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‘G30’ Review: Is This What It’s Like to Lose My Mind?

G30 - A Memory Maze By: Kovalov Ivan  You know that puzzle that crops up sometimes in adventure games, where you have four dials and you need them all to point in the same direction? The problem is, rotating one also rotates another, possibly in the opposite direction. So there’s some fiddling involved to correct any over-rotation that happens. These are not my favorite puzzles and if you offered me an entire game of just those I would probably run screaming. So how is it that I’ve Read more [...]

Alleys: Walkthrough Guide, Tips and Tricks

Alleys By: THEMEr  Alleys is a new 3D adventure game by THEMEr. It takes place in an empty theme park and you need to find four special keys to escape. Much of the game is about looking carefully in and under things for keys, which makes it a bit difficult to make a step-by-step guide, especially since it's in 3D. But I'm posting videos of my playthrough and I'm also going to include some helpful tips and tricks for those who find themselves hopelessly stuck. Tips & Tricks: - Zoom in on Read more [...]

G30 – A Memory Maze: Walkthrough Guide, Solutions, Tips and Tricks

G30 - A Memory Maze By: Kovalov Ivan Ivan Kovalov's intriguing puzzle game, G30, is a hard one to explain. But I did my best to make a walkthrough guide for it. I have some videos you can watch and screenshots of the completed levels. See my G30 review here. Tips & Tricks: - Things start out easy, but soon you'll encounter puzzles where changing the red shape also changes the yellow. This might be familiar to those who've played a lot of puzzle adventure games. I find that in these types Read more [...]

‘Zero/Sum’ Review: Unskippable Cutscenes + Infrequent Save Points + Meaningless Progression = Zero

Zero/Sum By: Sean Kearney  The pitch for Sean Kearney's game, Zero/Sum, is that it's a math puzzle game combined with the cheesy storyline of an 80's B-movie, complete with live acting and absurdity. I confess, I wasn't all that excited about the math, but I love a good cheesy movie, and it was hard to pass up on the opportunity to cure cancer with puzzles. It turns out, the game delivers on its B-movie promises, complete with terrorists, sarcastic doctors, even a ghost! Unfortunately, it feels Read more [...]

Homo Machina: Walkthrough Guide

Homo Machina By: ARTE Experience  This is a complete walkthrough guide for the iOS and Android puzzle adventure game, Homo Machina, by ARTE Experience. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section. Tips & Tricks: - Experiment! There's rarely any guidance in Homo Machina. If tapping doesn't work, try dragging or holding your finger on the screen. I felt real silly when I realized that tapping on the hose wasn't enough and I need to hold my finger on it to keep the water running. - Read more [...]