Phone Escape: Hopeless LITE – Walkthrough Guide

Phone Escape: Hopeless LITE

Phone Escape: Hopeless LITE is the demo version of Phone Escape: Hopeless, which is a room escape game that uses a phone interface. Some of the puzzles are different in the demo, so I decided to make a guide for it. This walkthrough guide should help if you get stuck. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


You can watch my video for the full game or continue below for my step-by-step guide.

1. Read the message you got and answer however you like. Keep going until they tell you to “Light up the box” using the flashlight.

2. Tap on the camera icon at the bottom.

3. Tap on the flashlight icon to turn on your flashlight.

4. Look around until you see a dotted circle on the floor. Tap it to move there. Then tap on the circle on the fuse box to open it.

5. Tap on the circle on the keypad to zoom in on it. Notice the numbers on the note crossed off. You have:


For each set of numbers, notice the pattern so you can figure out what the missing numbers should be. It goes:

2 x 5 = 10
3 x 6 = 18
4 x 5 = 20
7 x 8 = 56

So the code is 7856. Enter that to charge your phone battery.

6. Go back and turn around. Read the new message you got and respond.

7. Look at the image they sent you. They ask you what’s their name. Solve the word connect-the-dots puzzle. Find these words: RING, STAMP, LIGHTER, COFFEE, KNIFE, PLATE. You should notice that they spell out the person’s name: TREBOR. Answer him with that.

8. After some more messages back and forth, open the camera again and turn around. Tap on the circle to walk there.

9. The door slams shut. Notice the dots on the metal part below the handle. They go UP, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, UP. Copy that pattern with the door handle to open it.

10. Notice the hanging pendant. Then you’ll get another photo. Look at it and then read the text you were sent.

11. Go back to the camera and turn around. You’ll get a pop-up telling you a new app we installed. Press OK and then open the game.

12. This is a fairly easy puzzle. Slide the tiles around so you can get the K out of the box.

13. You have a new message. After reading it, open the camera again and walk to the chess game. Look at the game on your phone again and notice where the Q’s are located. Then move the queens on the chess board to those same spots. Then take the gemstone.

14. After a short cutscene, tap on the white door and then look at the photo of the pendant in your phone again.

15. Notice you got a message from someone else but it was deleted.

16. Trebor messages you again. Answer however you want. He tells you to look at the mirror and tell him what you see.

17. Open your camera again and this time tap the button on the left to turn on selfie mode. Line up the camera so you see red dots moving around your body with letters above your head. There are five letters — G T U I L Y.

18. Unscramble the letters. Message Trebor GUILTY and he’ll answer you. Then open the camera again and look around.

19. Tap on the circle to move there and then tap on the gate to open it. Continue through.

20. There’s a combination lock here with the words HOPE WAS HERE above it. What you need to do is open each locker to see which word is inside. Find HOPE and look at the green digital number above to see what number it shows before and after you open the locker. The difference between the two is going to be the first number for the combination lock. Then do the same for WAS and HERE and you end up with 749. Enter that as the combination.

21. Look at the photo of Hope on your phone. Also, notice your Notes were updated with her name.

22. Trebor texts you that Hope is dead. Respond however you want and then answer the other person texting you. Trebor is annoyed. After he texts you again, you’ll see an image of a truck

And that’s the end of the demo! Make sure to check my walkthrough for the full version if you decide to play it.

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