RoomBreak: Escape Now!! Walkthrough: Episode 3, Room 2

RoomBreak Escape Now!!
By: Gameday

Episode 3 Room 2



1. Pick up the hammer.


2. Pick up the remote control.


(Golden Key: Use the hammer to break the glass of the table to reveal the key.)


3. Break the glass doors with the hammer. Batteries are revealed.


4. Take the batteries.


5. Mix the batteries with the remote to get a working remote.


6. Move to the right side of the screen and open the drawer. Take out the screwdriver.


7. Use the screwdriver to unscrew the screws on the panel to the right. Then open it up.


8. Zoom in on the puzzle.


9. You need to light up every circle, but it has to be done in order. It will look like this:




10. The power is now on. Turn on the switch next to the fuse box. The screen lifts up to reveal a safe. Make note of the colors: Blue, Yellow, Red, Green.


11. Push the switch to bring the screen back down.


12. Use the remote on the projector to turn it on.


13. Look at the screen. Count the number of times you see each color. It comes out to: Blue 4, Yellow 5, Red 4, Green 5.


14. Pull the screen up again. Zoom in on the safe and enter the code: “4545”. Pull the lever.


15. Take the key from the safe.


16. Use the key on the door and push it open. You’re free! On to room 3!




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  1. Kiko

    Hi. In episode 3 room 2 I use the Hummer to break glass but say failed. O dont know how do break the glass. Can u help me plese.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You need to tap the circles as the yellow ring hits them. It’s like the game Simon.

  2. Tara

    I am having a hard time with breaking the glass. when do i tap on the circle in the center?

  3. Book

    Thang you very much !!

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