Forever Lost Episode 3: Walkthrough

Forever Lost: Episode 3
By: Glitch Games

This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, solutions and answers to help you complete the iOS and Android game Forever Lost: Episode 3 by Glitch Games. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 6:

1. Open the door straight ahead of you and go through. Pick up the water bottle and the spade.

2. Go to the desk and take the wrench.

3. Go the the blue window blind/shade and use the wrench to remove the blind. Then take the car key.

You can also watch my video for chapters 6 & 7 of the walkthrough here:

4. Look at the flipped-over table on the floor to the right. It says “Look inside” and points to the table leg. So look inside the leg and see a wooden dial. Use the wrench to remove the table leg so you can reach the dial. Also, take the leg with you.

5. Notice the loose wallpaper on the wall. Peel it off and pick it up. Notice the drawing underneath it. Take a photo of it.

6. Go to the computer desk and place the wallpaper in the printer. Go to the PC and first look at the Family.bmp. Take a photo of it (or just remember the number 5.9). Then look at the Invoice.txt and press “Print Invoice.” Look at the invoice that came out of the printer and take a photo of it.




7. Go to the door to the left. Place the wooden dial where it’s missing one. Now, you need to get the dials to match the drawing from the wall. Basically, the two outer ones need to hit the blue area at the same time the two inner ones hit the yellow area. They each move at a different speed, so you need to start them and different times. The first one should be the innermost, then the one above that, then the top, then last is the second from the top. Here’s a video to help you out:

8. Go through the door. Look at the table to find some symbols. They’re a clue, so take a photo.

9. Notice the screen on the wall with the letters H U G O cycling through. Place the blind over the letters and match up the little line to the line on the wall. Now, take photos of each letter as it shines through the holes on the blind.

10. Tap on the snowflake puzzle on the floor. Take out all four photos and press the circles so they light up to match each one. You want to do each one separately to open each of the four locks. Then go downstairs.

11. First, look inside the crate to get two playing cards (Kings). Also, read the note on the inside of the crate about the shipping weights.

12. Then go to the workbench and take the saw. Place the spade on the workbench and use the saw to cut the head from the handle. Take both pieces.

See my interview with Simon Pearce and Graham Ranson of Glitch Games.

13. Notice that the door is connected to the hanging crate. Look inside the crate and take the crowbar. Now, remember the 5.9 from the child’s drawing on the PC? You need to figure out which items weigh 5.9kg together and place them in the crate to open the door. Use the packing invoice to see what everything weighs. You’ll see that the spade weighs 6kg and the spade handle weighs 2.25kg. Subtract the handle from the whole spade to get the weight of 3.75kg for the spade head. Add the saw at 2.15kg and you get 5.9kg total. So place the spade head and the saw in the crate and the door will open. Go through.


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[…] Forever Lost Episode 3: Walkthrough […]


Hi, ho do I her the ladder Thatcher is used to het over the wall to the old asylum?


I have tried, tried and tried to solve the hanoi/radio puzzle. Its starting to feel like a bug. Please help!!


It took me ages too, because you can’t get rid of the green ones. With the Hanoi puzzle, where you have just red/yellow discs, take that as being the top of the equaliser band, ie. if there is 1 red and 2 yellow only, click that band up to all green plus 2 yellow and one red.


I cant find the ladder where is it


In the cabin


The game in the kids room is a clue to the radio puzzle, and I have no idea how to solve it.


Just wanted to say thanks for the walkthrough! )


I got it and have now finished the game πŸ™‚ I think my BF is glad to have me back in the real world again πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the walkthrough – and for all the others you have made


how do i do the tree stump puzzle do you use 2 hands to do it i cant do it its pissing me off


Hi. Thanks for the walkthrough. I can’t understand the penta puzzle on the floor of the chapel.
I have the chalkboard photo, but I can’t see the connection, or how to set the pointers.
Grateful for your help.



Finished it now. A great game. Thank you again for the walkthrough and your help.


How do you get the ladder I have looked everywhere and I can’t seem to find it in your walk through either


TOO FREAKY! I loved it! But now I need to know what would have happened if I’d taken the other pill! I have goosebumps with this conclusion of the game. I’ve waited patiently (ok, maybe not patiently!) for Episode 3 to come out. And it didn’t disappoint.


It’s the same ending for each pill.


Yeah, what exactly happens if you take the red pill? (the walkthrough shows what happens when you take the blue one) What is different?


Blue –> collapsed, then wake up at the last room….like repeating the cycles scientist-rat again maybe on another episodes….LOL…
Red –> collapsed, heard ur wife voice….then full black out…..bye – bye


I just cannot retrieve the ladder from the first part for the wall jump. I think I’ve tried everything but it just keeps taking me up the ladder.

Help please.


Sussed it out too


Great walkthrough! I may have a glitch (lol) or I may have missed something but I can’t get the metal vent to open so I can finish the game! The number four handle thingy is missing. I’ve looked everywhere. Could this be a glitch? Should I delete then reload the app? Thank you


I deleted then re-added the game and it worked perfectly!


I Can’t Find The Latern & I Restarted Two Times πŸ™


Hey sorry I can’t find the token for getting the paper..where did i miss?


Found it????


I still can’t find the token for the paper puzzle, can you please give me a hint or just tell me?


You can check the calendar in the room


I can’t find the ladder where is it? I checked the whole chapters couldn’t find it

Christian A

Hi, thank you very much for the walkthrough it had been a huge help! I just cant seem to find the square puzzle for the puzzle in the childs room! Can someone help me to locate it? I got the three other puzzle. πŸ™‚


It’s in the postbox near the contaminated fountain


Hey your full guides were amazing and i picked red one what would happen if i picked up blue one?


What will happen if you take the red pill I’m at the part where you choose to take the pills and I don’t know what to Choose! What if it’s a trick!!


Somehow I missed getting the film. Where can I find it? Thanks!


Never mind, I found my mistake.


Hi there! I started the game yesterday and I”m in the Ferris Muelers game and can’t get back out! I think I somehow jumped further into the game than I was supposed to? I can’t figure out how to back out of the video game to the video game room and it feels like I”m learning parts of the story that are supposed to be at the end? Would the game allow you to move ahead before you were supposed to? and how can I get out of the video game? I talked to Alice and the hotel manager and… Read more »


I have been stuck on the long green code to the door in the manor. I think its supposed to be the theater door?


List the sins you are having trouble on got the code plus this walkthrough will help

Josh lancaster

I am having rouble with the window pane puzzle in the cabin at the the top of the ladder I put the sequence in but nothing happens can you help me


Make sure that the symbols are in the correct spaces by comparing them to the clues on both the left and the right window panes.


I love this game and your walk through helps a lot because no matter how many times I play I still can’t figure out the concept of the puzzle in the chapel which is also like the puzzle in the first one in one of the patient rooms


Think about the number of dots in each symbol on the playroom chalkboard. How would you duplicate the sequence on the chalkboard with the arrows In the chapel?


Y I can’t get in the kitchen?help…


You don’t need to get into the kitchen.