Underground Blossom: The Lab – Research Facility Walkthrough Guide

Underground Blossom
By: Rusty Lake

Underground Blossom is the latest room escape game from Rusty Lake. You take trains to different subway stops and follow Laura throughout her life. There was a new secret station added called The Lab. It can be tricky at times, so this walkthrough will help if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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Secret Station, The Lab – Research Facility:

You can watch my video for The Lab and The Past Within mini game or continue below for my step-by-step guide:

1. First off, make sure you already completed the game so you have access to all stations. Then, watch the video below to see what number to call:

You can see it right at the end: 36133

2. So go to Child Lane and call 36133 from the phone. The woman who answers tells you to take the twenty to three metro.

3. Go to the big clock and change it to 2:40, which is 20 to 3. Get on the train to The Lab, aka Research Facility.

4. Tap on the janitor and take the coffee filter from his pocket. He also asks for some coffee.

5. Turn left. Look at all three posters. Then open the box and take the cup and coffee.

6. Turn left twice. Open the bathroom door and flush the toilet. Then full the cup up with water from the toilet.

7. Leave the bathroom and go to the coffee machine. Place the filter and coffee in the top and then pour the water in. Press the button to brew the coffee and then take the pot.

8. Go left again to the janitor. Hand him the cup and then pour some coffee in and have him drink it. He’ll say it’s strong and disappear to the bathroom. Grab the mop from the floor.

9. Go right once and tap on the janitor’s overalls hanging on the hook by the bathroom door. Open the pocket and take the key.

10. Go left and use the key to unlock the the door to the Research Facility. Go through.

11. Open the left door and look at the panel in front of you. You can move the fuse around to open one of the metal doors. It’s a bit of a maze, though, with lots of dead ends if you don’t do it in the right order. So bear with me.

12. Go back out and through the middle door, then through the middle door again. Look at the floor plan on the wall. We can use this to help us through the maze of doors.

13. Go back to the start and through the left door again. Move the fuse to the top slot.

14. Leave the room again and go through the middle door, then the left door, then the middle door.

15. Pick up the glass and notice the vent. Look inside to see a fan. Stick the mop in the fan to stop it and grab the fuse. Make sure to take the mop back after.

16. Go back to the fuse room and place the fuse with the other. Now we can open two doors at once. Place them in the second and third slots from the top.

17. Go back out and through the middle door, then the middle door again, then the middle door again, and once more through the middle door that says STORAGE above it.

18. Look at the stuff on the floor. Move the cutouts over the paper with the symbols on it until you see a symbol through each cutout. Then open the box and take the valve. And last, change the symbols on the box on the top shelf to the ones in the cutouts. Then take the key card from inside.

19. Leave the storage room and go left. The corrupted soul is locked in a cell. Place the valve on the wall to the left and turn it to open the cell. Then go inside and talk to the soul. It says it’s still hungry. Inspect the mouse remains on the floor and take the kidney.

20. Go back to the fuse room. Place one fuse in the bottom slot and one in the third from the bottom.

21. Leave the room. Then go right, look at the blackboard and then go right again.

22. Follow the signs to the lab. Go through the middle door, then left, then use the key card in the key reader and open the pink door. Go through to the lab.

23. Look at the binder on the floor. There’s three pages to look through. Then open the middle drawer for toilet paper and the bottom drawer for a floppy disk. And last, place the pot of coffee on the table with the rest of the chemistry set. Also, place the kidney down. We still need to fill the glass with water so we’ll come back.

24. Go back twice and then through the metal door ahead of you. Look at the floor plan and then continue through the next door. Then go through the left door and inspect the vent. There’s something stuck in there. Grab the matches.

25. Go all the way back to the bathroom and give the janitor the toilet paper. He wants some privacy, so just turn around for a bit and then come back.

26. Now the bathroom door is open. Go inside and flush the toilet. Fill the glass with water.

27. Find your way back to the lab and place the glass of water on the table with the rest of the chemistry set. Then use the matches to light the Bunsen burner. Now, you can drag each of the liquids to the fire to get them boiling. You can then pour each of them onto the kidney. But that’s not the solution. What you need to do is use the papers from the binder to figure out which liquids to use and their order. So it’s telling you to use cold coffee, then boiling water, then the cold green liquid.

28. Tap on the blob that forms and it will jump off the table.

29. Use the mop to move the blob. Follow it through the door and keep pushing it with the mop. You’ll eventually get stuck because it can’t get through the door.

30. Go back to the fuse room. Move one of the fuses to the top slot. It doesn’t matter which one.

31. Leave the room and go through the middle door again to find the slime. Use the mop on it and keep following it until you’re back in the room with the fan. Use the mop to get it to go into the fan so it breaks the fan.

32. Head inside the vent and keep going until you find another fuse. Grab it and then leave.

33. Go back to the fuse room. Place the third fuse down and move all three fuses to bottom three slots.

34. Leave the room and go right, right, middle, middle, middle. You’ll see the janitor cleaning the double doors here. Continue left.

35. Now go through the Memory Extraction door.

36. Talk to Rose and then she’ll get in the machine. Press the gray button to close the door and then the red button to turn it on.

37. Take the black cube from her and leave the room. Go back and follow the blood trail all the way back to the cell where you found the corrupted soul.

38. You’ll see the soul feasting on the janitor. Rose asks you to close the gate, so do so by turning the valve again.

39. Talk to Rose again. She asks you to take a look at the cubical device and that it’s time to run the test program. And says, “Run Harvey.” Then take the key from her.

40. Follow the blood back to the big double doors and use the key in the keyhole on the wall to unlock the doors. Go through.

41. There’s a cubical device on the table. Press the red switch and then insert the black cube. Then insert the floppy disc. You’ll get an error and the game will end. You’ll then get the Run Harvey Run achievement. But if you continue, you’ll be able to inspect the cube for clues you can use in The Past Within. Keep reading to see how to access it.

42. Flip the switch on the right to rotate the cube and see more clues you need for The Past Within.

(If you want to leave The Lab and get back to the rest of the game, the blackboard now has a time on it that tells you how to call the train. Just set it to 3:45.)

43. Now, open up The Past Within and start a new game. Choose The Future.

44. Once you’re in, flip the red switch to turn on the cubical device. Then enter the date 1935.

45. Zoom back out and rotate around the device to find the other two sides that had clues in Underground Blossom. Match it to them and then go back to the date 1935 and press enter. Take the green floppy disk and insert it into the floppy drive to play a mini game called Run Harvey Run. It’s an autorunner. Just use the UP button to jump over obstacles. Enjoy!

And that’s everything! Unless they add more…

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  1. wiam

    First, thank you so much. Secondly, The part where we go back to ” The Past Within” did not work for me. Do I need to repurchase it again (Is it also upgraded), please help.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You don’t need to purchase it again. You just need to be in the future. You might need to start a new game.

  2. Silly

    The box won’t open for the key card even tho I put the right code?

    1. Temp

      Check that the second symbol is correct, that was my mistake

  3. Lolo

    I’m in the lab
    Doing the 3,2,1 move with the boiling liquids
    It’s not working
    Any idea ?

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