Sapphire Room Escape: Walkthrough

Sapphire Room Escape
By TeraLumina Games





1. Take the shovel from near the fireplace.

2. Take the battery from under the couch cushion.

3. Take the hook on a pole from the right bookshelf.

4. Turn to the left bookcase and take the necklace off the statue.

5. One of the books has a shape piece in it. Take it.

6. Turn around to the other side of the room and take the ladder.

7. Zoom in on the cabinets below the fish tank. Copy the colors of the fish in the tank onto the lock so it looks like this:


8. It opens up. Take the fish food and the gem.

9. Feed the food to the fish. They rise to the top and a key is revealed.

10. Use the hook on a stick to get the key.

11. Go back to the living room and put the ladder on the right side of the room.

12. Tap on the shelf above and open the box. Look at the positions of the compasses. Remember them.


13. Look at the books. Memorize their order:


14. Go down and put the ladder on the left side of the room.

15. Climb up and put the books in the same order you saw on the other shelf:


16. Take the second battery and another shape piece from the box that just unlocked.

17. Go back down and place both batteries in the slot that opens up below the globe.

18. The globe lifts up, revealing a key. Take it.

19. Use the first key to unlock the drawer below the globe. Take another shape piece.

20. Use the second key to unlock the drawer below the yellow glowy orb. Take the matches.

21. Use the matches to light the fire in the fireplace.

22. When it burns down, there’s a lever behind it. But the ashes are in the way.

23. Use the shovel to remove the ashes.

24. Pull the lever. The pictures above the fireplace change.

25. Rotate all the puzzle pieces so they look like before:


26. A box appears in the fireplace.

27. Open it. We’re still missing one shape piece.

28. Go to the statue on the right side of the room and place the necklace around its neck. A slot opens up with a hammer. Take it.

29. Go to the glowy yellow orb and smash it with the hammer. Take the last shape piece.

30. Go back to the box in the fireplace. Arrange the arrows like you saw on the compasses. So it should look like this:


31. The whole fireplace disappears!

32. You’re almost done. Look at the game on the table. Count the pieces each color has on the board. It’s Red’s turn, so add another red piece. This gives you 6 Green, 5 Red, 4 Blue, 3 Yellow.


33. Zoom in on the lock on the cabinet below the frog tank. Type in 6354.


34. There’s a spray bottle and window cleaner inside. Take the spray bottle and use it on the window cleaner to fill it.

35. Turn to the windows and spray the bottle on each window panel. If you run out of cleaner, fill up the bottle again.


36. When they’re all cleaned, they’ll say 873425.

37. Zoom in on the keypad on the front door. Type in 873425.


38. The door opens, but there’s a brick wall behind it! Oh crap!

39. Use the hammer to break through the wall. You’re free!


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