RoomBreak: Escape Now!! Walkthrough: Episode 1, Room 5

RoomBreak Escape Now!!
By: Gameday

Episode 1 Room 5



1. There are six locks on the door. Open the book on the table.


2. Examine the book with the magnifying glass. These are the six items we need to focus on in order to open the six locks.


3. Move to the kitchen.


4. Pick up the hammer.


5. Pick up the apple.


6. Pick up the knife.


7. Mix the knife with the apple to uncover a key.


8. Use the key on the door to open one of the locks.


9. Go back to the kitchen and open the fridge.


10. Take out the sausages.


11. Divide the sausages to get another key.


12. Use the key to open the second lock on the door.


13. Go back to the bedroom.


14. Use the knife to cut open the stuffed bear.


15. There’s a key inside. Take it.



16. Use the key to open the third lock on the door.


17. Use the hammer to break open the picture on the table. Take the key out.



18. Use the hammer to break the mirror. Take the key out.



19. Use the hammer to break open the globe. Take the key out.



20. Use the last three keys to open the last three locks on the door.


21. Open the safe to get an old key.


22. Use the key on the door. It breaks.



23. Use the hammer on the door twice.



24. Open the door and walk out. You bump into your girlfriend.



25. After she leaves, open the next door and leave. On to Episode 2!




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This Post Has 38 Comments

  1. Rachael

    Hi for some reason I can’t smash things or cut things?! What am I doing wrong? It always tells me “failed”??! 🙁

    1. Char

      Took me a while to realise you are supposed to resond and hit the screen it’s a tap game u got to hit the circle on time and follow the pattern. Cutting is a memory game remember what they show u and repeat it back to them good luck they get tricky

  2. salamimaster

    how do I get the achievement ” with you..”??
    i passed Episode 1 but this achievement is still missing?!
    Thanks for your answers 🙂

    1. DevilDesire

      You click on the globe and listen to the story and you have it, the achievement “With you…”.

      1. Liz

        How about the achievement today’s weather?

  3. H

    I still don’t know how to use the hammer. Help

    1. Char

      There is no tutorial it’s a tap game read above

  4. H

    And how to break with the hammer

    1. Char

      Read above

  5. Linda

    i can’t break anything with the hammer. have failed so many times its irritating me. is there a trick to use the hammer to break things?

    1. LegacyM

      I can’t get the sausage and key to divide!!! Are you clicking on the hammer and make sure it is in the tool bar on the right side of the screen???

  6. Nana

    I think the trick is you have to wait when the yellow circle is fit with a grey circle then you hit it . Sorry for bad explanation . Hope this help 😉

  7. LegM

    I cannot get the sausage and key to divide in room 5! What am I doing wrong??

  8. Char

    Hi anyone know how to get out the box level 6 ?????

  9. Sarah

    I did it but I don’t understand what’s going on? Is she a ghost? She did die was he just afraid to leave and locked himself in mentaly?

    1. Liz

      I think she died and he was trapped inside mentally

  10. Sandz

    I’m on level one room 5, unlocked all chains on the door bar 1, the teddy that I have to cut, how do I do the puzzle

    1. Amanda

      I’m having the same issue!

  11. Selz

    For people stuck on the sausage and key…….. Go to “divide” tap AND hold sausage and key

  12. Shaye

    I still don’t understand what her deal was? Was she psychotic or something? I’m just confused…

    1. Liz

      She was sick and didnt want him to worry then she died and he went psychotic and the whole time we were escaping his mind which is why in the last level all the keys are named key of mind

  13. Cassie

    I can’t get the old key to open the lock!!! I’ve been replaying it for five times now, but it just won’t budge! Am I doing something wrong?

  14. Amanda

    How do you cut the teddy bear with the knife? When I try to copy the pattern it just says fail. What’s the trick??

  15. Mario

    When u cut the first time a circle appears n u cut within the circle before it disappears

    1. Judy

      But there is no circle at all although I have waited for awhile

  16. Cynthia

    I can’t cut with the knife can anybody tell me how to do it please

  17. Cynthia

    I can’t cut with the knife can anybody tell me how to do it plz

  18. Tara

    I am having a really hard time with cutting the bear. I have tried to follow the tips above and well no such luck.

  19. Erin

    You have to slag the bear real fast after the first swipe

  20. Alexis

    The rusty key does nothing when I use it on the last I doing something wrong

  21. Connie

    I have read the hints over and over but I can not get the bear to open. Do I cut the circles on top or the bear itself? I’ve tried both and just can’t get past it. please help!!

    1. Connie

      I don’t get please help

    2. Connie

      Please help

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