Last Door by idac. :). Thank you!!

  403. Revital

    Need help on ” the lost tomb, Veronica wright”, I’ve opened 2 doors and I have a key that doesn’t open the third one. I’ve seen the clues in the books but I’ve tried every combination on the tubes and the candles and nothing works. I can’t get the frog either …

    1. Empty

      Hi Revital, I’m playing Lost Tomb as well . I can’t figure out how to get frog either. I’ve got only one door open to lab,and Ive tried everything to do lion puzzle and I can’t figure it out. I looked at some stuff on the Facebook page they’ve got and followed the order of gems in order they say of: blue top left,green right up,red bttm left,purple bttm right. What the heck am I missing? Where have u found more help? Let me know plzzzz. I’ve been on game for a week.

  404. Angela Kent

    I am in dire need of a walkthrough for Machine Knight (google play/kemco), seriously stuck in between the Totori Village and the Sea Cave. >_<

  405. Empty

    Need English walkthrough for The Basement by Ethnix. I don’t read Chinese or whatever language it is. Released on 0/23/2013. Can’t get it converted to English even though it says English version.

  406. Isiah

    Um actually need to figure out how to get through tomb adventures….. Im still stuck and i can’t get the four digit password…

  407. scoobz

    I need help with prisoners of the night sky. I looked up your walkthrough link but there’s no walkthrough.

  408. Natalie

    Hi! Can you help me out with a walkthrough for dungeon of the damned? I can’t find one anywhere .thanks

  409. Amygullotta

    Need a walkthrough for the fiancée. Help!

  410. Anaam

    I desperately need a walkthrough for the silent age. Pleas!!!!

  411. cat

    A walkthrough for waveA escape the posthumus works. Any help apreciated.

  412. paul

    im completely stuck in “the lost treasure” HEELP!

  413. cat

    Anyone playing escape death island or the grave of the addressee, any hints or walkthroughs needed as I’m completely stuck.

  414. Lisay

    plis escape the grave of the addressee…

  415. big thorough

    Can you please give me a walkthrough for fragments of a lie

  416. Empty

    Is there old walkthrough for IDAC game of Brimming with Jealousy? Game date around December 5, 2012…. thanks.

  417. bill

    Well, 3D Methods has released his Cryptic Cosmos game on both iOS and Android. So we need to start a walktrough. I just started playing the new one.

  418. Big Thorough

    Can you please do walkthrough for illusions thank you

  419. Marta

    I need the mathematicians chamber walkthrough, please.


    I could use a walkthrough for WaveA’s game “mathematicians chamber”. Been stuck for weeks now. Only found 3 items items & only used 1 of them.

    1. Chris

      I am also stuck on this one but close to the end… If your still stuck i can help. What do you have?

  421. Bill

    If you have a Android, there is a $0.99 WT available on the store. It is only a series of drawings, but it got me through the game.

  422. Empty

    Appunwrapper or anyone,

    WaveA releashed two new games in Japense only.The name of them were translated called ” Detective story writers trap and Grey basement. Can anyone or has anyone played so a walkthrough can be done asap…PLZ… I can’t read Japanese…. Can’t spell it either….

  423. bill

    stormglass protocol now has 16 rooms and they are getting harder with each room. I see that there is no walkthrough yet. Hints would help. I am in the last two that were released on on September 11.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I don’t see that game anywhere. Is it for iOS or Android?

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Ahh…that’s the problem. It’s only for iPad 🙁

          1. bill

            LOL. You would not want to try this on a small phone screen.

    2. Trish

      I am so totally stuck in the warehouse! I won so many times at tic-tac-toe that it isn’t funny. However, I cannot “escape.” I’ve tried every angle possible, pushed the emergency button, jumped on top of the two elevators that can be accessed, and walked in and amongst the boxes on the shelves. I see no way to the platform where the door awaits. Is it that I must play the number of ttt games on the boards? Holy cow, that will take some time! The other areas were quite easy. I’m hoping that I’m missing something here . . .

      1. bill

        You know how to win ttt. You know how to jump. Go to the 6th floor. Turn right. Walk forward on that gangway. Toward the end you will see an opening in the guard rail. Jump onto the moving built. Turn to left and jump on top of wooden platform. Move to your right until you are see another moving belt below you. Jump on it. As you are moving, quickly turn to your right. The moving belt will take you over a metal gangway. Jump at the right time and you will land on this gangway! Move ahead and toward the end, turn to your left. There is another elevator. Get in and go to its top floor. Watch out. Both doors open. Walkout onto another metal gangway. Turn left a couple of times and slowly walk to the end. You will see that swinging gangway below you. Watch the timing as the gangway swings back and forth. As it swings under you….jump! If you timed it right, you are now on this gangway. Walk to the end, turn to your right and half way down, you will see a button on the wall. Push it. You will get a voice congratulating you. Go to the elevator and go down to its 4th floor….I think. When the door opens, you will see a solid, covered floor. Step out and you should see stairs going up to the opened door to the next room!

