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Highly need a walk through for The Basement Plot please


Looking for the walk through on the tomb escape


Need a walkthrough to. The safe garden safe wall.

Awwww thank you I’m like totally stuck at the cell phone 🙂

Awwww thank u


Hi, I really need a walkthrough for “the basement plot” and “the cage” thanks


Sorry “the hideout” not basement plot. These are idac


Thank you


Hi, I need a walkthrough for A Cold and Deserted House.



Can I have the walkthrough for The Bored Victim from Idac please?


Ooooh yes, a walkthrough for The Bored Victim would be great! It has had me stumped for months!! Thanks 🙂


Thanks for the awesome Antrim Escape 3 walkthroughs, which are better than any I’ve seen. I would love walkthroughs for Broken Sword (both games) and Infinight. Thanks!

Happy holidays!


Thanks for starting the Broken Sword 2 walkthrough!

Glenda Edwards

Antrim3 green snake stand ,1st problem 1 small, 2 medium= 22 2. One large, 1 medium, 1 small= 16 3. 1. Small=6 I just can’t figure it out spent all day,can’t see six anyway on the stand.


Do you have a walk through for the blood stained mansion IDAC


I could use a walkthrough for the stray school. SO many codes to enter! Thanks!


‘Looking Through the Glass’ please! 🙂


Can i have the walkthrough for Secrets Of The Water Mill, SOS Whiteout, The Clown’s Grudge from IDAC?

PGA Wife

Can’t wait for a guide. I am really stuck on this one! Thanks for your hard work. Cheers!


I could use a walkthrough for “cryptic keep” . Can’t find any cheats or walkthroughs for this game. Thank you.


I could use the walk through for “the dangerous dollhouse”. I’m almost done with it but for some reason I’m just stuck


I’m out nvm. Thanks anyways!!


But I guess someone could find the walkthrough very useful.


Can some1 help need a walkthrough for the Inheritance plz


Any plans for Sweet White Insanity? I’m really stuck. Thanks.


I could use a walkthrough for “looking through the glass” and “the memo” from IDAC 😀