RoomBreak: Escape Now!!: Game Review: A flawed diamond.

RoomBreak: Escape Now!!
By Gameday Inc.

Click here for my walkthrough.


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RoomBreak: Escape Now!!, by Gameday Inc., is a fairly large room escape game, clocking in at almost 200 mb. It is visually stunning, with challenging puzzles, but takes a bit getting used to. It is geared more towards hardcore gamers than casual.

Gameplay 3.5/5
First off, don’t spend too much time on the tutorial, and don’t judge the game based on it. The tutorial is maddeningly slow, not very helpful, doesn’t save your spot, and I’d suggest skipping most of it if you can get by without it. Integrating the tutorial into the game would have been much more helpful — and tolerable — than the way it is done here. Some better instructions would have been helpful, as well. My first time using the hammer made me want to take a hammer to my iPhone! Luckily you can skip the tutorial and delve right into the game. If you have any trouble figuring out certain aspects of the game, you’re better off learning as you go or asking others instead torturing yourself with the tutorial.

Beyond that, RoomBreak suffers from an overly-complicated interface and clunky controls. The player needs to constantly switch between the hand, magnifying glass, and foot cursor, all while trying to escape on a timer. This seems completely unnecessary and takes a lot of fun away from the game. Most room escape games have one control for everything – your finger – and the experience is much more fluid that way.

You get “exhausted” before you’ve finished looking around. What’s truly exhausting is having to start the room over and over again because the timer runs out. Being rushed through a level occasionally would be fine, but it gets old quickly when every level is timed. All these things almost made me give up on the game right away. But I’m glad I didn’t, because it is quite good game once you get past these issues.

What the game does have going for it is that it is considerably longer than most other room escape games out there. There are five episodes (sixth to come) with five levels each, a total of twenty-five. The puzzles have enough variety and complexity to be challenging but not overly frustrating. There are also a few interesting game mechanics not often seen in room escape games, that take advantage of the touch capabilities. For instance, you have to swipe the screen in a specific sequence in order to properly slice something with the knife. Use of the hammer also requires some hand-eye coordination. While some of the hammer puzzles can be quite challenging, the worst part of it is having the word “FAILED” slowly fade off the screen before you can try again, as though the game is rubbing it in your face. But if you can get past the clunky controls and don’t mind being rushed through each level (or starting them over a few times), then you might learn to love the game. It is possible to get used to the controls, but it takes some time. The key here is patience.

Story 4/5
The first episode is really quite boring and pointless. Your girlfriend keeps locking you in the room every morning after she leaves. This is never explained, either, but might just be suffering from poor translation. But if you can get through it, the game does get more interesting with episode 2, where you play a man accused of being a serial killer. You play a different character in each episode, so it’s more like you’re playing five room escape games in one app. The stories get more interesting with each episode, but I don’t want to give too much away here. The excitement is in the discovery.

Graphics 5/5
RoomBreak sports some gorgeous graphics, especially the cut scenes. It feels like you’re participating in a graphic novel. The menu and item animations are also quite impressive. Everything is clean and polished. You can tell a lot of work and passion went into making the art for this game.


Audio 4.5/5
The soundtrack works well with the game. It’s not too distracting, but sets the right mood. If a level requires some serious rushing, the music has an urgency to it and keeps you from slacking off. The sound effects make sense and pull the whole experience together. Overall, the audio is polished and immerses you in the game.

Replay Value 3/5
If you’re a completist who likes to collect all achievements and get top scores, RoomBreak can offer considerably more replay value than other room escape games. You get graded on each room, based on how quickly you get out. So if you’re into that sort of thing, you can keep trying to beat your score for a room. There are also golden keys to find in each room, as well as various GameCenter achievements. Gameday also promises to keep the updates coming, and there is already a space-saver for the sixth episode to leave you in anticipation for the first update.


Conclusion 4/5
A lot of work obviously went into this game, and it is fun to play once you get used to the controls and accept the fact that you may have to play some of the rooms more than once before completing them. The interface and controls could be much more user-friendly. But if you can get past the awkward controls, awful tutorial, and timed gameplay, this game can be quite an enjoyable experience. If you’re a room escape fan, you should definitely give it a try with the lite version.

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  1. AppUnwrapper

    If you need help, feel free to ask here and I’ll do my best to help!

