All The Letters From Fireproof’s The Room 1, 2 and 3

The Room 1, 2 & 3
By: Fireproof Games


After playing through The Room Three, I decided to go back and play The Room and The Room Two again. I was reading the letters and thought it would be cool to have all the letters from all the games in one easy place to read. So I posted them all here in order. I suggest only reading them if you’ve played the games, because they do spoil the story.

Feel free discuss the possible meanings!

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See the letters from The Room: Old Sins here.

The Room:











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  1. Linda S

    thank you! what an awesome idea!!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Just give me some time to get everything together! I also need to replay The Room Two.

  2. Alsart Savience

    here’s a pretty interesting theory about the role of the Craftsman in this story.
    Originaly written by Gregg Davis on the facebook page of Fireproof Games.

    Has anyone tried to put together the back story of The Room? There’s all these hints but still not sure of the storyline. Of course, it may not be linear. With all the confusion created by the Null warping space and time, it may be very hard to work out a coherent sequence of events. What does seem clear is that Simon Grayson, aka The Great Khan, aka The Craftsman, is the mastermind behind the events of all three stories. “A.S.” and his friend (the player), along with Maggie or “Mags,” a psychic, (see the note on the floor by the credenza in the Seance chapter of Two) are all “victims” of The Craftsman, a kind of puppetmaster, who I suspect designed the puzzles of One and Two as well (it sounded as if A.S. had designed them and left the notes in One and Two, but now I think it was The Craftsman all along). Not sure what Mags did to enrage the Craftsman so that he imprisoned her in the fortuneteller booth…maybe she tried to stop his experiments. So…what’s The Craftsman’s end game? It seems like he’s a power mad megalomaniac who wants to harness the power of the Null. He can’t do it alone (it would drive him mad, and/or he’d become hopelessly lost himself), but he doesn’t really want to share the power either, so he tries to deceive certain people into helping him. He trapped Maggie to punish her for defying him (she saw through his deceptions) and killed A.S. possibly because he kept trying to escape and warn others. The “escape” in Two, seemingly with the assistance of A.S., was just a setup for the big test. The “players” are like test rats in a maze, or rather, as the Craftsman calls it, a labyrinth. He is using them to discover the Null’s secrets and figure out how to harness it and use it to gain power (and possibly defend or defeat other, alien entities in the Null). All The outcomes of THREE were anticipated by the Craftsman…he is NOT beaten by any one of them, they all play into his hands. Will the next game bring the fall of The Craftsman, aka Simon Grayson, aka The Great Khan? But clearly, he is not the only puppetmaster…

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ahh interesting.
      I do hope there’s a fourth game that somehow ties all four endings of 3 into it.

      1. Alsart Savience

        Personally i think thath the “lost” is the only ending from which can continue the story of the game, the other three are quite conclusive, at least for our protagonist.
        Regarding the possibility of a fourth game…the developers said in an interview that, even if the third game would have ended the story began in the first, It will not be the last of the series.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Oh really? Good to know! Was worried this might have been the last.

    2. Allie

      “Who pulls the strings of the puppetmaster?”
      That’s the last sentence. The last sentence of the last letter. There is totally a fourth game.

    3. Will

      The craftsman leaves letters that say he needs a power source. We know the null somehow had something to do with the soul. The craftsman always remarks on the strength of the protagonist’s soul. He tries to trap us to harness our souls for energy. He needs enough energy to escape Grey Holm. He wants to escape into our reality but lacks a sufficient power source, hence the elaborate trap.

    4. Mati9319

      “The Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├║escapeΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├æ in Two, seemingly with the assistance of A.S., was just a setup for the big test”

      I think that our hero truly escaped at the end of “The Room Two”. The Craftsman could have created some landscapes and stuff inside a box (the one we’re getting trapped inside in “Imprisoned” ending), but the real living world with talking people in it? All this “Royal Institute” stuff from our character’s diary at the beginning of the 3rd game? NOPE. Nothing can grant such power I’m afraid, even the Null.

      I believe that at the beginning of “The Room Three” two things happened:
      – our hero had been teleported to Grey Holm,
      – the train was kidnapped and moved into Simon’s pocket dimension from “Imprisoned” ending (judging by all these tentacles entangling the train).

      As for why the landscapes from the intro and the in-game part of “Imprisoned” ending look similar – well, it’s just some trees and classic train tunnels.

      1. Gregg

        I didn’t say he didn’t escape in Two. I meant it wasn’t really an escape in the sense that he escaped against the will of the Craftsman. The Craftsman let him get away, knowing he could easily pull him back in.

    5. Lyse

      I like the theory, but I also like to add another aspect. The Craftsman is also a prisoner as well. I believe that there are many more people who were also imprisoned by the Null Entity and turned into gems; we will see more if we see the Room 4, because the Null is linked to the soul. And the soul-gems is gonna be a key part to some puzzles we’ll see in the sequel.

    6. Steve

      Macallister (could be a variant of Macalister – R. A. Stewart Macalister) from 1902 to 1909 he was responsible for the excavations at Gezer (Israel). Became director of excavations at PEF Palestine Exploration Fund which was co founded by Arthur P. Stanley (AS).


      Donald Macalister he was a member of a secret society called the Cambridge Apostles, as was Arthur Smith who was an archaeologist and curator of the British Museum!

  3. sparc_spread

    Oh I have been thinking about this since I finished all R3 endings and I really appreciate your posting all the letters! That is a lot of work that you did for us – thank you.

    A few thoughts :
    * I agree with Gregg Davis’s interpretation of things
    * It seems like R2 is kind of like a tour of other locations in time/space where other people have tried to mess with the Null. In the ship chapter, the diary appears to be that of a captain who sees the Null as treasure / power. In the temple chapter, the scrolls seem to show some shaman of an ancient civilization trying to use the null to save his people, and then deciding against it. In the laboratory chapter, the cards show that the mad doctor was trying to use the Null to reanimate corpses, including perhaps his dead wife/lover. I mention the seance chapter separately since that seems directly connected to the story arc, introducing the connection between Maggie Cox, Grayson/Khan/Craftsman, and the Null.

    A few questions:
    * Doesn’t it seem strange that the “happiest” ending (“Escape”) requires only the first artifact – that doing all the puzzle solving to get the second artifact only enables two “unhappy” endings (“Released” and “Lost”)?
    * Unless . . . . “Lost” really is the ending that leads to the next game, as Alsart Savience posted above?
    * The constantly mentioned Talisman company . . . is that the Craftsman’s company? It’s in Guildford (home of Fireproof Studios BTW), which is also near the South Coast and Grey Holm. I thought I saw some Talisman stuff in the workshop location, I’m heading back there tonight to take a look.
    * Is “Asteroth” (mentioned in R1) the tentacled beast we see in R2 and R3?

