Underground Blossom: Chapter 2 Child Lane Walkthrough Guide

Underground Blossom
By: Rusty Lake

Underground Blossom is the latest room escape game from Rusty Lake. You take trains to different subway stops and follow Laura throughout her life. It can be tricky at times, so this walkthrough will help if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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Chapter 2, Child Lane:

You can watch my video for Chapter 2 or continue below for my step-by-step guide:

1. When the train stops again, get off at Child Lane. Talk to Laura and her mother. Laura says she wants candy. Zoom back out.

2. Tap on the metal panel to the left and use the scraper to scrape off the old gum. Zoom back out.

3. Give the old gum to Laura and have her chew it and blow a bubble. Then pop it and take the chewed gum from her.

4. Go right. Tap on the poster that says “HOLIDAYS FROM SMALL TO BIG.” You need to tap on the items in order from the smallest to the biggest. So it goes: Martini glass, hat, kite, camel, airplane, pyramid, sun. Then take the key.

5. While here, notice the two stained glass windows. We’ll come back back to them, as they’re clues.

6. Go right and watch the train leave. There’s another clock we’ll come back to. Continue right and pick up the poster from the ground. Talk to the guy on the bench and he asks if there’s any news. There’s also a locked box and a statue of Mr. Owl. We’ll come back to it. While here, notice Laura hiding behind the bench. Tap on her. Also, notice the stained glass windows and the ticket machine. We’re going to get to that in a second.

7. Tap on the ticket machine to see a clue. It says TRIANGLE + CIRCLE + RECTANGLE – DIAMOND. So now look at all four stained glass windows and notice there’s a shape at the bottom of each one. There’s also a grid with certain squares lit up. So go back to the ticket machine and light up all the squares you saw on the triangle, circle and rectangle windows. Then, tap on the ones on the diamond window again to turn them off. Then press the red button and take your metro ticket.

8. Look for Laura again. Go left twice to find her behind the Newspaper Photoservice window. Tap on her again.

9. While here, place the poster from your bag down on the empty space next to the other poster. It rolls up, so place the gum down behind the poster and use it to hold the poster in place. It says SMILE on it, so tap the woman’s mouth. Then it says SPARKLING EYES, so tap her eyes. Then her NEW BRACELET, her NEW HAIR, LARGE EYES, BIGGER SMILE, and then SURPRISE means you should open the box. Now it says, “EMERGENCY? CALL 53114

10. Let’s find Laura again. She’s behind the Mr. Owl statue. Tap on her.

11. And last, she’s by the Newpaper Photoservice stand again. Tap on her and take the glass panel from her.

12. Go back left to her mother and tap on the stained glass window above that’s scrambled. Replace the glass panel and then flip all the panels until it makes an image of a tree. Take the crank from the wall.

13. Go right again to the Newpaper Photoservice stand. Use the crank on the hole to the left of it and then turn it to open the window. Take the newspaper.

(Poke on the sign a bunch of times to get an achievement.)

14. Go back to the bench and give the guy the newspaper. Now, swap all the headlines to match the photos. Now he’s distracted and you can grab the coin from his pocket.

15. Go right again. Use the key to unlock the telephone booth and then insert the coin. Dial the number 53114. Tap the earpiece and listen to the message. He tells you to look into the eyes of the bird.

16. Go back to the Mr. Owl statue and tap on each of his eyes until they turn white. Then notice the compartment below is unlocked. Use the rod to pry it open and see the numbers 8827.

17. Go back to the man on the bench and enter 8827 into his locked box. Press the button to open it. Then zoom out and take the camera from inside.

18. Go find Laura again and give her the camera. Have her take a few photos until she looks terrified.

19. Turn right twice to see the corrupted soul taking Rose. Talk to him and then zoom back out and turn around to see the him taking her off on the train. Notice her bag fell to the ground. Go through it and read the note. Also, take the golden timepiece and nut driver (yes, it’s a nut driver, not a screw driver).

20. Go find Laura hiding inside the Mr. Owl statue. Try to talk to her and she closes the door, dropping the roll of film. Pick it up.

21. Go right and tap on the metal plate where you found the old piece of gum. Use the nut driver to unscrew the bolts and then take the glass panel from inside.

22. Tap on the stained glass window above the CHILD LANE sign and place the glass panel in the empty slot. Solve the puzzle and then take the clock hand.

23. Go back to the photo booth and place the roll of film in the box. Tap on the sign and it tells you to come back in 20 minutes.

24. Go back to the clock and place the clock hand on it. Then change the time to 20 minutes past 12.

25. Go back to the photo booth and look at the photos. Spread them out to see a photo of the clock set to 4:05.

26. Go back to the clock and set it to 4:05. Then get on and have the conductor punch your ticket so you can head to the next stop.

And that’s the end of Chapter 2! Click here to continue to Chapter 3 or choose a chapter below.

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