    1. Sweetie016

      Do you know where the golden key is in 5-1?

        1. Sweetie016

          It’s a sneaky one! Lol

          1. AppUnwrapper

            Lol the hammer bothered me too much later in the game to be bothered looking for keys. I almost threw my phone out the window a few times because of that hammer!

          2. Sweetie016

            Hahaha… Bad hammer!!! I completely know what you mean!!

        2. Sweetie016

          I found the golden key in 5-1, break the tile that’s in the left corner by the door, (not the dark rows), it was the white or red one…

          1. Sweetie016

            Lol… you have helped a lot, glad I could help you for a change! 🙂

    2. ΓöÇΓûædil

      ΓöÇΓûæ cant Break the wall in room3 in episode1. ΓöÇΓûæ keep hitting on the shadow and it doesnt do anything but saying ‘faΓöÇΓûæled’ 🙁

    3. malikat_alain

      do you know where is the golden key in 4-3?
      I didn’t find it 🙁

  2. Nicholas

    How do I solve the code or safe C at epi 2 room 4? Please help me… It’s becoming a nuisance trying to solve the empty slots

    1. AppUnwrapper

      All the rows need to add up to the same number. Sort of like Sudoku. Hope that helps!

      1. Nicholas

        Oh ok thanks

  3. Silke

    Your article is very interesting and in a lot of cases I totally agree with you! 🙂 The Tutorial is boring and playing all little games again and again because I got exhausted makes me tired 🙂 But I am addicted to the game anyhow :-)))

    Therefore, please help me with room 4 in episode 4, I have only one gear, can’t find any other?! I already have the top of the pyramid, but now I am totally stuck and have no idea where to search or what to do to proceed in this chapter!

    Thanks in advance for your help!!!


    1. AppUnwrapper

      Thanks for the kind words 🙂

      I wish I could help you, but I’m just starting Episode 4. If I get to that point before you do, I’ll post back here 🙂

      1. AppUnwrapper

        I’m on 4-3, so almost caught up with you. 🙂

        1. Silke

          🙂 Thank you! Good luck!

          1. AppUnwrapper

            Did you get those three spots on the wall to light up blue?

    2. Sweetie016

      After putting in the gears, I am trying to get the code for the door right, I clicked on them the amount of times in the order that the book said, and tried a few others, but I’m having a hard time getting the right code.

      1. Sweetie016

        Never mind, lmao… Totally didn’t see that til now! But I got it!

  4. Silke

    Yes! But then, no clue what to do!

    1. Silke

      Can’t find the other gears 🙁

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Did you try hammering the spots that aren’t blue?

        1. Silke

          D’oh! I only tried the lighted ones!!! :-))) I am out now! Thank you soooo much!!!!

  5. lilou

    How do I solve the code or safe C at epi 2 room 4? Please help me… It’s becoming a nuisance trying to solve the empty slots

    your answer doesn’t help me at all

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Try to fill each colored space by making the whole row add up to 18. The empty black spaces are 0, leave them blank. Once you have the four numbers, put them in the order based on the order of the colors beneath the puzzle.

  6. Rayne

    I’m stuck in room 4-3 I got one gear but I can’t find the rest I’m totally stuck does anyone care to give a walkthrough??

  7. Majec 79

    I am stuck on episode 4 room 3, I can’t find the 4 digit code for the door lock once you fill the water tank, any ideas where to look for the code, help???

      1. Sweetie016

        I’ve tried so many numbers in reference to the numbers it points to, but I’m not getting the code, any other advice to figure it out?

          1. Sweetie016

            It starts at 12, then 6, then 11.

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Focus on the two that you see when the tank is either full or empty.

        1. MK

          The code is 1100 for some reason.

          1. AppUnwrapper

            It’s because the hand is on 11 at one point at 12 at another — so 11:00.

    1. Sweetie016

      I did focus on the last 2, and I put those numbers in listed at those marks, and I am still getting nothing… I tried forward and backward, I tried switching the numbers around, and still nothing happens.

