Underground Blossom: All Cubes + Extras Walkthrough Guide

Underground Blossom
By: Rusty Lake

Underground Blossom is the latest room escape game from Rusty Lake. You take trains to different subway stops and follow Laura throughout her life. It can be tricky at times, so this walkthrough will help if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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Cube Locations:

You can watch my video for this part of the walkthrough or continue below for my step-by-step guide:

(Note: Please ignore the inventory here. I reorganized things to streamline them and that means my photos don’t reflect the actual items you have. I might fix it when I have time.)

1. Now that we finished the main story, there’s a whole meta game to solve, which involves finding a total of 9 cubes. Two of them are given to you, but the other 7 are found in each of the 7 chapters. To get started, look in the suitcase and take the map. That will allow you to revisit any of the stations whenever you want. There’s also a letter from Mr. Owl telling you to visit him at The Lake.

2. Take the train to The Lake. Talk to Mr. Owl on the bench. He tells you to find one cube in every station and then hands you a coin. Take it and also look inside the box to see two cubes with room for 7 more.

3. To start, let’s find a use for that coin. Head to Sorrow Cross. First, use the crowbar to break open the back of this cabinet and find a clue. We’ll use it later.

4. Next, find the vending machine. Insert the coin to see it’s worth 50 credits. So choose the only item you can afford. Then grab the nut bar that falls down.

5. Now head to School Street and find the kid with the peanut allergy. Place the nut bar on his head and he’ll sing a tune. Note it down: 222123.

6. Now head to Bird Bridge Station and have the musician play that tune: 222123. Then get the Stone Cube from his trumpet. That’s one down, 6 to go.

7. While here, use the crowbar to remove the tile the rat was hiding behind and get the bill.

8. Go to the food vendor and use the money you just found to buy the donut from him.

9. Give the donut to Bob and then talk to him. He says, “Have you seen that mysterious person? She visits the red tiled station at noon.”

10. While here, look at two pages in Laura’s sketchbook. Notice Mr. Owl’s eyes are bleeding red and that the tree has a hole next to it.

11. Take the train to Child Lane. Remember the bloody eyes on Mr. Owl in Laura’s sketchbook? So use the paint brush to paint Mr. Owl’s eyes red. Then take the locker key from below.

12. While here, use the clue you found at Sorrow Cross on the ticket machine to get the Marble Cube.

13. Take the train to Soul Street and use the key to unlock the last locker. Take the Copper Cube from inside.

14. While here, make sure to refill the bucket with water.

15. Take the train to Bird Bridge Station again and pour the water from the bucket into the fishing hole. Take the net.

16. Go back to Sorrow Cross, since it’s the red tiled station. Change the time to 12:00 and then find the mysterious person by the prison cell. Take the Bone Cube from her hand.

17. Go back to Soul Street and fill up the bucket with water again. Also, notice the fish jumping out of the water. Catch it with the net and then pound it with the crowbar to get a key.

18. Take the train to Crib Station and use the key to open the second ticket booth. Take the Bronze Cube and notice Mr. Bat wants shrimp. We’ll come back to that.

19. While here, pour the water into the grate to see some arrows.

20. Take the train to School Street and press the buttons on the ticket machine in that order to get the Ice Cube.

21. Ok, just one last cube. Remember the drawing of the tree with the hole next to it? Let’s take the train to The Lake. Go up to the tree and tap on the ground where the hole should be. Dig through the dirt to get the Wooden Cube.

22. Go back to Mr. Owl and place all the cubes in the box. Then talk to him and he’ll give you a shrimp. You’ll also get the One shrimp, please achievement.

23. But wait, there’s more! Go back to Crib Station and give the shrimp to Mr. Bat. He then gives you a golden ticket and says the train leaves at 2:25.

24. Change the clock to 2:25 and then have Mr. Crow punch your ticket. Get on the train to Rusty Lake Hotel.

25. Feel free to look around to see two paintings. Then ring the bell and a row boat will arrive. Get in and take it to the hotel to meet Mr. Owl. He says the Day of the Lake is coming, whatever that means. You’ll also get the Back to work achievement.

26. That’s the “end” of the game, but there are still some achievements to find.

27. The rest of the extras require information from outside the game. Let’s start with the 9 cubes. The clue is found in the Cube Escape Collection. Each of the nine Cube Escape games have a symbol next to them when you finish them. Go back to The Lake and organize the cubes in the same order.

28. Talk to Mr. Owl and he tells you to turn around. Do so to see a white cube in the distance. Tap on it and then notice figures coming out of it. Tap on them all to make them disappear and a door will appear. Go inside and watch Laura ascend in the elevator. Now you’ll get the Ascension achievement.

29. This next clue is found on Rusty Lake’s Instagram page. On the third image in that post, you can see a green box with the numbers 5372 on it.