    1. Alsart Savience

      *He would be happy if he heard this 🙂
      *Yes, it is almost like you said, except that Grayson/ The great Khan IS NOT the craftsman; it was hinted in one event of TR3, then confirmed by Fireproof Games itself in the Making of TR3, basically saying that grayson, for having exploited the powers of Null for his magic shows, as punishment he was trapped in the paper theater by craftman (which he has reserved the same treatment for Maggie), and besides that there are other information that can help out in understanding this story; in the Seance chapter, in addition to the obligatory words, you can enter more keywords in the typewriter (which can all be found in the chapter … or in The Room game tv tropes page if you’re lazy), thus obtaining information about what is Null and, more interesting for us, the names of everyone involved in the precedent events of the location in The Room two: Maggy, Grayson, Rigby (the grave robber and assistent of Montfaucon), Baia (the shaman of the temple), and Hirst (the captain of the ship) which all of them talk about finding or releasing….something. Something terrible, Something that should never be freed. All this leads to another curiosity about the history (and another question); based on the research of AS and the craftsman, we can assume that the gems that are in TR (the green gem belonging to AS) and in TR2 (the red gems) are or represent the souls of brilliant people, which leads to this problem: the first 3 red gems obviously belongs to Rigby, Hirst and maia, but in the Seance chapter we don’t get a gem, instead we find a…. black metalic liquid floating thing, which, in my opinion, it makes sense because the craftsman, not having been able to extract the Null from Grayson and Maggy bodies (i think is that how it works, right?) instead he decided to trap them, at least not to have other problems from them; at the end of the Lab chapter, when the protagonist is in “The Room” (no pun intended), he found the last gem (which probably belongs to Montfaucon) BUT he don’t take it. What does this mean? Is Montfaucon dead or not (the answer could tell us at what time is taking the game based on the final message)? Unfortunately I can’t answer this question.
      And for the questions:
      Unfortunately, because of my basic english, i will probably not be able to answer this question in a very elegant way, but I’ll try anyway.
      *I think you’re wrong to consider the “escape” ending an happy conclusion if you’re cosidering ONLY the protagonist fate, which, in that case, you’ll be right, so… what if that ending was INTENTIONAL for the Craftsman, as a last resort?
      I’ll explain myself better: if you think about it all of the ending except the “Lost” have some kind of advantage for the Craftsman: The imprisoned ending obviously allows him to use the protagonist as a source of energy for his evil plans; The Escape ending, obtained by completing the longest series of puzzle in the game (thanks with the help of the spirit of maggie, but that’s another story), demonstrates to the Cratsman that the character is smart enough to see through his lies, this is why he opt for free him, so he will not have other problems with the protagonist; the Release ending, on the other hand, is obtained by completing a shorter series of puzzle, which demonstrates to the Craftsman that the protagonist is intelligent enough to be his student, but not enough to see his lies (after this point it’s unclear what happens to the protagnost.).
      *And for the question about the Lost ending (oh yeah, btw my name is based on AS initials :D), based on the logic of the precedent answer, this question arises: WHY?
      Why the Craftsmen would have had to send the hero on Mars, possibly the origin place of the Null?
      For a simple reason: He had not foreseen this possibility.
      In the final chapter of the game, when you have the two artifacts on the two towers, you can’t access to the final ending because you can’t activate the two light beam at the same time, that’s because you need a screwdrive. and that’s the fact that make me think about this possibility. YOU. NEED. A. SCREWDRIVE. For me, after finding 2 artifacts so special, I think it would be natural to keep them for myself, but a screwdrive? After many other times he found it during the series? not even once. But on this SPECIFIC moment the protagonist magically know that he needs a simple screwdrive to possibily unlock the secrets of the null, the universe and everything? That’s probabily just gameplay reasons/ magically Bulls*it, but that what we need to know: the protagonist know, the Craftsman don’t. After Ghost, alchemical magic, and time space magical bulls*it everywhere, how could the Craftsman foresee that the protagonist would take a simple, absolutely normal screwdriver?
      And all of this is why the Lost ending is the golden ending of The Room Three: we passed the craftsman cunning, and now we have our chance to find out the truth on the Null and defeat him once and for all….or at least it would be a pretty cool ending of the story i guess :P.
      *Yeah, it is probably a cover to distract the authorities from his evil plans.
      *Probabily not, since astaroth has a more devil aspect, meanwhile the tentacled beast It’s a separate entity

      Welp, that was a long post. If you have other questions i will do my best to answer you :).

      1. sh4dow

        In a lot of places in your arguments, you don’t seem to consider the fact that the Craftsman said that somebody is pulling his strings. He also speaks about having to find a power source or remaining trapped. Also, in the Imprisoned ending, the way he puts down that cube and a door opens for him looks way too familiar (i.e. something that we as a player frequently do).
        All of which indicates to me that he isn’t really a mastermind. But basically just another puppet. He is merely higher up in the hierarchy. Maybe even on top of the hierarchy as far as humans are concerned. But there is something more powerful than him. Which seems to be this tentacle thing.
        Which is the thing I don’t get. Is the tentacle thing supposed to be the Null? What is the Null even? What does Mars have to do with anything? The only thing I can come up with is that humans thought that it was a fifth element but actually, it’s not an element but some powerful creature originating on Mars.
        (I also find it worth noting that the Craftsman writes about having seen an “extraordinary landscape” through a portal but wasn’t able to cross. Sounds to me like he’s talking about Mars. He lacked the power to pass through but the player was able to. Which I suspect means that the next Room game will take place on Mars and the Craftsman will be out of the picture, since he is trapped within that maze on Earth.)

        1. Lyse

          I agree, the odd building we see through the telescope in the observatory hints at this fact. But more importantly, we ought to pay close attention to the fact that the Null element is powered by the soul; i believe it may play a larger part in the sequel.

        2. Professor de Montfaucon

          Maybe the null is a connection from our world to the tentacle beast world. Also Fireproof is making a new game: The Room Old Sins. Judging by the lack of the number, we might have a prequel on our hands.

          1. Lyse

            I agree, it might be a prequel to Room 3 , judging from the fact that it is mentioned that a engineer and his wife disappeared one day. Maybe this engineer is Montfaucon?