      1. Sweetie016

        Ohhhhh, sneaky… I got it 🙂

  8. Shawna

    Episode 4 room 5, statue of liberty has book and torch, what is the 7 letter word or where can I find it? Please help before my kids admit me to the insane asylum for yelling at the game!!!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Are you referring to…




      1. Shawna

        Nope I guess not because it didn’t work! Lol
        Under the gate full of strong currents there is a 7 letter puzzle. I figure it has got to be really close to the end because I am really low on time. I’m addicted to this game but it seems to be confirming my kids belief that I am insane. Lol

          1. Shawna

            Thank you! Now I am getting somewhere not quite done the room yet but closer thank you again

  9. Bibberz

    I am on 3/4, and I am stuck on the bookcase 4 letter puzzle. How do I find what letters go in it?
    Thank you. ;P

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Did you solve the four watches puzzle? Use the 4 numbers you get from that on the bookcase code to get the password.

      Hope that helps!

      1. Bibberz

        Thank you. (head bonk!)

  10. jacob

    i am on episode 4 room 5. cant put the torch in her hand or get it lit any suggestions. i put the handle and the black paperish stuff together. Stuck

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Sounds like you’re missing some items. Do you have the lighter?

      1. jacob

        i have the lighter but cant add that too the torch

        1. jacob

          nvm i got it. was missing the wire

  11. krystle

    please help me!!!!! episode 3 room 5… the darn circle red and green puzzle on the wine shelf….. where do i find the pattern to unlock that….. i have seriously been trying to get it for days

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Hi! You need to fix the fuse and then you’ll be able to turn on a light that will show you the pattern. You can make the wire for it out of items from the other rooms.

      Let me know if you need any more help!

    2. Gizz

      I’m here now. I turn mine the same colors as the lights above n when i push the center (power button) it makes all the colors go away and nothing happens. Getting so fustrated.

      1. AppUnwrapper

        I don’t think that’s a power button so much as a reset button ;). If you get the pattern right, it should say “SUCCESS” without pressing the middle button.

        Don’t forget about the Inner lights near the middle button. Every light needs to be lit up.

        Let me know if it still causes trouble.

  12. Pepe

    I need help on episode 4, room 5… :/

    1. AppUnwrapper

      What part are you stuck at? Give me more info 🙂

      1. P@rick

        I’m stuck too. Can’t seem to figure out the last password.

        ********* SPOILER ALERT **********

        The other passwords were the items to handle, before the doors open in the previous rooms…

        But the last one? The one with A to F? Anyone?

          1. P@rick

            Hm, didn’t work, its 7 characters.

          2. P@rick

            ********* SPOILER *******


        1. P@rick

          Worked like a charm. Thnx

      2. Pepe

        Its a room after the nuclear explosion door. There is a plaque and there is musical notes and a blue gem in the middle of the room. i can’t touch anything..

        1. Sweetie016

          Same here, not a clue how to get past this.. I can’t press anything.

          1. Sweetie016

            Right after the explosion, I can’t press anything except looking at the picture.

            1. AppUnwrapper

              You need to get the crystal from under the floor.

          2. Sweetie016

            It’s Episode 4, Room 5…

          3. Sweetie016

            Isn’t that 4-4? I did that.. I’m on 4-5, there is a crystal ball in the center of the room, and the letters or whatever on the floor.

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Oh whoops. What was the last password you put in? You might be up to “CRYSTAL.” What do you mean you can’t touch anything?

        2. Sweetie016

          I’m at the very beginning, and idk what to do. For example, I try pressing the buttons on the floor and it says that the button in the center should be pressed, but I haven’t a clue how to get that button pressed. I can go back into the room where the crystal was stuck in the floor, and mess with the 4 disc things on the wall, but that’s the only thing I can touch that does anything in those rooms. I can’t figure out the code to get it to work, I tried the same code in 4-4, but that didn’t work, so I’ve messed it it, but still can’t get anything to change.

          1. AppUnwrapper

            You do need to go back to the other room. You have to get the skeletons out from the ground.

          2. Sweetie016

            And I’m guessing I have to figure out the code with the disc things to get them out? Is there any hints somewhere to figure it out?

            1. AppUnwrapper

              See how the lights below the discs are blue? You need to get the discs lined up properly so they turn red (and the floor will melt).

          3. Sweetie016

            Ok, I will try that! Thanks!;-)

          4. Baciraven

            I can’t figure out what position the disks are supposed to be in. I know there are 4 skeletons on the music sheet…but I can’t make any sense of it

  13. Jlf554

    Need help on Espisode 4-4..after put all the gears, then stuck…. Thanks

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You need to get the crystal out from under the floor.

