Escape Game: “Memories Lost on the Beach” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Memories Lost on a Beach”



*Note: Only read this if you want full details on how to escape. You will read spoilers here. If you want hints instead, ask in the comments section.

Always make sure you zoom in on something as much as possible. If you don’t the game won’t register that you saw the clue, and it won’t work.

1. Turn around and open the curtains. Something falls down. Pick it up — it’s a rod.

2. Turn to the lamp on the ground. Plug it in.

3. Turn off the lights by tapping the switch on the same wall, near the door.

4. Words appear on the lamp: “Day: August + March = ?”. Remember it for later.

5. Turn the lights back on.

6. Zoom in on the painting of the woman. She’s winking! Pay attention to the order: Right, Left, Left, Left, Right, Right.

7. Turn to the wall with the chest of drawers and the cuckoo clock. Zoom in on the safe.

8. Use the code you got from the painting. Turn the dial: Right, Left, Left, Left, Right, Right.

9. The safe opens. Take the flashlight.

10. Turn to the chest of drawers. Tap on the left side of it to look behind it.

11. It’s too dark to see. Turn on the flashlight and use it to see behind the furniture.

12. There’s an item, but you can’t reach it. Use the rod you found to get the ash tray.

13. Look at the calendar next to the front double doors. Remember the words we found on the lamp? Add the number of days from March (31) with August (31) to get 62.

14. Tuen to the white desk near the windows.

15. Zoom in on the drawer with a keypad. Enter the numbers 62. It opens. Take the envelope.

16. Open the top drawer and take the lighter.

17. Open the drawer to the left and there’s a picture of a tree with the word “SAKURA” written on it. Remember that.

18. Open the lighter you found. Turn it on. Then zoom in one he envelope you have. Use the lighter on it to light it on fire.

19. You can’t touch the envelope with your hands, so zoom in on the ashtray and use the envelope with it. Now it’s in the ashtray.

20. Walk around a bit and the envelope will burn up. Take the key from the ashes.

21. Use the key to open the bottom drawer of the white desk. Take the binoculars.

22. Turn to the windows and open the curtains. Use the binoculars on the window. You see the stars forming the numbers: 9:00.

22. Turn to the cuckoo clock. Set the time to 9:00. (Small hand on 9, long hand on 12)

23. A pigeon pops out from the window. Take the key from its beak.

24. Turn to the white door and use the red key to open it.

25. Now we’re in another room.

26. Pick up the framed photo on the dresser. Take off the frame and turn the photo around to see the words “cherry blossoms” written on the back.

27. Open the top drawer of the same dresser. Remember the name you found earlier? It’s the name of your beloved. Type in into the keypad to unlock it.

28. Take the pencil from inside.

29. Tap on the metal panel near the ceiling to the right. It’s screwed in and you can’t reach it.

30. Now you can take the stool.

31. Tap on the TV stand. The cabinet has a crack in it. Use the rod to pry it open.

32. Take the memo from inside.

33. Tap a few times on the memo and it tells you it’s crumpled. Use the pencil on the memo and some numbers appear: 356.

34. Turn to the white cabinets in the wall. Open them up and there’s a remote stuck inside. Enter the numbers 356 and it unlocks. You can now take the remote.

35. Use the remote to turn on the TV. An image appears. This is a clue.

36. Go back to the other room. Turn to the chest of drawers and tsp on the center one (like the red dot in the diagram).

38. Take the screwdriver and go back to the other room.

39. Use the stool on the metal panel that’s screwed in. Now you can reach it.

40. Use the screwdriver to unscrew the panel.

41. Remove the sheet of iron and there’s a key dangling inside. You can’t just take it. Turn on the lighter again and use it to burn the thread. Take the key.

42. Zoom in on the engraving below the key: “Right 2 Vertical 3”.

43 Go back to the other room and turn to the chest of drawers again. Count two from the right and then go down to the third drawer and open it. *Note: It has to be the first drawer you touch or it won’t work. Zoom out and try again if it doesn’t work.

44. There’s a ring inside. Take it and examine it closely. It says “Sakura 04.26”.

45. Go to the front doors. There’s a locked panel to the right. Use the key you found to unlock it.

46. Open the panel and type in 0426 (from the ring) on the keypad. The front door is open.

Walk out and watch the sweet ending. You made it! Congratulations!


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  1. Fred

    I just added this feed to my bookmarks. I have to say, I very much enjoy reading your blogs. Thanks!

  2. Rachael

    What is the name of my beloved?? I’ve tried Sakura, cherry, blossom, cherry blossoms…. Help!! Driving me mad lol thankyou!!!

  3. Rachael

    Heycan you help me please? I’m stuck with the name of the beloved?! I just can’t get it?? I’ve tried putting Sakura, cherry, blossom, blossoms, cherry blossoms, cherryblossoms & cherry blossom?! Help…??? Many thanks!!

    1. Chloe

      You hav to type Sakura in all capitals

  4. Ky

    can’t get key off string 🙁

    1. Smilebooboo18

      use the lighter

  5. Ky

    omg nvm…i got it.. i’m stupid lol.

    1. nisa

      HOW?! Three days now……

  6. John

    Damn safe won’t open

    1. shigginstan6

      How do u open da safe?