        3. Professor De Montfaucon

          I just played the new demo for the Room Old Sins and it was awesome! I managed to extract tons of evidence to add on to some my old theories and create new ones. Like this one:
          Is Macallister the protagonist?

          The very first note of the Room is a letter to the protagonist from AS(to find it go to TR1 ‘s App Store page and look through the description it’s there).

          It says that they’ve never seen eye to eye on AS’s research implying that they have had some kind of argument.
          Later the third note appears

          In all the notes the protagonist was never mentioned even though they are old friends. Or was he? This note may have described when they argued and the protagonist left. It seems very likely. Also the note says that Macallister visited Egypt. According to the third and forth journal pages so did the protagonist. This makes more likely than not for them to be the same character.
          Another theory is one based off of evidence from the demo and TR1. Now think. A.S. said there was only one eye piece (first note). The creators have confirmed that TROS’s protagonist is a new one. So how did s/he get a modified eyepiece (the object on the poster is the actual eyepiece not a new lens, though I still believe it has the same lenses). Even the on/off sounds are different than the original eyepiece.

          Now who would have the skills to modify the eyepiece? Edgar(the engineer). Who had the eyepiece? Macallister. That’s right I’m saying that the protagonist’s full name is Edgar Macallister. And not done yet. How would the new protaganist get said eyepiece. If s/he had relations with Edgar. S/he is an architect, judging by matierials in his/her tool box. What is an architect doing with a magical eyepiece. So they are related, but closer than you might think.

          Admit it or not most children take after their parents. What is the combination of art(the wife,Caroline, is an artist) and engineering? Architecture. This explains how Edgar knows protagonist 2. They are father and child. Why would an architect investigate a disappearance of a couple they his/her parents. Also I’m pretty sure they didn’t just disappear. They were kid napped by none other than the Circle (2nd and 7th note) why, they are mentioned in a note in the demo. Edgar says that they are not to be trifled with. BTW TROS happens after TR3. And I don’t think that the Craftsman is involved in the Circle (He seems more of a stand alone kind of guy). And I also think Grayson is the Craftsman and the trapping is metaphorical. What do you think?

          1. Lyse

            Alsart Savience said that Grayson and the Craftsman is not the same person. And in the Room 3 I noticed that the faces of the posters featuring him has been scratched out; another point that hints that Grayson isn’t the Craftsman, only one of his victims. He has been turned in Null, like many of the people that we encounter in photographs through the series.

            MacAllister and the protagonist of the games are two very different persons. I think that while the aforementioned character was working with AS he may had fashioned a Null eyepiece of his own to help him with his studies, only to abscond at the last minute, taking the object with him. AS then built a second one to give to the protagonist.

            As for the Circle, I fully agree with your theory. Maybe the Circle has kidnapped MacAllister and his wife in order to extract the Null from their souls and only their child can stop them?

            1. Professor de Montfaucon

              I guess I agree with you except for that Macallister and the protagonist are not the same person because there is more evidence for than against that they are the same person. They both had an argument with AS and they both went to Egypt. There are no debunking facts that I can see. And why would A.S. lie to us? He has no reason to. Especially when the stakes are so high(first note). Did you play the TROS demo to?

              1. Lyse

                I think McAllister had assistants. And that AS created another piece from his sketches after Mcallister left. The protagonist from the original series is one of them. I am accounting for the Lost ending, as I saw the Mars Temples and I think that this ending may lead to the Room 4, while the Room: Old Sins focuses on what is really going on planet side. So two diverging but interconnected stories is going on, one that explores the origins of Null and other the effects of gaining knowledge you weren’t supposed to have in the first place.

                1. Professor de Montfaucon

                  You’re still not accounting for the argument with A.S. piece of evidence. Also I don’t see any debunking evidence (if you do have some please tell me). And more evidence that Edgar and protagonist 1 are the same person is that they both were on bad terms with the royal society. And proof that protagonist 2 is protagonist 1’s child is that when protagonist 2 collects the eyepiece the subtitles say the same thing as in TR3: “Sometimes the eyepiece can be used to see things otherwise hidden.”. And right before protagonist 2 collect the new eyepiece s/he says: “Everyone has secrets mine happens to be in this box.” compared to protagonist 1 in TR3: “My suitcase has someΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼┬¼modifications. I require a degree of secrecy.” They then proceed to open a secret compartment which contains their own respective eyepieces. And some thing that debunks your theory that Macallister is a different person than protagonist 1 and he had the original eyepiece is that A. It seems like something A.S. would mention in his journal and B. the new eyepiece uses the Craftsman lens and the first lens, because we can see hidden writing and go into tiny areas. And the only person with a Craftsman lens is protagonist 1. And no one else has left Grey Holm except protagonist 1. And also a picture that appeared in Grey Holm also appears in protagonist 1’s house. This may be A. Reused figures or B. Protagonist 1 took to spite the Craftsman after he found out that the Craftsman was assuring him of his intelligence to trick him.

                  And I just realized, The pictures in the foyer (which might’ve been Edgar and Caroline) had their faces scratched out! Is protagonist 2 too late? The ending (or the next game) might revolve on protagonist 2 freeing the souls of the nulled. Maybe once the Craftsman wasn’t a threat anymore (I believe we won’t hear from him anymore, as he is trapped inside a labyrinth of his own creation and the crystals have no energy), the Circle swooped in and took what was left of the Craftsman’s research and his soul trapping mechanism to threaten others to do their dirty work for them. Which they did with Edgar. Edgar failed them investigating the null so they kidnapped him and his wife, soul sucked them, then went after the child who had already left to Macallister manor. So now the child will take on the Circle and possibly Astaroth (I do believe he/it is the tentacle thingy, because we never see his/its face and I wouldn’t put it beyond Fireproof).
                  In other words TROS is most likely continued from the escape ending. This is my timeline of events TR3-TROS:
                  Edgar returns to his Manor, the Craftsman is trapped in his maze without any energy to bypass it. Edgar is overjoyed to be reunited with his family and having no intention to ever return to the null, but the Circle has other plans. They decide to make him study the null, as he is the living person with the most experience with it. They arrive to his house one day with equipment, and tell him to unlock the null’s secrets or they will soul suck him and his entire family. Edgar is worried that Caroline might investigate and anger the Circle. Eventually Caroline does just that. The work stops. Edgar hurriedly modified his child’s doll house of their Manor so s/he could find them and stop the Circle and maybe free the nulled souls. He also modified his old eyepiece using his engineer skills and sent it and a letter to his architect child telling him/her to come. Then the Circle attacks and bursts through a window (evidence:shattered glass on poster). Edgar fights (evidence:newspaper at beginning) but is overpowered and his wife and him are taken and soul sucked. The glass is repaired to cover it up but shouts are heard and the police are called, but nothing was found. The Circle probably went after the child, but s/he already left. TROS happens.

