Escape Game: “Flames of Light and Shadow” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Flames of Light and Shadow”



1. Turn to the coffee table in the middle on the living room. There’s a remote stuck to it. Tap it a few times and it comes loose.

2. Turn around and find the little trashcan. Look inside and take the bloody bandage (ew).

3. Then take the trash can itself.

4. Examine the remote and notice there are no batteries in it.

5. Examine the clock on the wall and notice it *does* have batteries.

6. Smash the clock with the remote to get the batteries out.

7. Place the batteries in the remote. The back piece is broken so they won’t stay in place. Use the bloody bandage to stabilize them. Now you can use the remote.

8. Turn to the TV and zoom in on the video player. use the remote with it and a tape ejects. It’s stuck, but pulling on it reveals a wire. Take the wire.

9. Turn to the door that’s next to the clock. Use the wire to unlock it. Now you can enter the bedroom!

10. Look under the bed. There’s something there. Use the remote to get it out from under the bed. It’s a box. Take it.

11. You can’t open it with your bare hands. Try hitting it with the remote. A memo slips out. Take it.

12. The memo is telling you to flip the box over. If you do so, there are a couple of screws. We need something to use to unscrew them.

13. Turn the piece of paper over and there’s a barcode. Go back to the main room and find the white shelves with the DVDs on them. There’s a card reader. Zoom in on it, turn it on and use it to read the bar code you just found.

14. There’s a clicking sound from below. If you look down at the DVDs, one is sticking out. Take it.

15. Open the DVD case and there’s a screwdriver inside!

16. Zoom in on the box again and use the screwdriver to remove the screws from the bottom.

17. The metal plate comes off, but there’s something else on it that you can’t break through with the screwdriver.

18. Go to the kitchen and turn on the stove. Use the screwdriver on the flame to heat it up.

19. Turn to the fridge. Open the freezer and use the screwdriver to thaw out the ice.

20. There’s some ice in ice trays, but they’re too cold to touch with your bare hands. Use the trash can on them and it collects them.

21. Turn on the stove again. Use the trashcan on the hot stove and the ice melts to water.

22. Go back to the bedroom. Throw the water on the wall that’s a different color blue. Now it’s all soft.

23. Use the screwdriver to get a key off the top of the closet next to the blue wall. It’s bent.

24. Go back to the kitchen and turn on the stove. Try to heat up the bent key. It’s too short. Add the wire to it and now it’s long enough. Heat the key up on the stove.

25. Use the screwdriver to bend the key straight.

26. The key needs to be cooled off now. Fill the trash can with more ice and heat it up again into water. Use the key with it and the key hardens!

27. Heat the screwdriver again on the stove. Use it to break through the tough layer on the box. Take the cutter from inside.

28. Go back to the bedroom and use the cutter on the wall you softener with water. Two doors are revealed.

29. Use the key to unlock the door. There are skeletons in the closet (literally!).

30. Observe the bracelet on the left corpse’s hand. It was Emiko’s? Examine the piece of paper near the right corpse’s hand.


31. Examine the piece of paper by the computer. It tells you the code for the password.


32. Go back to the main room. Find the phone. Something’s missing from it. Use the screwdriver on the remote to remove the keypad. Place the keypad on the phone.

33. Using the clue you got from paper by the computer, press the numbers on the phone like this:


34. The computer boots up! Go back to the bedroom.

35. Zoom in on the computer monitor. Read all the files on the computer. Make sure to inspect the last profile (tap on it).


36. One of the files shows a birthday of March 12th (like the paper near the skeleton). The name of the victim is Yudai Hayama. The computer file tells you he was age 22.

37. Go back to the main room. Inspect the calendar carefully. It’s November 2011.

38. Turn to the left of the front door to see a zodiac poster. Examine both sides of it carefully.

39. Go back to the bedroom and turn on the PC again. Using the information we have from the computer and the calendar, we can unlock the diary. 2011 – 22 = 1989. Open the “Diary” folder and type in “1989”. The diary unlocks.

40. Read each page of the diary carefully. Now we need to refer to the files, calendar and zodiac poster to figure out which of these people is the killer.

41. Once you’ve seen all the evidence, you figure out that Aoi Honda is the killer. Go back to the PC and find Aoi Honda’s profile. Print it out.


42. You can now get the agenda. Turn to the bookcase. There’s a brown book among the blue ones. It’s the agenda, so take it. Read through it. You can keep it as evidence.

43. Use the knife to remove the calendar and take it as evidence.

44. Examine the skeletons in the closet until you find a hammer. Take it.

45. Use the hammer to remove the nails and boards from the front door.

46. Open the door and run for your life! You got the good ending! Congratulations!


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  1. Sara

    Can’t get key

  2. Sara

    I can’t examine the bracket?

  3. Melissa

    I can’t get the keypad off the remote!!!

  4. Itssarah

    Having the same problem getting the keypad off the remote!!!!!!

    1. Sarah

      Ah you have to zoom into right of computer screen click on wire the go to phone click on wire and then note something is missing

  5. Karla

    1989 doesnt open the diary on the computer for me..

  6. Karla

    Well now I figured the 1989 out but I can’t figure out how to print

    1. Scoobz

      Go to the diary folder and click on every page. There’s writin that comes up as ur randomly tapping the pages and on te last page it ses down the bottom I need 2 find evidence. Then go to profiles folder and it says print out.

  7. Sarah

    Can’t remove keypad from remote!

  8. Sarah

    Apparently Aoi Honda is not the killer I got the bad ending.

  9. Lilly

    I don’t know how to print!

    1. Sarah

      It takes a bit of trying. You have to tap on each person file til you get to the end and then it will mention printing. Then close and reopen the file and there should be a print page button

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