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1. Ellie – Help me out…please by Ateam Walkthrough Download

2. Closed Room 1 & 2 by Ateam Walkthrough Download

3. RoomBreak: Escape Now!! by Gameday: Walkthrough Download

4. Escape Game: “Strange House” by IDAC Walkthrough Download

5. Escape Game: “An Odd Game” by IDAC: Walkthrough Download

6. Escape Game: “An Uninspired Man” by IDAC: Walkthrough Download

7. Escape Game: “The Meddling Shogi Player” by IDAC: Walkthrough Download

8. Escape Game: “Snow White” by IDAC: Walkthrough Download

9. Escape Game: “A Cold and Deserted House” by IDAC: Walkthrough Download

10. Atmosfear by Applix srl: Walkthrough Download

11. Escape Game: “The Drifting Locked Chamber” by IDAC: Partial Walkthrough / Full Walkthrough Download

12. Escape Game: “The Mystery of the Abandoned Factory” Walkthrough Download

13. Sapphire Room Escape by TeraLumina: Walkthrough Download

14. Escape Game: “Memories Lost on a Beach” by IDAC: Walkthrough Download

15. Escape Game: “The Whisper of the Plums” by IDAC: Walkthrough Download

16. Haunted Halloween Escape by TeraLumina Games: Walkthrough Download

17. Antrim Escape 3 Deluxe: Christmas Hidden Object Adventure Walkthrough Download

18. Antrim Escape 3 Walkthrough Download

19. Escape Game: “Dangerous Luxury Liner” Walkthrough Download

20. Escape Game: “The Inn of the Ordeals” by IDAC: Walkthrough Download

21. Escape Game: “Flames of Light and Shadow” by IDAC: Walkthrough Download

22. Escape Game: “The Basement Plot” Walkthrough Download

23. Escape Game: “The Locked Up Girl” Walkthrough Download

24. Escape Game: “The Phantom Composition” Walkthrough Download

25. Escape Game: “A Strange Invitation” Walkthrough Download

26. Escape Game: “Meeting Up” Walkthrough Download

27. Escape Game: “In the Darkness” Walkthrough Download

28.Escape Game: “The Dying Message, Part 1” Walkthrough Download

29. Escape Game: “Dying Message — The Sequel” Walkthrough Download

30. Escape Game: “Eyes to Ambush” Walkthrough Download

31. Escape Game: “Behind the Smile” Walkthrough Download

32. Escape Game: “The Hidden Trap of the Hotel” Walkthrough Download

33. Escape Game: “Prison Bar” Walkthrough Download

34. Escape Game: “A Night of Enchantment” Walkthrough Download

35. Escape Game: “A Twisted Love” Walkthrough Download

36. Luchuza – horror point and click game – Walkthrough Download

37. Escape Game: “The Airtight Warehouse” Walkthrough Download

38. The Passenger: Walkthrough Download

39. Escape Game: “My Girlfriend and the Cafe” Walkthrough Download

40. Escape Game: “An Evening of Envy” Walkthrough Download

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Can you please post a walkthrough for the game Cryptic Keep? I have been stuck in the same spot for months! Thank you.


How about disconnect (listed in Google play store as disconnectpart1 That is free). The other parts are bought in game (4 in all including provided part 1) also would need to Buy to unlock other save slots. Has moments where u have limited time to solve crisis or escape a room endangering main character and others. Walkthrough needs to include puzzle solutions,passwords and collections (said to help influence endings), guide to endings, and locations of orange medicine vials (needed from part 2 on to sustain main character like earlier mentioned crises (indicated by red flashing PDA icon in corner (and… Read more »


That would be amazing if you could. Thanks again!


Hey, thanks for all the walkthroughs you have posted so far. I seem to be stuck with the game ‘a twisted love’ by idac and would be grateful if you could share your walkthrough.

Any walkthrough for ” the clown grudge “…. Sooooooo stuck !

Steven h

Have u had a reply for the clowns grudge yet?? Thanks


Please post walkthrough for escape game. ” dangerous luxury liner ” . Thanks


Can you post a walkthrough for Escape game, Stolen Happiness? I’m stuck in the same spot for about a couple of months.




Julie, I figured out what the problem was. You have to hold the lamp by the numbers on the wall in order for the lock to work. I was just reading the numbers in the dark. Hope this helps.


Hi, I was wondering if you could post a walkthrough for ” Secret of the Mysterious Island” please.


Please help me with The escape game the beautiful resident. I am stuck there. Thanks


I am stuck aswell! How far into it are you?


Can you please help me with the clown’s grudge by IDAC? Please… I am so stuck!


Hey can someone please help me with “The Beautiful Resident”! I was stuck on the safe for weeks, finally opened it just by randomly guessing and got a green ball but now I’m stuck. Please help!!


Hi – I am stuck at the green stone too! Not sure what to do now.


Please tell me the the combination to open the safe in escape game the beautiful resident.


THANK YOU so much for the walkthrough to cryptic keep. I didnt realize how close I was to the end. Thanks for the help. Keep them coming! Joann


I don’t see a walkthrough for “Wandering Memories”. I’m stuck on that game. Can anyone help?!


How far along are you?


Matt–thanks but I got a hint and managed to finish that game!


