RoomBreak: Escape Now!! Walkthrough: Episode 4, Room 4

RoomBreak Escape Now!!
By: Gameday

Episode 4 Room 4



1. Pick up the hammer and gear from the ground.

2. Break the glass mural to the left with the hammer.


3. Walk through the broken glass into another room.


4. Pick up the golden airplane. Go back to the other room and place it in the slot on the right wall.


5. A puzzle is revealed:


Press the right button for more than 11 seconds, but less than 14. If you fail, it will give you different numbers. Keep trying till you get it right.


6. The latch opens to reveal a piece of the pyramid. Take it and go back into the other room.


7. Place the top of the pyramid on the rest of it. Parts of the wall start glowing.


8. Use the magnifying glass on the book on the floor to get this image:


9. Use the hammer on the spaces between the blue glowing spots. Three more gears are revealed.


Take them.


10. Examine the book again and swipe to the second page that looks like this:


Pages 3 & 4 are hints for a later puzzle:



11. Now go back to the other room. Place the gears in the order the book told you. The game won’t allow you to place it any other way, so you really could just go by trial and error.


12. The discs above the gears will activate. There is an explosion.


13. Tap each gear until it matches the position of the skeleton below it.


14. Once all the discs are in place, the ground will open up to reveal a crystal. Take it.


15. Place the crystal in the slot on the doorway.


16. The door opens. Make sure to take the golden key! Then walk out and you’re free!



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Hi I was wondering if you could tell me where the golden key is in episode 4 room 3, the one with the planets.many thanks.


Found it: it’s beneath the tile on the right-hand side… you see that aqua blue planet right next to Jupiter? uh, how should I describe this… if you count from the corner from that side of the floor, two columns in and four rows out, hammer there, and you’ll see it. Or if you wait till you’ve dug the water hole, you will see that the two planets (aqua blue & blue – this one is beside the lock where you’ve retrieved your T-shaped item) and the prism forms a “T”. The golden key is right underneath the tile where… Read more »


Thank you, it’s been bugging me for a while now.


Hey. In room 4 when you go through the glass to retrieve the golden airplane….how on earth do you get back!?


How do I get the key???


Do you know the agony of dying of exhaustion literally just opening the door?
Cause I sure do! great walkthrpugh by the way


How do you get the key out of the glass in this episode?


Don’t worry got it


Hammer is INSANE!!!
To make 99cents, ruined the whole puzzle game!


hate this hammer, purest hell

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