Alcatraz: The Room Escape Game – Walkthrough Guide

Escape Alcatraz – Devious Escape Puzzler (Alcatraz: The Mystery Room Escape Adventure Game 2 / Alcatraz: The Room Escape Game)

By: FreshGames, LLC (AppForge Inc.)


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough with hints, tips, tricks, solutions and answers for the iOS and Android game Escape Alcatraz – Devious Escape Puzzler by AppForge. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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Day 185, 7:30 AM

1. Slide the cell door to the left and leave the cell.


You can also see my video walkthrough for the first part of the game (levels 1 – 17) here:

2. Take the note from the other prisoner’s hand. It’s a list of items you need for an escape plan.



8:00 AM, Breakfast:

3. First use the spoon to eat all the food on your plate. Then wait for the guard to walk off the left side of the screen so you can take the spoon.


9 AM, Restocking Duty:

4. Look at the check list and then match the cells to it. So you want 1 to unlocked (yellow), 2 to be open (green), then 3 & 4 to be closed/locked (red).



5. This level is annoying because it uses tilt controls and for some stupid reason the guy is carrying toilet paper rolls on their side so they can roll around. Once you get the first load through, you’ll be given another.



6. Pay attention here to the letter and number on each prisoner’s shirt. If it’s a vowel (A E I O U), give him a sheet. If it’s a consonant (B C D etc), give him a pillowcase (Pcase). If he has an even number, give him toilet paper and if he has an odd number, give him soap. It will get faster as you progress. When you fill up the red bar, you can then take a roll of toilet paper and some soap for your list.


1:00 PM, Library Detail:

7. You’re now in the library and have to sort the books. Each game will have different books. But this is how to solve it. Ignore the numbers unless you have any books with the same exact letters. Just put them all in alphabetical order and place the ones that start with A & B on the top shelf. Then put C & D on the second shelf. Make sure the cart is empty. You can see how I sorted the books I was given:


8. First, tap on the desk. Then tap on the bird sculpture to see the words “Eastern Towhee.” Tap on the calendar until you see the Eastern Townhee page. It says “BSDA: 8467, p. 57”. Tap the book on the desk and take the key. Use the key to unlock the bottom drawer and get a note that says “221 page”. Open the long single drawer and enter “22157” into the locked box to get the keys.






9. Just swipe left to right to select a different key. Then tap the keyhole to try the keys until one of them works. Then tap the doorknob to open the door.


10. Notice the dotted line. You can only remove objects from below that line. But you need to do so without causing all the objects to topple over. Start with the small objects in the middle. Then work on the left side, back to the middle, and then the left again until you can grab the paint and paint brushes. Don’t touch the right side at all!




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Any more progress on escape Alcatraz yet?
Am already bloody stuck and it’s only vey early days yet! It’s the library bit, have put books in alphabetical order and tried them on different shelves but nothing happens? . I love these escape games I’m just not very good at them!


Did you find out yet?


Not to me it wasn’t do you have to keep putting washing in and soap a certain amount of times before its revealed?


How do i get past the spotlights when i am escaping down the pipe?

John clifford

I need help with putting the books in order in the library on escape Alcatraz game. Can I Facebook you for help?


Need help putting the books in order on escape Alcatraz. Can you I please Facebook you?


Everybody’s books are different I think , mine were from the pictures on here so you will just have to put them in order yourself.


I will send a picture of the books to you on Facebook if you can help me


Ok I’m not very good on Facebook it’s not something I use very often what do you need from me or where do I find you?


Can I send it to appunwrapper on Facebook or do you have a different name?


Send it to appunwrapper and I’ll try and find it if I don’t succeed in next 15 minutes I’ll let you know via here


Sent it to u on Facebook


Have lost u now don’t really use Facebook it’s like a bloody minefield if u can find me on it i am dotty Lloyd from London


Sent u a message on your Facebook page
Have lost you now don’t really use Facebook it’s like a bloody minefield


Sorry can’t find u on Facebook
U want my email?


It’s not a clue just a task that gets you to the next clue. Start with A and AA and go on from there in alphabetical order then if you come across letters that are the same then go to numerical order. That should work.

Dakota dugas

How do you paint the fake head


How to loose the nut?


how do you open the jammed door that the guard wont help you open??


How do you get past the laundry room where you have to collect shirts, pants, or undershirt.


Got it. Just Catch the shirt, Pants, or undershirt. Then click the jackets aS they come down.


Where’s the panel you have to swipe in the laundry room I have opened it while it’s going and added more soap but I can’t see panel to get to the wires


how do I paint the head?


Pull the raft back when the light from the guard comes towards it


Then when in raft keep the light on the far shore centered and bail out the water in raft when needed. The when you get to the other shore get the match box and strick match and set oar and raft on fire. Thanks for the help and good luck.


How did you manage to row? No matter what I do, I always sink within 3-5 seconds!


how do I get past the steam on the sheets. Every time it burns no matter what I do.

Zoe g

U have to turn the dial don’t let it go past 1 and keep moving the sheet up and down till the stain disappears hope this helps


Just use the paddle on each side of the raft quickly and if you are turning away from the light paddle a few more times on the side opposite to where you want to go. Make sure you take water out constantly. That will make your raft point away just paddle the same way to keep pointing to light. It’s not complicated. Sharks do nothing but take more water into your raft and slightly make it point to a diff direction but as long as you regularly take water out and don’t use the paddle 3 times on the wrong… Read more »


How do you pass 22 and i cant pass it


Awesome game. The only thing I had real trouble with was the stupid jail cell doors. Thanks for making this post, I almost gave up on the game because of those. Also, on the way down the drain pipe, you can tilt away from the light to hide from it, might be helpful to add.


How to I get past the part where I have to cut the green shape in half ?


How do I “close the circuit” after opening the panel on the washer?


Never mind, got it


I cannot beat that guy trying to beat me up! I am tilting and tapping his face but I keep losing. Is there a directional trick? Been at this two days and frustrated.


With the guy that wants to fight me, I am able to dodge his punches but I keep on talking his face all the time and it doesn’t do anything!?


Anyone else stuck at the laundry drop, I can’t get 8


Got me for like 10 mins… Get the laundry it says for example if it says pants collect them in the basket, and when a rain coat drops touch it and it will count till you have 8. Don’t put those in the basket though, just tap the raincoats!!


I’m trying to climb down the drain pipe but nothing happened. Using two fingers like hands, I’ve tapped, slid, and almost cracked my screen trying to get it to move. What am I doing wrong here?


I get the strip on the green sheet to disappear but it won’t give me a new sheet to work on. Then the first sheet burns.


I figured it out. My screen wasn’t bright enough so when I thought it was disappearing it really wasn’t!


I have the same problem


How do you open the bag in the clerks office


I can’t find the code


HELP!! I can’t row this dang boat!! The second the oar is in the boat moves to the right or left, and we sink. In like 2 seconds!! What am I doing wrong!!!


How do get code with the darkest to lightest maybe only has 3 blinking