                  1. Lyse

                    You are not getting my theory right. There are two eyepieces. AS created one to give to the protagonist. It is ON Mars. The person there is the key to denull all the souls. Why? The evidence in the games stated that the Null entity is sealed on a series of temple on Mars. Edgar sent his assistant to rescue AS I think and I think AS had the foresight to save some of Edgar’s plan and created a second one as back up plan in case Edgar couldn’t arrive in time to save AS. The assistant then finds the boxes, then heads to greyholm, solves all the problems, opens the portal to Mars and goes there. While there he may have discovered information on the Null that he couldn’t relay to Edgar. So the daughter’s denulling of the souls is gonna be temporary until a more permanent solution is found. The possible solution is that to end the Null threat, a excorism is needed, or something more.

                    This is my way of incorporating the temples on Mars and hand waving the Lost ending as another possible head canon.

                    1. Lyse

                      I believe that there are unknown factors related to the Null that ARE in play, that is all. You assume that your theory is correct, but what if there is a twist waiting to be revealed that may cast the things we are seeing in a new light. Something that shakes your confidence in your theory. Horrific truths about Null isn’t uncommon in the Room series and we are merely looking at the tip of the iceberg.

                      This series may turn out to be more Lovecraftian than we think.

                    2. Professor de Montfaucon

                      You’re still not providing any evidence that debunks my theory. You’re just saying that there might be a twist but you don’t know for sure.

                      Also I still think that Simon is the Craftsman because when someone is nulled their faces are scratched out from their pictures and this has remained consistent until Simon. He has his face burned out. Also how did Simon get his hands on a NULL SHARD which was invented by the Craftsman who likes his secrets kept as seen with the aquanaut (note in TR3). I believe that he almost had his secrets revealed when Maggie blackmailed him, so he trapped and soul sucked her, then he burned his face out his magician pictures and left his past behind him. Notice how he says that he created Maggie ‘s lies meaning he taught her, and who does the booth say Maggie was trained by? The Great Khan. And notice how the Craftsman never mentioned Grayson. And if you can’t reply to this please reply at the bottom.

  4. Alsart Savience

    Welp double post
    I someone know how to delete this one please tell me.

  5. sparc_spread

    Thanks for this explanation! And for pointing me at the TV Tropes page, which corresponds with what you said.

    When I mentioned Montfaucon’s “wife/lover”, that was a mistake, I should have said sister: Lucy.

    Don’t worry about your English! The main thing is we are from all over the world and we are all united by our interest in these incredible games!

  6. Professor de Montfaucon

    Can anyone find the Craftsman’s family motto?

    1. Professor de Montfaucon

      I need it to add to my family page of my room notes

  7. Professor de Montfaucon

    I just played the new demo for the Room Old Sins and it was awesome! I managed to extract tons of evidence to add on to some my old theories and create new ones. Like this one:
    Is Macallister the protagonist?

    The very first note of the Room is a letter to the protagonist from AS(to find it go to TR1 ΓÇÿs App Store page and look through the description itΓÇÖs there).

    It says that theyΓÇÖve never seen eye to eye on ASΓÇÖs research implying that they have had some kind of argument.
    Later the third note appears

    In all the notes the protagonist was never mentioned even though they are old friends. Or was he? This note may have described when they argued and the protagonist left. It seems very likely. Also the note says that Macallister visited Egypt. According to the third and forth journal pages so did the protagonist. This makes more likely than not for them to be the same character.
    Another theory is one based off of evidence from the demo and TR1. Now think. A.S. said there was only one eye piece (first note). The creators have confirmed that TROSΓÇÖs protagonist is a new one. So how did s/he get a modified eyepiece (the object on the poster is the actual eyepiece not a new lens, though I still believe it has the same lenses). Even the on/off sounds are different than the original eyepiece.

    Now who would have the skills to modify the eyepiece? Edgar(the engineer). Who had the eyepiece? Macallister. ThatΓÇÖs right IΓÇÖm saying that the protagonistΓÇÖs full name is Edgar Macallister. Also Macallister and the Royal Society were on bad terms, so was Edgar. And not done yet. How would the new protaganist get said eyepiece. If s/he had relations with Edgar. S/he is an architect, judging by matierials in his/her tool box. What is an architect doing with a magical eyepiece. So they are related, but closer than you might think.

    Admit it or not most children take after their parents. What is the combination of art(the wife,Caroline, is an artist) and engineering? Architecture. This explains how Edgar knows protagonist 2. They are father and child. Why would an architect investigate a disappearance of a couple,unless, they his/her parents. Also IΓÇÖm pretty sure they didnΓÇÖt just disappear. They were kid napped by none other than the Circle (2nd and 7th note) why, they are mentioned in a note in the demo. Edgar says that they are not to be trifled with. BTW TROS happens after TR3. And I donΓÇÖt think that the Craftsman is involved in the Circle (He seems more of a stand alone kind of guy). And I also think Grayson is the Craftsman and the trapping is metaphorical. By that I mean that he put his magician life behind him. What do you think?

    1. Professor de Montfaucon

      I posted the theory twice, because the first time, it was a reply not an actual post. Sorry.

      And the TROS means The Room Old Sins

  8. Alsart Savience

    *In response to Professor de Montfaucon

    Even though I appreciated the theories written by you and by Lyse, I could not take part in the EGX and try the demo, so I can not tell who is right and who is wrong, but there’s are some things i would like to point out, plus some flaws in your theory.

    First of all, for the last time, Grayson IS. NOT. THE. CRAFTSMAN. It was cleary hinted by an event in TR3, and later even confirmed by Fireproof itself by this line: “The Great Khan exploited the power of the Null to benefit his illusion performances. As punishment, the Craftsman imprisoned him within a paper theater from which there would be no escape”.

