Escape Game: “Strange House” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Strange House” Walkthrough


Looking for the Strange House II (2) walkthrough?
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**Note: Only read the walkthrough if you want the answers. If you just want a hint, post in the comments section and I’ll answer.

1. Lift up the hanging tapestry and take the “Mount Fuji” tile.


2. Zoom in on the white double-door and take off the tape.


3. Turn around to the table with the bowl of colored beads. Zoom in on the bowl and tape up the crack.


4. Look under the table for the “Eggplant” tile.


5. Open the pot above the fireplace and take the tongs.


6. Move over to the table with the three animal figures. Make sure to zoom in on each one as much as pissible, then zoom in on the carving on the table. You need to move them in order from weakest (on the left) to strongest (on the right). So move the lion left, then snake, then hawk. Then tap the snake again and the glass eye will drop out of its mouth. Take it.



7. Head over to the left bookcase and look between the lower left corner and the wall. There’s a tile there. You need to zoom in all the way on it. Then zoom out and look at the pulley on the right of the bookcase. Then tap the bottom of the case to move it over so you can take the last tile, the “Hawk.”






8. Tap the upper right corner of the right bookcase until you find a book that talks about Fuji, the Hawk, and Eggplants. This is the order they go in. Take them over to the screen door and open the panel. Place the three tiles in order: Mount Fuji, Hawk, Eggplant. Now you opened the entrance to get upstairs. But don’t go yet. We have more to do downstairs.


9. Go back to the right bookshelf and open the book that talks about the world standard time being based on England’s prime meridian. Then move back to the table with the animals and zoom in on the map. Move the red line until it moves to the left. Then it will slide over, revealing a map piece.




10. Go back to the right bookshelf and make sure you read every book you can. There are five total. Now we can go upstairs.

11. Go to the phone and punch in “135” from the book on Japan. The first clock hand from downstairs has now fallen off. Go down and collect it. Make sure you also examine the hand that’s still on the clock or you won’t be able to use the phone again later.





12. Zoom in on the clock hand in your bag until it shows you an equation. Use the code from the book on the bottom shelf to solve the equation (6 + 2) x 3/6 + 159 to get “163”. Punch it in on the phone and the second hand falls downstairs. Collect it, combine it with the first hand and go to the clock upstairs. Put the combined hands onto the clock and then open the clock up and take the first monkey from behind the pendulum, “No Speak.”




13. Go to the cabinet below the telephone and hit it with the tongs until it opens up. Take the hose.

14. Go over to the shelves to the left of the bust. There’s a puzzle with four seasons on it. Remember that book from downstairs? Match Spring with Dawn, Fall with Dusk, Summer with Night, and Winter with Snow. In other words, it looks like this:


15. Take the second glass eye from the drawer below it. Put both eyes in the sockets of the bust. The panel will unlock so you can take out the “No See” monkey.


16. Open the door to the right of the grandfather clock. Go up to the sink. There’s a 5dl beaker and a 3dl beaker. You need to use these to get 4dl in one beaker to move them onto the scale. The way to do this is fill the 5dl with water. Pour it into the 3dl beaker. Then spill the 3dl beaker down the drain. Pour the 2dl left in the 5dl beaker into the 3dl beaker. Fill the 5dl beaker again and pour 1dl from it into the 3dl beaker. You should now have 4dl left in the 5dl beaker. Pour it on the scale and it unlocks. Take the second map piece from the drawer.



17. Leave the bathroom. Put the two map pieces into the globe and it opens. Take the last money, “No Hear” and go back downstairs.

18. Open up the panel to the left of the brown door. Place the three monkeys in this order: See, Speak, Hear.


19. A keypad appears on the brown door. You can now go up to the bathroom and attach the hose to the bathtub faucet. Lead it out the window. Go downstairs and pull it in through the window using the tongs. It should now be leading into the glass bowl with beads. Go back up and turn on the bathtub faucet.

20. Four beads now float up to the surface of the water. They read 1972.


21. Use the hint “symmetry” with the keypad. So 1 is 3, 9 is 7, 7 is 9, and 2 is 2. Enter 3792 into the keypad.


And you’re out! Congratulations!



Strange House II (2) is out! See our walkthrough here.

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    1. teresa

      Dear App Unwrapper,

      So far I have enjoyed “Strange House” but I have come to an inpasse.
      I can’t figure out how to get water into the 4dl container to presumably unlock the drawer.
      I have a hose as well as metal tongs, I’ve done the three japenese new year placques, the two eyes, the hands on the clock, africa, but not North America – I haven’t found that yet, nor have I figured out what to do with the beads in the water tank.
      Just a clue for the water in the bathroom would be appreciated, I presume that once I have achieved that, other options will open up for me to find the states and the third Hear no evil monkey.
      Thanks for your help.

