Underground Blossom: Chapter 4 Bird Bridge Station Walkthrough Guide

Underground Blossom
By: Rusty Lake

Underground Blossom is the latest room escape game from Rusty Lake. You take trains to different subway stops and follow Laura throughout her life. It can be tricky at times, so this walkthrough will help if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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Chapter 4, Bird Bridge Station:

You can watch my video for Chapter 4 or continue below for my step-by-step guide:

1. Tap on the box on the floor. Lift the two latches and then open it and grab the pencil and piece of sausage. Zoom back out.

2. Talk to Laura. She says she needs to finish her sketch. Look at her sketchbook and place the pencil in her hand. Draw with it and then pick up the “line.”

3. Turn left. Tap and hold on the poster of the woman singing to make 6 music notes emerge from her mouth. Note them down: 123123.

4. Tap on the musician and play the notes in that order — 123123. Something gets stuck in his trumpet. Tap it a few times to get a fish to fly out of it.

5. Find the fish on the floor and tap it to get a hook to pop out of its mouth. Grab the hook.

6. Turn right twice and tap on the manhole cover. Open it and remove the stick, then attach the line to it. Attach the hook and then the piece of sausage. Now we have a fishing rod! Use it to fish a rat out of the hole and then let it run off.

7. Follow the rat. He’s to the left of the musician. Tap him and he’ll run into the hole in the wall. Tap the hole and he’ll throw out a note. Look at it to see it’s from the Johnsson Bird Food factory. There’s a daily bird food drop-off at 5:00.

8. Go left to the big clock and change it to 5:00. A train comes, full of men in suits. Open the doors to let them all out.

9. Talk to the guy in the middle, the one without a hat. He says he knows Laura and wants you to buy her a coffee and a sandwich for him. He gives you enough money for both.

10. While here tap on any of the other men and they’ll tell you you’re looking for the man with the red hat.

11. Turn left. Talk to the man in the red hat and he tells you to talk to his colleague with a brown suitcase. While here, notice the food and drinks stand.

12. Talk to the guy selling food. Give him $10 and then tap the sign for a coffee. Take the coffee from him. Then do the same for the sandwich.

13. Go right and talk to the man with the brown suitcase. He tells you to check his pocket. Do so to get a pair of glasses.

14. Talk to him again and he tells you the man with the hard hat wants his glasses.

15. While you’re still here, give the man without a hat his sandwich. He refuses to eat it, so inspect it to see why. Move the bread, cheese and tomato slices around to discover some worms. Remove all 5 from the sandwich and then he’ll eat it. Take the crumbs from his hand.

16. Go left twice to find the man in the hard hat. Give him his glasses and he’ll tell you to talk to the tall smiling man.

17. While here, give the coffee to Laura and have her drink it. Then look at the coffee mug and tap it a few times to get a cigarette.

18. Go right twice and tap on the tall smiling man. He says to check his pocket. Get the tie from his pocket. If you talk to him again, he asks you who needs a tie.

19. Go left twice and give the tie to the man missing one. He’ll tell you to talk to the man with the green tie.

20. Turn right and talk to the man with the green tie. He says you’re confusing him with his twin brother.

21. Go right twice and find his twin. He tells you to check his pocket. Do so to get a lighter. Now they’ll all leave.

22. Go right twice and talk to the shady guy in a trench coat. He asks you for a cigarette so give it to him. Then give him the lighter and help him light it. Take the lighter back. Talk to him again and he asks for the time and robs you.

23. After he leaves, inspect the bag he left behind. Take the paperclip.

24. Use the paperclip to unlock the fuse box on the same screen. Now let’s solve the sequence of puzzles. For each one, you need to combine two pieces that make up each of the three numbers. You can follow my solutions if you need help.

25. Turn left and tap on the loudspeaker to see 6 more music notes. It goes 112233.

26. Go back to the magician and play the notes in that order: 112233. It gets stuck again, so tap on the instrument. This time, a bird flies out.

27. Follow the bird to the right, sitting on the man’s shoulder. Tap on it and it hops over to Laura. Feed it the crumbs and it will sing a tune. It goes: 331311.

28. Go back to the musician and play 331311. When it gets stuck, tap it to get a metro ticket.

(You can also get an achievement here by playing the second note over and over.)

29. Go right again and look Laura’s sketchbook. Read through all the pages. The last one says, “It is time. The long hand points to the tree while the short hand almost catches the dark soul.” Find those two pages. The tree is IX or 9 and the dark soul is IIII or 4. So the time should be set to 3:45, which would have the hour hand close to 4.

30. Go to the clock and change the time to 3:45. Have the conductor punch your ticket and take the train to the next station.

And that’s the end of Chapter 4! Click here to continue to Chapter 5 or choose a chapter below.

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  1. Luan

    When I play 331331 on the musician, it doesn’t get stuck

    1. aae

      after playing,click the enstrument a few times again.

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