    Secondly, regarding the fact that TROS would be a continuation of TR3…i have some hints that this will not be the case:
    1: The name is not “Four” as expected from a sequel. Not a really strong one, but still something to consider
    2: If you visit the homepage of the developer’s site you will notice that the icon of TROS is FIRST before all other games of the series, as if they were put in chronological order. If TROS was last in the chronology, it would not make more sense to put it at last place compared to the other games?
    3: In an interview at the EGX, Barry meade (one of the developers) said that, after TR3 would ended the story started with the first game, TROS was meant to be a “Reset” of the series, so it’s highly unlikely it will be a continuation of the third game (at least directly).

    And finally an observation that, as I have seen, nobody has ever noticed before.

    Take the screenshot of TROS of the protagonist’s studio as an example. Do you see that there is a symbol on the crates, like a circle with a smaller one inside it?

    This is not the first time that symbol appears in the series.
    It appears in TR1 in the first chapter, partially on a crate in the room.
    It appears in TR2 in the laboratory, on the furniture (the one with the laser pointer) and at the very end on the fountain containing the black liquid.
    And it appears again in TR3 on some other crates in the Clocktower and in the tower (after taking the elevator). They could also be in other places I forgot.
    And finally it appears AGAIN and in good view in one of the first screenshot of TROS. Isn’t all of it this a bit suspicious?

    According to my theory (based on the name of the group and the same interview at the EGX) this is the symbol of The Circle and it could prove the link that some characters had with this mysterious group.
    AS House: Nothing too special, we already knew that AS was part of The Circle.
    Professor de Montfaucon Laboratory: still normal, considering that he had advanced knowledge of the null to use it in his experiments.
    Grey Holm: a bit more interesting, since it means that the Craftsman’s past member of his family could have been part of the circle. I’m not too sure about the Craftsman himself.
    New protagonist Study: I do not know exactly what to think about it seeing your theories, but it is still probably important.

    And for the moment I’m done. I’m happy to see that there are still discussions on the story of the series 🙂 .

    1. Alsart Savience

      I forgot to write that the symbol of The Circle in TR1 appears only in the PC version.

      1. Swellerpeach

        There’s a PC version?

        1. Alsart Savience

          Yeah. There’s a PC version of the first two games, and hopefully also for The Room Three and Old sins in the near future.

    2. Professor de Montfaucon

      I guess you’re right about the Craftsman, and you are definitely right about the timing(I must have gotten confused with the release dates) but TROS happens between TR2 and TR3, as evident from the mystery explosion newspaper at the bottom of Edgar’s study. What do you think about my Edgar Macallister theory? And more proof that the crates are from the Circle is that it’s said in the notes. And also, the Circle symbol has the Roman numeral 12 in it, and it doesn’t change. What do you think it means? And more proof for your Greyhenge theory (I did some research in 7/26/2016), is that If someone payed close attention they would have noticed that the structure only had one arch. Stonehenge has multiple arches. If you say that the other arches me might be farther away, you’re wrong. The arches at Stonehenge are pretty much the same amount of distance from the center. So if that was Stonehenge you would have been able to see you the other arches but you can’t so that means it wasn’t Stonehenge. But on Grey Holm there is a structure that matches the structure at the end of chapter 4. The stone structure in the middle of the model of Greyhenge (the structure on Grey Holm) could be the Altar in the center of the actual Greyhenge. And the fact that Greyhenge is the only structure that you go into in the model but not in the actual game. If my theory is right you do, just not in The Room 3. So this means that Greyhenge could be some sort of portal.

      1. Alsart Savience

        1- if it is true that TROS happens between TR2 and TR3 this could be a quite interesting information, considering that the diary pages of the Craftsman were probabily written during that time.
        2- regarding your Edgar Macalister theory it seems quite legit, except for a flaw i noticed at the moment, namely the “only one eye piece” part; AS never said there was only one, but that he was the one that built that model, and as far as we know he may not have been the first to create one, e considering that other people, having some knowledge of the null (The circle, Craftsman and maybe Mountfaucon), They began to create lenses from it.
        3- As far as I can look at the screenshot, the symbol to me looks like a 9 with a faded cross beside it. I will probably try to look at the crates in the clock tower to see if I’m wrong, but in any case i can’t find any precise meaning in the number.
        4- First of all I am genuinely happy that there is someone else who has noticed this thing.
        Secondly…Forgive me for this, but I do not remember writing Greyhenge’s theory, or at least not quite explained. Could you link where you found the source of the theory? In any case I agree with all the rest you have written.

        Sorry for how I wrote the answer, but I was in a hurry today. 🙁

        1. Professor de Montfaucon

          You put it on your twitter. And look what Fireproof said about us! (I email them questions, They know me)

          Hello *****,
          we saw the app unwrapper conversation last week, itΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗s pretty juicy! IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗m gonna be honest here and tell you we donΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t want to give away the story, so can neither confirm or deny the theories expressed 😛
          However itΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗s great to see it cause so much interesting chat, thatΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗s exactly why we want to maintain the mystery 🙂
          Hope you are well *****,

          (***** is a replacement for my name)

      2. A.S.

        IΓÇÖve looked at multiple views of Greyhenge in TR3 (escape & release endings and from the lighthouse) it seems to match the stone structure in the original room game. Which would not only prove its purpose as a portal, but possibly the fact that the Craftsmans family has been so entrenched in the Null that they built Grey Holm by a structure of the Null. As for the altar shown in the lighthouse model, this is built in place of the altar we place A.S.s sample.

  9. Professor de Montfaucon

    It was on your twitter. Also look what Fireproof said about us (I email them questions, they know me)!

    Hello *****,
    we saw the app unwrapper conversation last week, itΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗s pretty juicy! IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗m gonna be honest here and tell you we donΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t want to give away the story, so can neither confirm or deny the theories expressed 😛
    However itΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗s great to see it cause so much interesting chat, thatΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗s exactly why we want to maintain the mystery 🙂
    Hope you are well *****,

    ***** is substituted for my name

  10. Professor de Montfaucon

    Double post sorry

  11. Professor de Montfaucon

    Look what Fireproof said about the Circle symbol

    “As for the symbol, you are correct. The circle have many secret signs and this is one of them. The Twelve is mysterious: perhaps it represents twelve people, or twelve groups of people, or twelve centuriesΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼┬¼. nobody outside the circle knows :)”

    1. Alsart Savience

      NICE! i knew that symbol had some real meaning for the story of the game! It would be nice (even if unlikely) if in Old Sins we could investigate a little more deeply about the circle, or at least have some clear clues about its existence.

      1. Professor de Montfaucon

        I think that the Symbol on HydrusΓÇÖ(TROS protagonist) is another symbol of the Circle.

