Where Shadows Slumber: Walkthrough Guide, Tips and Tricks

Where Shadows Slumber
By: Game Revenant

Game Revenant’s Where Shadows Slumber is like Monument Valley with shadows. You play as Obe and carry around this mysterious lantern that creates shadows that change your environment. It can be tricky at times, so I made this guide to both offer tips and tricks and also a straight walkthrough if you need more specific help. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Tips & Tricks:

– Walk around pillars to see what happens when the shadow passes over the rest of the room. You often need to experiment before you can map out a plan.

– Some items can be manipulated directly. Look for objects, such as platforms and pillars, that change color. That means they’re active and you can move them. Try pulling them up and down, left and right, or even rotate them. Each one will behave differently.

– Pay attention to individual lights. They can preserve an object or small area if you keep them on while a shadow passes over everything.

– There are lots of buttons in this game. Again, experiment to see what they do. Sometimes they activate a platform or pillar so you’re able to move it. Other times, they might move a chandelier to the other side of the room. Just take note of what happens so you can plan out how to use them to complete the level.

– There are sometimes people walking very zombie-like along a path. You usually need to guide them to different buttons and switches so they can step on them for you. It’s similar to the crow people in Monument Valley.

– The game does have a few glitches. If something doesn’t seem right and you’re dreadfully stuck, try restarting a level in case a glitch was preventing you from doing what you were supposed to.

– Just experiment and have fun!


Prelude, Forest + Chapter 1, Jail:

Forest: Levels 1 Fallen, 2 Bridge, 3 Monolith, Wardens

Jail: Escape, 1 Light, 2 Detour, 3 Lock, 4 Ascent, 5 Pressure, Lion

Chapter 2, River:

Levels 1 Docks, 2 Cage, 3 Guide, 4 Ebb, 5 Ferry, Wolf

Chapter 3, Aqueduct:

Beach, 1 Noria, 2 Tradeoff, 3 Anchor, 4 Torus, 5 Island, Leopard

Chapter 4, City:

Levels 1 Slum, 2 Alley, 3 Tower, 4 Fountain, 5 Labyrinth, King

Chapter 5, Hills:

Levels 1 Cemetery, 2 Family, 3 Ray, 4 Henge, 5 Rest, Home

Chapter 6, Summit:

Level 3, Chains:

Level 5, Guide:

Chapter 7, Paradise:

Level 2, Pond:

Level 5, Gates:

More coming soon!

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  1. Sally

    Any hints for Chapter 6 Summit level 5? I can’t work out how to even get started. Other than swinging the chandelier around I can’t find anything that moves.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I can make a video for it ΓÇö gimme a sec.

  2. Sara

    Any hints for Summit- chains? I can get the first bridge and the gate, but the middle bridge has got me stumped!

  3. Cliff

    What about paradise crossing- 4. No one is covering that one… I’m stuck!

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