Forever Lost: Episode 1: Walkthrough

Forever Lost: Episode 1
By: Glitch Games


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You can watch my complete walkthrough video for the full game here, or use the step-by-step text/photo walkthrough below:



Chapter 1:

1. Look inside the box and solve the tile puzzle to get a camera:



2. Tap on the desk on the it side of the room and pick up the key.


3. Use the key to open the door to the left and enter the bathroom.




4. Take the screwdriver. Leave the bathroom and use the screwdriver to open the vent. Take the knife.



5. Use the knife to slash open the mattress and get another key.


6. Use the key on the door to the right and go through it.



7. Take the right path and then tap on the door to the right that says “Staff Only”. Scan your thumbprint and the door will open (are you hospital staff??).

8. Tap the desk lamp so it highlights a key. Take the key. Then turn the lamp to face the room.

9. Zoom out and you can see the rest of the room now. Turn on the computer and look through the files. You need a keyboard.

10. Exit the computer and open the file cabinet with the key you found. Look through the files.

11. Look at the poster on the wall.


12. Leave that room and enter the Nursery. Pick up the two cards from the table and read through the book.

13. Leave that room and enter the Waiting Room. Look at the picture of the radio and take a photo of it. Then pick up the iPad on the table and play the game (looks like Zelda?). Go into the house and pick up the key.

14. Leave the house and pick up the lantern. Follow the path to the trees and then find lantern oil. walk around and find a red person. Talk to him.

15. Then go back to the first screen and use the lantern to enter the cave. Follow the arrows until you find a chest and use the key to open it and get a puzzle piece.

Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next page of the walkthrough.

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I cant for the life of me work out which way the arrows go, clue number 26, chapter 1 in your walkthrough. please help!


The square faces the circle
The triangle faces the square
The hexagon faces the triangle
The circle faces the hexagon


I’m stuck on the third key code and have no idea where to find it, step 4 chapter two




I must be tone deaf or something, I can’t get the tune on the glockenspiel. Can you tell me which keys to hit? Thanks.


(From left to right) first-third-first-last 🙂


Im stuck at keypad C where do i find it?


keypad c is actually part of the screensaver on the computer(the above clue is wrong) Go to the computer in the staff room and then just wait until the screensaver comes on (about 20 secs)


there’s no screensaver after a minute!


go to the computer at the reception desk. type in the username and password that was you find on the notepad on the reception desk (you need to use the pencel for that) in one of the files it will say that the patient keeps repeating a number…..thats you’re code




It’s in one of the patient files on the computer..


actually, its also on the computer near the radio. when you login as alice white, view the patient files of Karl Scheiner. it says that he constantly repeats the sequence C-8008 🙂


how to find the Code No for A??


The book exit will not open after I’ve pressed in the books-what do i do?

Aldo Johnson

Look in the “Hints” section. You actually have to put a book in.


I have touched the keys several time at the same time and nothing happens what am I doing wrong


Set the clocks to the same time then press them both at the same time


I finished the game but I still dont know who the guy is 😀 I forgot reading the letter who is this guy? paticent or nurse or doctor?

Aldo Johnson

We still don’t know who the guy is. The letter something along the lines that “subject 47a (the guy) woke up confused but then went through the puzzles; but that the subject is leaving the maze so the experiment is moving to stage 2”


What are the keys to touch in the nursery can not get the last 3 tones

Mark lenton

What’s the clue for keypad A


I’m not to sure what to think about tht ending myself….its pretty obvious in the game title “lost …..ep 1”, tht there will be more episodes. But I, myself coulda’ thought of a hundred different ways to end it, or continue it……blah!
But I loved it til the end…..


Which are the codes for the A, B and C keypads?


The A code is in the patient filing cabinet in the office staff rm. The B code is in the room where you turn both keys at once. Adjust the lights for the code to appear. The C code is the screen saver that shows up after watching “good things come to all who wait” on the computer where the filing cabinet is.


I’m at the end of the game, but stuck staring at monitors. I can’t do anything! Help!

Aldo Johnson

There should be a door to the left.


I get the username and password correct, but still fail to open electronic door. What do I type in?


I mean the username and password on the computer with the radio next to it. I don’t know what to type to unlock the electronic door


I am playing forever lost on my Kindle Fire. I have been unable to enter the username and passcode from the computer at the reception desk that opens the electronic door because there isnt a return or enter key on the Kindle Fire keyboard. I revealed the correct username and passcode from the scetch pad I pencil’d on. I have never had problems with typing on the keyboard before. I purchased and downloaded from Amazon a few days ago it was fairly new only had a couple of reviews and noticed another reviewer was having the same problem. Is this… Read more »


I also can not, could you?


I’ll ask again-I can’t get the electric door open using the username and password on that computer next to the etched paper. I have the username and password correct, but when it asks “hello Alice what would you like to do today?”, I don’t know what to type, nothing works. Help!


You have to enter the corresponding number next to it

Claire lee

What’s the xlaphone code


131 and then the last one

Mark lenton

How do I get through after the electric door


I can’t seem to figure out the code of keypad B. Can’t find it anywhere.. 🙁


Key pd B is 7421


No, it’s 7241. You mixed up two digits.


Match the zodiac symbols to the background colors of the symbols you found
I can’t remember the color of symbols . Plz Help me 🙁


Does anyone have any idea which order to put the hieroglyphic symbols in the puzzle that requires you to use glasses at the end?

I can’t figure this out at all, and no answers were given on the internet.

Can someone help with this and post the answers?


U have to use the colors that they are like the M is red so put M in the red one and the O in the blue and so on ur welcome


Match the clues with the colors. Aries green, Taurus purple, Virgo yellow, and Libra red.


Didn’t work when I tried your combo!!


I can’t pick up the lantern in the game on the ipad!
How can i pick this op?


What are the colours which I must play at the xylophone?
Sorry for my bad english


red – 2n yellow – red – blue


Hi, I have the username and password ( AJWHITE,PA55WORD), but, what do I do now? I mean, I know I need to write on the screen computer, but it’s not working.
I have to write them together ( username and password) in the same space?
I’m freaking out!!!


Name: ajwhite
Pass: pa55w0rd

The O in pa55word had to be an 0 instead of a O


The password is actually PA55W0RD.


i can exit through the bookcase!
ive pressed all the books i needed to, but one of them says ‘it wont budge’



That doesn’t matter as this book has to be pushed in anyway 🙂


once u have typed in ajwhite press the return key on ur keyboard. there will b another box for u to put pa55word in


Como puedo volver a tocar la melodia en el xilofono, porque no me sale igual, o cuales teclas son, porque no me sale igual como se escucha.
Les agradesco su atención .


rojo, el segundo amarillo (3a tecla), rojo y azul


I stick @ 27
“Match the zodiac symbols to the background colors of the symbols you found” … ?

No idea what this means? Can someone help?


What is the correct sequence of the colors of the xylophone?
Thank you!!!!!


red – the second yellow – red – blue


I can’t match the zodiac signs because one of the arrows is broken! Where can i find the missing arrow??


You don’t need a new arrow, you can also move the signs to the side. the background colours have to match as well.
Love the Game! New version plzzzz


I’m cant pass trought the cock part! I know I have to set both clocks with the same time and then click both levers together, but its not working. Appears that I’m not pushing then at the sane time! What should I do???

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