  12. Ryan Zollinger

    Just so you guys know, Simon Grayson, A.K.A. The Great Khan, is NOT The Craftsman. In Fireproofs the making of The Room Three, it says that The Craftsman imprisoned The Great Khan in the paper theatre because he was meddling with the null. (by the way, the craftsman is such a hypocrite. That was the same reason he imprisoned margaret cox) Also does anyone here know what The Circle is? (A.S. mentions them, and Edward mentions them.)

    1. Professor de Montfaucon

      I believe that the Circle are a secret society wanting to bring Astaroth back from his prison.

      1. AS

        I donΓÇÖt think that thatΓÇÖs it. Perhaps there is a connection to asteroth, because of their incantation that AS found, but only to gain information about the Null, much like AS. Perhaps the table with the swirly symbol that holds the blue Null samples at the end of TROS is what they are using as a power source instead of ASΓÇÖs power scource.

        1. Professor de Montfaucon

          The swirly symbol is the seal. I also think the the CircleΓÇÖs HQ was built around it, as the seal is rough rock, but everything else is smooth marble. Maybe the Circle doesnΓÇÖt know what it is and Astaroth is influencing them somehow, but I think that the seal is what keeps Astaroth imprisoned.

  13. A.S.

    There is one thing I thought of. On the null planet, there are 3 buildings. One is the place where the craftsman imprisons you in the imprisoned ending, the other is the temple in the lost ending, BUT WHAT IS THE THIRD BUILDING!!!!!!!!!!?? I think that they will create a game that starts with you entering the temple in Lost, and then use the the third building and the lost building to create an ultimate puzzle game with multiple buildings with rooms with multiple tables with old sins boxes. THE ULTIMATE PUZZLE GAME IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!!!!! Also, they should make movies. Just think how cool a the room movie that reveals a ton about the story in LIVE ACTION would be. Even animated would be wonderful.

  14. A.S.

    Greyhenge is a portal. In the end of the chapter before the epilogue in TR1, you are transported to a stonehenge-like place with only one arch. In the model of greyhenge, there is only one arch. You go to every building on the model tabel except for greyhenge. But you do go to greyhenge. In TR1. And it would make sense that the place where you but A.S.’s null crystal (the green one that shows up on the null tarot card) is at Grey Holm. So, the craftsman is involved in our affairs with the null long before it even mentions Grayson or Maggie, when the only two names we knew of is A.S. and Macallister.

  15. Mark

    Great resource and discussion. I have previously been a fanatic of the games but had not found a place to post my findings, and resorted to posting at the end of reviews/walkthroughs. First off all the words for the typewrter in TR2, Ch4:
    (A partial list was written previously; but here is a conplete list (as far as i am aware) and there is a certain logical order to them)

    We begin with:
    This leads on to:
    The last tarrot word in response is:
    We are then led to:
    The last tarrot word in response is:
    We then find the last game word:
    The last tarrot word in response is:

    This then leads us to the following sequence:

    Aside from these leads, there is the closed loop of:

    Then aside from this there are names from the games back story, starting with:
    But interestingly also:
    Which leads onto:

    Both AS and DEMONS, leads to the following sequence:

    Yet to try any names from TROS.
    I tried googling random combinations to see if other Roomies had found anything. But nothing yet.
    One blogger in japan had a partial list along with:
    But this did not work for me.

  16. Mark

    Next there are a couple of coordinates from TR3:

    At the beginning of the game in the suitcase (with lens) is
    N: 50.334
    E: -3.533
    This lattitude and longitude (N50 20ΓÇÖ 2.4ΓÇ¥; E-3 -31ΓÇÖ -58.8ΓÇ¥) is the global coordinate of the mew stone.

    Later in the game in the observatory (Ch 5) where you pick up the Sun Dial, there are some loose papers, with the text:
    Sector 23
    N: 51.2365
    W: 0.5703
    This lattitude and longitude (N51 14ΓÇÖ 11.4ΓÇ¥; W0 34ΓÇÖ 13.08ΓÇ¥) is global coirdinates if Fireproof Games offices I believe: 20 Bedford Road, Guildford (also the location where the Talisman Co. is based). Not sure what Sector 23 refers to.


  17. Mark

    Lastly Id like to point out a biblical connection; many of the numbers/codes used in the game are references to bible qoutes:
    TR1: Ch2: House Picture: ΓÇ£Rev 6:05ΓÇ¥: just as you open third seal to box:
    Revelations 6: 5 When the Lamb opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, ΓÇ£Come!ΓÇ¥ I looked, and there before me was a black horse! Its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand.
    TR1: Epilogue: Name on Box: ΓÇ£Job no. 38:17ΓÇ¥:
    Job 38: 17 Have the gates of death been shown to you? Have you seen the gates of the deepest darkness?
    TR2: Ch6 (the lab) Science note cards: EXPT: 1-27, 2-07, 5-01: Scientist who plays god using the Null:
    Genesis 1: 27 So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.
    Genesis 2: 07 Then the Lord God formed a man[c] from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.
    Genesis 5: 01 When God created mankind, he made them in the likeness of God
    TR3: written on the floor: Rev. 12.9: thevgreat dragon is part of the observatory, and serpants can be seen on some walls
    Revelations 12: 9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

    Question: perhaps no number or code in the game is by random chance: everything has been chosen for a reason. Much like the letters, a full set if screen grabs for every number may be a insitefull exercise?

    Theory: Obviously the plot utilises lore and mystery from many cultures and histories; linking them together with the Null. But with the biblical links, the tree we see grabbing at the world in the game could be the tree referenced in the bible providing the forbidden fruit to Adam and Eve, with the serpant luring Eve in with curiosity/temptation (devil).
    The fruit from the tree: the null. Our curiosity as we play, delve deeper, is much like Eve eating the forbidden fruit.
    With all the grabbing of different cultures, this is more likely to be the context of the bible being an interpretation of what has been seen, and the null was there before the bible, rather than the whole series being a religious funfare.
    Note: pehaps Qaran or Torah verse are hidden also, but based on western audience i expect its limited to bible references.


  18. Mark

    Lastly, a piece of fan fiction I wrote to Fireproof on a postcard of the mew stone:

    I am not blind; I have passed the TRIAL : taken All paths; explored all rooms.
    The Circle; Tarot cards; my Sigil: they were hollow clues.
    I have opened the third seal, my eyes are open.
    The focus of my soul, the energy within, yearns for more…

    My puppet strings are not fireproof, yet i followed AS into the Fire
    I have journeyed far, for the great sails of the Rose travelled on Air
    Isolation on the Craftsmans island soothed me for a time, surrounded by Water
    Do i stand alone in this Earth…

    I have opened Pandoras Box, lived through the Pyre, and yet Elpis still remains, how much Time has passed, must i wait for Death; I must know my fate. The fever of the Null intixicates, I wish to unite the Nulls.

