Monument Valley: Walkthrough Guide Chapter 5 (V) The Spire

Monument Valley
By: ustwo

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Chapter 5: The Spire: In which Ida encounters the bothersome crow people.

You’re now introduced to the crow people, who walk around, stand around, or just sit around. If you get in their way, they’ll squawk in your face, and perhaps even block your path. They add a new challenge that involves timing your moves around them.

Maneuver around the crow people to get to the first button.




You can also watch my video walkthrough for chapter 5 here:

Now you have a dial that rotates the stairs. Turn it and use the new stairs to get to the second button. Avoid the crow.




Climb up the ladder and go through the door.


Walk to the left. Then turn the dial so the crow person in your way gets flipped around and you can get to the button.



Walk back down and turn the dial to flip the other bird upside-down do you can cross to the big staircase.



Turn the dial so the piece at the very top comes flush with the ground to allow the crow to come towards you. Then raise it so he can get on the block right in front of it. Lower it again so you can cross to the door.

(In case this isn’t clear enough, try this: You see how that triangular piece goes up and down when you turn the dial? Lower it to be the same level as the floor around it so the crow can cross over. Then raise it again when he’s on the side that’s closer to the stairs (and Ida). Raise it just enough so he can walk onto it under the triangle, then lower it back down and he’ll be trapped underneath. Then Ida can pass.)





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