        1. bill

          I need an edit button. LOL. The last elevator needs to go to its 3rd floor to reach this final covered floor with the stairs that lead up the open door.

  424. JamZ

    Help needed for The Ruby of Judgment! Having great difficulty at the screwdriver code! Anyone solved it alr? Pls help. Thanks 😉

  425. Empty

    Any walkthrough for The Candy Shop by WaveA or maybe IDAC? Thanks.

  426. smartiepants12

    Could I have a walk through for the map piece puzzle on dolphins 3D?

  427. Emma

    HELPPPP stuck on the stove on haunted manor secret of the lost soul..which ones and how many times do I press them to be lined up correctly 🙁

  428. Suzanne

    Just wondering if you have or could do a walkthrough for “Deathless – Horror Story” please

  429. Dmitry

    Could you please review Sweet’n’Roll?

  430. mombug

    I would like a walkthrough of pixel quest. Does anyone know if this game is actually complete? I am stuck at the magic music. Has anyone gotten past it?

  431. Bill

    I would like to see a walkthrough on Philia. This is the sequel to Elansar. I have completed many of the tasks but stumped now.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll take a look at it ASAP. 🙂

  432. DayGuyYouKnow2012

    Do doors and rooms, its an app.

  433. TdeJong

    Hello! A new DOORS room escape game is online!

    DOORS 4 FREE – room escape –

    Pretty good looking, but hard. After a dozen levels the puzzles get challenging. I’m at level 11 now.

    Could you do a walkthrough? It’s 40 levels

    Keep up the good work!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I don’t have a device to play that on (don’t see it on iOS), but I can make a page for you to discuss the game, if you like.

      1. TdeJong

        Awesome, would be nice!

        By the way, I read the game will be released for iOS and PC (desktop) too.
        When I find it there, I will let you know as well.

          1. TdeJong


  434. Nancy

    Is there some sort of hints or a walkthrough preview for Mystery of the WEstington Manor????? thank you

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I haven’t heard of it. Is it available for iPhone?

  435. anna smith


    please help with rendaezvous without an exit im struck at how to get the steering wheel off the pedestal.

  436. Keri

    Hi love your website! Could you please post a walkthrough for haunted house escape can you escape by duanzhi wen? I can’t find one anywhere except the in app purchase. I’m almost done but got stuck. It’s a pretty fun game. Thanks for considering 🙂

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I’ll check it out. Thanks for the suggestion. 🙂

  437. Andrez

    Hi, could you make a walkthrought for a certain hero’s scape? i’m stuck on second level with a guy saying “i was told that i could meet my fate here. So i’m waiting for…” Please help me with that

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Hadn’t heard of it before, but I’ll check it out.

  438. Miranda

    Would you write a walkthrough for Secret Files Tunguska please?

  439. Adi

    I found The Fortress by D BEST, Love it, but are stuck in Level #11. Anyone playing it?

  440. Maha

    Can someone write a walkthrough on ‘memreies of a snowy night’ I am stuck at that one.

    1. Maha

      Never mind I escaped with a bad ending but how to get the good ending plz tell.

      1. Anna-Vevina

        Hi Maha, to get a good end you need to use the hammer on the crack in the wall that’s between the exit door and the box with the robot in it 🙂

  441. zsalia

    I need a walkthrough for inhabitant lost at sea. I’m stuck after I got a card that look lik it say oc711. Please help!!!

    1. Anna-Vevina

      Hi Zsalia, to use the card you need to open the cupboard with the mirror in in. Have you got the key from the vase yet?

  442. Maha

    How did you find the card.

  443. Maha

    Can someone tell me the code for the dial.

  444. irishiz

    anyone playing the last message? I can’t figure out the bottom desk drawer with the word ‘leg’ and red x white dots. Thanks!

  445. D

    Playing The Last Message. Is there a discussion page? I’m really stuck!

  446. Maha

    Please post a walkthrough for ‘the inhabitant lost at the sea’

  447. Maha

    Is anyone playing the dark dating party I am stuck at the hidden input device I can’t find its password.

    1. Maha

      And plz some one write a walkthrough for the inhabitant lost at the sea.

  448. sos

    Do love escape

  449. Kaden Macdonald

    I really need a walkthrough for The Inhabitant Lost In The Sea because I can’t get past the part when you get the mouse for the laptop, right now I have the mouse, magnet, pliers and the red IC chip card with an A and the blue IC chip card with a b.

  450. suchismita

    Please do make a walkthrough ON ESCAPE FROM VAMPIRE-ROOM ESCAPE thank you.