    The ancient serpant leads me deeper in, how long must i wait (Rev. 20:2)

    The engineer.

    (Notes: did not get a reply frim Fireproof; i am an engineer by trade; some of the theories provided by all of you, and TROS, mean i would change the way I have written some of the above).

  19. The Circle

    In response to Marks thing with the typewriter, I tried the combination ‘WHATSINTHEBOX’. It then says, ‘Another Box’.

  20. Mark

    Coincidence, or not?
    IΓÇÖv been playing on ipad and iphone; there was an apple update to TR2 a couple of days back for ΓÇÿbug fixesΓÇÖ.
    ΓÇÿWHATSINTHEBOXΓÇÖ now works for me!

  21. Professor de Montfaucon

    Has any one found the 3 secret radio messages?

    1. AS

      Radio messages? Where is this at?

      1. Professor de Montfaucon

        In TROS, once you get the first 2 radio messages, play around with the dial to find 3 extra messages

  22. A.S.

    I figured out the radio messages! For those who would like to listen to them too, hereΓÇÖs how to find them. First, you tune the first two radio messages that you find in the game, so the light is green. Then, you go back into the maritime room, and there are two more frequencies that have the jumbled up talking. Both frequencies are specific for a tuner. The frequency on the far right goes with the tuner on the left and vice versa. Let me know what you think of them, since they are very interesting.


    1. Professor de Montfaucon

      It pretty much says that Hydrus, TROSΓÇÖs protagonist, had a predecessor who escaped with a null sample, and the Hydrus is being watched and his current assignment will be his last, probably meaning the Circle will try to kill him. Maybe in TR4 (if there is one) Hydrus will seek out the original protagonist and they will join forces

      1. A.S.

        From what I understood from the messages (because they can be hard to understand.) Hydrus was a valuable asset to The Circle. But, he started to experience side effects from the Null. So, they had him finish his assignments, and imprisoned him. However, he escaped and thatΓÇÖs all we know.

    2. Professor de Montfaucon

      There are actually 3 extra radio messages, and the basic gist is that HydrusΓÇÖ predecessor was extremely gifted, but stole a null sample, and the voice goes on to say that Hydrus is also gifted but will be watched closely, then in the 3rd the voice says that Hydrus is showing signs of disunity, and they will be ending his career. Probably by attempting to kill him. The voice is probably Crowley, mentioned in the typewriter who seems to be the leader of the Circle

      1. A.S.

        I know about the third radio message. When I first explained how to find them, I didnΓÇÖt know about the third. I agree and disagree with you though. I do believe that the voice is Crowley, but I donΓÇÖt believe that the messages talk about HydrusΓÇÖs predoccesor. Nor do I believe it had anything to do with stealing the Null samples. But, IΓÇÖll listen to the radio messages again and take into consideration what you said Montfaucon.

    3. Professor de Montfaucon

      There are actually 3 extra radio messages, and the main gist of them is that Hydrus had a predecessor who stole a null sample. Later Hydrus is being watched and is showing signs of disunity so they will terminate his career, most likely by attempting to kill him, Hydrus will probably escape and join forces with these original protagonist. Something else I noticed is that TROS explains why the Royal Institute was so shrill about denying the original protagonist funding for studying the null, as they already know what happens as they were told by Abigail.

      1. A.S.

        I just finished listening to the messages, and I only saw one piece of loose evidence that a Null sample was stolen, and that is ΓÇ£We cannot allow for history to repeat itself.ΓÇ¥
        I think this refers to the fact the collector Hydrus is showing sight of disunity, and there were previous collectors who had similar troubles, possibly leading to something worse.

        1. A.S.

          Also Montfaucan, I think youΓÇÖre forgetting that WE ARE HYDRUS. The game hints to it with our notebook that has an H on it, and Fireproof Games confirms it in ΓÇÿThe Making Of The Room Old SinsΓÇÖ.

          1. Professor de Montfaucon

            I know we are Hydrus, I was just stating it that way as it was easier for me to write it out, but an other piece of evidence that HydrusΓÇÖ predecessor stole a null sample is that the voice states ΓÇ£His escape with our samples was unfortunateΓÇ¥ and did you find the extra hints at the end of the game?

  23. Professor de Montfaucon

    I recently encountered something that I find very interesting. I was looking up Astaroth on Wikipedia, when I found this: Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├║The name “Astaroth” as a male demon is first known from The Book of Abramelin…Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├æ If you search up The Book of Abramelin you find that it was translated into English by the British occultist Samuel L. MacGregor Mathers who was the head of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. May seem like nothing at first, but continue on, and you will find that it influenced a young member who would later try to seek the Holy Guardian Angel but didnΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t go through with it to help Mathers with the HOotGD schism, someone who would later found a religion, in which he claims to be a prophet entrusted with guiding humanity into the ╬ô├╢┬úΓö£├æon of Horus, and an order of the AΓò¼├┤Γö£┬¼╬ô├╢├▒AΓò¼├┤Γö£┬¼╬ô├╢├▒ a society who claims to have been around in all so societies. A young member by the name of Aleister Crowley. Crowley, who in The Room universe is the head of the Circle. The timing matches up. The stories match up. Aleister is most likely the head of the Circle. Fireproof really did their research.

    1. A.S.

      That is very interesting. As is obvious in The Room, many names and ideas are shown without us really knowing what they are until later reveals and discoveries. This makes me wonder if there is anything that mentions the name Aleister.

  24. A.S.

    Ohhhhhh. I see it now. The muffled voice made it hard to understand. Okay. That makes more sense.