      1. teresa

        thanks, I found the answer above in the walk through. All I needed to know was to put 4 dl in the bottle, that’s got me on my way again. ๐Ÿ™‚ Now why didn’t I think of that before?

    2. Eebie

      I’m unable to move the Lion,Eagle and Snake statues on my phone device please help thanks

    3. robyn

      i cant connect hose to faucet

  1. JUX

    i dont understand… the code i have from the marbles 1972 so symmetry i dont get it pls help

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’s the opposite of 1972 on the keypad. For instance, the opposite of 4 would be 6, but 5 would still be 5.

  2. Babygirl41077

    I’m having trouble combining the two keys to place them on the upstairs clock. Help please anyone.

      1. Stevie

        I can’t get them to combine either. What do you mean open on? I’ve tried everything to put them on the clock upstairs but it says they fall off immediately and won’t stick. Help me please!!

        1. AppUnwrapper

          You need to double-tap on one of them to see a close-up of it. Then use the other one on it.

          1. taryn

            I opened the big hand, zoomed in on it and then tapped the small hand and it doesnt do anything? I even tried douple tapping the small hand and all it does is switch to that one? What am I doing wrong?

        2. joshh

          I had trouble to open the big hand than press the other 1 but make shor the big hand u double tap it

          1. grace

            I think my game is broken. I tried everything that was posted here to get the clock hands to combine and followed the games instructions for it too. It still won’t work. ๐Ÿ™

          2. grace

            Nevermind, i got it. I had to shut down and restart my game.

          3. liz

            i had to leave the clock face… just b in room, and then i tried to put the hands together, by clicking on the big hand then when it was big, click on small hand and it combinds.. then go back to clock face…

  3. Babygirl41077

    Yay thank you so much. Don’t know why that was so hard lol.

  4. sophie

    I am putting the monkeys in the right order but nothing happens… I “examined” them so I know which one is which but when i place them in the spots nothing happens to the door..

    1. sophie

      Also, I can’t connect the hose to the faucet ๐Ÿ™

      1. AppUnwrapper

        You can’t use the hose until near the very end. You need to get the clue for it first.

        1. Jhonson 75

          I cannot Use the hoist, i am in the very end…

          1. Jhonson 75

            Tongs and hoise ….. i don t understand the issue of the Clue…

        2. Kate

          How to swapping still cannot use the hose..plz help me

        3. hazry

          im also near end of this game..but cant connect the hose to faucet tab…mmmm feel bad

        4. hazry

          im used samsung galaxy also near end of this game.. but cant connect the hose to faucet tab…mmmm feel bad

    2. AppUnwrapper

      The order written above the slots is actually wrong. Try swapping the last two and see if it works.

      1. sophie

        Ooooooh! Got it! Silly me! Thanks a lot! ๐Ÿ™‚

    3. B

      hi,did u get answer on keypad after putting in the monkey. Nothing happen s

    4. tom

      use the monkeys in that order left to right
      see – speak -hear !!!!

      the text in the monkey box is only a clue to use the monkeys
      not the correct order

  5. nichelle

    i cant move the animals !

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Make sure you zoom in on every animal as much as possible, as well as the engraving on the table.

  6. Sweetie016

    After collecting the minute hand on the clock, when I click on the hour hand, it just keeps saying it can’t get it out, I am not getting an equation, and so I cannot put the code in the phone.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      The equation is on the back of the hand that’s in your inventory.

      1. Sweetie016

        Haha, Ohhh! Thanks!

  7. amanda

    For some reason I can’t combine the clock hands. Help!

    1. none of yo business

      me too!

  8. amanda

    Anyone with this issue

  9. Noah

    I just wanted to say the end is super creepy!

  10. Joy

    I can’t find the blue string/wire. Where did you find it?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I don’t recall any string or wire in this game…?

  11. Joy

    I can’t find the hose. Where could I find it?

  12. xryssaki

    What happent next?when I open the door?

    1. shemel

      Read every title below on the statue and also the word on the table and it should move.Remember don’t rush

  13. kwang

    hey i cant seem to find the hose. im at the very end but i cant find it. please help me

  14. none of yo business

    I know this is a stupid question, but how do u combine?

  15. daniel hoss

    Hoe do you combine items it wont work.

    1. none of yo business

      I know right! im stuck at the clock cuz of that!

  16. Peter

    I just can’t seem to move the lion, dragon thing and snake I’ve zoomed in on all like you say but nothing HELP!!!!! (please)

  17. Joy

    Did you use the tongs, Peter

  18. Shauna

    I dont understand how to combine the clock hands plz help!

  19. B

    Got monkeys in but no loud sound and no

  20. R

    the host dont connect to the bathfaucet how do i do?

  21. Sonia

    How do you combine. The clock hands.??

