Monument Valley: Walkthrough Guide Chapter 8 (VIII) The Box

Monument Valley
By: ustwo

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Chapter 8: The Box: In which there lie strange delights.

You can also watch this video walkthrough for Chapter 8:

Open the box this way first (lift the lid up) to see the blue section. Walk Ida over to the button to light up the blue light, then exit through the doorway at the top. Close the lid.






Now tap the two dots on the left side and slide up to reveal another hidden compartment, the green section. This is where Ida went.


The crow steps on the button, moving the bridge. So you need to time your moves to get to the other button to light up the green light. Exit through the same door.




Open up the lid to get to the blue section again. Send Ida through the other door.




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  1. Mrs W Lawson

    Just cannot get this game to work at all beyond chapter 6 I have obviously paid for it no it is somewhat frustrating

  2. Vicki Sappington

    When I play a level VIII it freezes all the time what can I do about it.

  3. Verashnash

    This level is different for me. It is not green it is purple with a different layout

  4. Cinde

    You missed a level. There are 4 that light all 4 towers then go on to more adventure.

    1. Cinde

      My mistake.

  5. Mona Mace

    I started opening the box in the wrong sequence. Is there any way to go back?

    1. MAC

      I have exactly the same question and shame no one responded to you as basically my game is now useless or I have to completely restart – Did you ever get a response or a workaround?

      1. MAC

        Ooooohhh I found it – click on the circle too left and the door and arrow icon (usually means share) and it will ask if you want to leave this chapter! You posted a long time ago so hope this post will help others

  6. duskwolf506

    So, i did the first step too your walk through on “The Box” and i uncovered to a purple section, not a green one, i redid the step about five times in different orders and i still got a purple section. What in the world did i do wrong? (p.s: i am not telling this website what my name in reality is,so here is my schoolastic username) Somewhat said there were 4 chapter with these music box things, but i was sure i was on the chapter viii “the box”. I think those directions were mixed up a little for a different level.

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