This is a quick list of all the Monument Valley step-by-step walkthrough guides for easy access.

Please let me know if you have any trouble with the screenshots, if they’re not big enough. I kept them smaller for fast loading. Note: There are now videos for every level!

Chapters 1 & 2 (I & II) Walkthrough

Chapter 3 (III) Walkthrough

Chapter 4 (IV) Walkthrough

Chapter 5 (V) Walkthrough: The Spire | Page 2

Chapter 6 (VI) Walkthrough: The Labyrinth | Page 2

Chapter 7 (VII) Walkthrough: The Rookery | Page 2

Chapter 8 (VIII) Walkthrough: The Box | Page 2 | Page 3

Chapter 9 (IX) Walkthrough: The Descent | Page 2 | Page 3

Chapter 10 (X) Walkthrough: Observatory | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 | Page 5 | Page 6 | Page 7

Monument Valley: Review

You can also watch my video walkthroughs for the game here.

New Levels! See the Forgotten Shores Appendix walkthroughs below:

Forgotten Shores Appendix i (1) Walkthrough: The Chasm

Forgotten Shores Appendix ii (2) Walkthrough: The Serpent Lake

Forgotten Shores Appendix iii (3) Walkthrough: The Thief

Forgotten Shores Appendix iv (4) Walkthrough: Halcyon Court

Forgotten Shores Appendix v (5) Walkthrough, The Lost Falls

Forgotten Shores Appendix vi (6) Walkthrough, The Citadel of Deceit

Forgotten Shores Appendix vii (7) Walkthrough, The Oubliette

Forgotten Shores Appendix viii (8) Walkthrough, Nocturne

Forgotten Shores: Review

**Bonus: Ida’s (RED) Dream: Walkthrough

Monument Valley 2 Review

Monument Valley 2 Walkthrough

Monument Valley Fifth Anniversary Costume Guide

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Ray Kowallis

Walkthrough of Monuments level 6 (last segment) shows completely different tower and description than the actual game. Impossible to correlate. Any help appreciated.
Using Nexus 10 on Android 4.4.2.

Eileen Johnson

Hi, I need help! I’m at the part where I turn the totem pole.I’ve turned & turned.I need to have the pole high enough to get it on the wall.can u please help me? I’m playing it on my i-pad. Thank you very much.

Eileen Johnson

1 thing, it tells me to “rotate the platform”I’ve rotated for so long my arm is going 2 fall off. I also counter clockwise rotated.

Eileen Johnson

Hi again,what I did was save & exit out.I then reopened the game & that part went away. Now I’m not stuck,playing the game with ease.I don’t know what that problem was,I’m just glad it’s gone!!Thank you again for trying to help.If you happen to find out what that was could you let me know? I’m just curious.Peace.


I got to Chapter 8 but did something wrong and now I’m back at Chapter 1. Is there some way to jump to Chapter 8?? Thanks

Christine Heasman

Thanks for the Nocturne walkthrough…its been driving me nuts…not any more.Monument Valley has been such a joy to play and so relaxing.I adore the totem and the Crows,tap them and they squawk,great fun.I doubt any other game will match the pleasure I have experienced.

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Terri Beckman

Hi I recently played both and had a blast! I am now on the forgotten shores chapter 8 trying to put the blocks back together is there a trick to stacking them? I looked at a bunch of videos and they arenโ€™t any help! Please help.

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