      1. Jlf554

        How to get it out?? Thanks

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Make sure you put the gears in the right order. There should be an explosion and then you can get the crystal.

          1. Jlf554

            Fixed the gears accordingly n can see the explosion, whether i need to turn the lock?? Thanks

  14. Jlf554

    Use hammer??

  15. Jlf554

    Yup. Still stuck

    1. AppUnwrapper

      The discs on the wall should look like the skeletons in the floor.

  16. Kadyr

    What else I have to do when I get the luminal on episode 2-3, I opened the drawer but I’m stuck here any help. thanks?

  17. Sweetie016

    In 5-2, I can’t figure out the code for the doors on the left…. I put water on the center of the floor and saw the numbers, but I still can’t get the code right.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Focus on the 73…it’s ELEL upside-down, so 7373. let me know if you need more than that.

      1. Sweetie016

        Ohhh lol.. I got it 🙂 Thanks! Let’s see if I can get 5-3 by myself lmao

        1. Sweetie016

          Grrrr… Stuck at the box with the 4 diamonds, and a circle in the middle… you have to press the buttons in the right order, but I can’t figure out the order.

          1. Sweetie016

            Nvm, I got it! 🙂

        2. Sweetie016

          Alright… I give up with the passcode on the door… I have looked at several possibilities, but none of them have worked. I have the numbers from the statue, and that box with the diamonds, and I saw the ones on the picture above the door.

  18. sheila

    what is the password for the shutter with a clue “red wine” on episode 3 room 5.please help……

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You need to get the wine bottle and open it with the corkscrew. The cork will have the passcode on it.

      1. sheila

        i dont see any passcode in the cork.what will i do with the cork to see the passcode for the blinds?

        1. AppUnwrapper

          It’s not so obvious because it just seems like some scratches, but those are numbers 😉

  19. sheila

    please post the walkthrough on episode 3 room 5.please help before i go insane.tnx in advance

  20. Jeff

    4-5 2nd password(5 letters) thx!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Look at the picture — it’s the planet we live on 😉

  21. Angelo

    I am in E4-R5. What should I do after I put the bones in the roof n crystal in the middles say touch I am confused somebody help please it looks like I have to play music or something but I don’t understand what to do

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Hi, look at the picture on the wall how to play the music notes.

  22. Angelo

    What symbols do I have to enter ?

  23. Angelo

    Thanks for the help for the last question I asked but I got 1 more what is the last passcode I need to enter In R4 E5 with the snake in the middle ?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’s the first letter of each of the last 5 passwords 😉

  24. Angelo

    Alright I am in E5-R1 and I am sry but I don’t know what to do I divide wrench I put the ink on the painting turned the color wheel got the gold key but what am I suppose to do with the paints and what am I suppose to do to even try and get the code I am so confused I think I am losing my mind here somebody please help !!! P.S – thanks again

    1. Sweetie016

      Have you tried counting colors? 😉

  25. kezkit

    i cant get the portal open on e4-r5 what am i doing wrong i got everything in place but i cant get the portal to work

    1. AppUnwrapper

      The Statue of Liberty is holding her book and torch?

      1. kezkit

        yes then i touched the snake head and then nothing happens

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Try touching the portal and then the snake. A picture of an item is supposed to appear, and then you have to type in one item that is to get the next one.

  26. Abcd

    Need a help in 4-5 after put the 4 skeletons…plsssd n thanks ya

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Hi, you need to play the music you see on the wall. Refer to the picture on the side that shows you how the buttons work.

  27. Bbbbb

    Room 5-1, took a piece of notes which shown “back 2 left 2 BREAK”.. wat is means???

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Look at the spot where you got the note. Count two squares back and two squares to the left. Then break that square.

  28. Arwen

    Pleaseeeee, I need help!!!
    Room 5-2
    As I find out which are the symbols of the closet on the left?

    1. Sweetie016

      It confused me too, the numbers are ELEL upside down and backwards… 🙂

      1. Angelo

        Hey in R5-E2 what is the symbols code very confused on that

        1. Bbbbb

          I oso stuck at here…wat’s the symbol combination….help!

          1. Sweetie016

            Which part are you at because there are a few symbol codes you could be referring to…

          2. Sweetie016

            Im guessing the hint you’re looking for is the skeletons on the floor.