    1. shanelletham


  451. amboro

    Anyone have a clue from escape game IDAC called the last message???? I can not find anywhere the walkthrough. Plz help me out of here….

  452. amboro

    Yeay…i did it by my self… Thanks godness

  453. sos

    Plesa do love escape

  454. sos

    Plesa do love escape I relley neee help

  455. Maha

    I need a walkthrough for ‘a secret desire’ I am stuck on the safe, how to get the keys and where are the bolts.

  456. mira

    I need help for “grandmothers room escape game plz

    1. AppUnwrapper

      That game looks great, but sadly I don’t have an iPad. 🙁

  457. Anthony

    I would really love a walkthrough for dark nebula please. It is extremely hard and I need some help. Thank you for considering.

  458. Queenofcakes

    Can you please do a walk through for Rgb express level D-10

  459. mzinn

    The Perils of Man Chapters 2 & 3 (Current Full game), in hopes that chapters 4 – 7 do come out in Dec 2014 or Jan 2015.

  460. Kim

    Hi! Please make a walkthrough for DO NOT BELIEVE HIS LIES by TheM Dev.

    Thank you!

  461. mzinn

    I just completed Perils of Man full game (Ep 1 chap 1-3). There are a few parts that’ll drive ya nuts. If you do a walk through & get stuck let me know. I’ll be happy to return the favor you’ve provided me numerous times my friend.

    1. Marika

      I’m stuck in Chapter 2 beneath the stage (furnace room/ cistern) & really need help!!! There isn’t a single walk through out there that covers more than Chapter 1!!! Thank you!

  462. Alan

    Hi, I need a walkthough for level 7-8 of Quetzalcoatl

  463. Bill

    We need a walkthrough on the new Escape from Laville 2 that just came out.

  464. Bill

    We need a walkthrough on the new Escape from Laville2.

  465. Mzinn

    I just finished Syberia & Cognition episode 1. Both are great games & I could have used one of your awesome walkthroughs. They are worth checking out.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Syberia’s on my list to play, but haven’t heard of Cognition. Will look into it. 🙂

  466. Carole

    In the office-find it. Level 7 is making me grey lol that football puzzle is impossible. Please make a walkthrough

  467. Laura

    Can someone please post a walk through for IDAC’s “Chapel of Chance Meetings”? I’ve made it almost to the end, and I can’t figure out how to open the organ.

    1. Empty

      Laura, Ive looked everywhere for help and nothing. I’m stuck on the light panels. Not sure which ones to push. Help. What’s the dial and letter codes form what I call the pulpit? Thanks.

      1. Laura

        I’ll try my best to recall what I did for the pulpit.

        First off, it won’t work until you look at the monitor in the back of the room, and connect the benches. If you haven’t done this already, you have to click and connect certain ones that make 2 letters. Those 2 letters open the cabinet to the right of the pulpit.

        I don’t know how far you’ve gotten, but you need the light house in the distance behind the pulpit to shine through the window. It will reflect a picture on the back door w/ the flowers. You will see a picture of TV and an NE reflected onto the door above the flowers. Take the 2 letters you get on the monitor (the same 2 letters that opened the cabinet) and put them together with the NE. It spells a number. Then go to the pulpit and play with the dials. They should now work. The dial on the left and right need to add up to that number and the pulpit will open.

  468. Jojo

    Please, a walkthroug for The Chapel of Chance Meetings!
    It is Impossible to find the key for openning the piano or how to get down the gΓö£Γöéndola!

    1. Laura

      That’s exactly where I’m stuck. I can’t find the key or get down the gondola. It’s been a week without any progress.

      The only thing that I can think is the word “color” that is written 7 times. I haven’t used that yet. Since the green paper is still highlighted, there is still use for it. I just can’t figure out where. Also, you can still press the buttons (1 – 6)on the bottom of each bench. There just isn’t a clue as to what to do with them.

      HELP PLEASE!!!

      1. Laura

        Ok…I have no clue how I did it, but to open the organ, you need to press the buttons on the bottomof the pews/benches. The front of the green sheet with “color” written on it is the clue. I think it’s click the 1, then 4, then 3, then 5, 5 again, then 4, then 6. I’m not 100% if that’s how I did it…but clicking the right buttons eventually will tell u, u can’t click them anymore. The organ will then open without the need for the key. The rest should be easy.

        1. Empty

          Hi Laura,
          I made it to the basement with your help. But, I can’t get the drawer open, I can’t figure code out on back of dresser any help. Thanks.

  469. Empty

    Need walkthrough for Attack on a Former Detective please. I’m stuck with box on book shelf. I’ve got the yellow ice,glass of wine, the ball from sink ( after pouring wine out), key and socket,wrench,key. Thanks….

  470. Empty

    Idac releashed 3 games for free.BUT, in Japanese. Names are like Wakareji, Doll,Lost. Where can we find help to do these games??