30. Go back to Soul Street and find the green box. Close it and enter 5372 to open it again. Take the mask from inside.

31. Go back to Crib Station and put the mask on Rose’s face to get the Behind the mask achievement.

32. For the next part, you need to watch this video to find this clue:

33. Now I’ll show you how to use it in the game and access the Best Kept Memory Distribution Center. Go back to Child Lane and dial 74222 on the phone. Chad Brunswick answers and asks you if you’re interested in visiting Best Kept Memory. He tells you to take the 25 to 9 metro.

34. So go to the clock and change it to 8:35, which is 25 to 9. Then get on the train to Best Kept Memory Distribution Center.

35. When you get off the train, talk to Chad, the guy in the lab coat. He tells you all your memories are stored on the VHS tapes.

36. Go left and read the packing lists on the floor. It’s very strange and you can get tapes out of boxes to play on the TV.

37. Basically, it’s a whole big ARG that I simply don’t have the time or brain power to figure out. Others have already figured out that you press the button to call box 66 and then open it to find a key.

38. Next you need to enter 23 into the machine to call up box 23. Look inside and grab the tape labeled Vendome_Ba. That’s because the person’s full name, Vendome Barroso, is an anagram for Rose Vanderboom. You can even see the full name if you give the tape to Chad.

39. Play the tape in the VCRto ge the Your memories are safe with us achievement. Then step back from it to see Albert standing over Chad’s body. There’s an envelope to the left of Chad. Open it to get another key.

40. Some very smart folks did a lot of work using the website bestkeptmemory.com and figured out how to unlock the door. If you want to know more, there a lot of stuff to go through in this Google doc. From what I understand, there were actual winners who each got a tape of their memories. You need to find those tapes in the game and watch them. Each tape has a number and together all ten tapes give you the 10-digit code. So let’s watch the tapes. This is where you can find them all and what number you’ll see on the tape when you play it:

Kat = box 11 = 8
Rayiv = box 18 = 3
Paigeot = box 17 = 5
suvi = box 21 = 7
Ace = box 0 = 9
Tikibuns = box 22 = 9
JS777 = box 11 = 2
LaMier = box 12 = 4
Jimbo = box 10 = 4
Crowe = box 4 = 2

You end up with 8357992442.

41. Turn to the locked door and enter 8357992442 into the keypad. Go inside and touch the black cube and tap the lamp a few times to get the He is back achievement. Albert appears and pushes you out of the room.

42. Enter the code again (8357992442) to go back inside. Use the two keys to unlock the two drawers. One drawer has a Mr. Memory plushie inside. The other has an envelope with a link to enter Contest #3.

43. You can give the plushie to Chad for an extra Easter egg. (This only works if you click on the envelope.)

But wait! There’s more! Check out the new area, The Lab.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Cubes | The Lab | Achievements |

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  1. Louise

    For the ice cube you need to refill the bucket of water and pour the water into the drain at crib station
    It’ll then show a pattern that you put into the ticket machine at school street

  2. IpekAG

    thank you so much.

  3. ari

    you get the full vendome barroso name if you give chad the vhs tape :)) he says the full name and that the memories are “so beautiful”

  4. Amy

    When I went to the “Best Kept Memeory” place all the packing lists were blank. It just said “packing list” at the top of each paper. Also I could not open any of the boxes to play any of the video tapes. Anyone know why?

  5. Will

    The info about the paintings in the easter egg-part is incorrect. The paintings were there the first time I entered the Rusty Lake Hotel-station. I hadn’t done anything beyond getting the cube, I just got my shrimpticket and left for the hotelstop.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Weird because they weren’t there for me. The walls were all blank.

  6. Keller

    8357992442 could be a phone number.

  7. Tim

    I can’t catch the fish.

    1. caro

      I can’t either

  8. Jay

    Any idea if the digital clock in the MDC does anything?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’s just there so if you go there before unlocking the map, you can get back to Chapter 2.

      1. Brooke

        I already put the bone cube in the box but I need it to get the cube in Child Lane but it won’t let me take it back out!!!

  9. Charlotte

    I have used the key in the 2nd ticket booth in crop station but I can’t get it to open?

  10. peachypaige

    ugh, clicked on the envelope but it cant figure out the crossword…my clue retention is so bad rip

  11. Asha

    Chad is dead and I can’t give him the plushie…. He does at the end of the game, but I don’t see this in your walkthrough?

    And I also couldn’t complete the crossword….Would appreciate help with that.

  12. Josie

    What about the Google form at the end, with the question about Mr. Bat. It’s that a specific answer or are we just guessing? Just wondering bc I’m scared to turn it in if it has to be all caps or very specific or smth

  13. Martha

    Gave him the plushy without a problem. I don’t remember seeing or doing a crossword. I did however find a couple of clues without watching the videos mentioned by appunwrapper. After the main game and cubes, you can go back to the beginning platform with the suitcase that originally held the map of the underground stations. That same case holds 2 new clues.

  14. Lucien

    There is no fish in the puddle?

  15. Rdeezy

    Hello appunwrapper, I just wanted you to know that the Google doc expired(?), maybe you can reupload the docs? I just want to know how they solve it!

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