  29. Sweetie016

    Idk if you missed my question, or if you haven’t figured it out… Do you know the passcode in 5-3? Im not sure if I missing something or if I just don’t get how the numbers work on this one. I’ve got 3 different sets of number right now. And that box in the middle, I’ve only found one key for.

      1. Sweetie016

        A knife, hammer, a book, already opened it to get the key and used it, got a wooden board, and a memo with numbers.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Are you on the part with the four gems? Did you try comparing it to the wooden panel?

          1. Shawna

            I’ve got 5=4321and 7=2424but I’m guessing there is a 3=????Add them all and get the code for the door. Just my thoughtsince I’m stuck too lol

          2. Sweetie016

            No I already got that one… I have like Shawna says except one more because of the 3+5+7=?

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Are you missing any of those? If you found what 3, 5 and 7 are, just add them together 🙂

          3. Sweetie016

            I am missingwhatever 3=

          4. Sweetie016

            Ohhhhhh, I figured it out, I knew those columns had something to do with this room!!!

  30. Angelo

    Hey people still stuck in E5-R2 can somebody help please with the first symbol code u get the code for the left cabinet

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Are you talking about the one related to the puzzle you poured water into?

      1. Angelo

        Yes u look at that then there is a cabinet to ur left that asked for some symbol code

        1. AppUnwrapper

          If you look really closely at the water, a 7 and 3 emerge. Focus on those.

  31. Sweetie016

    Goodness… I’m so lost where to begin on 5-4. I have the hammer that I cant seem to use anywhere, and cleaned the symbols off, but the only thing I can seem do is put in a code in the lady statues.

  32. Abcd

    Stuck in E5-R3, wat is the main purpose of those columns – “is this one letter rather than two”…. HELP!!!

    1. Sweetie016

      Imagine the columns together, you’ll use the numbers to figure out the passcode.

  33. Stchin

    Need help in ep4- r5, I don know where to start from, been stuck for 4days.. I can’t even find the torch or crystal tat u mentioned above , pls help

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Look at the mural on the right. Then go into the other room and try to melt the ground that’s trapping the skeletons.

  34. Angelo

    I am just lost with E5-R3 don’t know what to do after u break the statute

      1. AppUnwrapper

        You broke the statue and got the piece of paper, right? Next, mess around with the book a bit.

  35. Angelo

    U need to make a straight line with the gear machine —-

  36. Angelo

    If u are talking to me about about 5-3 I didn’t find anything

  37. Sweetie016

    Still lost on 5-4, I have the hammer and see the symbols on the statue, but can’t seem to do anything else except put in a passcode, what am I supposed to do?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I know the passcode, but not really sure why it works. Do you want it anyway?

      1. Sweetie016

        Sure, I’ve tried so many numbers lol

          1. Sweetie016


  38. Angelo

    Where do u get the book ? I am lost I didn’t do anything with this room besides look at the picture in the backround N get a code

    1. Sweetie016

      Have you tried opening the box in the middle? You move the squares up to make a word and then you will be able to touch the books.

  39. Shawna

    In E5/R3, I give up I can not figure out what 3=’s I have tried everything and just know it will be something simple and that I am over thinking it. Help plz

    1. Sweetie016

      Read the first 2 columns as as is they were next to each other, it’s in roman numerals the top is a 3, then =…. I’m guessing you’ll understand the rest 🙂

  40. Angelo

    E5-R3 I got the box open,I got the book with the key,broke the statute what do I use the knife for n how do I figure out what the code is for the door Don’t understand what aa-2down2 is help

  41. Angelo

    Can somebody give me the code for E5-R3 I can’t figure out the Columns I got everything else please !!!!!!

    1. Sweetie016

      You figured out what 7=, and where to use the knife I assume? Read what I wrote above to Shawna, I hope that makes sense for ya!

  42. Sweetie016

    Ok, 2 questions… In 5-4, did you find the golden key? And in 5-5, is there some sort of hint for figuring out what steps to take on the floor?

  43. Abcd

    Need a help in E5-R3, alrdy added e number in e column but still unable to get e pass code…thanks

    1. Sweetie016

      You have to add what 3+5+7= and then you’ll get the passcode.

  44. Jlf554

    Anyone can help in E5-R5 after opened the glass door by using “push”…there has a security code on tiles…thanks

    1. Sweetie016

      I’m stuck there too…

      1. Jlf554

        Anyone alrdy figured it out??