  471. ElaineBrain

    Please do a walkthrough for The Distance Between Us. I am almost at the end and stuck. I have the symbols on the tv and 3 of the 4 table balls. Almost there, so frustrating!

  472. Amber Shepherd

    Could you please do a walkthrough for the escape game Hare in the Hat? I’m so lost! Thanks, Amber Shepherd

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Is it worth the buck? I’m kind of turned off by the IAPs to skip puzzles in a paid game.

  473. michelle greene

    I found a beautiful…but maddening game~ LANTERN ODYESSEY!! It’s very tricky! But u my friend, are a genius! I’m sure u will do awesome. I can’t find any walkthrough anywhere….ty & I love love love ur work!!

  474. Mzinn

    You may want to check out “Heartbeats – A graphic Puzzle” it’s kind of quirky interesting puzzle game. I’ve just started but thought it was at least worth a look.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yep, I downloaded it. Just have a lot of games to play this week!

      1. Mzinn

        For sure. So many games so little time!

  475. Mzinn

    How amazing does “Forgotten Memories” look. I can’t wait. I’d like to hear your thoughts after you put it through the paces.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It does look good! I’m so glad I bought an iPad just in time for it!

      1. Mzinn

        Cool! Can’t believe you did all that from iPhone. You deserve props my friend.

        Now you can check out Contradiction. It’s a very cool “who done it”
        Very unique gameplay. Live action video clips as clues & you have to solve a case by finding contradictions in the clips. I really enjoyed it. Watch the video of gameplay but not too much or you’ll see some things that’s help you when you do try it. Let me know if you give it a look over or a try.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Ahh yes, I’ll add that to my list. Currently playing Puzzle House (see latest post). But I definitely want to check that one out.

          1. Mzinn

            That looks amazing. Are the graphics as good as they look? Wow. It looks like an awesome game. I’ll check your review after a few more stages of Breath of Light.

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Yeah, I think the graphics don’t do it justice. This is part one of three, though, so not sure how long it is.

  476. Mzinn

    You should check out Tetrobot & Co. It’s a very well done puzzler.

    1. Mzinn

      Sorry. Forgot to mention Breath of Light as well. It’s similar to God of light or Khaba. I know you like those.

        1. Raymonda D. Coleman

          You are welcome

  477. Mzinn

    Perils of man went free & got an update to include the full version. Grab it while it’s free. I think you’ll love it. A few puzzles drove me crazy but you’re much better than I am at these games. It’s an awesome game! Its really well done.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Only chapter 1 is free. But will see how I like it.

      1. Mzinn

        Think it said buy episode one (currently Free) & get episode two free. But maybe I read it wrong. I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it. It’s a high quality game & good story.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I played the demo version that came out a while back. It was interesting, but a bit sluggish. Will give it another shot.

        2. AppUnwrapper

          It’s Chapter 1 that’s free — the part I played already. It was a bit buggy back then, but hopefully improved now?

  478. ColeDaddy

    Please develop a walkthrough for “Nubs Adventures” 🙂

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I’ll check it out, but I’m not a huge fan of platformers.

  479. Kastriot Sulejmani

    Hey! I’d like to request Dashy Square! Coming to iOS this week, a lot of people are talking about it and if you love electronic music this game is for you! =)

    Best regards,

  480. Dotty

    I was wondering if you could have a look at a game called “escape the temple” by Ruoming Bian , they have altered the start of the game because it had a glitch and now I can’t even get past the first post! I had previously gotten half way through but you can’t save it so when I returned to it the next day it wouldn’t work?. It’s NOT the “escape mystery temple” I’ve finished that one.
    Many thanks
    Keep up the great work

      1. Dotty

        Thanks. Any luck with my game suggestion yet?

  481. Megan Blankenship

    please please please do “Deep Sea Girl” by tabom! I am stuck hardcore and in need of serious help and there are NO other walkthroughs of it!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I can start a page for it since so many are asking.

  482. Den

    Please do Blocky Cars!

  483. Christina

    Plz do review Pool Empire, it’s really an awesome pool game! I am really addicted to it!

  484. Roy G

    Hey there. I know its a pretty old game but can you do a walkthrough for dungeon of the damned please. I’m stuck now.

  485. Dotty

    Can you have a look at a game called 16 rooms escape by Rouming Bian I’m stuck on level 15 and cannot find a walk through I know you have done walk throughs for this Devs games before. You can’t save the levels so if you switch off game it goes back to the beginning so you have to leave it on pause ( although the levels leading up to where I am are not that difficult)

  486. Dotty

    Can you have a look at a game called 16 rooms escape by Rouming Bian IΓÇÖm stuck on level 15 and cannot find a walk through I know you have done walk throughs for this Devs games before. You canΓÇÖt save the levels so if you switch off game it goes back to the beginning so you have to leave it on pause ( although the levels leading up to where I am are not that difficult)

  487. Peter

    A walkthrough from Désiré please

  488. Diana

    Review for Find the Melody – a music puzzle game especially for kids, but it’s for every age, teaches music skills, develops sense of rythm, has many instruments and colorful and funny characters to unlock

  489. Ubersupersloth

    How about Imprisoned by choice of games?