  25. Professor de Montfaucon

    Has anyone wondered what the altar exactly is? It has very similar markings to the seal, which leads me to believe that the altar itself is a seal. Because, from what we have seen any object with the cup and ring markings is containing something the artifacts contain inventory objects and the seal contains the null. I believe that the altar is the seal that prevents Astaroth from escaping his prison dimension, seen in the last level of TR2. It seems to me that there are at least 3 ways for Astaroth to escape: 1. Breaking the seal, which is either what he is telling or influencing The Circle to do, 2. Going out of a room/house that is being absorbed into the null pocket dimension, which he attempted in the end of TR2, and 3. Whatever happened in the release ending. It is also my belief that each dimension is layered and you can only go up one level each time, when not using the seal. You also need lots of energy to do it especially when going to AstarothΓÇÖs prison. The layering probably goes real world-null pocket dimension-AstarothΓÇÖs prison. The Altar was probably created when Astaroth was imprisoned, and whatever imprisoned him created the altar/seal to keep him locked away. The altar/seal can move around in both our and AstarothΓÇÖs prison. ItΓÇÖs like this, imagine you have a bubble film, then make a loop with a string on the bubble film then pop the bubble inside of the string the loop can now move around the film. This is probably the closest model we have to what is going on. On one side of the film is our universe, on the other side is AstarothΓÇÖs prison, and the loop is the altar/seal, but covered up. The making of TROS seems to imply that the altar/seal came from space, meaning that it was probably left there to make sure that no one found it, but it was later put on a collision course with Earth, where the Circle found it. So to summarize the altar is a 4th dimensional plug to make sure Astaroth doesnΓÇÖt escape. Also something else I noticed is that right before you go into the imprisoned ending, and stop right before the train door, and put on the eyepiece, you can see through the door window that everything is upside down, which seems to hint that it is a trap.

    1. A.S.

      Honestly, I think that this has practically NOTHING to do with Astroth. He is most likely just an alchemical figure that was only mentioned by AS out of ignorance.

      1. Professor de Montfaucon

        I mean Astaroth could be the tentacle entity, if not, then by Astaroth I meant the tentacle entity. Another thing the altar could be is not the actual seal, but a map to it. Maybe the actual seal is in the deep well in the Martian ziggurat.

        1. A.S.

          I have found new information concerning the secret messages.
          Montfoucaun, you were half right. The radio messages do talk about a collector stealing a sample, but not the one you thought. The spot in the messages where you said that it says predecessor? It doesnΓÇÖt. I still canΓÇÖt make out what it says, but itΓÇÖs probably a last name. Anyway, the collector that stole the Null Sample is Collector Hydrus. Go to the spot in the game where you need to put the sample into the suitcase. Wait for the hints to start popping up. This is what they read:
          1. I should place the Null element inside my case. My employers are waiting.
          2. Perhaps they should wait indefinitely. There is much I could achieve with a sample such as this…
          3. No, not yet. I must bide my time.

          This new evidence proves that collector Hydrus stole the sample. Tell me what you think of this.

          1. Professor de Montfaucon

            If you listen closely it says HydrusΓÇÖ predecessor. If you donΓÇÖt believe me you can ask fireproof themselves through their email as I did.

            1. A.S.

              IΓÇÖll take your word for i

  26. A.S.

    Has anyone wondered HOW Edward got inside of the dollhouse, ignorant of how, and without an eyepiece? It seems odd that we find his dead body inside the 3rd attic when the notes say that he was only wandering around THE REAL WALDEGRAVE MANOR, and not even thinking about the dollhouse!

    1. Professor de Montfaucon

      In the note he says that he is constantly led back to the attic, so maybe each time he went there the null pulled him deeper into the dollhouse

  27. A.S.

    I realised something while drawing the symbol in TR2. If you look at the protagonists drawing of it in TR3, it looks like a 3D drawing. Look at the things on the sides. They look like DOORWAYS. Remember, this symbol shows up at every door. Please tell me what you think about this.

    1. Professor de Montfaucon

      It most likely symbolizes the transition through space-time as shown in the notebook

  28. A.S.

    I noticed something interesting at the end of the room 1. If you look closely while the eyepiece breaks, you can see A.S. standing in front of you. I found this by taking a screen video of me playing that part and played it slower with brightness on full.

  29. Giacomo

    IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗ve noticed that The Craftsman refers to the protagonist as Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├║THEYΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├æ. Especially in the pages from the diary. Could it be that he is referring to players worldwide? And that the NULL Is real? And that the Room series is a way for us to prepare for the mind-bending puzzles? Ever since I have heard and read about it, the NULL seems to be my obsession. I have studied the effects, behaviour and appearance of this…thing and I just wonder if it IS real. (Please donΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t be rude. Sometimes I think IΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗m crazy too.)

    1. A.S.

      The use of ‘they’ in the games is used so the notes are non-gender specific. Notice that they they never use the pronouns of he/him or she/her when referring to the protagonist. This is because you are meant to play in the role of the protagonist while playing the games. The use of ‘they’ is just a pronoun to refer to the player without assuming gender. They also use this in A Dark Matter, where the protagonist is only referred to as they or you. Once again, just meant to be non-gender specific so it can refer to the player without assuming gender.

      1. Crowley

        Abigail swims with the fishies, she is dead

  30. Crowley

    I believe that the ‘lost’ ending in TR3 in front of the temples and ziggurats are on the null planet.

  31. Crowley

    who do you think A.S. really is?

  32. Crowley

    I have found something!!!!!!!!
    in the room 2, with the ship that is toy sized and you can move stuff on it, the sculpture of the woman on the front with no legs or arms is the exact same one as the wooden one pulled out with the submarine arm! that ship that is shown must be the same ship!

  33. Kayla

    I am increasingly convinced that A.S. becomes the Craftsman after loosing himself to the nul.

    1. A.S.

      I don’t know about that. A.S. dies in TR2, and the Craftsman is for the most part introduced after this in TR3 (The Craftsman is hinted at in TR2 though). I think it is pretty clear that they are two seperate people.

    2. Crowley

      how could the hedgewitch know more about the null and of the tarot cards then the Craftsman himself in the room: a dark matter? she is like SHE is the puppet master, not the Craftsman.

      1. A.S.

        I wouldn’t say that either of them are a puppet master, or that The Craftsman has more or less knowledge of The Null than the Witch. The reason the Witch was able to defeat the Craftsman was because she was able to tap into a fatal flaw of The CraftsmanΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£ΓöñHis arrogance. He beleives that he is the only one who can understand and harness The Null, and he beleives that everyone else are fools for him to use to progress his work. He believes the Witch to be a fool as well, and that is his undoing. She is not a puppet master because she does not attempt to control things behind the scenes.

        1. Crowley

          but how could the hedgewitch know about the null?

        2. Crowley

          and the real question is, who is the puppet master and who is pulling his strings? back in the note in the safe next to the purple crystal in TR3

    3. Crowley

      I also disagree since A.S did seem to die in tr2, but it is possible.

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