  45. AppUnwrapper

    I’m working on a walkthrough. Bear with me. And let me know if you want to help out with the later rooms. Those hammer puzzles really get on my nerves.

    1. Jlf554

      Did u walked through??

  46. Shawna

    Im still having difficulty with the door code for E5/R4. 3+5+7=?? I know that 3= the numbers from the pillar but I don’t think I am getting the right number. I have 5 and 7. The answer I get is 9077 with 3=2332 but it is wrong cause it won’t open the door. Plz help!!

    1. Sweetie016

      Your column is 3=1234

  47. Angelo

    If they give u the answer I will be so happy too because I am lost at the same part I figure that code out please help

  48. Shawna

    Omg … Thank you. 3 days or more of frustration all due to 1234! Lol time to try my luck at room 4! Love this game, it’s challenging and frustrating but I’m determined to finish it and not let it beat me. Lol thanks again

    1. Sweetie016

      Lol, welcome! I would have answered sooner, but I’ve been super busy! Have fun with 5-4, I’ve been stuck on 5-5.

  49. Shawna

    Yahoo!! I completed the game!! Where are you stuck in room 5? If it is the floor, hint… look at the door straight ahead.

      1. Jlf554

        Tried… But the door is still closed… Stuck here for 4 days..

    1. Sweetie016

      I see the door in front, but Im not seeing a pattern for the floor that I can get to work..

      1. Sweetie016

        Nevermind!!! I got it! 😉

    2. Sweetie016

      Did anyone find the golden key in 5-4??

      1. Jlf554

        Yes. I found it. Need ur assistance to walk through the floor in E5-R5 ya…

        1. Jlf554

          E5-R4, e golden key in e mirror which is in another room after u obtained e room key at Poseidon.

        2. Sweetie016

          If you look at the door the pattern kinda looks like ][ … But with the middle lines touching as one… Let me know if that makes sense.

          1. Jlf554

            Done. TQVM

  50. Twistedfister

    What is the floor pattern for 5-5??

  51. Angelo

    Hey again thanks for the help in 5-3 but I have really bad eyes and I cant tell what the four number code is in the box in 5-4 When ur in the second room

    1. Sweetie016

      Did you get the cup and put it in that box? That should help you see the number.

  52. Mick

    I don’t understand how the music works in 4/5. I’ve read the comment above about the plaque on the wall looked at it still don’t understand. Please Help Me.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      The crystals on the floor are each a key on the piano. The first three will play the first three notes on the wall, so compare the rest to them. Do it carefully so you don’t have to restate and waste more of your exhaust meter.

  53. Escger

    Stuck on 4-3 I’ve found the t-piece but can’t seem to use the hammer or stick on anything in the room. I’ve opened 2 buttons with the hammer.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Look around the floor for a place to use the cross 😉

  54. Sweetie016

    I wish they would finish episode 6, is there any other games like this? I’ve played several of the Escape games by, and the Antrim games, but I think this was better than those.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      They already submitted episode 6 to Apple :). It’s in review. Then we can get frustrated together 😉

      Have you played IDAC’s games? They have a lot of free ones and I have walkthroughs for some of them. Download AppNavi if you haven’t yet. Just be warned — their games are extremely linear and you need to find every single clue for something or the game won’t let you solve the puzzles.

      Check out my list if you haven’t yet:

      Also, if you’re into adventure point-and-click games I can recommend a few of those.

      1. Sweetie016

        Sweet, thanks! 🙂

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Did you download Roombreak Ep 6 yet (cost 99 cents)? I’m stuck and trying to figure out if it’s a bug or not.

  55. Mom4Ever

    I’m stuck on 3-5!! I’ve tried sooo many times to break the window after using the diamond necklace to crack it, but with no luck. Where exactly do I use the hammer?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Weird, I’m not sure why it won’t work for you. You use the hammer on the same area you cut with the diamond.

  56. Mom4Ever

    Got it, thanks. Must have been a glitch!

  57. Chloe choi

    Did anyone find the golden key in 4-4?

  58. Corbin

    The key in 4-3 doesn’t exist, does it. I’ve looked everywhere.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I thought someone posted it in the comments section.

