Closed Room: Game Review: Quality room escape gaming for free!

Closed Room
By Ateam

Ateam, the makers of “Ellie – Help me out…please,” return with another top-notch free room escape game for the iPhone.

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Gameplay 4.5/5
Closed Room is an escape game, consisting of the usual room escape controls. You tap on objects around you, picking up some and interacting with others. The goal is to use your surroundings and your wits to solve puzzles and eventually escape the room.

If you’re familiar with “Ellie,” you may be expecting some near-impossible challenges in this game. But don’t fret, Closed Room is much more straightforward, and the items you find offer tips on how to use them. There are quite a lot of clues to find here, and this game will last you considerable longer than most free games in the app store. The controls are also very intuitive and responsive, which is not often the case with free room escape games.

Like “Ellie,” the room is split into only two screens. But don’t let the minimalist appearance fool you. There are quite a lot of items and clues hidden throughout. Just about everything you interact with has a purpose. Also, some items have several different uses, a feature often overlooked in many free room escape games. All this makes the game very satisfying to play through.

I rather like the little red laser dot (and sound) that appears every time you tap on something and there’s nothing there. It lets you know that your tap registered. With so many other room escape games, it’s ambiguous whether your tap registered or not, which can lead to much frustrated hyper-tapping.

I did have a couple of gripes with the game. One puzzle has several parts to it and they all need to be completed in one sitting, because the game won’t save your progress for it. This can be frustrating, as you can’t take a break and come back to finish it later. So make sure you start it when you have plenty of time to spend on it. I also had to redo the entire puzzle because the the “Start” and “Continue” buttons are right on top of each other. Instead of asking me if I’m sure I want to start a new game, it just did so anyway. So be extra careful when you return to the game so you don’t make the same mistake I did. And one last thing — there’s a clue in Closed Room 2 that says the exact opposite of what you actually need to do. That’s a pretty big mistake, but you shouldn’t scrap the game over this. If you get past these few small hurdles, the game offers quality escape fun for free!

Story 2/5
It might be lost in translation, but I didn’t see much story here. I’m not even sure why I walked into this room that had a sign on it’s front saying “Closed Room.” Perhaps some sort of explanation would help me understand why I’m here and need to escape. The end did make me smile a bit, though.
In any case, what this game lacks in story, it more than makes up for in puzzles.

Graphics 3/5
The 2D graphics are very basic, but they get the job done. If you were looking for something on par with “Ellie,” you’ll be disappointed. But the graphics are clear, and I never had any problem understanding what I was looking at.


Audio 2/5
Again, if you were looking for a soundtrack as immersive as Ellie’s, you won’t find it here. In fact, there’s no music at all in Closed Room.
The sound effects are minimal, but they get the job done. I especially appreciate the little noise you here every time you tap on something.

Replay Value 2/5
Once you escape the room, there isn’t really much of a reason to play again, unless perhaps to practice the “Tap to Fill” game. But this app does include both Closed Room 1 and 2, so there’s plenty of content here.

Conclusion 4/5
These guys are putting and IDAC to shame with their high-quality free room escape games. I thoroughly enjoyed playing Closed Room. Clues and items were revealed at just the right pace to keep it from getting too frustrating or too easy. It’s perfectly paced.

(P.S. If you’re stuck on the last puzzle of Closed Room 2, try doing the opposite of what the clue tells you. Yeah, not cool. But the rest of it made sense.)


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214 thoughts on “Closed Room: Game Review: Quality room escape gaming for free!

  1. k

    Ok, I know you said with the chain puzzle to meet in the middle but I seriously can not figure it out. Have tried a ton of different combinations just to get the chain to all be yellow and get that stupid cord! Please help!!!

    1. AppUnwrapper Post author

      It’s pretty challenging and I had trouble with it even after clearing it several times. You need to get all but the top three pieces yellow, so when you tap on the piece at the very top, all three will fill in.

  2. Lorane

    How do i change the clock? i got the battery and unlock the computer and everything but i dont know how to do that. or open the white box. Please help?

    1. AppUnwrapper Post author

      Compare what you find on the computer with the equation under the desk and the three items in the room that have numbers on them.

      1. Lorane

        i tried that.. the clock thingy was 14+25-18.. i got 21. but then the computer diary thing is hard and i don’t see what it has to do with anything other than the cake and the pigeon painting

  3. Nichole

    i am trying to figure out the north east south west on the white box in room 2, i know it is the country’s flags, but i put the order in on the map and the box is not opening…..if it doesn’t say that you hit the right button do you keep hittin it till it says or just once.


    Yeah im at the part to unlock the code from the desk. How do you do this, ive already got the Code and used the stick to push it in the desk. My code is EGCA

  5. Stuck

    Ok I’m stuck on the stupid “tap to fill” game contained in the painting on the wall – specifically the last picture #7 that looks like connected chains. Can anyone help me with that? I don’t have 3 hours to spend randomly tapping away…

    1. AppUnwrapper Post author

      Start from both ends and meet in the middle. You need to get all but the top three pieces yellow, so when you tap that big piece at the top, all three will change.

      1. Haleigh

        The “tap to fill” chains thing isn’t working by starting from both sides and meeting in the middle…any suggestions?

  6. Pingback: Sapphire Room Escape: Walkthrough | App Unwrapper

      1. Ari Marie

        I found it Thanks :] but now im stuck in the second room D: i cant figure out how to do the 4-digit code.
        Greatly appreciated BTW xoxoxo <3

  7. Ari Marie

    I’m getting sad. :'( This is so confusing. i don’t under stand the equations such as:
    I know it has to do with time, and ive read over all the comments at least 5 times but can you please be a bit more specific? :]

  8. LivvyClarky

    I’m still stuck in opening the bottom draw. I put the stick in and I have the paper with the letters but I don’t know what to do next, can you help?

  9. rays

    help, room 2 please, I found the 3 flags was about australia, america and china. But whatever I tried, the box didn’t open. Hate it, need help please.

  10. Momo

    Hello! Can you please help me out here? I just don’t know how the drawer’s lock be opened mine says EGCA and I don’t know how it should be mind telling me? It would surely be a lot of thanks


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