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‘The House of da Vinci’ Review: This Seems Familiar

The House of da Vinci By: Blue Brain Games If you're a fan of The Room series by Fireproof Games and can't wait for the fourth one to release, Blue Brain Games' The House of da Vinci is the closest thing you can get to the real thing. In fact, had someone kept me locked away and prevented me from seeing or reading any games news, then put the game in front of me and told me it was made by Fireproof, I would have easily accepted that as fact. Yes, the game borrows heavily from its inspiration, Read more [...]

All The Letters From Fireproof’s The Room 1, 2 and 3

The Room 1, 2 & 3 By: Fireproof Games After playing through The Room Three, I decided to go back and play The Room and The Room Two again. I was reading the letters and thought it would be cool to have all the letters from all the games in one easy place to read. So I posted them all here in order. I suggest only reading them if you've played the games, because they do spoil the story. Feel free discuss the possible meanings! See my review for The Room Three. See my walkthrough Read more [...]

AppUnwrapper’s Best iPhone Adventure and Puzzle Games of 2014 List

2014 was a great year for iOS. Sure it was also the year of Flappy Bird clones, but happily there's enough room on the App Store for unique, stand-out games along with all the fluff. I haven't necessarily reviewed every game on this list (I'm only one person!), but I have spent quite a bit of time with all of them. These are games that brought me such sheer delight when I played them, that I couldn't help but talk about them. I'm only covering adventure games and puzzle games, since those make up Read more [...]