Forever Lost Episode 3: Walkthrough

Forever Lost: Episode 3
By: Glitch Games

This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, solutions and answers to help you complete the iOS and Android game Forever Lost: Episode 3 by Glitch Games. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Chapter 6:

1. Open the door straight ahead of you and go through. Pick up the water bottle and the spade.


2. Go to the desk and take the wrench.

3. Go the the blue window blind/shade and use the wrench to remove the blind. Then take the car key.

You can also watch my video for chapters 6 & 7 of the walkthrough here:

4. Look at the flipped-over table on the floor to the right. It says “Look inside” and points to the table leg. So look inside the leg and see a wooden dial. Use the wrench to remove the table leg so you can reach the dial. Also, take the leg with you.

5. Notice the loose wallpaper on the wall. Peel it off and pick it up. Notice the drawing underneath it. Take a photo of it.

6. Go to the computer desk and place the wallpaper in the printer. Go to the PC and first look at the Family.bmp. Take a photo of it (or just remember the number 5.9). Then look at the Invoice.txt and press “Print Invoice.” Look at the invoice that came out of the printer and take a photo of it.




7. Go to the door to the left. Place the wooden dial where it’s missing one. Now, you need to get the dials to match the drawing from the wall. Basically, the two outer ones need to hit the blue area at the same time the two inner ones hit the yellow area. They each move at a different speed, so you need to start them and different times. The first one should be the innermost, then the one above that, then the top, then last is the second from the top. Here’s a video to help you out:

8. Go through the door. Look at the table to find some symbols. They’re a clue, so take a photo.

9. Notice the screen on the wall with the letters H U G O cycling through. Place the blind over the letters and match up the little line to the line on the wall. Now, take photos of each letter as it shines through the holes on the blind.

10. Tap on the snowflake puzzle on the floor. Take out all four photos and press the circles so they light up to match each one. You want to do each one separately to open each of the four locks. Then go downstairs.

11. First, look inside the crate to get two playing cards (Kings). Also, read the note on the inside of the crate about the shipping weights.

12. Then go to the workbench and take the saw. Place the spade on the workbench and use the saw to cut the head from the handle. Take both pieces.

See my interview with Simon Pearce and Graham Ranson of Glitch Games.

13. Notice that the door is connected to the hanging crate. Look inside the crate and take the crowbar. Now, remember the 5.9 from the child’s drawing on the PC? You need to figure out which items weigh 5.9kg together and place them in the crate to open the door. Use the packing invoice to see what everything weighs. You’ll see that the spade weighs 6kg and the spade handle weighs 2.25kg. Subtract the handle from the whole spade to get the weight of 3.75kg for the spade head. Add the saw at 2.15kg and you get 5.9kg total. So place the spade head and the saw in the crate and the door will open. Go through.


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190 thoughts on “Forever Lost Episode 3: Walkthrough

    1. Karla

      Help! I can’t leave the ferris mueller game. Right after speaking to the manager, i don’t know where to find the bar.. And the ID is not with me anymore..

  1. Michelle

    You mention putting the mirror on the floor to change the path of the laser I assume, but I never picked up a mirror. Am I missing something?

  2. shelejs

    I cannot find the yellow star puzzle piece that goes in the child’s play room at the asylum. Please help. Thanks in advance! ?

  3. Lina Ziethén

    How do I solve the fuel puzzle? I’m lost! I found the place but don’t know where to turn the circles….
    Appreciate the help!

  4. Skrybal

    Help! I’ve put 5 of the gems in the diamond in the wrong order and now they wont come out. Also where is the 6th gem? Have I missed summat?

  5. Mommy213

    I play these games late at night when I can’t sleep. Which means my cognitive reasoning skills are sometimes sub-par! Your walk through made the game entirely joyful! It was great being able to do all I could think to do and when I was totally “lost” , have an escape out of my head (through use of your walk through) to get a clear picture! I know of at least two puzzles I may have never solved (or have died trying!) had it not been for your walk through! Also, I had a glitch where my internet went down and my magnifying glass just disappeared out of my briefcase, and had I not had access to YOUR observations I would have had to redo the whole game, and instead I was able to continue on. THANKS AGAIN!!

  6. GL

    I’m stuck on the levers. I accidentally put #3 in too soon and now I can’t get them in order. Help!

  7. MP

    Where exactly are the “little numbers below” with which to advance to the next page of this walkthrough? There are none that I can find.

      1. jean

        its in the forest’s cabin(the house besides the car parked)… it took me some time to figure it out its a ladder that can be move…

  8. Devon

    So the tree trunk puzzle for the caves….I am playing this game on an Android phone don’t know if that makes a difference. It is impossible to pull the two levers and turn the dial at the same time to make the symbol of the eye. I can do two at once but not three. It will simply not respond once I try the third dial or lever. Help???!


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