    There are about 20 endings and I just CAN’T get the portal ending.

  490. Arthur

    Hi, Can you do a walk through Ginger Roll by IRF Media, I’m stuck on it!

  491. Ken

    Can you make a walkthrough video on Dulp level 117? I’ve searched everywhere and everyone is asking for it as well 🙁

  492. Judi B.

    Hopefully you would be writing a walk through for “Rescue the Enchanter” by Lone Wolf Games….which is my favorite point & click game makers!!!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Those games feel outdated for me. The App Store has come so far and those games haven’t evolved with it. Does it do anything special?

  493. Nickole S.

    Can you do a walkthrough for The Secret Elevator DLC “Time”? I’ve been stuck in the game for months.

  494. danny

    found a puzzle game called raytrace its worth a look

  495. Candice

    Please can you do a walk through for “escape the rooms: hospital horror escape” by Yongqiang Zhou… it only got released the other day and I can’t find cheats anywhere and I’m finding it super difficult 🙁

  496. Avril

    ‘The Goddess Robbery’ is only a two scene mini game and I’m already stuck (how embarrassing) please apply your Jedi-like skills and free me from torment! no walkthroughs anywhere 🙁

    thanks for your time .. we appreciate all you do 🙂

  497. Kathy Hannappel

    Are you planning a review/walkthrough on Hoggy2? I hope so!

  498. Ann DiPaola

    do you have a walkthrough for dreamcage?

  499. Dale Farris

    Shadow City:Lost, Shadow City: Expose, other Shadow City games

    1. Remgenesis15

      Please!!! I’m stuck on all of them!

  500. Vitaly

    Aqueducts: Prevent drought.

  501. linda

    I’m surprised no one has asked for a walkthrough for Blythe Castle. There is no w/t anywhere online that I could find.
    Escape Games Blythe Castle: by Point & Click LLC, makers of Lost & Alone and the Mystery of Haunted Hollow 1&2.
    The game is free or $2.99 for hints, skips and no ads. I am still playing on free and the ads are not a bother to me.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I didn’t have the full game and didn’t realize you can play the full game for free. I’ll check it out.

      1. linda

        So far, I just keep going to the next room and am halfway through the game according to the Queen. A couple of ads – nothing major and not intrusive.

        No one has done a w/t on it yet. ChapterCheats only has a few solutions and some aren’t even right 🙁

        Some solutions are easy but there are quite a few head-scratchers too.

  502. Dotty

    Have you come across any of the games by M9 packaging ltd? Namely house escape and the island escape adventure? Only they are so weird and while I have managed to get into 3 rooms of the house escape I canΓÇÖt seem to get out of a spot when IΓÇÖve highlighted a section. The other game, island escape is even weirder, you have failed the game before itΓÇÖs even started! If you get a mo can you have a look IΓÇÖd be grateful for any insight. I have reviewed this game in the hope the devs might see it and enlighten me but up to now they havenΓÇÖt.
    Thanks for reading
    P.S I am a subscriber and I also volunteered for the ΓÇ£insomnia trialΓÇ¥

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I think I have a couple of their games but never tried any of them because App Store reviews always say theyΓÇÖre buggy and broken. The developer also doesnΓÇÖt seem to care and the whole thing seems shady to me. So I just avoid his games.

      1. Dotty

        Thanks for the feedback, IΓÇÖll be aware in future.

  503. Sally

    Hi, have just completed level 15 of Can you Escape 5. I had to use a walk through to interpret the symbols given on the fly trap. I still don’t understand why the answer is 7235. It’s driving me mad. Please put me out of my misery!

  504. Gabby

    There is this game called Marcus and the mystery of the Haunted Manor. The puzzles on it are really hard and some require you to write them down and figure them out.. It says on the app they don’t want anyone to post spoilers.. But I’m sorry I can’t even solve one puzzle and the hints don’t help at all.. I really want to beat this game and right now I can’t even get past day one..

    Please Help..

  505. paul mcdonnell

    How do I get through embassy with the horses

  506. Alex

    Not exactly a walkthroug, but the game Mind Construct seems like it has an amazing story! Its too difficult for me to complete – i would love to see its story unfold!

  507. Andrea

    Can you do a walkthrough of Get Out! 2 Poker Night ? It’s a room escape game that came out in 2017. I’ve been banging my head on a wall for months now.

