Escape Game: “In the Darkness” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “In the Darkness”



1. Turn to the shelf on the left of the door. There’s a small red box. Move it and take the cutter from underneath.

2. Look behind the same piece of furniture to find a pen.

3. Tap on the sofa cushion. There’s something hard inside. Use the cutter to cut it open and take the screwdriver from inside. Also take the green cup from the the table (you need to tap it a few times).

4. Turn to the microwave. Open the left cabinet and take out one of the cell phones. It won’t work right now.

5. Tap on the left side of the sofa and you’ll find your bag. Open it and take your own cell phone from it.

6. Your cell phone works but has no service. Use the screwdriver to remove the battery in your cell phone and place it in the pink phone. Tap on the pink phone screen and examine every part of the image. We’ll need this to solve the clock puzzle.





7. Take apart the ballpoint pen and stick the remaining piece in the hole next to the clock on the wall. An eagle appears on the clock.


8. Examine the sheet of paper next to the clock:


9. If you look at the pictures on the phone again, you’ll notice it says “0” under every letter of H A W K and L I O N. They’re telling you that each of those letters is 0. It also tells you that after 0 comes 1 and numbers are allocated to the letters. So first, write out A to Z and put “0” under the letters H, A, W, K, L, I, O, N like so:


Then for the rest of the letters, count from each zero until you hit another zero. So it will look like this in the end:


01234560010010012345670123 for the whole alphabet.
Then if you look at the green boxes on the clock and on the sheet of paper on the wall, you get ZEEVD. Look below those letters you just wrote out to get 34473. Enter 34473 into the keypad on the door to unlock it. Walk into the second room.

10. Someone has a gryphon fetish. They’re everywhere! There are also some bloody tools and other scary stuff.

11. Open the medicine cabinet and take the bottle of hydrochloric acid.

12. Zoom in on the lamp to the right of the medicine cabinet. It doesn’t work. Open up one of the panels and take the lightbulb.

13. Also look at the yellow paper on the floor. It’s a calendar that says “June 23, 53”.

14. Look at the gryphon statue on the brown messed-up furniture. Take off the gryphon’s head. There’s a hole inside. Screw in the lightbulb.

15. There’s another room next to the bookcase. Go in and take the book from under the bed. Also take the mirror from the bottom shelf.

16. Look between the cabinet and the wall to find a wooden pole. Take it and go back to the other room.

17. Look at the top of the bookcase. There’s something up there that you can’t reach with your bare hands. Use the pole to get it. It’s a lid.

18. Flip the griffon head over and you see it’s hollow. Go to the sink and turn on the water. Fill the griffon/eagle head with water.

19. Go back to the body of the statue. Try to place the head back on. It tells you it needs a lid. So place the lid you found on the head and then put the head on the statue. Now the head glows! Next, put the mirror on the little cart with the scalpel and other tools:

20. Go back to the smaller room with the bed. On the left wall is a light switch. Turn it off and then look at the wall above the bed. There’s a circle of light shining on a small slit with an arrow. Stick the screwdriver in the slot. Then take the card key from the slot.

21. Turn the light back then go to the other room. Look on wall next to the locked door for a blue card reader. Use the key card on it to unlock the door to the first room we were in.

22. Walk into the original room and zoom in on the microwave. The pages of the book are stuck together, so you need to microwave it. Open the microwave door, place the book inside and close the door. Press the button to turn the microwave on.

23. Walk around the room a bit and you’ll get a message that the microwave is done. Go back and take the book out. The glue has melted and the pages came out.

24. There’s a clump in one of the pages. Use the knife to cut out a white object.

25. Go back through the door to the other room. Place the white clump in the green cup. Pour the hydrochloric acid into the cup. It melts the clump and an object is revealed. But you can’t touch the acid with your hands.

26. Turn on the sink wash the cup with he water. You now have a key!

27. We’re not done. There was a safe we didn’t opEn yet in the first room. Go back there and open the cabinet under the red box where you found the cutter. Use the key to open the safe and get a laptop.

28. Turn on the PC and examine each part of the screen.


29. Go back to the room with the gryphon statue. Place the key card in the slot. The color of the light changes slightly.

30. Go back to the room with the bed. Turn off the lights again. Examine the same spot on the wall and there are images arranged in a circle like a clock:


31. Go back to the first room and compare what you just saw with the PC, the clock and paper next to it.

32. Enter the password “Eh51” into the computer. The door unlocks and you can leave.

Congratulations! You escaped!


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  1. Harumi

    I just can’t combine the screwdriver and the celphone!!
    Can you explain me?!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’s tricky. Tap around until you get it to turn over to the back so you can open the battery slot.

      1. anna

        Hi,do you have a walkthrough for escape game:”the game of darkness”?.I tap everywhere and Im just stuck.

  2. Harumi

    I did tap so many times since I downloaded this app…
    Tap now…Tap tap tap…and nothing happened!
    Thanks for the tip! And congrats for your site! Helped me get through several games!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah their older games can be annoying like that. They’ve improved somewhat with the newer games.

      Did you manage to get it to work?

  3. Super_clover

    I’m sorry but I’m confused. Why is it ZEEVD?!

    1. Cardamomum

      IΓÇÖm sorry but IΓÇÖm also confused. Why is it ZEEVD?! Can someone kindly explain the chart and the clock, as in, how does one know which letters to pick from the chart?

  4. Escaper

    I cannot slot in the key card in step 29

  5. Lefty

    It seems impossible to turn over the bleu selphone! Can sombody help me please

  6. Suzi

    Have spent ages trying to get blue phone to turn over going crazy, is it opened or closed when you turn it? Should I be clicked on the screwdriver when trying to turn it? I don’t think my phone will survive if I can’t turn it soon!!!! Help 🙂

    1. Amie

      I’ve tried thousand times too, but finally got a clue that u only tap lightly on the top right corner (left on the phone)! It just works that everytime I tap on it. The phone must be off and holding screwdriver.

  7. Vento

    eh51 doesn’t work …
    why ? i cant even see a letter ” h” on the paper on the wall ..:(

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