  7. Jazz

    What is the name of beloved? I tried so many options wid Sakura and CBs.

  8. larien

    plsss help me i got stuck with the beloved name :/

    1. Alikat

      Just use all capitals, should work.

  9. Sparrow

    Help me please cant understend the catch with the drawer which tea spoon should i find how do i open it ?

  10. Elaine

    how do we open the safe beside the cabinets? I know the order but I don’t know how to turn it. For esample, do we turn the whole round in the direction right or what?

  11. Chloe

    I typed in 0426 but it says incorrect password does any one knowwht I can do

    1. julie

      click the ring and click it again to zoom right in on the numbers then click the cross and put 0426 in, should work now.

  12. Sam

    I’m stuck with dial to do that

    1. Smilebooboo18

      Touch right side 1, then touch left side 3, then right 2

  13. kim

    help….still can’t rreach the metal panel…i already have the screw driver

    1. kim

      never mind……i have a problem with the drawer..with the second key HELP!
      why didn’t you put picturessssssssssss

  14. sharmaine

    Got some problem with dial. Got the code yet don’t know how to used it correctly, it won’t work. Please help me.

  15. moniq

    please i am stuck i have no idea how to turn the lock from left to right, do you return to the middle the to right/left or it continiusion?…anyideas guys love love this game

  16. priya

    I am not able to burn the envelope with the lighter…please please help me..

    1. manuel

      U need the ashtray to burn the envelope on

  17. babysgramma

    i have reached the point where all I need to do is open the “2right 3vertical” drawer in te cabinet of drawers, and even tracking troug te walkthroug to see if I missed anything, and backing out and retrying each time, and only touching the drawer I want to open, no drawer will open. says click-locked-drawers-won’t-open”

  18. Jessica

    I tape in the name SAKURA BUT IT SAY INCORRECT help

  19. Jessica

    I need help i tape in the name of her beloved SAKURA BUT IT SAY INCORRECT PASSWORD

  20. Kairi

    I am also confused by the dial to the safe. I have tried every way and still confused!! I need a dummy break down of how to do this lol. Sorry 🙁

  21. jay

    I’m stuck at the ash trey part do I put the ashtrey down or what help please

  22. MenaLina

    I still can’t get the ring out I tried everything .. need help stuck

  23. hazry

    having problem open the chest drawer…ive done maked it 2 right 3 vertical..but the drawer still not open..anybody please help me??

    1. Josefa Orellana

      On the right side of the drawers count 2 count from there 3 up it should open now

  24. jannat

    Hi can someone please tell me how to open the safe under the clock I’ve everywhich way and can’t still open it I have been stuck on this for a few days now

  25. Lisa

    Type in sakura in all lowercase it worked for me

  26. shelly

    cant open drawer to get ring.
    only one that opens is the middle one which is now of course empty..

  27. Josefa Orellana

    Stuck with drawer did right 2 vertical 3 only one that opens is the center one plz help

  28. petra balaguer

    Ayuda!!!!! no consigo quemar el sobre con mechero sobre el cenicero.

  29. Mandi2

    Please can someone tell me how to open the safe under the clock, am i suposed to just click on the gray things to the left and right in this order (right, left,left,left,right,right) or am i suposed to do (right, middel, left, middel, left, middel, left middel, right, middel, right) because neather of them are working!! (i have also seen that others have asked about this thing) thankful for ansvers! 🙂

    1. Pat

      Well what are ya suppose to do on the safe? I know now I can’t crack a safe! Help*

  30. Kimberly M.

    Ive tried to open the safe so many times that Im about to delete this game. I dont understand what I am doing wrong and ive tried what is said above and in the comments. Γö¼Γòù:( I tried prank house and once I saw it had a safe, I got rid of it. Thats where im at. So irritating.

    1. KateH

      you just need go in the direction of the red arrow.. you still use the pattern right, left, left, left, right, right.. i hope that make sense..

      1. nisa

        I can’t do it! Three days now… Help?

  31. cecil

    cant open the safe 🙁

  32. tshidi

    how does the text below the safe guide me?y does de handle of the safe change sides, does that mean I have to tap left as right and visa-v. do I need to tap the other black blocks or just the left and right?

  33. kelsie

    Can some one please tell ne how to open the safe I have tried everything right.left.left.left.right.right and also tried going to the top after each click but nothing happens please help before I delete it 🙁

    1. sally

      Know its been a while but i still cant do the safe ive all but chucked my phone across the room help!

  34. sam

    Arrgh,it took ages but I finally figured out how to do the safe,it’s hard to explain but I’ll have a go,so first of all press the top right hand side block, then turn your phone so that the red arrow on the dial is pointing straight up,from there press the block on the first left of the block your at, turn your phone around so that the red dial arrow is always pointing up and it’s easy.

  35. Linda

    I’m not getting the Right, Left, Left, Left, Right, Right part… I’ve tried it many times and it’s still not working.

  36. maria

    Why!? The pin for the last door says incorrect when I type it correct more then 5 times!?!?

  37. ana

    All u have to do on the safe is like ordinary have to turn right then anti-clockwise left 3x then turn clockwise right twice. Turn not click

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