  508. Linda

    Will you be doing a w/t for Bigfoot Quest by Syntaxity – (makers of The Mystery of Blackthorn Castle, Hunt for Lost Treasure, Rescue the Enchanter, etc)?

    I think it just came out yesterday but I am stuck already, lol.

    Thank you.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗ll take a look. 🙂

      1. Linda

        Thanks! So far, no w/t available anywhere so you’d be first 🙂

  509. JK

    Bury Me, My Love – please!

  510. Tamas

    What do you think about Wormster Dash? A walkthrough would be awesome!

  511. Morgan

    Stars apart!! No real walthroughs out there I can find

  512. Leander

    Can you do a walkthrough on Kerflux made by the same makers as Raster Prime?

  513. Antoine

    Hello !
    What about a walkthrough on Blazefury?
    This is our newest game, here at RadPirates studio. There is some cool reviews on Internet but no real walkthrough!

    Thank you very much!

  514. Sandhi

    Would you please do a walkthrough for the RHEM games (I-IV)? Would be very much appreciated!

  515. Escape Player

    Please do one on Recharge and Flyaway by Fei Li! IΓÇÖve been stuck for over a month

  516. Escape Player

    Please help with Horror house escape by ARPAplus! There is no walkthrough available and the hints they give are unhelpful

  517. Stella

    Can you please do the lone survivor by midnight adventures? Please! I’m stuck on the checkers puzzle at the beginning.

  518. Kenneth Johnson

    A walkthrough for Stars Apart. Oni

  519. Kenneth Johnson

    Anyone know any solutions for Stars Apart?

  520. Bette

    IΓÇÖm stuck on the circle & square puzzle, in Bigfoot! Ant help out there?

  521. Jmdeb

    Thank you for your tireless production of Walkthrough!!! I know it was just released, but maybe in time you could make a walkthrough of the iOS app KLAC. ItΓÇÖs a really good game but tricky and the hints are too basic. Much appreciated!

  522. Bonnie

    Surprised not to see a walkthrough for the ghost town by mediocity, since you’ve done all of their other puzzle escape games, even Alice trapped in wonderland. I’m stuck on the mine trolley lever puzzle. Following the clues and getting nothing.

  523. Arlene Graham

    I’m having a hard time with the purple pillers

  524. Uli

    I could need some help with Color Defense (iOS)! Some of the levels are insane on the hard mode.
    Thank you!

  525. Mena

    How about After the End?? Can’t find YOUR walkthrough for it. You are my go too for all things interesting! Where are you taking donations now?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Hi! I started that one but found the camera and controls too frustrating to stick with it. Thanks for thinking of me first, though! 🙂

      And you can still support me through Patreon or PayPal:

  526. Debbo

    Please, please, please do walkthroughs for the Insomnia series by acuario games.
    There’s 7 in the series.
    If you havnt played them?? I think you would absolutely love them!! I did.. l love horror puzzle games..

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I donΓÇÖt see them. Are you sure theyΓÇÖre on iOS?

  527. Mari

    I need help with the gremlin pack on Birdcage 2. Thanks

  528. Kelli

    Could you Please post a walkthrough for the game Dreamcage Escape-Two Towers Creek-?Thanks For All The T.L.C it shows!

  529. Dotty

    Any chance of a walkthrough for Prison Escape Puzzle. Mayan Ruins by Emmanuel De Los Santos? You don’t have to do every game just the Mayan Ruins as it’s just that particular game that I can’t do it’s only got 4 small puzzles in it, I can do the mural on the wall it’s just other 3 I can’t suss out it’s been driving me mad for months😬 please help and put me out of my misery😢

    1. Dotty

      Never mind

  530. LAMMAC

    Desperate in need of walk through for Apollo : Dream Odyssey. It’s a new game with beautiful graphics and all. But I’m stuck!

  531. Aldo

    Lost ship expansion….

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ah didnΓÇÖt know about that. Will check it out. Thanks for the headΓÇÖs up!

  532. nikki

    can you please upload a walkthrough for the Barneys cruise game?

  533. Elderly lady

    Hi, i highly recommend Legacy 1/2/3, new great (and difficult) escape game from a solo developper.

  534. Sbududdu

    Could you do a fishing paradiso walkthrough

  535. Sbududdu

    Could you do a fishing paradiso walkthrough

  536. David

    Based on your love of snakebird, baba is you and other simplistic but incredibly challenging puzzlers, have you played tetrobot and co or jelly no puzzle?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I started Tetrobot but never finished it.

      I donΓÇÖt think Jelly is on iOS?

  537. Dorian

    Please tell me how did u get those headphones on your ear they look cool (game is ( Sky: Children of Light)

  538. Dorian

    Would be helpful if u told me cuz how did you start off with those headphones

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You need to be listening to music or recording with a mic.

