I often get asked about point-and-click games that are coming to iOS, so I thought I’d start a list. I will keep updating this with new games as I become aware of them and removing the ones that get released. I’ve also started adding some puzzle games that aren’t quite point-and-clicks, but are interesting and something to look forward to. Feel free to post in the comments section any games I haven’t listed or you can email me about them. If you’re a developer who wants to send me info about your game, please email me at appunwrapper (at) gmail (dot) com. I will be adding trailers and any info I have. But please bear with me.


1. Where Cards Fall by Snowman (Coming Fall 2019)

2. Avolteha

3. Jenny LeClue by Mografi

4. If Found… by Annapurna Interactive (schedulers for 2020)

5. This is No Time for Games by Not Quite Black and White (scheduled first for PC, but they hope to bring it to iOS shortly after)

6. The Almost Gone by Happy Volcano

7. Elroy and the Aliens by Motiviti

8. Paradigm Adventure by Jacob Janerka (Out on PC, but might come to mobile)

9. Simon the Sorcerer by Story Beasts

10. Void and Meddler by Mi-Clos

11. Tsioque by Ohnoo Studio (hopefully)

12. Guildlings by Sirvo Studios (Due 2019)

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  1. Mary

    Thanks for the preview of games to come and for all the help you’ve given for so many games. Any date on the release of Return to Grisly Manor for iOS?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’s weird. I emailed him a while back and he said he would send me some info, even some screenshots. Then I never heard from him again.

      1. Mary

        I’ve checked their website and facebook but no info. Guess I’ll have to keep (impatiently) waiting, lol.

  2. Bria

    Has there been any point and click adventures released in 2016? I seriously check the App Store non-stop lol

    1. AppUnwrapper

      The App Store was on a freeze for the last few weeks, but new games should start releasing this week. Have you played Dropsy yet? I haven’t, but it got great reviews on PC.

    2. Felicity

      Same here! Point and click adventure games are pretty much all I check for on the AppStore. Lol they definitely don’t come out often enough….lol

  3. brogmoid

    Avolteha looks amazing, and very Amanita inspired! 2018 is going to be a long time to wait.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It does! But there are so many games coming out in 2017, so I think I’ll be busy while waiting. 😉

  4. Yunnan

    I just wanna asking, all this game is not release yet or ipad game?
    Coz i just can find jenny leclue,agent a and the inner world
    Cant find the rest.

    1. Yohan

      Agent A is incomplete since last chapters are still to be released. IΓÇÖm also wondering why any of these games havenΓÇÖt been released yet. Avolteha and Where cards fall seem pretty cool.

  5. Yohan

    Hi, I think Veritas by Glitch Games should be included in this list. I just realized that most of the games by Glitch are deservedly comprised in your ΓÇ£most recommendedΓÇ¥ list already. Thanks

  6. Kyaw kKhaing

    I want to restore thit game

  7. Laurel Peelle

    I have an Android, but any list of upcoming (or past) good point-and-click adventure games is much appreciated! Hopefully more of them come to Android as well.

  8. Dale

    Do you the you will be doing a walkthrough of “Dad’s Monster House” from Cotton Games? Seem like a game you would enjoy…thanks for all your great posts and help!!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I actually bought it but havenΓÇÖt had a chance to play yet.

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