Forever Lost: Episode 2: Walkthrough

Forever Lost: Episode 2
By: Glitch Games



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This is a walkthrough guide for anyone who needs help, hints, or cheats with Forever Lost Episode 2.


Chapter 3:

You can watch this video walkthrough for chapter 3 or follow the step-by-step walkthrough below it:

1. You start off where the first episode ended, at a big opening. Tap the doorway to the left to see a staircase and head down.


2. Tap the bed and when it asks you if you want to sleep, tap “yes.”

3. When you wake up, you’ll hear a phone ringing. Tap it and enable the lights by dialing “1#”.



4. Tap the table and pick up the half of a business card. Also open the book and take the puzzle piece.





5. Tap on the bed to get a clue. Take a photo of it bc you’ll need it for a puzzle in this room.


6. Tap the words on the wall to see “All Together Now.” It’s also a clue for the “Blox” puzzle.


7. Tap on the grid on the wall. Notice when you tap a block, it presses in, but if you lift your finger off the screen, it won’t stay down. Open the photo you took from the bed and move it to the corner so you can copy it. Now trace the blocks that are black in the photo. A finger must stay on the screen for them to all stay pressed. Once you solve it, it will open up, revealing the other half of the business card, a key, a button, and a clue. Take all the items and take a photo of the clue.



If you liked the Blox puzzle, try the full Blox game by GlitchGames on Amazon or iTunes:

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8. Put the two halves of the business card together to get the code to open the door. Use the code on the telephone and the door will open.




9. Enter the room. There’s a tic tac toe board on the wall. Take a photo of it. Leave the room and go all the way back outside. There’s a device on the wall that has an X button. Place the O button in the slot that’s empty.




10. Now take out the photo of the tic tac toe game and the clue from the safe to get the combination to open the door. The clue from the safe tells you which section of the tic tax toe board to use. For instance, the “L” shape would be “X” and so on, so you get “XOOXO”.


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250 thoughts on “Forever Lost: Episode 2: Walkthrough

  1. RALph

    Has anyone had any trouble with the operation of The memory door lock puzzle in the etch a sketch? IM not able to press three buttons at once.

    1. linda

      I can press all the numbers at the same time – and they do light up – but it took me forever to get the game to accept my answers. It doesn’t help but you’re not the only one with this problem. I wish they had a skip button for some of the puzzles.

      1. Oakley Chad Merideth

        Ok, so I got through the first one easy but then the others were just killing me! Until I realized I could SLIDE my finger across! So that was really, really helpful! And once you slide the pattern just tap one of the now green buttons and it will let you put in the next pattern!

  2. linda

    My “Hints” are hidden – is there anywhere to find the “Hints” from the opening screen?
    When I click on the numbers, the hint is behind the next hint number.

      1. linda

        No, it does it on all the hints, even the ones with the check-marks. I asked over at FaceBook but no reply to my question. Thanks AU, I appreciate it.

  3. linda

    AARG! I can’t find the door with the symbols on it 🙁

    I’ve gone past that puzzle but need to find the door with the symbols please.


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