  22. Sonja

    I can’t put the hose on the faucet what am I missing?

  23. YourFace...

    Hey exactly how do you move the animals cause it is not working for me.

  24. Alisha

    I can’t get the tiles into their spots. Help?

    1. kati

      go to the metal door and pull back the sing “New Years First Dream”, then place the tiles in their right order in the places. took me hours to realize, that the tiles don’t belong in the holes behind the white door…

  25. Julia

    I can’t place the tiles… i alredy tried everything, but still doesn’t work. Could you help me please? Thanks a lot ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Rob

      Can’t for the life of me place the tiles in the holes either.
      Driving me crazy.

      1. kati

        Have you found a way to place the tiles?

    2. Frank

      It won’t let me place the tiles.
      Game’s broken??
      Tried every single possilbe method of doing it.
      The escape games by these people are often flawed like this, or don’t remember that you’ve done the right steps.
      It’s a shame they don’t seem to test them properly because their engine is pretty good and the games look good even if their solutions are often more than a little bizarre.

  26. Jess

    Where is the hose?

  27. Runa

    How to find the hose…plssssss help….stucked very badly

  28. Nani

    Thank you so much couldnt have passed it without your help. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. kim do you combine the clock hand?

  30. kelli

    I cannot figure out how to move these animal statues

  31. kelli

    ok figured it out…double click it and then double click it on the others and it will switch

  32. kelli

    cant combine the clock hands!!!!

  33. kelli

    ugh i dont like any of these games….they dont work!!!

  34. Jen

    I have done all the steps but the keypad is not on the brown door. Help! What could I have done wrong?

    1. shemel

      Before you do that you have to put the hose from the bathtub upstairs and bring it threw the window go back down stairs and use your tongs to grab it threw the window downstairs gonside were the beads and then type in the code.Remember you cannot rush.

  35. Marisaa

    I need help I’ve tried eveything to move the snake bird and lion.. but nothing will work help!

  36. Wizborg

    For those with problems with the animals, you HAVE to read the engraving on the table first..
    Those with problems with combining the clock hands, zoom in on one hand in your inventory, then highlight the other and tap on the zoomed hand…
    The Monkeys, try removing them all, then putting them in left to right, see, then hear, then speak…
    For the hose, you have to select your tongs and actually tap on the door, not the handle..

    Hope this helps.

    1. Janette

      But still dont conect the hose to the tub .. I kept wondering why .. My head is aching thinking about that thing can u help me regarding this ??

  37. Claudia

    Thank u!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  38. Elvis B.

    Hey!!! Thanks a lot from a french player! Impossible to find some help on a french page! So this one was so precious for me! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks!!

  39. therese

    that was a hard one, and got stuck in some places but this walkthrough was awesome. thanks so much for making it~

  40. GI

    How do u por only 1 dl from the beaker? It keeps pouring the whole thing out

  41. janie

    How do you use the beakers? It doesnt let me poor only 1dl into it. Hellp?

  42. TaqukaAk

    Help, I have gone in circles with trying to combine the clock hands together.

    Everytime I tap the detail screen all it does is zoom into the minute hand. If I start with the hour hand it just tells me it is the hour hand. I have restarted the game and the phone and even made sure it is up to date.

    What am I doing wrong?

  43. Wizborg

    Beakers – tap the full 5l beaker, then the half full 3l beaker…

    Clock hands, zoom in on one, select the other while it’s still zoomed in and tap on the zoomed picture to combine them..

    Hope this helps… ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. khazz

      Finally got it working but branded aren’t working. Allows me to pour out, put in 3dl. Otherwise nothing else..please help stuck for 2 days now.

  44. Giorgos

    For those that stuck at compine clock just do the step:
    1.Double tap the minute clock hand
    2. Tap the hour clock hand and tap the base of the minute hand
    3.they auto compine

    1. Vina

      OMG, thank you soooo… much I was going crazy with this game.

    2. mog

      YES, at last!,! This worked!!! The clock hands tap base of min hand usng gallaxy tab. ๐Ÿ™‚

    3. erika

      Well. The advise seems legit but this game is a nightmare. On my tablet…I have to tap slightly to the left and slightly above the pic to have it register…. if I keep playing my tablet is getting flying lessons….

  45. Chelsey Buchanan

    I did everything you said about the p animals and I still can’t move them.

    1. kati

      Read the instruction on the table and then you have to look at the satues so close that you can read the inscripiton on the silver plaque. For that you have to tap on the plaques. If you did that with all three pets you can exchange them.

  46. khazz

    How do you get anything to work i have items but nothing is working. I have EVO HTC 4G,… Please help. Am anxious to start.

  47. nikki

    I put the monkeys n order still no key pad on the door. What must I do that I haven’t done to make the key pad appear on the door?

  48. shannon

    I cant get the water to come out of the sink faucet. not sure what to do? anyone have any helpful hints?