  539. Dorian

    🙂Can u reply to my messages thank u🙂

  540. Jagoda

    I would LOVE the MechCube: Escape walkthrough! It’s a little hard to find on google play, you have to search Ogurec Apps and find it on the list off all his apps.

  541. alice

    shinsekai walkthrough?!? love game but keep getting stuck

  542. Misty

    I need help with a game called MOPV3 The ruin of souls. If possible could some 1 help

  543. Misty

    Please do a FULL walkthru on Mystery of Peak Valley the ruin of souls. I’ve found a couple of partials from utube but I’ve made it farther than any of those. I’m stuck and it’s driving me crazy. Thanks for your time

  544. Maoni

    IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗d love to see a walkthrough for a silly, fun game I just found called Walk Master 🙂 I just got to the first bonus level called Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├║Year of the RatΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├æ and I cant figure out how to get past the last obstacle! So I came here, as usual, to see if youΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗ve done it. I searched and didnΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t find it, so I hope youΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗ll check it out. Thanks!

  545. Imaan

    IΓÇÖd love a walkthrough for Murder in the Alps by Nordcurrent

  546. Chantell Costley

    Please please please do a walkthrough of labyrinths of the world stonehenge please

  547. Crazysue

    Is there a walkthrough for Stonehenge?

  548. Anne

    Have you tried “The collaborator – secret of the hidden room”? Now that is a game that has a riveting story and I’m afraid it still makes me cry. Totally worth playing.

  549. Emily

    PLEASE create a walkthrough guide for NormanΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗s Night In! IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗ve been stuck for almost a year now, and I STILL canΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t find ANY walkthroughs online…anywhere ╬ô├½├¡Γò₧├åΓö£ΓöÉ╬ô├«├ë its an interesting concept, a different take on puzzle platformer. So much fun, so addicting. IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗ve already reached out to the developers twice asking how to get through certain areas, but now they wonΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t respond (maybe I asked too many questions ╬ô├½├¡Γò₧├åΓö£ΓöÉΓö£ΓîÉ) so basically IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗m screwed lol hopefully you can help!

  550. Michelle Noel

    Please do a step-by-step walkthrough of Kelvin and the Infamous Machine…pretty please!! ╬ô├½├¡Γò₧├åΓö£ΓöÉΓö£┬╜

  551. Magenta

    Found your vids when I was working through the Room series. You have been such a help and I thank you greatly. I’m currently working through chapter 2 of Meridian 157 and I’m stuck. Are you working on the walkthrough for that one yet?
    Thanks again,

    PS would love recommendations for games similar to The Room, House of Davinci that sort of thing.

  552. ClariceStarling

    Please post a written walkthrough of Mr Pumpkin2 CHAPTER 3 … watching a long ass video of such a simple puzzle game takes foreverΓò¼├┤Γö¼├æΓö£ΓûÆ╬ô├¬ΓîÉ╬ô├▓├▓Γö£├á

  553. Jamie

    I urgently need a walkthrough for the game ΓÇÿLook RightΓÇÖ plus maybe a way of upgrading to see pictures. I cannot seem to load it

  554. Donald Nelson

    There is a new TRUBERBROOK being released to iOS on September 3, 2020. Please consider an iOS walkthrough for those of us who will need it. I am pre-ordered. Thank you for considering,

    1. AppUnwrapper

      IΓÇÖve had the game for a couple of weeks now but havenΓÇÖt had a chance to play yet. I do plan to cover it but unsure yet whether IΓÇÖll make a walkthrough, since itΓÇÖs already been out on other platforms for a while.

  555. Jeff

    Check out Medulla, its a side scroller puzzle game. itΓÇÖs been in the app store about a week.Great sound and graphics.

  556. Lilbubbiebear

    Consider doing sneaky sasquatch. they have had a major update since you last mentioned them.

  557. audrey

    hidden escape lost temple

  558. Morrso

    Please do a walkthrough of A Foreign Land of us!

    1. Dotty

      A foreign land of us. Here is a link for a wt it might not work it’s is from 12 months ago it’s off a web site called tap tap it’s Japanese so copy and paste this into their website, good luck😀

  559. Debbie

    Need walkthrough for lucid dream

  560. Mari

    Hi. I really enjoy the adventure games. I think appuwrapper is superb. I had to write this as when I was giving stars it only said 1 star. Please know that I think you deserve the five stars I intended to give. Can you recommend some easier adventure games. I like the harder ones but my young daughter cannot do these. Thank you ever so much. Xxx

  561. Leticia

    hi, i’d like a walkthrough for Nowhere House, i’ve played it but i couldnt get too see all owls (and i’m not sure what happens when you do)
    Thanks for the amazing job!!!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I donΓÇÖt see that on the App Store. Is it on iOS?

