Blek: Walkthrough Guide, Tips & Tricks

By: Denis Mikan (Kunabi Brother)

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This is where you’ll be able to find help, hints, tips and tricks for the iOS game Blek. It’s a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until the walkthrough is complete.

The way Blek works is you need to scribble a line that, as it continues moving, will hit all the colored dots, but none of the black ones (they’re black holes). There is no one way to solve each level, so be creative! I’ll post walkthroughs for each level (how I did them), focusing especially on the more challenging ones.

Level 1: You just need to draw a line to the right that will head towards the two dots.

Level 2: Draw a bit of a loop or “w” shape that will continue moving and hit bother dots.

Level 3: Scribble some loops in the direction of the three dots (like a cursive “e” or a roller-coaster loop.

Level 4: You want to use a sort of snake-like shape that will go around the the black hole to the second blue dot.

Level 5: There are many ways to solve this, but I used another loop.

Level 6: Make an arch in the empty space to the left, that will continue and hit all three purple dots, avoiding the black hole.

Level 7: Make a sort of backwards “7” below and to the left of the red dots, so it will continue in that pattern around the black hole.

Level 8: Make an arch around the two black dots, starting and stopping low enough that it should hit the blue dots.

Level 9: Make a spiral around the four colored dots that ends on the inside.

Level 10: Just send a line to the red dot on the right, so the small dot inside it heads to the left dot. Just make sure your line doesn’t touch the left dot, because of the black ring around it.

Level 11: Just send a line straight up or down through the two blue dots.

Level 12: You want to draw the shape in the space to the left of the dots. When it starts moving, it will look a little like a heart’s pulse.

Level 13:

Level 14:

Level 15:

Level 16:

Level 17:

Level 18:

Level 19:

Level 20: You want to draw a simple straight line starting above the purple dot, leading down to the orange. But only do so when the two white dots inside the purple are facing the blue dots, so they’ll hit them when they separate.

Level 21: Draw a zig-zag, starting at the very bottom of the screen, between the small black dots. You want to continue the zig-zag shape until you hit the first blue dot, so it will hit all three.

Level 22: Start on the right side, and make big arches (like an “m”), hitting the first dot. The arch will continue left, hitting the rest of the blue dots.

Level 23: This looks easy, but can be tricky to get it just right. You want to make an arch over the first black hole, but start it low enough that it will hit all the blue dots.

Level 24: Draw a shape on the left side that will move to the right and pick up all the blue dots. Make sure to start all the way to the left, or it won’t work.

Level 25: Same concept here as in 24.

Level 26: Draw an arch in the empty space that will go over the big black holes and only hit the cored dots.

Level 27: You want to make a backwards “S” shape in the space to the left of the colored dots. It may take a few tries to get the right shape that can make it around all the black dots.

Level 28: Start on the left. Draw a long, snake-like path over and under the black dots to the left, stopping to draw when you it hit the first colored dots.

Level 29:

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  1. Tyty600

    In blek, slowly (but not too slowly that the line disappears) make the best circle you can (it can take a quite long time) but u will get a black hole. If you create two black holes, then you can draw the line into one black hole and have it come out the other. It’s really cool! That’s the only trick I know on the game

  2. Pinky

    I wanted to know how to pass levels 13-19 and 29 please.

  3. Sage

    How do u get past level 64?

  4. Oleg

    I can’t get how to take care of 3 dots with one not working…
    Please write a solution

  5. GTO

    Level 13, draw a rounded M shape on the left of the dot cluster.

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