  49. khazz

    I can’t get beakers to go right. Keeps refilling the 5 dl into 3 dl , spilling and replacing with 5 dl and wont let me fill 4 dl tray, been at this for almost a week now, followed walkthrough nothing is working .fingertips are sure from tapping. Please help. A.S.A.P. Please.

  50. lisa

    I got stuck @ hose..what miust i do withthat hose?

  51. khazz

    I UN-stalled. Beakers never worked for me, and on strange can’t input on computer. Both are installed. Thanx no one ever responded to help. 30 days in.

  52. crap

    I cant get the phone to work. I dial 135 and nothing happens

    1. 1412

      I had a problem with that too. You have to read the book from Japan first. ^^

  53. 1412

    I placed the monkeys No see No hear No speak but nothing happens D:

  54. 1412

    Oh, its supposed to be No see No speak No hear ^^

  55. HELP ME


  56. lisa

    I put the monkeys in order but no click and no keypad shows on thatt door plus I can’t use the hose on faucet at tub

  57. andreshadow

    Hi cant get past the monkeys! I have them in the order it says here but no keypad, glitch?

  58. bea

    okay I now have two of the three monkeys and both clock hands but donte know how you get the hose still or what to do with the.clock hands

  59. bea

    okay I have one step to do now but haven’t gotten the key pad on door, I have placed monkeys in right order but still no keypad please help

  60. abhanshu

    I m nt able to move eagle snak n lion…plz tell me how to do so..?

  61. Thiago

    Is it a.bug that wont let you combine.the.clock hands.or.something?

  62. mireya

    I have tried to pour water into the beakers but it won’t let me do anything help

    1. kunal patel

      same here

  63. michael

    Seriously cant find the phone…
    Have 3 pieces, one eye tongs African piece

  64. mae

    Where can i find the no hear monkey?

  65. Hachiko

    Where’s the hose? I can’t find it!

  66. Jenifer

    This may sound like a silly question, but i cant figure out how to use any of my inventory items – can anybody help me out? nothing happens if i click on one of the items and if i double click, the detail screen for that item comes up but i still cant use the item in any way. any help would be appreciated – thanks!

  67. janell

    I can’t move the animal things

  68. jen

    The hose is in the cabinet under the phone use the tongs and keep hiting the right door until it opens

  69. kunal patel

    i cant fill water in bottle
    help me plzzzz

  70. jinjinpace

    Pls help me i dont know how to combined the two hands of the clock….i tried to double tap them but it wont worked

    1. jinjinpace

      Never mind i did combined them.together

  71. Trevor

    I can’t get the two map pices to go on the map every time I try the map slides over

  72. Kristy

    I put the monkeys in order but no loud noise and no key pad
    I can’t get the hose on the fauset or out the window

    1. kristin

      Try switching the places of the 2nd and 3rd monkeys.

  73. alyssa

    can i ask where’s the hose??

    1. Corrine R Judd-Kessell

      I finally found it myself….it is in the cupboard under the phone. I jut kept tapping it and it finally opened.

  74. Amrita

    I can not combine the hour hand with the minute hand and can not set it on the clock upstairs. It just says to me that it took immediately and can not set now. Please tell me the way.

  75. Mandy

    I tried everything everyone said about the flippin animals. Any other suggestions?? Thanks.

    1. anna

      You have to zoom into the little. Plaques and then tap it

  76. anna

    I cant attach the hose to the tap : (

  77. SalemX

    The phone wont let me enter code for the second clock piece I have looked at and solved the equation looked at the book and the I click the phone and it says I dont need this now

  78. Jessica

    the clock isnt letting me back the hands on it. it keeps saying its broken…what do i do?

    1. Jessica


  79. Lolwtf

    The amount of people here who can’t understand simple instructions is TOO DAMN HIGH.

  80. Loltop

    I don’t understand why 1972 should change for 3792. What does it mean Water+Glass beads? ?

  81. Mary Jane

    Thank you sooo much for help!

  82. Rosemary

    Help me to open the door with the key pad. I use the code 3792, nothing happen. Only error!

  83. Amy

    I’m putting the 2nd code 163 in the phone and it says nothing happened…can’t get the 2nd hand to fall

  84. Lara wragg

    How do I move the animals (lion, hawk and snake) ????

  85. theIdiot

    Thanks a lot, man. My mind wouldn’t find the way! I’m an idiot!!!

  86. janel

    How do I combine the clock hands to put them on the clock?

  87. Ingrid Guzzoni

    I don’t know how can I get the hose!! Somebody help me please!

  88. Lala Da GREAT

    I cant find the phone

  89. toni

    There is a bug with the beakers I can’t do it plz help or uninstalling!

  90. amir

    hello i dont know how to combine the hands please help

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