      1. Leticia

        oh, sorry, i dont think they have it for iOS, Android only. it’s from Dark Dome, in the website there’s nothing about iOS 🙁

  562. Geraldine
    1. I need a walk through the attic room 3 please please
  563. Betty

    Is there anyway in The House of De Vinci to lose the ΓÇ£Silver DiskΓÇ¥ from the Drawer with the ΓÇ£Golden DialΓÇ¥?

  564. Sarah

    I need help on the Labyrinth Island in Down in Bermuda. Thanks.

  565. Ruthie

    The game: ΓÇ£some peace of mindΓÇ¥. Please provide a solution for this game

  566. ccatshow109

    can you do abandoned 2

  567. Nyxie

    Hi! IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗d really appreciate a walkthrough of Hotel Orpheus: Room 1309 🙂

  568. Ktlady44

    Congrats on your score on AE Mysteries! Great Job!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Hey did you play it? IΓÇÖm working on my walkthrough and I brute forced the stained glass window puzzle and still canΓÇÖt figure out the logic.

  569. Adam

    Untold RPG!

  570. Armando faso

    The new chapters from great escapes by glictch games.

  571. Kevin Smith

    I’d love to see a walkthrough for Scrappers, Apple Arcade!

  572. DrunkenBeetle

    Love your youtube walkthroughs! IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗d love to see a walkthrough of Relumine 🙂

  573. Hoke

    DonΓÇÖt need a walkthrough, but LOVED Meridian 157 Chapter 3. Clean, straightforward, smart puzzles, great graphics. Highly recommend. Hard to find good puzzle adventures without pixel hunting or hidden-object games.

  574. Pipo

    Room Escape Journey: Season 7 Walkthough needed, these rooms are really hard

  575. Abhinav

    Please make a walk walkthrough for the “Cave of prophecies” in the game “Sky: Children of Light”.
    It’s a hidden stage in Isle of dawn.

  576. Mel

    Stars Apart …. Can’t find any walkthroughs and it is a great game

  577. Maddog

    Frost has just added 20 bonus levels…help!

  578. oRKYD

    Can you do A Complete walkthrough for ORBOX B: REBIRTH pls and thank you

  579. Khushi

    I reallyyyyy need walkthrough for Tricky Doors im stuckkk

  580. Doreen

    ItΓÇÖs just a silly little game thatΓÇÖs fun, but has some trick spots and not much help finding answers. Need a walkthrough for TreeHole Adventure.

  581. Daen

    What about a walk-through for the steam title “SMIB: Mission Cure” – the first 6-7 levels are easy, but the difficulty increases massively afterwards.

  582. Nowhere literally lol

    Have you played Nowhere House app? I’m stuck but so interesting game so far!!

  583. CL

    Did you review Life is Strange? I canΓÇÖt seem to find it or a walkthrough, just the video. Thanks.

    1. Tracy

      Not sure if anyone has asked for it yet, but walkthroughs and guides for Hero Emblems 2 (like you did for the first) would be great to have! I’d most like to see written guides for weaknesses and resistances for all enemies, especially bosses, and where to pick up particular skills and items so I don’t miss something (nor blow money on something in the store just to pick it up in a few levels, lol).

      Thanks for your help and hard work! I love your guides and reviews.

  584. JD

    Frogger RR needs a walkthrough. Puzzle game. The fragments are what is giving me trouble.

  585. Sia

    I’m Sia, the manager of Sula Box Games. We are an indie game publishing platform.

    We would like to request a playthrough/review video on our game, Endless Road: Reborn! You’ve actually played an older version and uploaded a playthrough of it a few years ago. Firstly, thanks for making a video on our game! However, we just launched a new version of our game, featuring improved graphics, music, localization, skills, and more! We hope you enjoyed the old version, and we’re certain you’ll enjoy the newest version!

    We sent you an email containing an iOS download link. If you didn’t receive it or have any other questions, please let us know!


  586. vynn

    You should do Murder by choice, the game is rly interesting

  587. Michelle

    Murder by Choice for sure, locations of the collectibles is a challenge.

  588. Claire

    Really appreciate your recommendation lists. I was checking out Match 3s and couldn’t see Sliding Seas on there. Also searched your site. Maybe you have reviewed it – it’s a great Match 3 with a unique feature of the tiles that get matched being upgraded to a “better” more useful tile. The some is essentially free with some ads to get more lives or double in game currency (think it’s diamonds). IAP to increase diamonds and add buildings to an island. I keep returning to it and they keep adding new levels – roughly monthly.

  589. Steve

    Yukihiro Hozumi has a new escape game out called Purple. Could you do a walkthrough? The game is fun but very hard. Thanks.

    1. Jess

      I second this! Please could you make one for Purple?

  590. Nathan

    Can you do walkthrough for Escape Room Phantom Train, the game is so challenging.

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