    2. Biosub

      Found the golden key is in the second tile below Neptune

  59. Kristin

    This is going to sound rediculous but once I have completed the tutorial, what do I do? I can’t seem to get to the first room. Help! I want to get started on this game

  60. Nicole

    I’m on episode 1 room 3 and I am so frustrated how do I hammer the wall where te light is pointing? It keeps saying failed

  61. ji_ij0

    help, code for save C on episode 3 room 4 🙁

  62. jack

    hi . the golden key is not there and i do puzzle but cannot find the golden key please help me

  63. lili

    please help
    dont have a clue how to use a hammer
    just cant see the pattern
    whats hammer puzzles are about??

    1. ΓöÇΓûædil

      Hi, i’ve just figured it out and wanted to share. When U hit the shadow a puzzle opens. ΓöÇΓûæt starts with one spot. Notice the black circles within them. a yellow circle becomes red and than says failed. You shouldnt wait for the red, as Soon as the yellow circle reaches the black circle, hit it, and then do the same with the consecutive spots. ΓöÇΓûæ hope it helps.

      1. Amber

        You are a lifesaver!!!

  64. ΓöÇΓûædil

    ΓöÇΓûæ cant Break the wall in room 3. ΓöÇΓûæ keep hitting on the shadow and it doesnt do anything but saying ‘faΓöÇΓûæled’ 🙁

    1. ΓöÇΓûædil

      A video might help to see where to hit.

  65. Mr T

    i finishe episode 1-5 but still episode 6 won’t open without paying for it, any idea?

  66. Stvln

    Need help playing piano ep 4 room 5

  67. Chelsea

    im in episode 1 room 5 and i cannot get the hammer to break necessary things…. is the hammer just a stubborn tool or am I missing something?

  68. Sqwal

    Hey, E4-R3 finished, but can’t find the golden key… Any clue???

  69. Melissa

    Hey there, I just wanted to say, thank you very much! I wouldn’t have come this far without your help ;3 Stay awesome, xx.

  70. Rudi

    Hello, idk if this has been mentioned before, but I think that the 1st ep is not actually that absurd in terms of storyline

    Well, i dont know for sure of course, but in my point of view, the whole thing of “being locked in the room” is actually a concept of mental-escape… to write it in english

    So basically the guy and his wife (they’ve been married as u can see in the photo and it’s mentioned in the beginning of 1st room) is sick/dying (sort of) and this guy doesnt want to accept the reality. The whole stages are more like illusions/dream , where in the end (room 5) you get to see there are 6 locks with 4 keys corresponding to things the couple has memories about that represent the “lock in his heart” in which he destroys each item and finally “get free” (as in moving on and accepting reality).

    Just my opinion tho

    1. Dyne

      Hi there, thanks for the review. I’m not sure if this has been mentioned before, but the game is actually not timed. The “timer” depletes not with time but with number of clicks/touches. So if a player keeps blindly touching random spots in the game, the red bars will deplete rapidly. However, if the player plays carefully and only touches relevant spots, each level can possibly be completed before the bars run out.

      And i agree with Rudi — Episode 1 is about the guy’s mental escape. In the last level, memories of his wife encourages him to step out of “the room”, which is actually his troubled mind.

  71. Biosub

    Golden key e4 r3 is in the second tile below Neptune.

  72. Namfon

    Somebody pls help me that i cant find the golden key in episode2 room1, Thx a lot

  73. Tina

    Hi, i’m not being able to escape room 1-3. I’m using the hammer as said in the walkthrough but it’s not working! I always get a “failed” notice. What should i do?

  74. tweetypiebrown

    Need help!!! I’ve read all comments above but can’t play the piano in E4 R5 it’s making me crazy I just can’t figure it out….I can’t just give up I’m really liking the game. Please help!

  75. mirasol

    This is one good walk-through. Thanks a lot for sharing. I just don’t like the hammer thing and specially that FAILED word slowly popping out and slowly fading. It’s just verrrryyyyyy slowww.. But of course I’m definitely would finish this ’till the end.

  76. Jean Xinyuan

    Did someone found the golden key in episode 5 room 2?

  77. Well....

    Wait…. I got kinda confused at the end of ep. 1 so…does anyone know what exactly happened? Did the girl die or what?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Best not to think too much about the story in this game 😉

  78. Honeylala

    I just finished episode 1 and see no other episodes….??? Do I need another app using iphone iOS


    1. Honeylala

      Nm I got it

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