Escape Game: “Snow White” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Snow White”

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*Note: Only read this if you want full details on how to escape. You will read spoilers here. If you want hints instead, ask in the comments section.

Always make sure you zoom in on something as much as possible. If you don’t the game won’t register that you saw the clue, and it won’t work.

1. Turn to the screen with the knight. Zoom in a few times on the bags on the floor to move them aside. Take the scissors that appear.

2. Turn to the screen with the table and the desk. Take the candle from the right drawer of the desk.

3. Zoom in on the wastebasket and take out the crumpled memo.

4. Open up the memo and read it both sides. It gives instructions to the clock. Turn the hands so the small hand is on the 6 and the big hand is on the 3, like so:


Push the red button three times. Zoom out and there’s now a bird holding a key. Take it.

5. Turn to the room with the pink bookcase. Zoom in on the bottom shelf and use the key to open the small chest. Take out the scroll.

6. Read the scroll. Then find the green chest of drawers. Open top top one. According to the scroll, place the rabbit card in the red slot, sword in the blue slot, and phone in the green slot. The safe unlocks. Take the handle from it.

7. Go back to the pink bookshelf and read all four books. “The apple lies in the forest.”

8. Find the painting of the forest. Zoom in on it and use the scissors to cut an opening. Inside is an apple. Take it and cut it open to reveal the number “3.”

9. Find the two holes in the floor near the front door. Attach the handle you found. Open the trapdoor. Go downstairs.

10. Take the sword from the stone.

11. Zoom in on the loose brick in the wall. Use the scissors to remove it. Go back upstairs.

12. Put the sword in the right hand of the suit of armor. A little door on his stomach opens up to reveal a hammer. Take it.

12. Use the hammer on the crack in the wall near the suit of armor. A small vial is revealed. If you try to take it, it says you’d get hurt if you put your hand in like this.

13. Go to the room with the pink bookcase. Zoom in on the curtains. Use the scissors to cut off a piece.

14. Go back to the crack in the wall and use the piece of curtain to get the vial.

15. Go to the desk and read the book laying on it. It says a girl that slept a century will be awakened by chemical water.

16. Go back to the pink bookshelf and open the book about Sleeping Beauty. Pour the vial on its pages. The contents change, revealing that the little bird sings the song of morning.

17. Take out the brick from your bag. Use the hammer to break it open. Inside is a small key.

18. Find the green chest of drawers again. Use the key to open the bottom drawer and take out the box of matches.

19. Go back downstairs and zoom in on the words carved into the big chest. It asks what sing the little bird sings. So type in “morning”.

20. Open up the chest and take out the Teddy bear. Zoom in on it. It says “2”.

21. Light the candle with the matches and put it in the candleholder near the back. It lights up some writing on the wall.

22. Zoom in on the words. It says Mirror —> Apple —-> Bear.

23. Go back upstairs and turn to the desk again. Zoom in on the book. Open it and flip the pages until you find a mirror. It says “4”.

24. Now you have all three numbers for the combination lock on the middle drawer of the green chest. Put it in the order or Mirror, Apple, Bear, or 432.

25. Open the drawer and take the red key.

26. Use the key to open the front door and you’re out!



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61 thoughts on “Escape Game: “Snow White” Walkthrough

  1. h

    I can’t get the click hands to move. It won’t even zoom in all the way. It just keeps saying there’s a red button how do I make it work. Is this a glitch or am I missing something?

  2. Clever chic

    Im out of the room board complete. The message reads she is not snow white. It takes me backs inside. After she eats another apple. Tad bit confused.

  3. Val

    I have tried clicking, double clicking, the left page, the right page, closing out and going back in. Just short of beating the damn notebook on the desk I cant get it to open. It wont accept the 432 code no matter how I enter it. 🙁 so very upset. Mind u, if this is the only room, guess I am pretty much done anyway. Any suggestions? Is this a glitch?

  4. yolan

    HELP PLEASE. I cant move the clock hands,even i cant zoom it in like in the picturr above. i already pick up the memo and read the notebook. help please!

  5. shaletha

    In order to make the clock work you have to make sure you review the memo front and back by double click and after that Aline the long hand on the three and the short hand on the six then double click the red button

  6. dipti

    I have done every single thing u have mentioned …infact I visited ur page coz my 432 was not being accepted
    I dunno what to do
    I even tried the 4enter 43enter trick… but still doesn’t work..

  7. Lina

    Hai. Thank you for the walkthrough. I just started playing it few days ago. I did everything and finally did it. I spent days thinking there’s nothing worth a hint in the room. The book containing the mirror is a little tricky, i had to click several times. Thank you so much.

  8. wiccy

    I had trouble with the code then realised id not zoomed in on the words where the candle holder was ….. silly sod x

  9. sueb.

    I have tried everything to get the candle lit and it just won’t light. the double click candle, single click match does nothing… so sad.

  10. Caitlin

    No matter what i do the sword will not go in the sheath. I select the sword and click on the hand and all it does is says “the hands holding a sheath”. Glitch maybe? So frustrated im about to delete the game lol

  11. Joan

    OMG that is the hardest escape game ever! I couldn’t find the holes for the handle at all without your help I never even saw them despite lots of attempts. Even though I had read the book about sleeping beauty several times I had to read it AGAIN after the water vial had been found in order to turn the pages on the book on the desk to find the “4” You have to find the 4 in order for the code to work.

    I agree needs extra levels with Cinderella!

  12. ELY

    my dear first I noticed the game I download was @2013 version all the hints above was for the @2011 version thats why I quickly realized they are different.


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