RoomBreak: Escape Now!!: Game Review: A flawed diamond.

RoomBreak: Escape Now!!
By Gameday Inc.

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RoomBreak: Escape Now!!, by Gameday Inc., is a fairly large room escape game, clocking in at almost 200 mb. It is visually stunning, with challenging puzzles, but takes a bit getting used to. It is geared more towards hardcore gamers than casual.

Gameplay 3.5/5
First off, don’t spend too much time on the tutorial, and don’t judge the game based on it. The tutorial is maddeningly slow, not very helpful, doesn’t save your spot, and I’d suggest skipping most of it if you can get by without it. Integrating the tutorial into the game would have been much more helpful — and tolerable — than the way it is done here. Some better instructions would have been helpful, as well. My first time using the hammer made me want to take a hammer to my iPhone! Luckily you can skip the tutorial and delve right into the game. If you have any trouble figuring out certain aspects of the game, you’re better off learning as you go or asking others instead torturing yourself with the tutorial.

Beyond that, RoomBreak suffers from an overly-complicated interface and clunky controls. The player needs to constantly switch between the hand, magnifying glass, and foot cursor, all while trying to escape on a timer. This seems completely unnecessary and takes a lot of fun away from the game. Most room escape games have one control for everything – your finger – and the experience is much more fluid that way.

You get “exhausted” before you’ve finished looking around. What’s truly exhausting is having to start the room over and over again because the timer runs out. Being rushed through a level occasionally would be fine, but it gets old quickly when every level is timed. All these things almost made me give up on the game right away. But I’m glad I didn’t, because it is quite good game once you get past these issues.

What the game does have going for it is that it is considerably longer than most other room escape games out there. There are five episodes (sixth to come) with five levels each, a total of twenty-five. The puzzles have enough variety and complexity to be challenging but not overly frustrating. There are also a few interesting game mechanics not often seen in room escape games, that take advantage of the touch capabilities. For instance, you have to swipe the screen in a specific sequence in order to properly slice something with the knife. Use of the hammer also requires some hand-eye coordination. While some of the hammer puzzles can be quite challenging, the worst part of it is having the word “FAILED” slowly fade off the screen before you can try again, as though the game is rubbing it in your face. But if you can get past the clunky controls and don’t mind being rushed through each level (or starting them over a few times), then you might learn to love the game. It is possible to get used to the controls, but it takes some time. The key here is patience.

Story 4/5
The first episode is really quite boring and pointless. Your girlfriend keeps locking you in the room every morning after she leaves. This is never explained, either, but might just be suffering from poor translation. But if you can get through it, the game does get more interesting with episode 2, where you play a man accused of being a serial killer. You play a different character in each episode, so it’s more like you’re playing five room escape games in one app. The stories get more interesting with each episode, but I don’t want to give too much away here. The excitement is in the discovery.

Graphics 5/5
RoomBreak sports some gorgeous graphics, especially the cut scenes. It feels like you’re participating in a graphic novel. The menu and item animations are also quite impressive. Everything is clean and polished. You can tell a lot of work and passion went into making the art for this game.


Audio 4.5/5
The soundtrack works well with the game. It’s not too distracting, but sets the right mood. If a level requires some serious rushing, the music has an urgency to it and keeps you from slacking off. The sound effects make sense and pull the whole experience together. Overall, the audio is polished and immerses you in the game.

Replay Value 3/5
If you’re a completist who likes to collect all achievements and get top scores, RoomBreak can offer considerably more replay value than other room escape games. You get graded on each room, based on how quickly you get out. So if you’re into that sort of thing, you can keep trying to beat your score for a room. There are also golden keys to find in each room, as well as various GameCenter achievements. Gameday also promises to keep the updates coming, and there is already a space-saver for the sixth episode to leave you in anticipation for the first update.


Conclusion 4/5
A lot of work obviously went into this game, and it is fun to play once you get used to the controls and accept the fact that you may have to play some of the rooms more than once before completing them. The interface and controls could be much more user-friendly. But if you can get past the awkward controls, awful tutorial, and timed gameplay, this game can be quite an enjoyable experience. If you’re a room escape fan, you should definitely give it a try with the lite version.

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How do I solve the code or safe C at epi 2 room 4? Please help me… It’s becoming a nuisance trying to solve the empty slots


Your article is very interesting and in a lot of cases I totally agree with you! πŸ™‚ The Tutorial is boring and playing all little games again and again because I got exhausted makes me tired πŸ™‚ But I am addicted to the game anyhow :-)))

Therefore, please help me with room 4 in episode 4, I have only one gear, can’t find any other?! I already have the top of the pyramid, but now I am totally stuck and have no idea where to search or what to do to proceed in this chapter!

Thanks in advance for your help!!!



After putting in the gears, I am trying to get the code for the door right, I clicked on them the amount of times in the order that the book said, and tried a few others, but I’m having a hard time getting the right code.


Never mind, lmao… Totally didn’t see that til now! But I got it!


Yes! But then, no clue what to do!


Can’t find the other gears πŸ™


How do I solve the code or safe C at epi 2 room 4? Please help me… It’s becoming a nuisance trying to solve the empty slots

your answer doesn’t help me at all


I’m stuck in room 4-3 I got one gear but I can’t find the rest I’m totally stuck does anyone care to give a walkthrough??

Majec 79

I am stuck on episode 4 room 3, I can’t find the 4 digit code for the door lock once you fill the water tank, any ideas where to look for the code, help???


I did focus on the last 2, and I put those numbers in listed at those marks, and I am still getting nothing… I tried forward and backward, I tried switching the numbers around, and still nothing happens.


Ohhhhh, sneaky… I got it πŸ™‚


Episode 4 room 5, statue of liberty has book and torch, what is the 7 letter word or where can I find it? Please help before my kids admit me to the insane asylum for yelling at the game!!!


I am on 3/4, and I am stuck on the bookcase 4 letter puzzle. How do I find what letters go in it?
Thank you. ;P


i am on episode 4 room 5. cant put the torch in her hand or get it lit any suggestions. i put the handle and the black paperish stuff together. Stuck


please help me!!!!! episode 3 room 5… the darn circle red and green puzzle on the wine shelf….. where do i find the pattern to unlock that….. i have seriously been trying to get it for days


I’m here now. I turn mine the same colors as the lights above n when i push the center (power button) it makes all the colors go away and nothing happens. Getting so fustrated.

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I need help on episode 4, room 5… :/

Need help on Espisode 4-4..after put all the gears, then stuck…. Thanks

Use hammer??

Yup. Still stuck


What else I have to do when I get the luminal on episode 2-3, I opened the drawer but I’m stuck here any help. thanks?


In 5-2, I can’t figure out the code for the doors on the left…. I put water on the center of the floor and saw the numbers, but I still can’t get the code right.


what is the password for the shutter with a clue “red wine” on episode 3 room 5.please help……


please post the walkthrough on episode 3 room 5.please help before i go insane.tnx in advance


4-5 2nd password(5 letters) thx!


I am in E4-R5. What should I do after I put the bones in the roof n crystal in the middles say touch I am confused somebody help please it looks like I have to play music or something but I don’t understand what to do


What symbols do I have to enter ?


Thanks for the help for the last question I asked but I got 1 more what is the last passcode I need to enter In R4 E5 with the snake in the middle ?


Alright I am in E5-R1 and I am sry but I don’t know what to do I divide wrench I put the ink on the painting turned the color wheel got the gold key but what am I suppose to do with the paints and what am I suppose to do to even try and get the code I am so confused I think I am losing my mind here somebody please help !!! P.S – thanks again


Have you tried counting colors? πŸ˜‰