Stuck on wandering memories as well. Can not figure out the code to the box with the clock on it. It’s asking for a worded answer not numbered so it is throwing me off. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I am stuck as well. Can you give me a hint to wandering memories?


any chance Matt or Melissa could help out on “wandering memories”? I’ve gotten to a point where it seems I need to either open a box based on a clock on the wall. or a big green safe with a cot order to ope . I literally have gotten to te point of just trying random assortments of letters with the thought enough monkeys on a keyboard an one will write shakespear….. I apparenty am not that monkey.


I’m stuck there as well. I tried everything I’m starting to give up. If anyone has a hint it would be great


me too! im stuck with a fork and the clock code escapes me


Hi – Can you please help me with The Beautiful Resident? I got the safe combination, and obtained a green stone, but I have now been stuck on it for weeks. Not sure what to do next. Any help will be very much appreciated! Thanks!


You have to put the stone in the hole on the picture frame in the room that has the set tables.


Hi thanks – I did try that, but it tells me nothing happens and the stone does not stay in the painting. Any idea how I can get it to stay? Thanks!!


Hi Ellen Did u use all your other items yet? If not maybe you have to do that first.


Hi Melissa, it took a while, but I finally figured out what I was doing wrong and I escaped “the beautiful resident”. Thanks for your help.


Can you please post a walkthrough for the IDAC game “The Memo”? I’ve been stuck for a month and can’t find answers anywhere.



I am stuck on this as well. I got the clock/ code/ mirror info bu cannot apply it to anything. Help


I can’t figure out what to do with the dinosaur, and also can’t figure out how to open the box on the table. I know it has something to do with the clock and mirror, I’m not sure what the code is though. I’ve tried all sorts of times (both forward and reflections since the mirror probably means you reflect the clock).


Steve. Don’t read further if u don’t want hints… If you charge the batteries then put them in the dinosaur point him to the right. Then put the shard of mirror on the empty table. Turn off the lights the dinos eyes will shine onto the shard. Click close to the shard to see the code. This where I’m stuck. Let me know if u get further.



Thanks for the tip. Based on Melissa’s reply I was able to figure out the code. Don’t read further if you don’t want additional details. You need to plot each of the four numbers on a clock one at a time and then see where that same number would appear on a “mirror image” of that clock. That is the code.


You’re right about the reflection. But it’s a reflection of the code u get after following Adina’s instructions. You’ll have to picture those numbers as if on a real clock, not digital….


Hank you Melissa and Steve… I escaped! (;



Congrats! I made much progress but am now stuck on the game-controller puzzle I am pretty sure the arrows on the TV need to be used, but I’m not getting what the triangle and square mean as part of the code.


If you have the square and triangle. Examine them close up. The have letters on them. Sorry can’t comment on any of your more recent posts.


Thanks! I’m out (with the bad-ending though). Not sure why I had the bad ending but still nice to have solved this after so long.


Were do you get the batteries? I’d love a walkthrough for this and obstructed love PLEASE


Hi – tried to use all the items on everything I could find, but nothing worked. I don’t give up easily so I will keep trying! Thanks!!


Congrats Steve– if you want to go back for the good ending I can let you know what you have to do.


Thanks Melissa, I’d love to know what I did wrong. I presume it had something to do with the ring or the hammer (they were the only two items I could still use when I exited).


Melissa, Since you seem to be the expert on Beautiful Resident as well, I am stuck in the same place the person above was stuck. I solved the safe combination (same way he did–by guessing codes–I still don’t know how what clues would have let me solve that), and now I have the green gem but can’t get it to stick in the picture. I also have 2 video tapes and 2 bottles of wine which I haven’t used yet, and a strange Shogo piece. Can you give me a clue/hint on what to do next without actually spelling it… Read more »


Steve–for the good ending you’re right it involves the ring and hammer. You have to take back the yellow ring and u have to open the drawer where you broke the mirror.
In beautiful resident, the green stone doesnt get used until close to the end. You have a few items left to find. Did u flip the switch on the wall yet?


Hi – has anyone finished “The trapped Detective”? I have been stuck on this for weeks. I have been trying to open the drawer that has the clue “add menu to open”. I have added the menu every way I know how, with no luck. If someone has a clue without giving away too much, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!!


There’s another clue on the floor….use that along with the menu. Let me know if you want more detail….


Hi – is that the note on the floor regarding “proportions of manhattan”? Hmmm, if you could toss me a small hint, I would be ever so grateful 😉


Yes. That’s the one. Single out the drinks that relate to Manhattan…..and add using the hints in the menu about the base of those drinks.


Just looked at the game again as its been a while Ellen. The manhattan clue and the menu: use the drinks whose names start with the letters in MENU. This game was definitely a tricky one!


Hi – thanks! I opened the cabinet and eventually found a bow that I put the three darts into, but I am still stuck on opening the space under the dartboard. I must not be adding the “manhattan” style drinks correctly. Could you give me another hint? Thanks – you have been great!


The drinks you want are the four that start with M, E, N, and U. And you have to look at the last page of the menu where it says the different alcohol bases and + a number. I will go back and do it again so I can give you a more specific hint if you still need it. Let me know. Good luck!


hi – thanks- I did that and came up with 5033, but it did not work for under the dartboard. There must be something else I am missing. You are right – this one is tricky!! I appreciate all your help!


Wait—the menu clue isn’t for the dartboard cabinet. Was that a typo or is that where you were trying it??


Hi – yeah, I was trying that under the dartboard. Ooh, do you have any hints for the dartboard? You have been great, thanks!


I’m playing through this one again and I’m stuck. I’m at the end. I need a silver plate and black cables and for the life of me, I can’t find them anywhere. Can anyone help?